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Zygon's Armada is the inter-galactic army of the space cyborg Zygon, first appearing as antagonistic force in the animated movie, Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. It also plays a bit, but important role in the villains wars.

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Zygon's armada plays a bit role in the war. After being secured into a space compound, the armada is suddenly ambushed by Kal-El and his inter-galactic troops, forcing Zygon to retaliate the attack. The first defense includes several droids, which battle Kal-El's inter-galactic troops. Kal-El's troops easily destroy many droids, and breach through their ranks, eventually confronting Zygon. After the alien cyborg is killed, Kal-El unleashes his all mighty power, annihilating the entire armada of Zygon, including his remain droids.