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Zygon is the main antagonist of the 1985 animated film, Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, and a minor player in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war. He is an alien cyborg and ruler of an interstellar empire.

Zurg and Zygon meet.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Vs Emperor Zurg

Zygon has only appeared in Round Six thus far, where he and his forces go to war with those of Zurg. After a long battle between their respective soldiers, Zygon and Zurg decide to fight head on. Zurg shoots a laser from his eye that cuts off Zygon's hand, revealing him to be a robot. Zurg then puts an end to the evil dictator with a single shot of his blast, seperating Zygon into two seperate pieces.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Interrupted Communications

The malevolent virus known as Thrax invades Zygon's base, destroying Zygon's central computer system. Zygon's forces lead Thrax right to Zygon himself. Though Thrax tries to strike Zygon down with a lethal touch, Zygon manages to freeze Thrax's hands. Despite the best efforts from Zygon and his men, Thrax manages to escape.

Right Down the Middle

Zygon happens upon a ship on his home planet. He has his metallic drones wipe it out, only for Asajj Ventress to be revealed. Terrified of the Sith warrior, Zygon hides behind his drones, but Ventress wipes them out with little effort. Before Zygon can even raise a weapon, Ventress hacks him to pieces, cleaving him clean in two.

Robot Version

Dr. Robotnik ends up building a robotic version of Zygon to help him. This robot ends up being one of the more intelligent members of Robotnik's team, successfully deducing that Mok Swagger has been behind many of the attempts on Robotnik's security. Zygon thus sets up an alliance with Lord Dregg through his associates, Korso and Preed.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Vs Thrax

Instructed by Mok to damage the central system of Zygon's base, Thrax succeeded in his task, but he ended up pursued by Zygon's forces. As the alien ran away, he ended up running into Zygon himself. Though he tried to strike him down with his lethal claw, Zygon froze his hand with a freeze ray. Thrax slinked into the shadows as Zygon tried to blast him down. The alien triggered an explosion by dipping his finger into a vat of chemicals, producing an escape route.

Non Disney Villains Vs DC Villains War

Zygon has a minor role in this war. While securing his armanda into a galactic compound, he is suddenly ambushed by Kal-El and his troops, forcing him to make a defense call against the intruders. Sadly for him, Kal-El manages to breach through their ranks, destroying most of the robots and the armanda, encountering Zygon in the process. Before he would even press fire at his foe, Kal-El uses his beaming eyes to hack Zygon's arm. He then proceeds to cleave into two pieces, all the while plummeting into a pool of lava, underneath the compound. His armanda is also annihilated by the destruction of the compound, caused by Kal-El's resulted explosion.

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