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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is an eccentric arms dealer and criminal mastermind. One of Gary Oldman's most notorious villain roles, Zorg is a vicious killer eliminating anyone in his way and the primary antagonist of The Fifth Element. He is a major player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Battle of the Businessmen

Doctor Claw approaches Zorg with a business deal: the two will merge their corporations to create one, massive, corporate empire. Zorg promptly refuses the offer. Claw leaves the meeting in a huff on his private helicopter. Zorg, however, is prepared for Claw's swift retaliation. Claw fires a missile at the arms dealer but ends up hitting the building instead. Zorg picks up his patented ZF1 submachine gun and fires several arrows at the helicopter. However, few hit their mark and Dr. Claw even destroys one of them. Claw, however, does get his claw jammed in the helicopter's machinery, and the vehicle crashes into the side of the building. Claw parachutes into the car of the waiting Cruella de Vil, merely to meet Zorg's icy glare.


A group of Zorg's agents steal a puzzle box known as the Lament Configuration. Zorg opens the box, only to be horrified by the demon, Pinhead. Pinhead quickly becomes Zorg's leader, forcing the businessman to perform his bidding. Though Zorg later welcomes Doctor Claw's former friend, Count Olaf, into his alliance, Pinhead looks on the new ally with disdain. Zorg's worst fears are confirmed when Pinhead brutally murders Olaf after the Lament Configuration is stolen again by Queen Narissa. Pinhead then begins construction of an even larger Lament Configuration, from which he can send forth his entire Cenobite army. Zorg begins to consider his new master more dangerous than helpful.

The Last Straw

Pinhead summons another frightening demon from beyond the grave, Jason Voorhees. This proves Zorg's breaking point: he wants out. Yet Zorg cannot afford to strike against Pinhead himself. Thus, when Captain Barbossa destroys Jason in combat, Zorg approaches him for help. Barbossa does join Zorg and attacks Pinhead while he is amidst battle with Cruella de Vil and Doctor Claw. When Barbossa is trapped by Pinhead's Cenobite hooks, Zorg decides to break the chains with his gun. Pinhead promises to make Zorg suffer, terrifying the businessman, but Barbossa interrupts the horror villain's monologue by impaling him. Just then, Doctor Claw destroys the new Lament Configuration. In the wake of this, Pinhead dissolves into a new, smaller Lament Configuration. Zorg congratulates his ally and lets Cruella take the puzzle box, wanting nothing to do with it.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Sith Killer

Zorg is a successful businessman who finds his building infiltrated by the Sith warrior, Darth Maul. Zorg sets up the laser barriers to his room, but Maul proves to be a patient Sith Lord. Unfazed, Zorg gets himself a drink and his ZF1 and waits for Maul to enter the room. As soon as the barrier shuts down and Maul draws his lightsaber, Zorg guns his opponent down.

Business is Better

Zorg joins forces with Rotti Largo, hoping to establish a strong business empire. The two come under fire from more bloodthirsty criminals, so the two end up accepting protection from the corrupt cop, Norman Stansfield, in exchange for police protection. Unfortunately for Zorg, two of Largo's children, Luigi and Pavi, are determined to kill him. The two try to blow him up, but Zorg leaves his office before that plan manages to work.

A Horrible Way to Go

Zorg soon encounters Doctor Horrible, an assassin hired to kill him. Zorg grabs his ZF1 and shoots first, almost gunning down his foe. The two exchange fire, but neither manages to land a hit. Doctor Horrible then reveals his trump card: a notepad. Suddenly, the notepad begins strangling Zorg. To Zorg's horror, Horrible grabs a chainsaw and hacks through Zorg's neck.

Movies Villains War

Teaming with Loki

On Asgard, Loki and his allies (Megatron, T-X, and the Martians) were approached by Loki's old friend, Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg, who proposed that they join forces, promising to supply them with new killer monsters for their army, beginning with the Arachnids. In addition, Zorg also brought with him another of their old friends, the malevolent computer program known as CLU. Loki eagerly accepted these new allies into his faction, and prepared to move forward with his plans.

Vs Memmon

While they are alone, Loki and Zorg decides to talk like they did before: of what happened during all these years. And then a fearless assassin called Hawkeye, decide to kill both of them after introducing into their lair. He hurts Zorg without killing him, but Loki profits of the occasion to bewitch Hawkeye, now having a new right arm, so he decides to try his abilities. And learning that an Arabic lord called Memnon is allying to the "God Xerxes" he thinks the opportunity is too big to not enjoying it. The night, Memnon organizes a big blanket to celebrate his union with Xerxes' empire, but Loki come with his troupes to ruin the party.

Talking with Loki

Loki comes to Zorg to tell him how impressed he is with the Arachnids’ abilities. The businessman shows his old friend an even better weapon, his latest creation: the T-1000 cyborg. They then discuss Loki’s forbidden artifact: the Mask, and who has found it.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Teaming with Cobra Commander

After their victory against Gary Oak, Dr. Smith takes Cobra Commander and the Baroness to Zorg Enterprises, where Zorg has been waiting for Dr. Smith to return. They are both greeted by Zorg and Smith's boss, Judge Doom, who has many aces up his sleeve to rid those that came from the animated universe.

Being a volunteer

With the alliance of Judge Doom and Cobra Commander merged, the faction must decide what to do to destroy the trespassers from the animated universe, considering Doom's hatred of Toons. Dr. Smith is currently unsure on how some of the plans will work, but Zorg volunteers to search for one of them and bring it back to see what they can do. Cobra Commander and Judge Doom accept his offer, and send him off to find one of them.

Vs Mewtwo

Mewtwo awakens and finds himself in the live action universe, as he is suddenly confronted by Zorg, who has been searching for an animated trespasser to see what Doom and Cobra could do. As a massive fight occurs, Mewtwo tries to defeat him, but he soon finds out on why you should never disappoint Zorg.

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two