Zira is the mate of Scar and mother of Nuka, Vitani and Kovu appearing alongside her family and followers in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War and the Disney Villains War. Usually, the deaths of either Scar, Nuka, or both drive her to seek vengeance on another villain responsible for the murder.

She is the main villain of the Disney animated film The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Queen of the Pridelands

After Scar defeats Scar Snout, he announces a plan to Zira to conquer the world. This plan never comes to fruition, though the lions seize near full control of Africa.

Swearing Revenge

Zira is unaware that Nuka, hoping for her recognition, has challenged the demonic Red to a fight. Red crushes Nuka with a pile of logs. Zira arrives just in time to see her son die. Enraged, she announces her intention to kill the being responsible for her son's death.

Vs Red

Shere Khan later approaches the distraught Zira, telling her that Red killed Nuka and that the Horned King sent the overconfident lion to Red. Traveling to Egypt, she proposes a brief alliance with the Horned King to eliminate Red; after all, the Horned King is at least partially responsible for Nuka's death. The Horned King agrees to Zira's terms, and the two confront Red. As he grows into full power, Red knocks Zira out. The King enters the fray and uses the Black Cauldron to drag Red to hell. Zira celebrates.


It is presumed that she and Scar take over the Pride Lands for the remainder of the first war.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Scar's Death

Zira's good fortune comes to an end when Mumm-Ra kills Scar and seizes control of her hyena army. Left with only her small squad of lions, Zira once again announces her intention to kill her family member's killer. Newly accepted into her alliance are Shere Khan and Kaa, though Khan seriously doubts the effectiveness of Zira's leadership. Zira then joins forces with Mirage, once the sorceress enters the Pride Lands. The two swear, in light of their common enemy, to take back the jungle. As Khan grows even more suspicious of Zira's motives, Zira begins to distrust her ally.

A Traitor

Beast Man follows Mirage to the Pridelands, forcing Zira and Shere Khan to try their hand to kill him. After Beast Man leaves Shere Khan hanging off a cliff, Zira tears through some trees in an attempt to crush the warrior. Beast Man flees, but Khan nearly regains his grip. Seeing a way to do away with her less-than-loyal comrade, she knocks Shere Khan off the cliff. She then knocks a boulder down the cliff with him, crushing the tiger as he gets up. To replace Khan, she hires the gorilla, Tublat.

Death in the Spirit Realm

Zira and Mirage enter the spirit realm in hopes of killing Mumm-Ra once and for all. When the mummy emerges, Zira attacks him with a flurry of wild claw strikes. He dodges all of them and transforms into Mumm-Ra the Everliving. This new form effortlessly blasts Zira off a cliff. Zira hangs on for dear life but gradually loses her hold. She is pleased, however, to see Scar return, having been wandering the spirit realm in Limbo. She lets herself drop, satisfied with seeing her mate one last time.

Disney Villains War

Vs Mcleach

After the death of Scar at the hands of McLeach, Zira takes it upon herself to track down and kill the hunter. She has her lions surround McLeach's hauler, forcing him to get out of the vehicle. Though McLeach ends up shooting one of her lions, Zira sees her chance as McLeach takes aim. She pounces and knocks McLeach into the Nile river, right before a conveniently placed waterfall. She satisfies herself with McLeach's screams.

Vs Sabor

Before Nuka was killed by Alameda Slim, he and Zira plotted to take the sizable territory of a deadly leopard named Sabor. Sabor proved faster than Zira and would have killed her, had Nuka not saved his mother's life by distracting the leopard. Drawing Sabor up a narrow cliff, Nuka knocked her off to her death, much to Zira's gratitude and delight.

Vs Alameda Slim

On the run after the fall of the Coachman, Alameda Slim found himself in Zira's territory in Africa. Hoping to prove himself as a warrior, Zira's son Nuka attacked the rustler, who responded by causing an avalanche of fallen logs, crushing the young lion to death. Enraged, Zira swore to hunt Slim down and make him pay.

Not caring about the fall of his most loyal minion, Chernabog began laying waste to the mortal world, first interfering as Zira caught up with Alameda Slim, intent on making him pay for murdering her son. Just as she prepared to kill her enemy, the ghost of Scar knocked her aside. Shocked by this attack from her undead mate, Zira was helpless to prevent herself from being tossed into a raging river. Slim rejoiced in his seeming reprieve, only for Pete's ghost to arrive on the scene and suck out his soul.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Leading the Pack

Zira and Scar assemble a small army of hyenas in the Elephant Graveyard. When the Wendigo attacks with his pack of monsters, Zira leads the hyenas to defeat the foes. When Scar is about to lose his fight with the Wendigo, Zira intervenes, tearing out the monster's spinal cord. With no predators to threaten them, the two lions take control of the Pridelands.

The Rise of Kraven

When Kraven the Hunter enters Africa, he fights a brief battle with Scar. Scar ends up humiliated in the fight, though he does escape with his life. With his pride wounded, Scar has Zira and Nuka hire Anansi to eliminate the now genetically modified Kraven. Unfortunately for the lions, Anansi fails.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Saw her son

Zira finds his son, in bad shape just giving his final breath. Zira wants to avenge his son's death.

Vs Fuzzy Lumpwicks

Zira wants to avenge Kovu by taking out the one who killed his son: Fuzzy. Fuzzy on the other hand had enough of Zira and decides to take this matter into his own hands, who will rule the Pridelands and who will leave with nothing?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three


Stalker arrives at the River Styx, to resurrect an old mate of Scar's.

Vs Blastoise

Zira thanks the Stalker for resurrecting her, and is surprised that he was assigned to bring her back by Rasputin and Scar. But before they could return to Andalasia, Zira is confronted by Blastoise, and deciding to prove herself, Zira vows to attack the giant Water Pokémon.

Teaming with Tublat

To keep Jafar's faction out of Scar and Rasputin's plans, Zira sends out Tublat to spy on them. The gorilla accepts this and sets out to Agrabah.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

In Scar's faction

Knowing that maybe Shere Khan sent Scar Snout after the Rugrats, Scar recruits his forces (which include the hyenas, Zira and the lionesses) to get rid of the tiger.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Village fight

In a village a group of predators which is zira and soto along side sabor have come to kill all humans but 2 heroes see the predators attacking and decide to help the village of hunters it is a really tough fight for our heroes and their groups with simba attacking one of shangos men and tarzan fighting Diego to save a woman and her child. Can our heroes keep up with these savage killers?


With team predator soto and zira are upset that they didn't have the baby.

Attacking some sheep

In a farm far away, a little lamb known as Chirin is playing with a herd of sheep but what they didn't know is that they are next to Scar and his wife, Zira's home who attacks the herd of sheep but Chirin manages to Get away.After running from the Lions and trying to escape the little lamb, Chirin is chased down by The Hyenas Scar and Zira. They soon corner the lamb but when Shenzi talks about Chirin's old friend (Mufasa who is supposed to be dead) he loses control, while this is happening Balto shows up to help the lamb, but this fight comes with a sacrifice.

Discover something

In the Outlands Scar and Zira returns to only know that her son Kovu is gone but they start to plan an attack on Simba because they think he was responsible for their son missing, But in the Pridelands as Simba and Tarzan recovers from the Village fight he goes to see Kiara only to find out that his daughter is gone so they set off but Simba tells Timon and Pumbaa to find her.

Villains Battles

Villains Battles 2

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Teaming with her husband

At the cliff of the kings Scar receives the visit of his wife Zira and his son Nuka who would like to join his alliance, the lion confronts Shere Khan and they decide to accept the request, welcoming the two with open arms together with the hyenas and the alliance it sets itself the goal of doing great things.

Vs Kraven

Kraven had just tracked down Scar and, believing him alone, decides to attack him, however it turns out to be an ambush, Nuka to prove his worth to his father and mother he decides immediately comes forward to try to kill Kraven, Nuka may have some hope against a trained hunter like Kraven?After seeing their son die before their eyes, Scar and Zira want revenge and are now truly ready to eliminate the threat posed by poachers at any cost.

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Scar

After Shere Khan's betrayal, Scar's alliance has weakened. But in that moment Zira emerges, who wants to help her love for her (Scar) to make her kingdom even stronger. Scar and Darkrai are happy to let the lioness join their alliance. However, Zira also came to give Scar some bad news.

Saw her son dying

Scar, Zira and Darkrai reach the place where Nuka faced Drake. But they arrive too late, Nuka now dying tells his parents (Scar and Zira) that he is not there he has done it. After her death, Scar furious wants to make Shere Khan and his allies pay her. But Darkrai and Zira appease the lion by saying that their enemies are more numerous and that an attack on them is now suicide. Luckily, Zira knows someone who can possibly help them.

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