Zilla, also known as Godzilla 1998, is an irratiated lizard turned giant theropod-like animal. While not invulnerable like it's inspiration Godzilla, Zilla poses a signifigant ecological threat. Zilla has the ability to reproduce asexually, laying nearly a hundred eggs at a time. Each of these hatchlings are born pregnant. This means that if just one is a successful parent, they would out-compete other species for food.

Many Godzilla fans dislike Zilla because it originally carried the same name of the famous Japanese monster but had little of the same characteristics. While Godzilla walks upright, Zilla walks horizontal. Both of their walking styles are based on theropod dinosaurs. By the time Godzilla was created, theropods were thought to be walking tripods, using their tails as a third leg. When Zilla was created, theropods were understood to walk horizontally like modern birds.

While Godzilla is a sentient animal which chooses to attack cities due to a hatred of humanity, Zilla is just an animal following its instincts to feed and reproduce and unintentionally causes destruction to human cities.

What earned Zilla its name is the fact that it is not invulnerable like Godzilla. Godzilla can withstand everything from nuclear bombs to black holes, Zilla lacks this invulnerability. While some fans hated this, others admired it. They beleived that it made the monster more beleiveable and more easy to care about.

Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Zilla arrived at a city where Decepticons were hiding. On its quest for food, Zilla rampaged through the city. Knowing that if they do not stop Zilla the city they hoped to conquer would be destroyed, Megatron and Stasrcream formed a plan. They lured Zilla to the center of the city with a pile of fish. Megatron fired at Zilla but Zilla dodged. The projectiles jot a building instead. The frightened Zilla fled. Eventually the Decepticon Sideways caught Zilla's attention and lured it to a bridge. Zilla managed to catch Sideways and crush the Decepticon in its jaws, killing him. Still trying to flee, Zilla crashed through the pillars on the bridge. It became caught in the wires. Starscream and a squad of drones arrived and fired several missles at the trapped giant. Though injured, Zilla was still alive. It was Megatron alone who fired and delivered the final blow. Zilla collapsed to the pavement below. Its eyes clsed after its final heartbeat.


Zilla reconstructed with Cyber-Zilla

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