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Steed of a Baghdad Baddie

Zigzag's Horse is an animal steed, used by the rhymic sorcerer, Zigzag, during his escort to other places. It usually takes his master to greater distances, often travelling to Egypt or France. The Horse of Zigzag is briefly featured in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

The Invasion in Agrabah

Zigzag's Horse is featured in the early events of the war, as it takes his master to Agrabah to negotiate with the Sultan of Agrabah. When Zigzag leaves the city on bad terms, he returns with the armies of the One-Eyes. While staying on the frontal lines, Zigzag clashes with Jafar. The two battle on their steeds, though Jafar manages to drop him off his horse, before he would finish off both Zigzag and the One-Eyes' armies.

The Battle of France

Apparently, Zigzag survives his fight with Jafar and joins forces with Ruber. He even takes his horse, to his aid. Before the final battles, Zigzag meets with fellow rival, Shan Yu. The Hun leader proclaims his readiness to the sorcerer, leaving Zigzag to return to Ruber's base, by riding on his horse to do it so. During the Battle of France, Zigzag's Horse is briefly seen at the beginning, when Zigzag makes his entrance to the capital of the city. It does not reappear afterwards.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

The Archive Footage of Zigzag's Horse is used in this part of the war, as part of the Headless Horseman's dark horse, on purpose to examine the horse's frightened nature, after being attacked Avalanche and Magneto.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Though not physically seen, it is implied that Zigzag uses his horse as a means of transportation from King One-Eye's lair to the land of Egypt to negotiate with Pharaoh Rameses. He, eventually, returns to his master's base, though by using his horse to do it so. The Horse of Zigzag does not make another appearance in this part of the war.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Zigzag's Horse is featured in the early events of the war, when Zigzag meets with Jafar in a vast desert land. Jafar sends Zigzag on a mission to capture Princess Jasmine for his own reasons. Zigzag then takes his horse and travels to Agrabah, in order to achieve his mission, only to be failed by the assistance of Aladdin. The Horse has yet to make another appearance, though it is confirmed that it would reappear in the final events of the war, as it is stated by the teaser trailer.