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Lord of Olympus


Zeus is the ruler of the pantheon of Greek gods, father of Hercules, and brother of Poseidon and the evil Hades, who continually seeks to depose Zeus and rule the cosmos. He is portrayed as a major supporting character in the film Hercules and Disney Heroes vs Villains.

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In Mount Olympus Him traps the God's and especially Hades brother: Zeus. Bored at only having the Underworld Him takes Mount Olympus as his new base of operations.

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Eager to test his new recruits and tired of waiting for Maleficent to deliver on her promise to give him Zeus' throne, Hades decided to bring Odin to Mount Olympus with the intention of taking the throne by force. As Odin summoned Ymir, the Chaos Lord of Ice, the messenger god Hermes saw them approaching the gates of Olympus and flew off to warn Zeus. Odin used his spear to break down the gates while Hermes rallied the other gods to defend their home. The smith god Hephaestus forged new lightning bolts for Zeus to use, tossing the weapons up to his king, who used them to blast off Ymir's arm. No sooner had this happened, however, than Ymir used the snow surrounding him to reform his arm. The rest of the gods charged into battle, but Odin conjured up a tornado, knocking them from their chariots and out of the fight. With Zeus the last one standing, Odin summoned Surt, the Chaos Lord of Fire, and the two Chaos Lords combined their might to imprison Zeus in a column of lava rock. Thanking Odin for his help, Hades declared himself the new king of the gods.


On Mount Olympus, Hades returned to check on Odin and the imprisoned gods when Hercules arrived, hoping to force Hades to give up his claim on Meg's soul before she died. Odin prepared to fire on Hercules with his magic spear, but Herc knocked the weapon from Odin's grasp before he could get a shot off. Odin called forth the Chaos Lords to stop Hercules, but the hero dodged their attacks, causing them to unwittingly hit Hades instead. Taking advantage of the distraction, Hercules freed Zeus and the other gods from their prisons while Pegasus fended off Odin's wolf and ravens. Taking up his lightning bolts, Zeus fired on Ymir with them, blasting off the frost giant's leg. Before Ymir could regenerate it, Hercules tossed a colossal boulder at the Chaos Lords, crushing them underneath it. With Odin on his own, Zeus blasted him with another lightning bolt, sending him flying off the mountain. As Hercules and Zeus celebrated, Hades escaped. However, as Hercules gave chase, Hades told him Meg's life would soon be his. In Thebes, the Fates watched as Meg began to succumb to her injuries, preparing to cut her life thread...

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