Zalgo is an internet phenomenon and a meme-status urban legend often seen as the personification of chaos and evil, in a similarly to the later adaptations of the late legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft.


Zalgo in the Animated Universe

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Zalgo is an evil and chaotic demonic entity associated with insanity, death, destruction, fear and the end of time as we know him, believed to be one of the Overlords, very ancient and powerful ally of Lucifer, Alastor and even with the Demon King. Known as the one who waits behind the wall, he lives on another existential plane worse than hell, where he reigns in his crystal palace, of this being it is unknown that even the wisest in the world do not know how to explain this terror of universe. Zalgo had plans to touch our plane and to make the world his own kingdom, for this he traveled to the same hell ... helping the Demon King with plans to plung the worlds into chaos and darkness...and changed shape to that of a cartoon bear that turns out to be very disturbed for the bravest hero, taking the name from Skitzo the Bear For more information, regarding about her character, see here

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