Zaied is a villain from Full Metal Panic Franchise. He was the second in-command for Gauron.

He appeared in Worst Villain Tournament Ever as one of De Signe's Order's henchmen.


Zaied first appeared when Big Van Vader of Dungeon of Doom asked for help against Nefarious. Zaied was going to be the one to help Vader, but instead Marquis De Singe wanted a return service beforehand. He wanted Vader and Zaied to get rid of Carlos Santana, LeChuck's minion.

Zaied almost fought against Santana, but when Dogati's forces attacked De Signe's Order and Vader. He returned to the base and Santana got away, but Gauron was left behind.

When the great fight between Intruders and De Signe's Order came, Zaied tried to destroy Santana's tank, but his Arm Slave energy was drained out, Zaied fainted, but he later killed Santana shortly after Santana had betrayed Dogati. Then he saved De Signe from Captain Skurvy, but his arm slave was pierced by Statue LeChuck's attack.

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