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Yosemite Sam or Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum is the one of the main villains of the Looney Tunes franchise and is one of the arch-enemies of Bugs Bunny. He was created because creator Friz Freleng needed a tougher figure to be Bugs Bunny's enemy since he considered Elmer Fudd too soft. He is a human cowboy with a fiery temper and a hatred of rabbits to match. Yosemite Sam appeared in many Villains wars as a Major Player such as Prequel vs Sequel Villains War, Villains Battles, Non Disney Heroes vs Villains and many more.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Vs Ice King

In the Ice Kingdom the ruler of the realm The Ice King has successfully captured Finn & Jake freezing them and sending him to his prison but however the thug Bluto arrives to challenge him but he summons his Snow Monsters to assist him but however someone shots them down as the Ice King avoids the gunshots turns out to be the cowboy criminal Yosemite Sam coming to assist Bluto but the King uses his magic to stun him but Bluto reflects the magic with a baseball bat defeating him.

Vs Valmont

The Dark Hand still going on their criminal spree encounter Bluto, Sam and Elmer sent out by Mok to try and stop the gang after using the Dragon Talisman to stun Sam as he dodges an attack from Bluto Finn, Ratso, and Chow begin to assist him starting with Finn hitting a Tank at Bluto however he gets shot by Elmer as Ratso shot Sam however the Cowboy shot him afterwards as Chow injures Elmer and Sam with another Talisman Bluto punched him down as another member of the Hand Hak Foo kicks him into a Brick Wall as Sam is about to shoot Valmont he uses the Dragon Talisman to make him fall down into a river while Finn shoots Bluto into a Hospital as Elmer runs off as a injured Bluto watches on as Valmont continues his Talisman hunt.

Non-Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Green Goblin

Mr. Snerz has been getting multiple death threats from a mysterious creature who go's by the name Green Goblin. Mr. Snerz can't take this harassment anymore so he calls one of Texas number one outlaw Yosemite Sam to deal with him. Yosemite Sam arrives at Mr. Snerz's company and promising him that the Green Goblin is going to wish he never bother Mr. Snerz, Mr. Snerz is happy to hear that. The Green Goblin arrives to murder him, but Mr. Snerz told him that he won't take any death threats from him anymore, not while Yosemite Sam is here to finish The Green Goblin off. Yosemite Sam threating the Green Goblin, but the Gobling fires lazars from his fingers which makes Sam's hat cut into halve. The Goblin laughs maniacly but Yosemite Sam kicks him. Mr. Snerz can't help but enjoying this fight, but The Green Goblin is not out yet, he charges a piano to chase Sam down the stairs, then throws a pumpking bomb at him causing Yosemite Sam flying out the building. Mr. Snerz now terrified, The Green Goblin throws razor bats him killing Mr. Snerz.

Teaming with Bluto

After the death of Mr. Snerz Yosemite Sam teams up with the biggest brute in the city Bluto, Yosemite Sam tells him that together they will lead their own alliance to take down The Green Goblin for good. Bluto was very interested.

A rematch

Yosemite Sam recruits Elmer Fudd, and they (along with Bluto) go to attack the Green Goblin. They find him, but Sam gets knocked out, Bluto is sent flying and Fudd is blasted into the ground. Green Goblin then throws two bombs to knock away Sam and Bluto. Fudd flees.

New allies

Yosemite Sam and his allies have survived their encounter with The Green Goblin, so they recruit Cottontail Smith, Nasty Canasta and an old minion of Snerz known as The Goat.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Fuzzy Lumpwicks

Mr. Burns sends one of his hitmen, Yosemite Sam, to eliminate a reclusive beast known as Fuzzy Lumpkins. The trigger-happy cowboy, eager for an opportunity to prove his own ability, rides out to Fuzzy's homestead.  However, Sam doesn't know that Burns is merely sending him to test the fighting prowess of Lumpkins, who doesn't take kindly to a trespasser on his property.Yosemite Sam almost won,but Fuzzy Lumpwicks became angry and killed him.

Villains Battles

Pre-War:Vs Bluto and Buzz Buzzard

Nowdays Pete and Yosemite Sam are plotting to reedeem themselves and help poor people, but they are quickly halted by Bluto and Buzz Buzzard, who decided to kill them fearing that they are frauding people. Which tag team will have the upper hand?Despite their victory, Pete and Yosemite Sam decide to mobilitize so to check if Bluto and Buzz Buzzard may attack them again.

New member for Shan Yu

Having returned from their fight against Rothbart, The Dazzlings receive a surprise: in their absence, Pete and Yosemite Sam hired Dr. Frankenollie from orders of Shan-yu and captured Twilight Sparkle. The new recruit decides to transform her into a darker version of herself called Midnight Sparkle. So now, after Dr. Frankenollie's death, Shan-yu's alliance have a new recruit.

Initial failure

Before going to kill Frollo, Shan-yu's second-in-command, Pete, brings in his best friend and partner in crime Yosemite Sam to aid him in his mission. After an intense fight with Frollo, they end up getting defeated by Rasputin. After Shan-yu's death him and Pete make their own Alliance in order to avenge Shan-yu and taking over France, Germany, England, Africa and China.

Teaming with Cruella De Vil and Cat R.Waul

Yosemite Sam, Pete and their allies organize the attack on Frollo and his alliance, however they get interrupted by Cruella de Vil, Who wants to help the alliance in their plan because they have a common enemy: Mok. The crazy woman summons her allies to help Pete and Yosemite Sam: Jasper, Horace, Alameda Slim and the Willie Brothers, who decide to help the alliance. The bully cat and the Far West shooter welcome them.After the Beagle Boys failed, Pete, Yosemite Sam and their allies decide to recruit some allies, however they receive the visit of Cat R. Waul, the Cactus Gang and a band of Weasels in hopes to forge an alliance to defeat Frollo and his alliance. As they welcome them in...

Vs Prince John

While Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys are dealing with Captain Hook and Ratcliffe, Pete, Yosemite Sam and Cat R Waul decide to take down Prince John in order to weaken Frollo's alliance with the phony king of England. Prince John might has got soldiers to help him, but Yosemite Sam and Pete's alliance are prepared than the king could think...

Teaming with Prince John and Negaduck

After winning over Prince John, Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance interrogate the now prisoner king in order to know where Frollo is hiding. Right in that moment, Negaduck arrives in order to help Yosemite Sam and Pete in finding where is the judge of Notre Dame. As the alliance quickly recruit the criminal and Prince John.

Teaming with Scar

Pete and Yosemite Sam arrived to Africa in order to find allies, they found Scar, who was just walking after the lion and his allies killed all of the hunters. When the shorty cowboy and the bully cat ask him to help them, before Scar doesn't trust them, but when Pete and Yosemite Sam reveal their true intentions, he decides to go with his some of his allies to help Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.

Vs Napoleon

While traveling to Paris, Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam and the lion's allies get interrupted by the merciless dictator of the Animal Farm, Napoleon, who wants to rule the Pride Lands and kill Scar. With the support of Pete and Yosemite Sam, can the lion kill his rival?

Planning to kill Frollo

While talking about what happened in Paris during Pete and Yosemite Sam's absence, one of the weasels informs his bosses and Scar about Captain Hook's death. As they plot a plan to take out Frollo and his allies forever.

After their defeat against Gantu, Team Rocket is found by Pete and Yosemite Sam, who want the scurvy rascals to help them against Frollo and his allies. At first, Team Rocket isn't willing to help the bully cat and the shooter, but when they reveal about their plans, they may have a change of heart...

The Beagle Boys inform Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam about Frollo recruited a new ally, Schneizel. Worried about the situation, Pete and Yosemite Sam are calmed down by Cat R Waul, who tells them about a ritual that could help them against Frollo. Joe Dalton and the Dazzlings proceed as they resurrect a pirate from the death. Hook is back! With their old ally back from the death, Yosemite Sam, Pete and Scar begin their move...

While Yosemite Sam and Pete are worried about Frollo recruited Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Scar asks them to "be prepared for their upcoming Golden Age" as he decides to transform the alliance in "Team Scar/Pete/Sam".

With Fjorg Frollo dead, Yosemite Sam, Pete and Scar think about now is the exact time to take down Frollo and his alliance. Midnight Sparkle, however reveals her Plan as she decides to unite with Pete and transform into Midnight Pete once again. As the duo unite and they are now ready to take out Frollo and his allies.

Vs Frollo's Forces

The final battle for England, France, Germany, China and Africa has just begun. As Pete and Yosemite Sam get their revenge as Frollo tries to take out all of them once and for all. Now that this battle is gonna decide who is gonna rule the world, which side will be victorious?


While parting before conquering France and all the nations that participated in the war, Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam are informed that a certain house cat decided to take out all of the humanity. Pete convinces and asks Scar to take it out as the king goes to take out this mysterious "treat"

Ruler of Germany

With Frollo out of their way, Pete proclaims himself as the king of France, meanwhile Scar and Yosemite Sam seize power over the Pride Lands and Germany.

Villains Battles 2

Welcoming Jafar

Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam, having heard of Governor Ratcliffe's alliance, decide to go and take him out. However, they find a magic lamp as Alameda Slim summons an ally related to Maleficent, Jafar. As Scar and Yosemite Sam welcome Jafar in.

Teaming with Duncan

After his victory against Mcleach, Scar introduces his saviour, Duncan, to Yosemite Sam and Jafar (becoming one of the main allies). The punk is delighted to know such powerful guys. Yosemite Sam welcomes him unless he's a spy to Ratcliffe.

Villains Battles 3

Vs The Millennium

Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith inform Yosemite Sam that a dangerous threat named the Major is flying on his zeppelin and plans to conquer Germany. As the president of Germany and his army battle the Nazis, they encounter an old face. But encountering this old face isn't the problem, but the real problem is battling against Nazis again and soon enough they will discover that this army is more deadly than last time they faced Nazis under Hitler...

Talking with Pete

After the assassination attempt from Chef, Pete gets mad to one of his weasels because they didn't help him as the weasel explains that Chef was not seen in the main chamber or else they would have already arrested him. This discussion is soon cut short by the arrival Yosemite Sam and of his allies (offscreen). Shocked to see his friend, Pete asks him why is he here until Yosemite Sam explains that the Major, alongside a deadly army of Nazis that was way different that last time and a newly revived Jan Valentine, took over Germany, thus making Sam and his allies retreat. Shocked by this turn of events, Pete also explains to his friend about the assassination attempt on him. Both leaders decide to take down the Major and find who sent Chef after Pete as the president of France decides to try and send a message to all their friends.

Re-joining some old friends

A weasel inform Pete, Yosemite Sam, Prince John and Ratcliffe of Lucille's attempt to assassinate Captain Hook. As the prisoner is brought before them, Ratcliffe has Hook execute her. With the Babysitter Bandit gone, the pirates congratulate Hook until Shan-yu and his allies alongside Drakken, Shego and their new recruit, DNAmy, appear to aid the rulers of the world. Our heroes are happy that their old friends have joined them once again, thus welcoming them again.

Disscusing about threats

With Scar joining them once again, Pete and Yosemite Sam discuss with Shan-yu, Scar and Prince John about the threats of these mysterious villains, the Major and Prince Phobos (they became aware of Prince Phobos due to Gir accidentally revealing that he and Zim work for Phobos in their assassination attempt on Duncan and Nuka). The lion king however reveals that Julius Caesar joined him to help his friends in taking down the enemies by providing his men on helping the rulers of the world. Ratcliffe, who was attending the meeting, sends out Duncan and Captain Hook to watch over the borders of France. As they go, Ratigan joins his old friends back much to Scar's joy. With our heroes gathered, they prepare for battle against these new foes.

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Cruella De Vil

Cruella invites her friend Yosemite Sam to help her in taking out some criminal threats to her. When he has an idea, she mocks the shooter. However, Cruella may be dealing with the shooter himself.

Teaming with Pete

Even if he defeated Cruella, Yosemite Sam begins to worry about she may find more allies and kill him. However, a new player of the war forges him an alliance, which pleases the shooter.

Teaming with Madam Medusa and Cat R.Waul's Forces

Meanwhile, Pete and Yosemite Sam are happy of the Dazzlings' victory against Hobgoblin. However they are greeted by Madame Medusa and Cat R Waul, whose want to forgive Pete and Yosemite Sam for trying to eliminate them. Realizing that they may be useful, Pete and Yosemite Sam recruit them.

Prequel vs Sequel Villains War

Prequel vs Sequel Villains War 2

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Teaming with Pete while being a member of The Crime Empire

Yosemite Sam decide to team up with Pete.

Vs Butch and Cassidy

Pete and Yosemite Sam are discussing of Clayton's death against Fritz and are worried about dealing with this creature. Their discussion is interrupted by two criminals named Cassidy and Butch, who were hired to take them out by a mysterious faction leader. The two criminals may have guns and swords, but are they really prepared against these thieves?

Teaming with Cat.R Waul

Pete and Yosemite Sam berate their minions for their failure as Cat R Waul (who survived against Team Rocket) decides to join in. With a criminal boss as their partner, the criminal duo make sure to take them down. Pete also proclaims that Winky's former Weasels are his weasels now.

Non Disney Villains War

Heroes vs Villains War (Disney Knights)

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Vs Aunt Figg

Having heard the news that Aunt Pristine Figg will no longer receive money, Yosemite Sam sets up a plan to steal the greedy lady's entire safe full of money. First he passes himself off as someone proposing marriage then.

Recruiting Pete and Forming an alliance with him and also Recruiting Team Rocket

Yosemite Sam is the new resident of the Pristine Figg house. But fearing that the young lady might return to take back her money and her house, the gunslinger allies himself with Pete and Team Rocket to help him drive her back. Sam will reward his new allies with a portion of his money.

Recruiting King Dedede

Pete informs Yosemite Sam of Team Rocket's defeat by Ratigan and Sally Ratmousen, Pristine Figg's new allies. Meanwhile, King Dedede and his servant Escargoon arrive, who have just escaped from Camelot after their defeat. The king of Dreamland proposes that he wants to join forces with Sam and Pete. For the latter it is excellent news because they can now prepare for the decisive attack against Pristine Figg and her allies.

Vs Pristine Figg's Forces

Pete, Yosemite Sam and King Dedede are ready to launch the decisive attack on Pristine Figg. But she along with Ratigan, Sally Ratmousen, Fidget, Simon, Madame Medusa and Lickboot surprise their adversaries who are determined to return his house and her money to Pristine. Who will take all the money from the residence? Pristine Figg's alliance or Sam's?

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)


Pete was very disappointed with the Beagle Boys' failure to eliminate Sally Ratmousen, but Yosemite Sam is pleased with the work done well by Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith in arresting Prince John, who was later sent to forced labor. However, Pete informs Yosemite Sam and King Dedede that Pristine Figg and Madame Medusa are back in circulation and with Sally on their side she could pose a threat to the ambitions of Pete and his allies.

Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains War

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

Meeting Maleficent and Mok

At the same time Mok reveals his allies, much to Maleficent surprise. Mok's supercomputer also reveals who can help them with their plans much to Maleficent and Mok's joy.

Vs Mickey Mouse,Goofy,Donald Duck

After their meeting with Maleficent, Pete and Yosemite Sam form their faction as the bully cat sends the cowboy to capture an important person. Yosemite Sam has to capture Princess Minnie for Maleficent and Mok, but first he has to deal with Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

New allies

Having heard of Pete's failure in defeating Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam starts mocking him and makes Pete wanna hurt him. However a new player by the name of Izaya Orihara barges in with the intention of joining their alliance much to their fear as they are fully aware of his past actions. Despite some concerns about it, Pete and Yosemite Sam were almost accepting him so he could cause troubles to Mickey and Bugs until Izaya reveals to have also recruited new members to their number. Happy about this event, Pete and Yosemite Sam accept these new faces into their faction.

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Vs Sally Stageplay

While doing his quiz show in his club, Pete is rudely interrupted by Sally Stageplay, who attempts to take over such place by killing him. However, one of the public is less keen on seeing the actress defeat Pete...

Introducing his allies

After saving Pete's life, Yosemite Sam introduces his allies to him. Surprised of what Sam did for him, the cat decides to lead the faction alongside the cowboy.

Warning Joker

Pete and Yosemite Sam, after being informed by Shego of her victory, swear Joker that if he betrays them, that will cost his life. The Joker isn't anyway planning any coup on them as he starts to tell what he knows of Peterson.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

Non Disney Villains War

Vs Napoleon

Having heard of a pig named Napoleon has conquered the Animal Farm, Yosemite Sam challenges him for the control of the farm. The pig may be a dictator, but the cowboy is smarter than him.

His faction

After the downfall of Napoleon and after the demolition of the Animal Farm, Yosemite Sam recruits the bounty hunters Cottontail Smith and Nasty Canasta, the prince of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia (also known as the terrorist Zero), Pinky and the Brain. in order to weaken his enemy's alliance... Mojo Jojo.Lelouch reveals why he wanted to join forces with Yosemite Sam as he tells that he wants to kill Charles zi Britannia and take out the Britannian Empire. Cat R Waul arrives in hopes to forge an alliance with the shooter. Sam gladly accepts and the business card asks Lelouch to use the geass on Claudandus in order to transform him into an ally of their own. Now Yosemite Sam has got 2 new allies against Mojo Jojo.

Vs The Dalton Brothers

Having heard about Mojo Jojo recruited Diane Simmons and Ernie the Chicken in his alliance, the Brain, Cat R Waul and Lelouch suggest Yosemite Sam to go and capture the Dalton Brothers, who could be useful for their assault against Mojo Jojo. The brothers may be numbered, but can they defeat the fastest shooter?

Teaming with The Dazzlings

While interrogating the Dalton Brothers to know where Mojo Jojo is hiding, Yosemite Sam, Cat R Waul and their alliance receive a surprise visit from three villainesses though to be dead because they want to help the shooter and his allies to take out Mojo Jojo. As they welcome them and the Daltons in Sam and Waul's alliance.

Soyuzmultfilm Villains vs Non-Disney Villains War

Talking with Bluto

Two friends Bluto and Yosemite Sam were drinking beer and talking amicably about old times when they were still young, Bluto suggests Sam rob a bank together and take a lot of money for himself. Yosemite Sam was only glad of this, he just needed money to get rid of his enemy Bugs Bunny.