Yosemite Sam or Samuel Michelangelo Rosenbaum is the one of the main antagonists of the Looney Tunes franchise and is one of the arch-enemies of Bugs Bunny. He was created because creator Friz Freleng needed a tougher figure to be Bugs Bunny's enemy since he considered Elmer Fudd too soft. He is a human cowboy with a fiery temper and a hatred of rabbits to match. Yosemite Sam appeared in many Villains wars such as Prequel vs Sequel Villains War, Villains Battles, Non Disney Heroes vs Villains and many more.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

Non-Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Villains Battles

he's Shan-yu's second-in-command with his best friend and partner in crime Pete. After Shan-yu's death him and Pete make their own Alliance in order to avenge Shan-yu and taking over France, Germany, England, Africa and China

Villains Battles 2

Villains War (Saverio Gamba's)

Prequel vs Sequel Villains War

Prequel vs Sequel Villains War 2

Animated vs CGI Villains War

Non Disney Villains War

Heroes vs Villains War (Disney Knight's)

Villains War (Disney Knight's)

Villains War 2 (Disney Knight's)

Cartoon Villains War

Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains War

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