Xia Yu Lan
Xia Yu Lan is one of the two sisters working for Amalgam, from anime series Full Metal Panic. She is an assassin, tasked with killing Kaname Chidori in order to break Sousuke Sagara. She appears briefly in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Giving A Chase

Xia Yu Lan interrupts Ryuko Matoi's walk, where she informs her that she has been tasked (likely by GEZZAN) to assassinate her. Ryuko is not impressed by her threats, but then she whips out her gun, causing Ryuko to retort with her scissor blade. Xia shoots her, knocking Ryuko back. Xia then follows Ryuko and takes out her knife. Xia blocks Ryuko's attack with the blade, and then attempts to go for one last shot. Ryuko, with her remaining power, does one last scissor blade swipe, killing her.

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