Wraith is a Saurian warlock, a sorcerer, and the right hand of Lord Dragaunus. He is the secondary villain in the disney television series, The Mighty Ducks, and a secondary player in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Alien Magic vs. Alien Technology

During the battle between the Saurians and the Triceratons, Wraith is shown, tossing a fireball at one Triceraton soldier, knocking him out. However, after the Triceratons destroy most of their defenses and their respective hideout, Dragaunus and the rest of the Saurians' fleet are forced to make a hastily escape from their lair.

Dealing with the Mutants

As soon as Dragaunus repairs his previous lair, another alien race strikes against the Saurians. With Seige's and Chameleon's assistance, Wraith prepares himself for his next incoming attack. As it shows, Skeletor and the Mutants of Denebria invade their hideout, as they plan to test their forces for their next assaults. Wraith throws a fireball to Skeletor, only for him to avoid his attack. When Slush Head charges right to Dragaunus, Wraith tosses another fireball, this time to Slush Head. Though his attack failed him to weaken his rival, he managed to attack the alien mutant, forcing him to stop his attack. When Skeletor blasts a cargo, that engulfs the entire base with lava, the Saurians are forced to retreat once again from their lair.

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