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Worst Villain Tournament Ever is a spin-off tournament created by HcFortan.


WVTE doesn't really have a theme and uses random villains, mostly from video games. However, it's one of the first tournaments to take villains from Wrestling and Internet Phenomenon.

Round 1: Introduction

WVTE 1.png

Winner in bold

Dr. Nefarious Vs The Giant (w/ Taskmaster)

Dungeon Of Doom's Master wants Dr. Nefarious because he is the ultimate solution to end Hulkamania and sends his Taskmaster after him along with The Giant. Well, Andre The Giant's son attacks Nefarious' fortress and challenges him, if he loses, he has to join the Dungeon Of Doom. Giant punches Nefarious, and Nefarious tells him that he gives up. Just when Sullivan celebrates his victory, Nefarious summons a giant robot that destroys the Giant. Sullivan rips a bush in anger and he flies away.

King Koopa vs Painis Cupcake

Painis Cupcake has been locked to the island of Koopatraz, one day he finally decides to escape. And when nobody sees, he flies thru the window. Unfortunately King Koopa notices it and throws a bomb after him. However, Painis returns it by using a spade and Koopatraz sinks.

Japanese Koopa vs Rigatoni and Razorbeard's Weak Cousin

When Japanese Koopa sees his American brother swimming away from sinking Koopatraz, he notices a visitor, who is Rigatoni. Rigatoni would like to hire Koopa on his circus. but he doesn't want to join it, so Rigatoni sends Razorbeard's Weak Cousin to force him to the Circus. But Koopa burns him and kicks Rigatoni's circus out of place. The Ringmaster is not pleased, And Jap-Koopa wonders how he could find his brother.


The Sorceress is visited by Dungeon of Doom, who want her to join the stable to get Dr. Nefarious so they could end Hulkamania. she is interested, but will join only if they find her the wings of a mighty dragon. Taskmaster sends his minions to look for them.

King K. Rool comes to meet Japanese Koopa and wants an alliance with him, so they could together find the crystal coconut. Jap-Koopa tells that only person he wants to ally with is his brother. K. Rool tries to give Klump and Krusha to him, but still doesn't accept. K. Rool plans to find American Koopa himself.

Meanwhile, it is found out that Painis Cupcake has survived the sinking of Koopatraz, and is now happy about his escape.

Round 2: Bosses and Minions

WVTE 2.png

Vader vs Red

Red is the gatherer of Dragon Wings that the Sorceress wants. Taskmaster challenges him into a fight, and calls out Vader. Vader isn't powerful enough against Red, and he trips. Just before Red is about to win, Taskmaster interferences with the Weapons of Mass Destruction. But when the Tank tries to avoid Red's fire it accidentally drives into precipice and explodes. Meanwhile Vader awakes, and Red notices and tries to fire at him with an ice bolt, but Vader sends it back injuring him and he flies away, leaving the piece of dragon wings after him.

Gauron vs Lord Vorselon

In cold Siperia, The Marquis De Singe is planning a new secret weapon and wants Gauron and Dr. N Brio to clean the area from the Intruders. Gauron takes his old mech, and finds a powerful alien named Lord Vorselon. Vorselon tries to shoot Gauron but the mech is pretty strong. Vorselon puts a bomb, but Gauron avoids it and tries to slice the alien in half. Vorselon survives, but Gauron puts a defense shield on and targets into Vorselon and then shoots him and lurking De Singe is impressed.

Dr. N. Brio vs LeChuck (tie)

Another intruder is a powerful zombie pirate LeChuck, who wants to find Singe and tear him apart. LeChuck is interrupted by N Brio, and the Ghost Pirate doesn't like it and tries to kill him. Brio jumps to water, where he turns into a mutantic frog. LeChuck tries to kill him again, but the mutant goes back into the water and starts collapsing the ship. LeChuck fires for third time, this time Brio goes away and the pirate sends his men to conquer the area and find DeSigne.

Reflux the Knaaren vs Japanese Koopa

Rigatoni is mad that he lost to Jap-Koopa, and teams up with K. Rool and become "Alliance to End Koopalliance". Rigatoni introduces his weapon, Reflux, to the Kremling Leader. Meanwhile in Jap-Koopa's castle, he is waiting for his brother to pay a visit. When Klump and Krusha appear and tell Jap-Koopa to "not look left." making him confused, and sees Reflux. Jap-Koopa commands his cannons to attack. Reflux destroys them by calling out meteor rain. he tries to take care of Reflux himself, but the Knaaren gets Jap-Koopa down. Suddenly, King Koopa comes out of nowhere and sends fireballs towards Reflux. When he is trying to fire Klump and Krusha with fireballs, Reflux awakens and sends them to Koopa. Then Jap-Koopa rises and burns the Knaaren.


The Sorceress is happy that she got her dragon wings, and The Master crowns Vader as the new Taskmaster.

De Signe is angry that Brio failed to destroy LeChuck, but Roddy Piper tells that Gauron will destroy him anyway.

Speaking of Gauron, he hears that Vorselon was ally of Dr. Nefarious. He also notices that LeChuck has sent his crew to take over the area. Gauron declares a war.

Meanwhile Koopa is trying to get something out of Klump who tells him about the Koopalliance.

Round 3: The First Crusade

WVTE 3.png

Painis Cupcake Vs Manyuu Kagefusa and Thugs-4-Less Leader

Thugs-4-Less Leader heards about Painis Cupcake's escape, he wants to get him for "good reasons" and hires a busty fighter, Manyuu Kagefusa to bring Painis alive. Painis Cupcake is near-by, when he sees Kagefusa who wants to challenge Painis into a fight. he laughs at her for the challenge. But when Kagefusa reveals her deadly sword weapon, he accepts it. Kagefusa is a hard opponent for him, she blocks almost all of his attacks. Finally Painis hits her, just when he is about to eat her, Thugs-4-Less Leader interferes with his choppa and shoots a rocket on Painis. Just when the Leader thinks he is dead, the TF2 Freak reveals his angriness...

Gauron vs Dogati (tie)

Dogati was sent by LeChuck to take over the land of DeSinge. Dogati and Bockner with their forces are walking in Mongolia to find DeSinge, but a plane interrupts their journey and a giant pile of smoke makes the tribals go panic and they run away. Then, Gauron reveals himself. the Slave-Trader tries to shoot him, but he successfully defends it and causes destruction. he tries again this time Gauron's defense doesn't stand long enough and the missile erupts himself and causes a huge explosion. Dogati and Bockner successfully escape, but what about Gauron?

Buzz w/ Vader vs Emperor Otto Destruct

The Master plans to send Vader to attack Otto Destruct, Nefarious' ally. Sorceress also wants to show off her powers and turns a bunny into a monster, Buzz. Vader interrupts Otto Destruct and tells him to reveal where Nefarious is. he won't open his mouth so easily, so Vader sends Buzz to attack him. Otto defeats Buzz quickly and Vader outrages jumping on the Technomite.

Jap-Koopa and Koopa Kids vs Cyberskull

Jap-Koopa and his nephews are ready to attack the Alliance To End Koopalliance. Meanwhile, King K. Rool has found a powerful virus and makes an alliance with him, if Cyberskull would use K. Rool's body as his genetic form. the Kremling Leader accepts and Cyberskull goes into K. Rool's body, and turns into a monster. the Koopaling's are about to get into K. Rool's Cave when they meet Cyberskull, Jap-Koopa sends his nephews to attack him when Cyberskull rolls them into stairs before sending an army of Datagoblins to destroy Jap-Koopa. the turtle-like being kills them, but they turn alive again. And he is in trouble.


Cyberskull/King K. Rool comes to the city and introduces his new body to Rigatoni, and he is pleased.

Nefarious is angry that two of his allies are dead, but Thugs-4-Less tells him that Painis Cupcake has probably killed them. the scientist plans to get Gleeman Vox with him to find Painis.

The Master hears about it and tells Vader to find Gleeman and Thugs-4-Less Leader so he could shake the truth of Nefarious' hideout out of them.

Dogati and Bockner have survived the explosion, and the adventurer wants to find his other ally Carlos Santana, so they would together attack DeSinge.

Gauron has survived the explosion, but he has been injured, DeSigne is aware of that.

Round 4: Collapsing The Weak

WVTE 4.png


De Signe is greeted by Vader, who wants some of his forces to help Dungeon Of Doom in their hunt for Nefarious. the French Doctor only accepts the offer if he helps Gauron and Zaied to beat rest of the intruders. Vader consists.

Dr. Neo Cortex Vs Dr. Eggman

Rigatoni has heard that the Koopalliance is trying to rescue Jap-Koopa. He sends Dr. Neo Cortex and Defacely Marmeister to stop them. Cortex finds Eggman's flying ship. The Evil Genius notices Cortex and promises to destroy the yellow scientist for once and all. Cortex hops on his hoverboard and destroys Eggman's traps. But then the power of his hoverboard starts ending, and the doctor thinks his victory has came, but then the reinforcements come in.

Defacely Marmeister Vs King Koopa and Koopalings

Defacely Marmeister has created a new spray that he uses to wake Graffiti's alive. He uses one to stop King Koopa and his Koopalings, who run away. Later the supervillain has created an entire army of Graffiti Monsters, but then he is met again by the Koopa Family, this time accompanied with the Power Wand, that they use to fight against Marmeister's forces. The fight ends up turning into Koopa's side which the supervillain is destroyed.

Painis Cupcake Vs Ace Hardlight

Nefarious's ally Gleeman Vox has sent his best fighter Ace Hardlight to stop Painis Cupcake who has destroyed Nefarious' minions one-by-one. Ace isn't afraid to go against the Freak, And confuses him with his clone attacks. But then, Painis activates his questionable power and Ace is history.

De Signe's Order and Vader Vs Carlos Santana (Tie)

Carlos Santana attacks De Signe's territory, where he is met by Vader. Vader intimidates the bandit to go away, but then Zaied attacks. Dogati's forces come to help, who are met by Gauron. Dogati and Carlos escape and injure Vader and Gauron.


Dr. Nefarious is getting tired of Painis and proceeds to destroy him in the most brutal way possible. Gleeman tells him to relax and focus on other things, but the power go out. The Master has hacked Nefarious' system and forces him to join Dungeon Of Doom or he will be destroyed. the scientist remembers the Master and his first try, and denies again. Gleeman tells Nefarious to forget Painis and get rid of the Dungeon.

Meanwhile, The Sorceress has waken The Giant from dead, who is ready for action.

Dogati and Carlos return to LeChuck's base, where he tells them to get ready for their Big Attack.

Cortex is trying to find a way to drive away the Koopa Family. He is interrupted by Krusha who has escaped from the hold of the Koopalliance, but Klump accidentally drives on him. Cortex's computer malfunctions and tells Klump to be more careful. Cyberskull/K. Rool comes to see the incident. When Krusha awakens, he turns out to be more intelligent now and has a plan to drive away the Koopa's.

Marquis is mad that Vader has failed him, but things get worse when Vader tells Gauron has been disappeared completely. De Signe starts panicking and getting ready for the worst.

Round 5: Innovators Not Imitators

WVTE 5.png

The Giant, The Shark and Big Bubba Vs Horrible Machine and Mean Max

Lawrence is telling Dr. Nefarious about Dungeon of Doom and how they killed Emperor Destruct, the scientist gets angry about that and how he wasted his time on Painis Cupcake. so he decides to go himself take care of stable and gives the charge of Nefarious' base to Gleeman Vox.

Informerbot tells Gleeman about Nefarious' decision, who is joyed to hear about this. Instead of killing them the Media mogul plans to imprison the Dungeon of Doom and hire them as gladiators for DreadZone.

Meanwhile The Resurrected Giant and his henchmen The Shark and Big Bubba come to the first obstacle of Nefarious' base. Horrible Machine. However the trio has been spotted by two cats, who tell their boss, and the janitor of Horrible Machine Mean Max about the attack. Max forces them to launch the machine. By their powers the trio avoids the first attacks of the machine, but the cannon ends up burning The Shark alive. Big Bubba sights Max, who makes sure the machine is healthy. he grabs Max from his tail and goes on a submission move, and tells The Giant to destroy the Horrible Machine.

Jap-Koopa Vs Rez

Jap-Koopa is still in the prison, accompanied by Klump, when the mysterious "Spirit of Television" Rez appears and tells Jap-Koopa to release him from his TV Prison, as a reciprocal service he'll release Jap-Koopa, Klump tells him not to, but the turtle-like being doesn't care. Rez gets free and destroys the cell, but turns out to be violent. Jap-Koopa however gets assisted by his children who have been released from the carpet. The Koopalings do a magical electric attack, but Rez turns himself into a giant. Magical attacks do not harm him, and he wipes the Koopalings out of the way. Suddenly King Koopa's children find Jap-Koopa and turn him into a giant bigger than Rez. the spirit fires a laser, which hurts him but Jap-Koopa attacks him and Rez dies, but his soul escapes.

Rigatoni Vs AoSTH Robotnik, Sleet and Dingo

Krusha hears about the Council of Robotnik's and puts Rigatoni to destroy them, the ringmaster refuses because he is an authorite. Krusha explains to Rigatoni that he has always sent his minions to death and he doesn't have to do anything. Rigatoni can't go against argument and grudgingly accepts, only if he gets some armory. Dr. Neo. Cortex tells he has a robot Rigatoni could control and reveals the Jet Alone, a bizarre looking robot that is not dangerous to control. the ringmaster gets scared of the abomination and runs away but Cortex tells his minions to get him back.

Jet Alone walks in a solid ground when the henchmen of Julian Robotnik, Sleet and Dingo see the robot. Dingo gets quite excited about the upcoming fight but Sleet tells it will not last long, and that's right because the robot shuts down suddenly. Cortex has another, less safe choice for Rigatoni, EVA-03.

The Evangelion with Rigatoni as it's pilot goes through the city as Sleet and Dingo chase it. Rigatoni notices the followers and jumps behind them, the Evangelion instead ends up going to meet Ivo Robotnik. who sees the Evangelion coming right to his base and puts Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts get ready with the defense system, but the Evangelion ends up destroying the base before the system could be activated. Robotnik escapes with his henchmen, Sleet ends up tracking the Evangelion himself with his motorcycle, but when the creature lands it causes Sleet to lose control of the bike. the Evangelion tries to crush Robotnik, but instead it flies Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts out of the flying thing and they crash into the ground, Sleet gets an idea and turns them all into monsters, who scare Robotnik. They choke the Evangelion and throw it into the ground, killing the piloting Rigatoni. Cortex is shocked and Sleet captures him.

De Signe's Order Vs The Intruders

The Intruders and LeChuck's new pirate ally Kaptain Skurvy travel through Siperia to De Signe's lab. De Signe and Zaied see the forces and their deadly tank coming. When the tank shoots it's first bullet, De Signe starts the fight and Zaied with his Arm Slave starts killing their men, however the bullet do not hurt their tank end up releasing Zaied's Arm Slaves power. N. Brio commands Roddy Piper to do something, who responds he's got a perfect plan. Skurvy tells his henchmen Kutlass and Green Krock what to do, but De Signe surprises them with his wind rifle, Skurvy's henchmen try to attack him, but the wind rifle separates them and kills Green Krock. Roddy Piper is starting his car, and starts driving towards the tank. He is preparing a suicide attack, which surprises Skurvy, Dogati and Bockner. Piper thanks him for the "stupid fight" as he crushes on the tank and explodes.

After the tank exploded, Carlos sees that Dogati and his forces retreating. Dogati tells his men that the cave could have a secret path to De Signe's lab, but Santana shoots him. Bockner says he knew that the Mexicans weren't reliable, but Santana tells him to shut up and follow his plans, when somebody shoots his gun away, who turns out to be Zaied. Carlos insults Zaied and his "tiny toy robot", leading to Zaied killing him as well as Bockner commands the rest of his men to the cave.

Kutlass is trying to attack N. Brio but scares him by turning into a monster, Scurvy brings his cannon, but De Signe has his wind rifle too, De Singe focuses when Skurvy fires a cannonball which tackles him. The cannonball isn't really dangerous, so Zaied destroys it with his mech's machine gun just when Skurvy is in trouble, a sharp rock penetrates Zaied's arm slave.

LeChuck, who threw the sharp rock, has turned himself into statue wanting De Signe to pay his bill. De Signe tells Brio to release AS Behemoth. The Colossal Arm Slave enters the fighting ground, LeChuck shoots magic at him but AS blocks it, AS starts walking towards LeChuck, who tries to stop him with Monkey Kombat yet that doesn't damage the robot either. AS Behemoth grabs his sword and kills LeChuck while N. Brio wonders what happened to Dogati and Santana but De Singe couldn't care less about them.


Bockner finds three different passes from the cave and wants his men to find out what they are, but gets tackled by Iron Sheik, who blames him for being a copycat, he shoots Sheiky Baby and escaped, his only man however drowns The Colonel is now alone.

The Master greets Vader who has returned from Siperia and tells him he's injured, when suddenly Nefarious surprises them. Vader tells the scientist he will destroy him when he recovers, Nefarious tells him to calm down and tell if he fights he ends up going on a worse injury, Vader throws the buttress away and Nefarious and Lawrence fall out of the building. Master gives Vader Meng, the powerful samoan fighter to help him.

King Koopa is greeted at the secret hideout by Jap-Koopa who is happy that the Koopalliance is in pieces once again, when Dr. Eggman's Flying fortress rises from the sea, which was put to work again by Kooky Von Koopa. Sleet also greets the Kings of Koopas and shows them their newest prisoner, Dr. Cortex himself. Koopa pokes fun at him, who instead is anguished about the failure of the Evangelion and the death of Rigatoni. Koopa tells his sons to gather all the remaining members.

Krusha is still joyed about the ridiculous amount of blood he saw in the battleground after Rigatoni was killed, when Klump interrupts him and tells him that Jap-Koopa has escaped. Then he chastens Klump for not doing his work right and Rigatoni's death was already a bad enough setback. The Kreming General explains that he tried his best when he realizes that the ringmaster was dead. Krusha told him not to speak so loud so Cyberskull couldn't hear, but however the Computer virus had already heard everything and he wasn't happy. He promises to get a revenge at the Koopalliance.

LeChuck wakes up in hell, where he is greeted by the demon Malmoth who tells him he's got a mission to do.

Meanwhile, Dogati survived the bullet, and sees his archenemy, Gauron, alive as well.

Round 6: Roundtable of Inferno

WVTE 6.png


In hell, Malmoth has gathered all of the members of the mysterious Roundtable of Inferno to discuss about LeChuck, Malefor tells he needs to learn quite few things to become a member of the Roundtable, Yabu and Gaul agree with him. However Malmoth has plans to make him the teacher for Malmoth's target, the mortal duelist Hakuoh. Overlord thinks he has an obsession towards Hakuoh. However Malmoth gets angry about his comment and forces Overlord to recruit him who he won't do it, but he has few allies that could help him.

Dark Queen and Bludgeon Vs Hakuoh

Overlord arrives in a temple, where Hakuoh is practicing his dueling. Overlord challenges him into a exhibition. but he doesn't care, but he mentions there is a special "prize" to await him. he still doesn't care, but accepts the challenge anyway.

In the stadium, The Dark Queen is ready with her minions General Slaughter and Psyko Pig and Overlord has brought Superfreak Bludgeon to fight Hakuoh too. When suddenly The Duelist arrives and starts the fight. He sets up 5 card shields to defend him, as the fight processes, he summons Urth, Purifying Elemental. Malmoth watches fight from Hell. he finds him useful, while Malefor thinks he wont get far with those silly card games. Soon, Hakuoh wipes out The Dark Queen and Bludgeon, and tries to attack Overlord, but he runs away, which makes him declare the fight to be over. Overlord thanks Hakuoh for a good game and says will give his "prize" later.

When Hakuoh, accompanied by his White Soldiers, exits the stadium, he is interrupted by LeChuck, who has escaped hell and tells the Duelist that he wants to challenge him. Malmoth however grabs LeChuck back to Hell and Hakuoh is let to exit.

The Giant Vs Cassiopeia

Gleeman Vox decides to make a fair fight and calls out the beautiful Valkyries and their leader, Cassiopeia who wants her to bring The Giant to him.

The Giant walks through Nefarious' base when he meets Cassiopeia who hits him from her flying machine, but then is hit by The Sorceress, who start to fight. The Giant grabs the flying machine's fuel tank's wire, and destroys her.

However Informerbot tells Gleeman Cassiopeia is crushed and Vader's team is after him. Vox thinks who is Vader when He Meng and Big Bubba Rogers attack him and beat him up.


Meanwhile, in Videoland, the cosmic ruler Mother Brain is awaiting results from the strange war so far. Dr. Wily tells him one of the fighters, Painis Cupcake might be the most successful player in the war. She hires King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard to capture him.

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard Vs Vagipyro (tie)

In the other place, Vagipyro is guarding his territory, when the two drop near the area where Painis Cupcake should be. They notice Vagipyro, who seems to know where Painis is. The Duo goes to ask him, but Vagisoldier surprises them. Eggplant Wizard knows the way to get rid of Vagisoldier, but he uber-charges, King Hippo takes care of him, but then they meet Painis Cupcake himself...

Later in the Videoland, Mother Brain is preparing himself to meet Ganon who wants her to sabotage the Koopalliance's war a bit. She wonders what's the point of that. Ganon tells they could easily turn the war into chaos if there was a third party. Mother Brain likes the idea and asks Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo have they captured Painis Cupcake. She however guesses they have failed but now wants them to set up a little heat for the Koopalliance's war.

Gauron Vs Dogati - The Last Match

Dogati tells Gauron he will finally kill him, if he was in a giant robot or not then he tells him that he has been shot once by a friend. Gauron doesn't care and jumps on him from a cliff. he creates a power aura that could blow him up, But Dogati blocks Gauron's attack with a giant steel bar. However the resistance is so powerful the aura explodes and Dogati is buried under rocks.

Nearby, Bockner is alone in the cave system, when Gauron surprises him. He runs, but sees that the cave is about to collapse. Suddenly Gauron's robot is hit with a big rock, Dogati has survived the burial and wants to save his friend. Bockner tries to reach him from the river, but Gauron shoots at the river and Bockner drowns. Dogati wants to fight Gauron's arm slave with a typical handgun, which makes Gauron laugh and comes out of the robot for some fair action. But Dogati finally in his craziness sets himself on fire, and jumps on a pool of lava mistaking it as water, and Gauron is joyed.

Koopalliance Vs Alliance to End Koopalliance

The Council of Robotnik's have gathered to Dr. Eggman's sky fortress, where Ivo Robotnik tells Classic Robotnik to tell the AEK's plan. He reveals that Krusha has gone intelligent and now they need a stronger way to destroy them. At the same time in the Alliance to End Koopalliance's base. Cyberskull has hired Dr. N. Gin to help him. The Scientist does it just because he wants to save his master, Dr. Neo Cortex. Krusha tells Cyberskull to get some pixel in reality, but that was just the Virus's plan.

Back in the Council of Robotnik's Sky Fortress, who have gone to underwater this time, The Robotnik's test all the defense and attack systems. Suddenly, Sleet notices Celoche, N. Gin's underwater mecha, Gin calls Cortex and tells he is here to save him. But they release the Robo-Jellyfish, which is much stronger against the clumsy Celoche. But Sleet sees that the Kremlings are attacking from the shore. When the Klaptraps eat the ship's shell and ruin defense system, The Robo-Jellyfish tries to stop Klump and the Kritters, Celoche instead shoots a beam now that it's attention is away from him and demolishes the creature. N. Gin hides in the Fortress, and takes all the Robotnik's hostage with the help of Cortex and the Kritter Army, but Sleet and Dingo get away.

Cyberskull has turned almost all the famous world sightings into pixelish objects. In the city near The Alliance to End Koopalliance's base. Julian Robotnik is ready with SWATBots to get back the Fortress. King Koopa has also created himself an armory to fight against Cyberskull. When three strange officials arrive, Sleet and Dingo along with the Swatbots return to the Fortress, with few of them left to assist him. However the Officials turn out to be Cyberskull's trap, but Koopa destroys them with his new powers. Cyberskull himself comes out of nowhere and welcomes Koopa to the final level of his game. For warning he takes one of the SWATbots and sends it to the Cosmic dimension. Koopa attacks Cyberskull with his armory, but to avoid his attack The Virus sends Koopa to his dimension too.

King Koopa finds himself from Cyberskull World, where the man himself attacks him. However he notices something glowing in the back of the arena and flies over Cyberskull. It turns out to be his brain and the one who infected King K. Rool, Cyberskull tells him not to touch it, but King Koopa does it anyway. The dimension breaks, the world turns back to normal and Cyberskull himself disappears in pixels.


Now that Cyberskull's destroyed, K. Rool returns to his true form.

Gauron has returned to De Signe's base, who Marquis himself has made a big achievement.

King Koopa tells he might destroy the entire AEK with his body, but Ganon summons a monster that launches Koopa out of his armory. Julian Robotnik curses the name of the Ruler.

Painis Cupcake is hiding when he meets Vagipyro who asks for an alliance if Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo return.

LeChuck tells to his new friends, Gaul and Yabu, how De Singe stole some of his voodoo powers so he would get back from the dead, and how he humiliated him in his statue form. Hakuoh comments sarcastically on his "teacher's" mistakes. Gaul wants to cut his head off, but Malmoth tells him not to or he will burn him alive. LeChuck gets tired of the Evil Fire's obsession and asks what if Hakuoh meets up an "accident" which also sends him, Yabu and Gaul back to Earth, the two agree with the plan.

King K. Rool has returned to his base and is now wondering where that imbecile Krusha is, when Klump tells him Cortex has returned. the Scientist tells that Sleet's SWATbot Army destroyed the Kritters and he had to escape from the Fortress with N. Gin so he couldn't be imprisoned again. However N. Gin has gathered an army of Cortex's mutants and henchmen to help stop both The Council of Robotnik's fortress and The Koopalliance.

Nefarious finds out Gleeman has been beaten up, and hires Thugs-4-Less to stop Dungeon of Doom before it's too late.

Krusha has been hiding so he could get full control of Cyberskull, who was returned inside a computer. Krusha has perfect plans to take the Koopalliance down.

And six feet down, a new challenger awakes...

Round 7: Preparing For The Purge

WVTE 7.png


The Human Instrumentality Committee has gathered around the table to discuss about Marquis De Singe and his secret experiment. One of them suggests that they should hire Gargoyle to get the experiment from De Singe. However the other one tells Marquis gone to the moon to finish the experiment. Gendo Ikari, the mastermind of the plan, says that Gargoyle has a machine that can go to the moon. So they decide to hire him.

Later, Gargoyle prepares the Red Noah so it could rise to the surface. Hector LeMans is joyed about all the cash they got, but he doesn't care about it.

King K. Rool vs. The Conductor

K. Rool takes over Bluster Kong's Barrel Factory, wanting him to do some exploding barrels that he could use to bomb the Koopalliance. In Hell, Gaul sees what K. Rool is planning and sends the Conductor to ruin his plans. K. Rool and General Klump get away, and Gaul decides to not interfere the other's wars.


Malmoth invites Hakuoh's Master to Hell so he could train who Hakuoh who intended to come there already.

Sonic X Robotnik vs N. Gin

Dr. Eggman has built the Egg Fort 2.0 that he could use to destroy the Koopalliance, before that he plans to find the other Robotnik's. Soon the new Egg Fort rises from the sea, and tests his powers on a certain plane, which turns out to be N. Gin's spy. The scientist finds Eggman quickly who destroys all of Gin's robots bodyparts. N. Gin however uses a beam and knocks out the Egg Fort 2.0

AoSTH Robotnik Vs Dingodile (tie)

Ivo Robotnik has set up a base to Siperia, with Kooky and Cheatsy Koopa assisting him, he then finds a special cable so he could build a machine that controls snow. Cheatsy and Kooky go check the area for any other minions. Soon after Robotnik had built his machine, Dingodile arrives near his base as Ivo fires up some icicles, but they become a shield for Dingodile. Robotnik decides to knock him out with a giant snowball, and he succeeds and then checks the place from other intruders, but is astonished when he sees one of Ganon's creations. Robotnik rises from his igloo, but sees no-one is there, turns out a picture of Ganon's minion was painted, when the real minion appears and knocks him out.

Gargoyle Vs Gauron

Emperor Neo, ruler of Atlantis, tells Gargoyle to rise the Red Noah to surface, but Gauron has heard from De Singe about the Human Instrumentality Committee and enters his stronger updated Arm Slave. When the Red Noah emerges from the sea, Gauron tries to shoot it down, but the massive spaceship is immune to it. However it shoots back, destroying the building's part where Gauron is standing. But he survives and tries to break into the Red Noah, His Arm Slave is so strong it survives against it's mega beam. Gargoyle gets an idea and shoots the building's middle, collapsing it to Gauron and his Arm Slave. Just when Gargoyle is about to continue his dirty work, The Red Noah is hit by AS Behemoth. Gargoyle tells his minions to ascend to space where it shoots a beam that bounces from satellite to AS Behemoth, destroying it.

Gameboy Vs The Glitch

In the Evil Land of Metroid, Dr. Wily has stolen the Gameboy and is trying to reprogram it evil. Mother Brain plans to use it to get Painis Cupcake again. At the same time, Krusha is trying to contact Cyberskull, but the computer seems to glitch, which releases two creatures from the same dimension as Cyberskull: The Glitch and GL1TCHK1D.

Dr. Wily had finally got the evil Gameboy to work and is now ready for some action, when The Glitch pays a visit. Mother Brain tells Game Boy to attack the strange bug-like creature. he summons some pixelbats but The Glitch destroys them. then it creates a powerful shock field, which electrifies The Glitch. The Electrification is so strong it causes entire Metroid to distort. The Glitch destroys itself and Gameboy explodes, turning into good Gameboy again, who sets Mother Brain to spin and escapes.

Dungeon of Doom Vs Thugs-4-Less Leader

The Sorceress has gathered Vader, Meng and the Giant so they could together attack Thugs-4-Less Leader, however they're not aware that the Leader has bought a giant robot. The Giant jumps on his Monster Truck, and Vader and Meng prepare to fight against it but the robot is much bigger and topples Vader and Meng. The Robot's eye beams causes The Giant to back up but The Sorceress comes with her flying saucer, fooling the Robot and then attacking it, however it's rockets do not destroy the space ship, but then Gleeman Vox gives unexpected help and kills the Sorceress. The Giant tries to get revenge but he is dropped from the building. Is this the end of Dungeon of Doom?


Jap-Koopa goes to see Metal Robotnik so he could make an alliance with him. King Koopa has also acquired allies from Wario and Waluigi, who are sent to attack King K. Rool.

Klump and K. Rool return, and find Krusha doing business with Cyberskull. K. Rool is visibly afraid of him and the other Lowmension bloke GL1TCHK1D. K. Rool tells Klump to alert Cortex.

Meanwhile, Dr. K is rising Gauron from the pile of collapsed building, turns out the robot is still active. the scientist is amazed and his henchmen Junkman, Toc-Man and Erwin want to take care of the base now that Marquis' in the moon. he decides to send them back to Siperia. Gauron sees his ship and says its their funeral.

The Red Noah has returned to Earth and activates a giant holographic image of Emperor Neo who tells citizens around the world to be prepared for the end of the world because Marquis De Singe is developing the Doomsday device, he also tells whoever gets him will get a special prize. After showing Neo's show, Gargoyle asks the opinion of other members of Human Instrumentality Committee. Jarvis Babbit tells that with mankind's greedy and selfish nature, they could easily get De Singe and his experiment on their hands. Gendo Ikari also feels positive about the plan, but Chairman Keel Lorenz reminds that Marquis may be in the moon for a very long time.

However, one certain lady sees Neo's announcement from the local news.

Hakuoh's Master tells that Hakuoh has been made strong by eliminating all the opponents of him. Malmoth forces the Master to go that way and soon use him to release the demons of Duel World.

Hakuoh has a certain feeling that LeChuck wants to get rid of him, he decides to play around with him and tells his guards to spy him.

Speaking of LeChuck, he has got Overlord on his side too.

And finally, De Singe's experiment, Kaworu Nagisa has awaken on the moon and is greeting De Singe, who is unsure about the situation.

Round 8: Clash of the Hoods Part 1

WVTE 8 1.webp


The Undertaker challenges Dr. Nefarious to fight that ends the fight between Dungeon of Doom and Nefarious' Alliance.

Brand X Vs Dr. M, Octopus and Openface

Hakuoh has hired Brand X to get rid of LeChuck's gang. Lady X is telling her minions the instructions. Meanwhile, Dr. M, Gaul's henchman, has teamed up with Vicious Circle members Openface and Octopus, when Brand X attacks. Does LeChuck's plan get a step-up or step-down?

Mean Max and Stinky Vs Dungeon of Doom

After his embarrassing defeat, Max ran away and met up with Stinky who has got a perfect weapon to get revenge on The Dungeon of Doom, the small electric creatures, Hattifatteners. They end up making a deal.

Meng is bringing two new Dungeon of Doom members, Hugh Morrus and Big Daddy V, to The Master's hideout, when they confront the Hattifatteners, Morrus attacks them but gets an electric shock. Big Daddy V runs up to them, with his each step shaking ground. The Hattifatteners have a really sensitive touch so they move away. Max and Stinky try to attack the three wrestlers by themselves, but lose overwhelmingly.

Koopalings Vs Cortex Army

King Koopa activates his doom ship, and tells the Koopalings to attack Cortex's Army.

Kootie Pie irritates Tiny the Tiger, who breaks his chains and sends Koala Kong and Ripper Roo against them, Koopa Kids defeat them, but Dr. N. Tropy interferes, destroys Kooky's tank and drives the main Koopalings away. But then Jap-Koopa's Koopalings come and turn Kooky, Big Mouth, Bully and Cheatsy into Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas. The Massive Ninja Reptiles beat N. Trophy, and N. Gin arrives with his new robot, but the Koopa Ninjas destroy it. Turns out N. Trophy was still alive and shrinks the Koopa's back to normal size. This time Tiny attacks Koopalings when the Doomship arrives, and King Koopa activates the Kooper-Dooper Raiser Upper, disabling gravity around Tiny who flies to space, N. Trophy escapes, and all the Koopalings return to the Doomship.

Klaus Adler Vs Gargoyle

In the moon, space nazi Klaus Adler has found De Singe and is showing him to the Fuhrer who doesn't understand De Singe's language, but Adler tells that he saw a giant red space ship near the base. The Fuhrer tells Adler to activate defense system.

Wolfgang has came to meet Dr. Richter who introduces the defense system to him, he activates it and the Space Nazi Fleet attacks The Red Noah, breaking a hole in it. Gargoyle is not worried about it, and he just wants the experiment, when Adler goes inside it in a small saucer. Gargoyle notices the intruder, tells his troops to fight against the fleet and goes to "greet" Adler.

Adler goes to the hallway, where Gargoyle is expecting him. Adler isn't afraid of strange masked Neo-Atlantian, and proceeds to destroy him so he wouldn't harm the Nazi Colony. It turns out masked man who controlled spaceship was De Singe, who escaped from Dr. Richter. Gargoyle reveals his puppets, Emperor Neo and his sister Nadia La Arwall. Adler tries to shoot Gargoyle but he just breaks part of his mask. De Signe runs away as Gargoyle commands Neo and Nadia to shoot Adler. De Singe returns shortly after, because it turned he ran in circles. Gargoyle commands to shoot De Singe too.

Part 2

WVTE 8 2.png

A Massive beam shot by a nazi spacecraft interrupts Gargoyle's attempt to kill De Singe. It turns out Gauron hired one of the spaceships to get him to The Red Noah. Gargoyle is shocked about the fast action, but doesn't care that much and tries to kill Gauron. The Bullet leaves just a small scar, and De Singe and Gauron escape as Gargoyle teleports away.

As De Singe and Gauron leave the Red Noah, it gets blown up by nazis as a revenge of their governor's death.

The Undertaker Vs Dr. Nefarious

The Undertaker finally arrives to Nefarious' space station, where he is angered by the situation and fights him. Even the Deadman is weak to the mad robot's threats, when Red arrives as well who had signed a peace with The Sorceress and was sent by Taskmaster to help Taker. Nefarious knocks out Red, who collides with The Biobliterator and turns into a robot. Nefarious thinks its perfect time to return his Biobliterator Mech from his fight with The Giant and fights Red. Using It's beam he could also turn Red back into a squishie, the effect is only temporary and Red destroys the Biobliterator Mech. Taker awakes, and Nefarious is still alive However he uses his space station's Hypernova Defense Laser to turn Red back to normal, and then kills him.

Taker returns to fight Nefarious, and punches back his dark projectiles he then decides to turn on his supernatural side and corrupts Nefarious, then uses his powers to destroy the space station.

The Master is hot under the collar because his original intention wasn't going to get Nefarious killed, just to be allied with and end Hulkamania who commands Vader to fire Undertaker.

Battle of Siperia

SEELE is confronted by the Anonymous Lady, who tells that De Singe's labs are near Lake Khanka in Siperia. SEELE sends JSSDF to destroy the lab.

Meanwhile, Dr. K is planning his new weapon, the Kulminator. While Junkman is activating his soldiers. JSSDF arrives and Amalgam is trying to fight back, but bombs him. Dr. K sends Kolossal and Junkman tells his soldiers to be prepared. JSSDF successfully breaks into the base, and finally into De Singe's and Dr. K's laboratory. who commands Toc-Man to attack, who is immune to JSSDF's flamethrower. Kolossal sees his chance to attack and crushes the soldiers.

JSSDF drops the N² bomb, and destroys the labs. Dr. K is sure that he hasn't lost yet and goes to activate the Kulminator. SEELE finds out most of De Singe's allies and Amalgam members had survived and commands to "fight fire with fire" by releasing the Mass Production Evangelions.

Dr. K activates the Kulminator, and is preparing to attack Tokyo-3 with it, but the MP Evangelions change his plans. Kulminator combats against the bizarre embodiments of god, but in the display of power he forgets to destroy their cores...


It turns out the anonymous lady was Margaret Thatcher who plans to kill the survived Junkman. Suddenly she is shot by Gauron, who has returned to Earth with De Singe. Junkman tells their base is no-more but De Singe isn't chagrined, because the experiment is finished and safe.

Overlord blames Open-Face and Octopus for letting Lady X go. Open-Face tells him that he couldn't have done much against her and Brand X. Then Hakuoh and his master come to his hideout. The Duelist tells that he knows about his and LeChuck's little "alliance" to take him down. Overlord is not surprised and tells he has "surprising plans", but so does Hakuoh, who tells him with the help of Brand X he will release the demons of Duel World, kick Malmoth from his throne and become the real god. Meanwhile, Lady X tells her army to rush from the portal of hell.

Gaul is propheting about the "new master", Malmoth wonders what he is talking about. Malefor tells the chairman that in Earth, SEELE has plans to start Instrumentality, which involves becoming god by destroying the world. Malmoth is interested.

Dr. Eggman is building his newest weapon and has recruited Rouge The Bat on his team. Then Ivo Robotnik comes and introduces Metal Robotnik to everyone. But Eggman decides to go one better and shows his Eclipse Cannon, that he will use to wipe out Alliance to End Koopalliance.

Krusha has finally rebooted Cyberskull, who takes over him as his physical body. King K. Rool is amazed and he sends GL1TCHK1D and Scorporilla to attack.

Cortex reawakens Uka Uka, he is not very happy.

Mother Brain has hired Dragonlord onto his team, and commands him to destroy Painis Cupcake. Dragonlord is ready to tear him up.

The Master has found The Sorceress's specter and reanimated The Original Taskmaster who has heard of "Titans", giant humans who once attacked mankind. He thinks if they release them they could destroy Hulkamania.

Another power wants to release the Titans, especially Kronos, and that power is Gargarensis, Kemsyt comes to tell him that "Kamos has returned". He also talks about the war that is going on, Gargarensis doesn't care and just wants Kronos to be released.

SEELE has invited Kaworu to a conversation, he is ready to assist his father in Instrumentality, when Toc-Man's ghost minion is spying on him.

Round 9: The Last Assembly


Malefor wants to know more of Human Instrumentality Committee and SEELE, and sends Malcolm to do the spying for him. Hakuoh considers the jester's skills to be laughable, but Malcolm warns him. Hakuoh tells him to realize who he should be afraid of and sends Brand X to take down rebelling horsemen.

Junkman and Toc-Man Vs Minister Shun

The minions of the late Dr. K find a volcano that could be the new base of De Singe's Order, however it's inhabited by the Monstrous Minister Shun. The Mechanic Men try to find a way to beat the ape, but he's stronger than he looks.

Wario and Waluigi Vs King K. Rool

Wario and Waluigi finally find to the AEK's base to finish their mission. K. Rool sends the Kremling army to fight these two.

Council of Robotnik's Minions Vs Scorch

Coconuts is mad that he hasn't contributed anything to the war when he is comforted by Wes Weasley, who sells him magician supplies. Coconuts decides to attack Scorporilla with this weaponry.

Coconuts challenges Scorporilla and tries to defeat him by magic, but Scratch and Grounder come to stop him. As a result of magic, Scorporilla transforms into the monster to end all monsters, Scorch. Rouge the Bat sees her help is needed now and goes to attack the beast. The Beast is laying eggs that release other monsters, which makes it a tough opponent. Then Scratch comes to help.

Painis Cupcake and Vagipyro Vs Dragonlord

Vagipyro tells Painis that Dragonlord is going to hypnotize them. Painis is elated that he can finally face a tough opponent. they head to Dragonlord's territory where he has sent Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo to weaken them. In the fight, Vagi-Pyro meets his match, and Painis is all alone against the evil Dragonlord, or is he?

Anakaris and Isis Vs Jinn The Genie

Isis is trying to summon Anakaris, who could be used to summon Osiris. Overlord comes to meet her and promises to send her to Anakaris if Osiris would help them in fight against Malmoth. Isis accepts the deal.

Meanwhile, Malmoth is aware of Overlord's plans and sends Jinn the Death Genie to stop them, because Osiris is the only one to stand against him.

Anakaris welcomes Isis to his kingdom, when Jinn attacks them. Jinn is strong and quick even for a Darkstalker, and Jinn succeeds to open the gate to hell, until...


Kamos is angry that they're going all the way to Earth's other side just to release the Titans. Gargarensis tells that no god could stop him now and he needs to find right path to the prison of Titans, however Gargarensis wants to make sure that Osiris isn't awakened yet.

Mean Max and Stinky are wondering how they could get revenge on the Dungeon of Doom, when Stinky remembers that in the north lives a bear named Akakabuto. Max tells Stinky to lead the Dungeon of Doom there.

Akakabuto vs Dungeon of Doom

Stinky pretends to be someone who knows about the Titans and leads Vader and Big Daddy V to Siperia, where Akakabuto resides. As Vader and V get to the right point they realize they have been fooled, and Stinky reveals himself.

The Bulky men of the Dungeon aren't as strong as the bear is and get defeated quickly. Akakabuto isn't on anyone's side though.

Brand X Vs Overlord, Yabu and Gaul

The Three Horsemen of the Roundtable are preparing to fight the large army of Brand X, but it's much more complicated than it seems even for a horsemen. When Brand X starts to play dirty, The Horsemen decide to do the same.


Malcolm has found two villains similar to him, Count Nefarious and I. M. Meen, who aren't really interested of his plans. The Jester gives them an offer that they could return back to Earth and never get back to hell ever again. The Count thinks it would be great to get revenge on those who destroyed his Malevolator, I.M. Meen asks if he could summon the gate to Earth (that was already opened by Jinn)

Hakuoh, his Master and Malmoth are powering up for their trip to Earth, without knowing that all of the horsemen have turned on them.

Uka Uka has heard the story of the AEK and gets angry how they haven't made any progress. King K. Rool believes he has been overshadowed by Krusha and Cyberskull and that's why nobody on the Koopalliance has been killed. Cyberskull in the middle of his plans, releases the Tiki Tak Tribe to help the "weak" ones. Also GL1TCHK1D decides to show his transformation skills.

The Scorch's Defeat has released another powerful monster, Chaos.

Sleet and Dingo manage to find Ganon, but he brainwashes them on his side and commands to betray the Council.

Isis has killed Jinn in order to release Osiris, however his hand is still missing.

SEELE has sent Kaworu to Gendo, who prepares to start the Instrumentality soon.

Gauron returns to Venom and De Singe commands him to get back the experiment.

The Undertaker senses all the chaos happening in the world and calls an opponent from his past to help him.

Meanwhile, Gargarensis has found the portal to hell left open by Jinn.

WVTE Alliances

The Dungeon of Doom

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Koopalings (Jap-Koopa's)

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  • Roy Koopa
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  • Larry Koopa
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  • Wendy O. Koopa
  • Lemmy Koopa

Koopalings (King Koopa's)

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  • Big Mouth
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  • Hip and Hop
  • Kootie Pie

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