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Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever is Miro Floydike's spin-off since he cancelled his Worst Villain Tournament Ever.

It has been inspired by CKprimeval07's Heroes vs Villains. Instead of having a set theme like other villain wars it focuses on various obscure properties, it does not have characters who are considered to be from bad media, for the most part.



Round 1: The Gathering Begins


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 1- The Gathering Begins-0


- Athena arrives to meet Malmoth, who invited her to Hell. Malmoth tells her Universe has disobeyed him and now they shall be punished with slow descent into chaos. Athena tells him that he has no reason to pull the Apocalypse when he isn't meant to worshipped. Malmoth replies that he doesn't want Apocalypse but final confrontation between good and evil and everything in between, Ragnarok. Athena states that humanity is not ready for a war yet, leading to Malmoth saying that Ragnarok will happen on another worlds and even around the time as well. Athena believes it's time to start the Gathering.

- Meanwhile in South Africa, a defenseless village is being invaded by a villainous army S.A.V.A.G.E, led by the vicious General Warhawk, he's upset about Sergeant Havoc being always late with the invasion schedules. Then it turns out freak cop Savage Dragon (not associated with the group) had been spying on their attack all along and Warhawk's henchmen chase him, failing when Dragon manages to escape to the sewers.

- Meanwhile in Chicago, the lead officer reveals that the invasion might have been done by the command of new criminal organization GEZZAN, whose existence had been unsure for several months. No information has been found out about GEZZAN other than S.A.V.A.G.E is on their paylist. Reporter asks how could they possibly be tracked down, in which officer replies they're trying to seek more of GEZZAN's attacks and find clues, but right now it's all fog of war.

Savage Dragon and Alex vs. Sergeant Havoc and his henchmen.

Dragon is not alone as he had his partner Alex with him. Turns out S.A.V.A.G.E has been looking for them all day but they manage to defeat them with multiple subtle traps. Dragon then faces Havoc himself, but he gets quickly taken out by a another trap. Alex jokes that now he can freely sue Havoc for taking his name. Dragon doesn't find it funny.

Dr. K vs Mighty Max

Dr. K finds out about young boy called Max, who owns an artifact of Lemurian civilization that he has been seeking for years, K thinks that anything made in Lemuria could hold rare variation of Solex in surface, a psychic substance used to make robots. K attacks Max on supermarket with his own robot Kilobot. Max flees with his bike and gets chased by mad scientist. Max gets distracted and accidentally runs into a wall, but his cap creates some sort of portal that makes him fly through it. K is frustrated about the loss.

Donkey Kong vs The Hog

King K. Rool is planning to stole the Crystal Coconut again and orders his right-hand command General Klump to use his newest weapon, a wild brutal hog to destroy Donkey Kong. But DK along with his buddy Diddy commit a sudden aerial attack on the hog, leading it to attack other kremlings. With DK and Diddy distracted, K. Rool manages to snatch the coconut.


- Rayman wakes in area that doesn't resemble Glade of Dreams, when robot tells him he has been captured.

- Meanwhile in the Shadow Sector and DreadZone HQ, Gleeman Vox is informed that their target Rayman has been captured and is being taken to the Shadow Sector.

- In a place unknown from time, a sort of young man called Anthony Cole has been washed up in the shore. Since he has nothing else to do he goes to explore the area. A Moomintroll is helping an ant to get the out of the pit of ant lion, but ant lion tries to eat Moomin itself when a thrown rock crushes the threat. Turns out Cole is the one who threw the rock, and as a reward Moomin shows him the place.

- In the Realm Between, Hemera arrives to alert Raiden about Malmoth being onto something and that he has to detect the oncoming dangers of Earthrealm. Raiden says he's on the duty.

Mortal Kombanants vs. Lord Raptor

In Egypt, a Darkstalker known as Lord Raptor has managed to find an artifact whose origins may lead to Netherrealm. Sonya, Stryker, Jax, Liu Kang and Kitana are put on a mission to defeat Raptor. Raptor is a sticky and persistent foe, giving Mortal Kombanants a bit of challenge. Finally, interfering Colonel William Guile manages to take out Raptor. Sonya recognizes him and Guile explains that he's here to ask help of Kombanants against his worst enemy M. Bison. Stryker doesn't completely trust him and believes he should be taken to Nightwolf before making any alliances.

Guybrush Threepwood vs. Captain Slag

Scourge of Solaris Romulus Slag has landed to Caribia with his space fleet, when Mighty Pirate Guybrush arrives to challenge him, thinking that he has kidnapped Elaine and is just LeChuck in another one of his disguises. Guybrush has the sword and grog but Slag knocks them out of his hands to the water. Guybrush manages to sneak into the ship, but Slag quickly knocks him out.

Super Mario Brothers vs. Coconuts

Someone is dumping garbage to Princess Peach's castleyard. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad jump into the pipe and turns out it's leaked by a chili dog stand, Mario avenges the standkeeper, who turns out to be Coconuts, he explodes from joy because he has managed to get famous Mario Brothers into his hands. He activates the Stand's robotic true form, Mario and his pals happen to find noteblocks nearby and turn everyone into raccoons, escaping from Coconuts. After Coconuts gets brutal Mario uses a magical wand he stole from King Koopa to beat him. Turns out it was Robotnik's plan to capture the Mario Brothers all along.

Interlude 2:

- In Geofront, young Shinji Ikari, son of NERV Chairman Gendo, is being taken to pilot Evangelion Unit 01 because he is the "third child". Shinji isn't too motivated about the job, especially when Evangelion isn't pretty by any standards and he's just a regular loser. His caretaker Misato is trying to motivate him but for nothing. Gendo himself steps into the scene and demands his son to pilot the EVA, Shinji still doesn't want, because he hates his father and everything he stands for and himself.

- Turns out Tokyo-3 is being invaded by "Martian Human" military organization known as BAHRAM and their allies, who are aliens from another galaxies. Leaders of the attack are Orbital Frame known as Tempest and horrid space conqueror General Skun-ka'pe.

- Gendo isn't impressed by any of Shinji's whining, but still demands the First Child to pilot, Turns out it's young and injured girl, Rei, who had been injured during the first attack of BAHRAM, Upon the sighting of the bandaged pilot, Shinji decides to do the strangest and pilot the EVA.

Shinji Ikari with Unit 01 vs. Tempest and General Skun-ka'pe.

After his Entry Plug has been filled with LCL, Shinji prepares to be launched to surface of Tokyo-3 and face the enemy. Tempest has wrecked most of the city when Skun-ka'pe notices Evangelion Unit 01. Shinji manages to take the first step, but during the second step he trips. Shinji awakes to notice Tempest targeting him, sending him into panic. Skun-ka'pe joins into beating with his flagship and sends Unit across the city. Then, Unit awakes, but with no signals of Shinji. It attacks Tempest, only to be blocked by stolen AT Field. After Unit 01 starts ripping up the AT Field, there is belief something else is controlling the unit...


- 100 feet underneath Water level, in submarine headquarters known as Tuatha De Danaan of secret anti-terrorist organization Mithril, Andrey Kalinin has ordered FBI to send him best single protectors of justice from America, Rambo and Robocop. Kalinin explains that their mission is to hunt down GEZZAN's members from possible factors, while avoiding the alien invasion. Rambo tells Kalinin that they need a third man for that.

- In the evil land of Metroid, Mother Brain, Ganon and King Koopa are awaiting for the arrival of King K. Rool from his coconut snatching mission. When he finally comes back, Koopa belittles him until it turns out K. Rool succeeded in capturing the coconut, by using the coconut they would be able to capture more strength and finally invade the Videoland.

- Meanwhile on the other side, N-Team is alerted by King Charles, who tells about the alliance between Videoland's worst enemies. To defeat them and protect their universe, they must find Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Link and Sonic in order to end the nightmare. Kevin Keene realizes that this is his chance to finally meet his biggest heroes, after Charles cuts out, Lana starts thinking about possible ways to get into the heroes' respective worlds.

- In the London of year 1957, scientist known as Jarvis Babbit is met by Julius Upton, who convinces Babbit to help him with his project of fusing animals together and creating superarmies. Babbit is immediately interested.

- Max falls from the other side of portal, only to find himself in 1890 Paris.

- In another time and another world, Gleeman Vox explains to Rayman where he has arrived. Rayman finds out he's there with two other heroes who have been captured from their worlds by the command of Vox, Twinsen and Vexx. Vox explains they're about to compete in DreadZone, a brutal celebrity gladiator show. Rayman has lost almost all faith when Vexx in his fury releases himself right after Vox disconnects.

- And Thousands of Years ago, Raiden appears to Arkantos in a dream, warning that he must protect Atlantis from it's upcoming fate and find Pillars of Time.

Round 2: Search for the Stainless


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 2- Searching for the Stainless


- Human Instrumentality Committee has gathered along with their "guest of honour". They discuss Shinji piloting the Evangelion and BAHRAM invasion. Guest believes that when everyone's focus is on BAHRAM, Committee can continue their plans in peace. Keel Lorenz, leader of the Committee, notes that BAHRAM must neither disturb the "Inner Earth" where Terminal Dogma is located.

- M. Bison arrives to meet Quan Chi, who invited him and Shadow Master to help open the portal to Zaterra, where he could capture a powerful artifact. Shadow Master succeeds in breaking a hole on the portal where Quan Chi goes in. Bison asks Shadow Master to sign an alliance between the Shadaloo and Shadow Dojo. Shadow Master complies and gives Bison Shadow Forces to help him take over an Indian powerplant.

- Shinji arrives to the new school campus of Tokyo-3 that has been merged with multiple other schools of Japan due to BAHRAM's invasion. Shinji looks over at his classmates, whose include Ceylan Jones, Ichiko Orimura, Kensuka Aida and Toji Suzuhara, Mako Mankashoku and Sousuke Sagara. Kaname Chidori introduces herself as the class representative.

- Far away in space, Guybrush is brought to Gleeman Vox's office of Dreadzone. Vox promises Guybrush money, merchandise and fortune as the first Earthling competitor of DreadZone. Guybrush is confused by Vox's pleasant welcome, but accepts the gladiator deal as a way to get out of there faster.

- Back in Earth, Rambo arrives to the border of Tierra Libre, where Savage Dragon and Alex are getting ready for the General Warhawk's next attack. When Dragon is worried about the absence of Robocop, Rambo wants them to do their best.

- In 1957, Anthony Cole along with Moomintroll finds his partner Stina Holmlund with native troops, but they meet a wounded saberlion, showing the wonders of Parallel World.

Release of Vendra Progg

Back in the present in Space, lombax named Ratchet and his pal Clank are set to send dangerous, insane criminal Vendra Progg and her brother Neftin into Vartax Detention Center on a spaceship. When awaking Vendra from cryosleep, ship is attacked by BAHRAM's forces, an army of Orbital Frames led by pilot named Viola. Viola has been given the task of releasing Progg Siblings for their invasion of Earth. Vendra and Neftin are picked up by BAHRAM when the spaceship gets blown up. However, Ratchet and Clank have survived by hiding inside a BAHRAM warship and are on a way to the new frontier.

Strong Bad and Homestar Runner vs. Melies Moon

Strong Bad is with The Cheat and Homestar Runner out at night, guarding broken Trogdor arcade cabinet when the Giant Moon attacks from the sky, with strange powers he wrecks havoc on Strong Badia and Free Country USA, but what does it really want?

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Mouser, Koopa and Tryclyde

King Koopa finds out that Robotnik is building a new powerful weapon that could take out Mario Brothers and make him the king of Mushroom Kingdom. Confused by Robotnik stealing his enemies, Koopa decides to get revenge on him by luring Robotnik's nemesis Sonic into a trap.

Sonic and his friend Tails are running through mobius when Tryclyde, Mouser and Koopa challenge Sonic on a roadrace for lifestock of Chili Dogs. Excited, Tails accept the challenge on behalf of Sonic and go to pick up a car. When Sonic isn't allowed to use his feet, Koopa has got a lot of traps for the Blue Blur.

Ryuko Matoi vs. Xia Yu Lan

Ryuko Matoi is on his way to Tokyo-3 Campus when an assassin named Xia Yu Lan comes on her way, wanting to kill her. Ryuko doesn't take her seriously, but Xia is armed and dangerous, even for Ryuko's strange weapons. But she doesn't know that a man named Aikuro is watching the fight from distance.


- The Master awakens in his lair, as Melies Moon suddenly brings him a broken arcade cabinet. Master is confused, but intrigued as Cabinet is seemingly hiding something.

- Max is stuck in 1890s Paris World Expo, when boy named Jean gets interested in Max's weird clothing and cap, thinking he's part of the Expo crew. Jean befriends him and promises to show him Paris more.

- Sam and Max, freelance police are called to Transylvania by man named Klaus, who wants two surreal policemen to drive away a vampire and a succubus from his master's castle. Sam and Max accept the mission, when Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland find out about their guests.

Demitri and Morrigan vs. Sam and Max

Sam and Max encounter Demitri who tends to scare the duo with his magical powers, but Morrigan keeps arrogantly swooping in between. When Freelance Police finds a possible distraction.

Forces of Arkantos vs. Icaros

Thousands of Years Ago in Greece, Arkantos leaves Atlantis with his crew, including warrior Ajax and centaur Charon, to find Elysian Shrine, where pillars of time are supposed to be located. In the shrine, an escaped titan Icaros finds out about intruders and attacks them. Arkantos isn't afraid of him, but Icaros shoots flaming rocks from the sky, taking down most of Arkantos' men. The remaining trio with Charon's centaurs attack the winged entity, but Icaros escapes, warning that the one who messes with time shall be punished by Kronos.

Mortal Kombanants vs. Sagat's Forces

Guile is brought to Kombat base and NIghtwolf, who has discovered a hole to Netherrealm near India. Raiden doesn't want Guile to go on a mission until they find Guile's Street Fighter allies. Guile believes most of his allies have already been killed. Stryker tells Guile that Raiden is a god and can easily find a lost person if he needs to. Sonya wants to comfort Guile, but Guile doesn't want to be talked at. Raiden sends out Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya, Jax, Sub-Zero and Stryker for the mission.

At the meantime, Sagat has been given a mission to attack on the power plant in order to open the gate to Netherrealm and recover Quan Chi's allies. For that mission, Shadow Master's minions Trigger Happy and Sickle have been sent to help him. Mortal Kombanants get there in almost time but Trigger Happy shoots down the jet of Sonya and Jax, sending them to downfall. Sagat himself rushes through the gates just in time for chaos.

Robocop vs. Mad Dog's biker gang

General Warhawk receives a report from an anonymous GEZZAN authority which reveals that Mithril has sent Rambo and Robocop to help Savage Dragon in order to stop Warhawk's army from conquering Tierra Libre, but Robocop will be sent later than usual due to Detroit's crimewave. Warhawk sends ruthless biker Mad Dog, along with his henchmen Jerkface and Razor to Detroit so they could distract and possibly kill Robocop.

Mad Dog's Biker Gang causes havoc in a Detroit Mall, where Robocop quickly arrives for justice. Since Robocop is all alone against three bikers, he is thrown around and then buried under rocks by Mad Dog, succeeding in Warhawk's mission.

Rayman and Vexx vs. War Grok

Two of the captured heroes are ready for their first fight in DreadZone, belittled by announcers Dallas and Juanita. Rayman tells the silent one that depending on the opponent's strength Rayman can take on it all alone. Twinsen is watching the fight along with Globox, who was also captured by Vox. The first exterminator they have to face is incredibly dangerous War Grok, Vexx is ready to fight against it, but Rayman wants to find another way, with both heroes having secret powers.


- Shinji is walking back home in rainy day, watching the destruction caused by BAHRAM and his Evangelion's fight. Suddenly, the Student Council of Tokyo-3 Campus led by Satsuki Kiryuin make their announcement, letting the worms to know who runs the place.

- In Mithril's headquarters, Kalinin has received four new allies to replace Robocop with, Russian Super-detective Captain Pronin and sportful task force of Prostars. Mithril's other lead Tessa Testarossa isn't sure how much help is enough in this age.

- Robotnik rushes in to the evil land of Metroid to scold at King Koopa for capturing his hedgehog. King Koopa tells him he deserve it for stealing the enemies he intended to destroy. Robotnik tells Koopa that he forgot to capture Sonic's friend Tails, who might find an exasperating way to get Sonic out of jail. Mother Brain breaks their fight and convinces Robotnik to join Videoland Villains for possibility that both Mario and Sonic will be destroyed and he'll get to work with more dangerous equipment. Koopa doesn't like the new addition, however.

- Tails arrives to Mushroom Kingdom to ask help from Mario Brothers. Plumbers can't believe the sight of skating two-tailed fox and believe he might in league with Coconuts, but Tails gets them on their side by saying his friend Sonic has been captured by King Koopa. Princess Peach wants to Tails to join their group and stop the evil Koopa once and for all.

- Raiden comes to tell Street Fighters Blanka and Chun Li that Guile is alive and they must come to the secret base of group known as Mortal Kombanants. Chun Li has only barely heard of them and trusts Raiden, but Blanka refuses to. Raiden tells them to take other Street Fighters with them.

- Gleeman Vox meets with Admiral Razorbeard, who originally ordered Rayman to be kidnapped into Dreadzone and now wants to know had Rayman died in his first battle. After hearing that Rayman won the fight, Admiral gets upset and threatens to bomb the DreadZone and take Vox as his slave. Suddenly, a wizard named Ripto appears in front of them and sneaks in that Rayman could possibly be killed with a certain dragon of Dragon Realm. Gleeman Vox get interested and asks what dragon he had in mind. Ripto tells them to capture purple dragon by the name of Spyro. Both of them like the idea.

- Back in Earth, a cat named Garfield is lost in a forest and doesn't know why. He comes across a dog with a bird, Snoopy and Woodstock. Garfield wants to make an alliance with them and lead him home, but Snoopy, hating cats, is afraid of Garfield.

- Malmoth decides to make his first move in the war and release two demons LeChuck and Pyron into the universe to cause destruction. The Gatekeeper of hell doesn't like Malmoth's idea of sending evil so corrupted it could destroy Malmoth himself into living realm, but Malmoth still forces him to open the gate. Malmoth is satisfied when two nightmares and awake, believing to plant the seeds of Ragnarok.

- Hemera is watching all of the resistance against forces of evil happening. Hemera wishes luck to the heroes of the universe.

Round 3: Merge Of The Timelines


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 3 Merge Of The Timelines


- Athena sees a horrible vision about the alternate fate of Atlantis where Arkantos not saving Atlantis makes Atlanteans become a dangerous war state, she tells about her vision to Voodoo Lady and asks was Arkantos being sent into the future the right choice. Voodoo Lady tells her time and paradoxes don't matter in Ragnarok.

- Arkantos prays to open the pillars of time and is taken to medieval times with his forces, where Elizabeth, the princess of Liones, is being chased by forest guardian. Arkantos, Ajax and Chiron comfort the Guardian and kill it. Turns out Elizabeth was already dragged to safety by a young bartender Meliodas. Arkantos tells he and his group are crusaders from Greece who want to investigate, Meliodas and Elizabeth decide to trust the group.

- Spyro and Hunter are taking a stroll at Dragon Realms when they're interrupted by Grand Minimus. Grand Minimus tells them a horrible fait will await their world if Spyro doesn't go rescue the heroes from another worlds from their imprisonment in Space Gladiator Show DreadZone. Spyro is willing to take the challenge as long as his homeworld doesn't get destroyed. As one of Minimus opens a portal Hunter tells him to be careful

- Ratchet and Clank are discovering their way out of BAHRAM space station when Ratchet sights a young human boy Leo hiding and sobbing. Ratchet tries to comfort the young child, when a human girl Celvice follows them. Ratchet tells that they were from a spaceship that was carrying a highly dangerous alien criminal Vendra Progg when BAHRAM blew up the ship. Leo refuses to follow the two, not wanting any more human lives lost like in the BAHRAM's invasion of Space Colony he and Celvice used to live in. Celvice insists Leo to follow Ratchet, doing so in case a BAHRAM guard might find him.

- At the Kombat Base, Guile reunites with Blanka and Chun Li, planning their next mission to find out more about Bison's plans, as Nightwolf reports to them that there is a possible spot where Sagat has been spotted.

- Meanwhile, Sagat has received a new acquisition from Shadow Master, the Shadow Boss.

Kevin Keene vs Psycrow

Kevin Keene arrives to Hyrule to make an alliance with Link and Zelda like King Charles wanted, when Queen Slug-For-A-Butt flies through to send Psycrow to get her the Triforce of Courage. Psycrow arrives to the hall when Kevin and Link assault him, but unfortunately for them Psycrow uses the strange force of Triforce for his own purposes.

Release of Bela

David Leighton gives a Turkish Treasure Hunter Dogati and German Colonel Bockner a mission to get rid of the intruders at Parallel World. Meanwhile Anthony Cole, Stina Holmlund, Moomin Troll and their troops are entering Dogati's barbarian village, where their ally Bela Andras Benedek is being held hostage. They start a simple plan to get Bela free, but Dogati is aware of that.

Garfield and Snoopy vs. Wilde Wolf

Garfield decides to introduce himself to Snoopy and beg food from him, when vicarious Wilde Wolf attacks wanting them to be his prey, little does he know that a certain dog is also around.

Spike the Clown vs. Nate and David

I. M. Meen reports to Count Nefarious and tells him about two important ingredients that could help him rebuild the Malevolator, Yo-Kai Watch and Power of Spacers, weird alien species, that are held in possession by two specific children. He sends Feedback, Goggles and Lugnut to capture them with the help of terrifying clown Spike. Nate and his Yo-Kai friends Jibanyan and Whisper are just passing the same street with David and his dog Pips when Nefarious's Three Henchmen drop in and release Spike to scare them into submission.

Interlude 1:

- Feedback, Goggles and Lugnut return to Nefarious with empty hands, upsetting him. Wicked jester Malcolm however comes to meet his old ally after being released from his stone prison. Malcolm tells that there is some "god" that needs the children in another timeline, and where he intends to return in order to make contact with Malmoth. Nefarious is intrigued and promises to help him as long as he gets Yo-Kai Watch and Spacers.

- Moomin has ran deep into the forest after his distraction and meets dragon Tabaluga and his friend Happy. Tabaluga welcomes him to Greenlands of Parallel World, an area that Moomintroll has never visited

- After hearing about the failure of Dogati, Jarvis Babbit gives the intruders extra challenge by commanding his weather control forces to freeze the Parallel World. This also affects Moomin and Tabaluga, who hates ice.

Gast vs. Zoltar

Gast is arriving to secure his theme park, when suddenly he finds himself from a different theme park, eponymous Carnival of Rust. Zoltar, a strange machine advices Gast to play the park's ball-throwing game to get free. Gast is not aware of the eldritch weirdness about to be brought in the park.

Interlude 2:

- General Warhawk gets a call from Overlord, the leader of American Criminal Group known as the Vicious Circle. Overlord demands Warhawk to kill Savage Dragon if he runs into him during his takeover of Tierra Libre. Warhawk swears not to disappoint him.

- Garfield remembers that he, Jon and Odie were camping when a giant bear attacked them Garfield and Odie got away but Jon was presumably mauled. Snoopy is trying to figure out a way to get out of the forest.

- In Videoland, King Dedede and Escargoon hear that a resourceful island of Kongo Bongo has lost it's leader and travel there, where Dedede declares himself the new ruler. Cranky Kong objects to that and says leader isn't gone but the magical object declaring the leader is. Just when Donkey Kong is trying to protect the island King Dedede releases a Sky Monster to drive away the Kongs.

Ceylan Jones vs. Dr Paradigm

Sealife-obsessed scientist Dr. Paradigm is hacking the cameras of local museum, where a brick that has intrigued him for a long time has been "awakened" by two boys, Ceylan and Guren. Paradigm believes the bricks boys have would lead him to an ancient world with purely new experimentable materials. He manages to find one of the kids, Ceylan, who quickly gets away from the questionable man. Paradigm chooses to send his minions Slobster and Slash to go after Ceylan instead.

Mario, Luigi and Tails vs. Sleet and Dingo

Mario, Luigi, Toad and Tails are trying to find Sonic and Koopa when they spot an aerial craft used by two bounty hunters Sleet and Dingo, who were paid by Videoland Villains to robotisize them. Facing Sleet's SWATbot army, Mario Brothers and the new Fox friend try to battle the new threat.

Guile vs Shadow Boss

Guile and Blanka arrive to Metro City, expecting Sagat to be around somewhere. Instead they find a warrior with mysterious powers wanting to kill them. Purely Shadow Boss turns out to be nothing like enemies he has faced before.

Dreadzone Heroes vs. Shellshock

Vexx, Rayman and Guybrush are being taken to Planet Kronos temporarily while Dreadzone Arena is under renovation. The Abnormal beings have suspicions about the regular human Guybrush but he convinces them to trust him. At the same time, Spyro arrives to the area DreadZone Heroes are set to arrive and attacks the guards. When heroes start doing the same, brutal exterminator Shellshock drops in to attempt to kill the rebels. Freedom seems to be too far ahead.

Prostars, Savage Dragon and Captain Pronin vs. General Warhawk's Forces

Savage Dragon is being taken to see his partner-in-wars, who he isn't too impressed of. Pronin insists that with enough strength they can take down any weapon General is trying to use. Dragon still feels very insulted Rambo's not with him. In the enemy base, General Warhawk is tired of waiting and brings in his strongest weaponry to take over Tierra Libre and kill Mithril's allies. When the heroes arrive to the battlefield, they're not too scared of taking down a threat much bigger than expected.


- Voodoo Lady comforts Arch Druid, the guardian of Parallel World, who predicts they can only win the war with massive costs that'll shatter the cosmos and rules of life. Voodoo Lady believes that evil can still be shelved before the immediate end. Druid shows back to her "the Avatars of Malmoth" who appeared multiple times over the history of Earth, cyclops Gargarensis, jester Malcolm and Atlantean Gargoyle. Arch says if all these avatars were to be brought to preset day with the currently unknown preset Avatar, they would cause the Ragnarok. This causes Voodoo Lady to lose her faith and hope for the best.

- David and Nate wake up only to find themselves in Paris.

- In Videoland, Slug-For-A-Butt and Psycrow show the triforce to Mother Brain, much to Ganon's dismay who has wanted the triforce for many years. With Triforce of Courage and the Crystal Coconut Mother Brain is now close enough to her plan of taking over Palace of Power and rule the Videoland.

- Back in the real world, an accomplished scientist named Clayton Forrester is upset at Gendo Ikari, who isn't interested in hiring him. As Forrester leaves, he's give another job by different authority, secret member of Instrumentality Committee Maggie Thatcher.

- Shinji and Misato meet their reinforcements from Dannar Base, Anna and Goh, when Gendo informs that Rei is going to be in piloting shape again soon enough, Shinji is against it.

- Blanka tells Mortal Kombanants about Guile's disappearance but Chun Li doesn't want to believe he's dead and needs more reinforcements.

-Wilde Wolf and Ali Cat are reported to secret cat city Banipal Witt's business mogul and criminal Teufel, who wants them to become second-in commands on his plan to eradicate humans out of existence because their constant conflicts are harming Banipal Witt and it's inhabitants. Wilde and Ali accept the position.

- Gauron comes to make an alliance with Satsuki Kiryuin, promising the 50% control of GEZZAN to Honnoji Academy's Student Council if she brings them Kaname Chidori, one of the students in the school. Satsuki accepts the alliance as long as Honnoji Academy's might is expanded.

- General Warhawk laments about his failure to take over Tierra Libre to Overlord. This and the rumors that the girl Xia Yu Lan tried to assassinate is still alive convinces him to send Dr. McNamara and his destructive ED-209 unit to take care of Mithril.

- Dr. K is trying to find signal left by Max to no avail. He then is interrupted by Dr. Neo Cortex, who wants to team up with him to get the power crystals they could use to power their machines. Older scientist likes the idea.

- Aliens from Zeelich, one of many BAHRAM's pawns, pick up General Skun-ka'pe who survived the explosion of Shinji's fight from Earth. A new mysterious Orbital Frame is watching from there as well.

Round 4: Scorching Encounters


Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever Round 4- Scorching Encounters


- Officer Frank of Chicago Police Department and Colonel Trautman of Force of Freedom have arrived to Tuatha De Danaan to ask Kalinin possible ways to help Mithril Forces of Freedom in the war against GEZZAN. Kalinin believes they need to keep an eye on Tokyo-3 school campus, where corrupt, dictatorship-like Honnoji Academy's staff is on charge, since GEZZAN has had relations with them in the past. Trautman and Frank find it ridiculous they have to spy on a school instead of abandoned warehouses or factories where GEZZAN more likely is hiding. Then Tessa discovers a suspicious out-of-place schooltrip coming up that could hide clues. Trautman complies and is ready to send troops on Okinawa.

- Sam and Max have been called by the Commissioner to team up with hard-boiled policewoman Carmelita Fox. The Duo resent the idea of having a third wheel, but Carmelita lets them work alone if they do what she says. Max likes the idea.

- Ichika meets another young man, Sousuke, who's secretly a Mithril undercover agent. They both notice the famous "pilot kid" Shinji lying on the roof next to them alone. Ichika greets him and wishes him good luck against BAHRAM's invasion, confusing him greatly.

- Quan Chi arrives to Zaterra to get the gem of Tetsurri only to find Morrigan and Demitri arguing after their loss against Sam and Max. Quan Chi suggests an alliance with him so they could win and let the Darkstalkers rule again. Vampire and Succubus comply for Quan Chi's offer, who takes the gem.

- Overlord captures four sons of Robert Bolton, a scientist he greatly hates, John, Clint, Robert and Coop, to do experiments with. However, his device of turning them into freaks fails and demands his minions Openface, Octopus and Mako to throw them away to die.

Donkey Kong vs. Sky Monster

In Videoland, Cranky wants DK to fight the monstrous sky monster released by King Dedede. He decides to use Funky Kong's plane to distract it away from Kongo Bongo Island. Monster is much tougher than it appears to be, but unexpected help may be near.

Meliodas vs. Manyuu Kagefusa

In the Medieval Ages, Arkantos is telling his real backstory to Meliodas, who believes him in this case. Suddenly Elizabeth hears a loud sound resembling a bang. The person who caused sound is an evil kunoichi Kagefusa, who wants to combat the famous "deadly sin". Ajax wants to fight him instead, but Arkantos stops him, telling this is Meliodas's fight. Meliodas accepts Kagefusa's challenge but the lady with strange device proves out to be a challenge.

Nate and David vs. Mollache

Stuck in 1890's, Nathan Adams and David decide to visit a circus to waste time, however Jibanyan finds a baby eagle named Sandy who leads them to a set of cages where ringmaster Mollache abuses his animals. Nathan and David try freeing the animals, and also finds an anthropomorphic owl creature, Virgil, who wants to find the "chosen one" he summoned to this timeline. Out of sudden, Mollache notices them and wants to punish the boys for interfering with his business.

Kaname Chidori, Cecilia Alcott and Huang Lingyin vs. Omiko Hakodate

Satsuki Kiryuin has tasked Omiko Hakodate, the newly promoted sports club admin, to find Kaname Chidori and bring her to Student Council. Meanwhile, Kaname arrives to the area sports club is held, which appears to be very deserted aside from transfer student from IS academy Huang Lingyin showing up as well. Omiko appears to punish Kaname with ten million tennis balls for being late last week, making both girls call her out on the crazy punishment. Just as Kaname is about to be harmed, another IS Academy student from Britain appears and takes on Omiko and her tennis army in an odd game.

Count Duckula vs. Donovan Baine

After getting their castle transported to nowhere, Count Duckula and his servants Igor and Nanny encounter monster hunter Donovan Baine, who wants to lock the vampire out from real world. Benevolent vegetarian vampire Duckula is not too thrilled to hear about Donovan's plans, so he and his castle crew have to work a way to get away from Donovan and his powerful sword magic. But can they do it without losing access to Castle Duckula?

White Bomber vs. Roscoe Arbuckle

White Bomber and his friend Bongo have crash-landed on Earth without permission. As they try to find a way out of the junkyard, they run into child scientist Roscoe, who wants to use White Bomber for experiments. When White Bomber pushes against him, Roscoe puts two of his robots to work.

Street Sharks vs. Mako, Openface and Squid Guy

Bolton Brothers return to consciousness faster than expected, as the Overlords mutants spy on them. However, as soon as they start eating fast foods, the brothers go under a terrifying transformation. Mako and the other mutants attack them, but brothers get used to their new powers quite quickly.

Allan Quartermain vs. Carlos Santana

A peaceful day in a town in middle east is interrupted when unlikely sight of mexican bandit group led by Carlos Santana shows up. Carlos wants to find the explorer Allan Quartermain who has been going after the King Solomon's Mines. As Quartermain leads his partners Jesse Huston and native Ubombo into safety, he must deal with the crimelord himself through quirkiness.

Interlude 1:

- At the Parallel World, Dogati convinces The Governor, the leader of Dustriders, that his land is about to be raided by intruders from snowlands, The Governor takes the words of white man seriously, and Dogati is satisfied.

- The ruler of Iceland, Arktos, finds out Tabaluga has a new friend and is disgusted about another acquisition to his arch-enemy's side. However, Devil shows up and wants to take down Tabaluga if he destroys Moomintroll and the Moomin Valley. Arktos wants Devil to show his skills first and sends him to deal with Tabaluga.

- Rambo has arrived to Detroit, where Robocop is being fixed after his loss against Mad Dog. The lead scientist doesn't want Robocop to take part in any more battles, but Robocop disagrees. Robocop's partner Anne Lewis and other Force of Freedom members Turbo and K.A.T. are joining the war against GEZZAN as well. Rambo is pleased that their resistance is growing stronger.

- In another Temple, a mysterious templehead is being advised by a man in shades, Knight to not keep going on with his plan of affiliating with one of the biggest business companies in the world so they could expand their organization. Templehead doesn't care about his views and calls the CEO of the company, as CEO asks what she'll get in return Templehead promises to let their group learn the art of Kaijudo, an ancient card game used to take over the world. Templehead arranges a meeting with the figures of each group.

Interlude 2:

- Gleeman Vox decides to introduce the "wonders" of Deadlocked collar technology, by using an old elf that might've been related to Vexx. Globox however has a magical lum he received from Ly the Fairy that can deactivate anything. He decides to give it to Twinsen, who can escape the Arena and get help.

- Vexx and Guybrush wake up after their escape from Dreadzone. Turns out they've fallen in Avalar, where Elora and Hunter greet the newcomers. Suddenly, intruders arrive.

- Somewhere around the same realm, Corruptors of Magic Ripto, Sorceress and Gnasty Gnorc celebrate Spyro's disappearance. Suddenly a new evil dragon shows up to the meeting, much to Ripto's dismay. Sorceress tells Ripto it's her old ally Red who has a plan for Corruptor since Spyro has disappeared. Ripto accepts Red joining the faction, but still can't trust the evil beast.

- Back on Earth, Thatcher has acquired TV's Frank and Dr. Forrester to hack Godannar Pilots so that they would put on a bad show against aliens and get kicked from NERV. TV's Frank's hacking skills are less than pleasant though.

Flipper vs. The Machine

In another part of Earth, evil scientist known as The Machine wants to find the underwater city of Quetzo in order to get resources for himself. He doesn't know that it's inhabited by a group of sea mammals, including the quirky dolphin Flipper.

Shobu Kirifuda vs. Skullmaster

In hell, an underground warlord by the name of Skullmaster seeks to open portal to Kaijudo Civilization Lands, but finding out he can only do it by using the cards of Kaijudo game, he takes a trip to Earth. In Earth he battles a boy named Toru who was expecting another challenger. As Toru's real challenger Shobu Kirifuda arrives he finds Skullmaster instead. Can the bragging card player find more about the mysterious skeleton dueler?

Ratchet, Clank and Leo vs. Baron Praxis

In space, Vendra Progg has detected a group of intruders on BAHRAM ship. She sends Baron Praxis on their tail in order to get rid of them. The Four Loners don't know however that they're on the interesting parts of the ship...

Ty, Kay and Tak vs Dr. K

Cortex demands Dr. K to find the crystals from a certain jungle. K decides to send three robots to do the dirty work for him, but three native heroes, Tasmanian Tiger, Asian Tiger and a human, appear to be protecting the area.

Sousuke Sagara vs. ED-240

Dr. McNamara's giant robot is silently awaiting to cause destruction when it comes face to face with top Mithril agent Sousuke and his arm slave Arbalest. It ends up becoming the city-based showdown of the robots.

Vexx and Guybrush vs. Robot Pirates

Seeking to give good impression to Avalarians, Vexx and Guybrush attack the Robo-Pirates and aim to destroy their slave ship. Do Guybrush and Vexx have to fight by themselves or do they have Avalar's help with them?

Clash in North

Anthony Cole, Stina Holmlund and Bela Andras Benedek have met up with explorer Heinrich Kleeman from Earth who is now leading them to Valhalla, where they could get answers. On the way however they run into fighting Norsemen, after Heinrich grabs their attention, the norsemen think the explorers are Folstag's allies. As they attack the trio and Heinrich, Cole's own forces help them. Then out of nowhere, a new mutated creatures led by vengeful man Rex Chance appear and attack the explorer army. What is going on exactly?

Tabaluga vs. Devil

Tabaluga is thinking what Arktos is planning now that he has a new friend when he is comforted by Devil. Devil challenges him to a flying contest and uses his magical telescope to fly around. Tabaluga ends up having an aerial fight with the bragging goblin which he wins, but Goblin unfortunately has more than one ace in his sleeve. However the help is more near than ever.

Terry Bogard vs. Guile

Terry Bogard, a young fighter is spending time at a bar when Guile, a man thought to have died in the battle against Shadow Boss, steps inside, challenging the young man. Having heard of Guile and his status as Street Fighter, Bogard expects this to be an easy fight. But he's about to be proven wrong with the changed Guile.

N-Team vs. Forces of Robotnik

At the Palace of Power, Kevin and Link are hatching a plan to get the triforce back when Robotnik attacks the group, alongside his minions. Unprepared for the surprise attack, the entire N-Team still try to fight back the invading mad scientist. Without knowing about possible other surprises.

Commander Roux vs. Lloyd

At the space station Cosmo, set up to detect future attacks of BAHRAM, Commander Roux, his daughter Lou, assistant Mike Nelson and their brigade are expecting a new shipment from Earth, when suddenly, BAHRAM detects the spaceship and intends to attack by the command of Nohman, the leader of BAHRAM who wants an object in possession of the spaceship. He sends Lloyd in his Frame Inherit to kill everyone in the spaceship. The crew of Cosmo become quickly aware that they're being attacked when shipment is destroyed by Lloyd. Commander Roux leaves his daughter to Mike Nelson's satellite so she could get safely to Earth while he fights BAHRAM, but is distracted by Smog Monsters from Zeelich. As Roux rises to substance he fights Lloyd with cheap effort. Mike's satellite with Lou in it crash to Earth, and NERV alongside Dannar Base find out that Cosmo is destroyed and BAHRAM are sending a threat of new attack. Gendo believes the spaceship was useless to begin with. Nohman gets his hands on the object he desired, a prototype of a powerful wormhole teleporter, it grants him a partner that would be useful to BAHRAM.


- Mario, Luigi, Donkey and Diddy remember the rivalry on their family and get arguing, when Tails tries to calm them down. Suddenly Knuckles runs into them, who they convince to help saving Sonic.

- Mother Brain celebrates her victory and takeover of Palace of Power by using the Ultimate Warpzone to summon Bowser, Alternate Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman.

- Odysseys and his crew receive a message from Raiden to go into the future by pillars of time and help Arkantos, but Malmoth sends his avatar Gargarensis to follow them, the giant Cyclops wants to get revenge on Odysseus for murdering his brother Polyphemos.

- Hemera calls Melpha, the priestess in Medieval Times and her two assistants and advices her to find Seven Deadly Sins. Melpha refuses to have involvement with sin due to being a priestess, but sends Manyuu Chifusa and Kaede to track them down instead.

- Voltan the Dark One arrives to a tower owned by Royal Knights to meet with Gilthunder, where Manyuu Munenori has received a warning that their enemies the Seven Deadly Sins will reunite and purge the kingdom from their rule again. Gilthunder wants to make sure it doesn't happen and sends Voltan on a quest.

- Lady Caline reports to Gargoyle, the leader of Neo Atlantis that the supposed "Mighty One" has arrived from the future and met paths with the lemurian. Gargoyle gives her two malicious kami Gin and Kin, to help Caline get rid of the children. Gin and Kin are ready to make sure the new ascension isn't going to be derailed.

- Garfield and Snoopy find their way to the city, and end up taking a snack, but they're being watched by someone.

- Greenlanders and Moomin Valley citizens register their teamup in the war against Arktos, but the big snowman is spying on them and appoints James to be the one to get rid of the Moomin Valley members.

- Dr. K gets a visitor, an anthropomorphic cassowary Boss Cass, who has heard of K's plan of getting the crystals to power their machines. Boss Cass promises to get him the crystals if K gives him metallic material in exchange. K accepts and Boss Cass introduces two sorcerer's Scylla and Velho, who are ready to get the crystal.

- White Bomber runs into Ceylan, who asks for help. Ceylan, being rather confused but not afraid, ends up trusting the bomber.

- Two new pilots, Mari and Asuka, arrive alongside their new EVA Units. Dannar Base leader Dr. Kiriko Aoi hopes it's enough for them to fight back BAHRAM's next attack.

- Count Nefarious arrives at Dr. Paradigm's door, suggesting an alliance to help him at certain projects. Nefarious already has a powerful mutation tool to help Paradigm.

- Satsuki receives a call from Gauron who tells her he isn't mad about failure of capturing Kaname and instead he's doing a favour to Honnoji Academy by eliminating multiple weak high school students from the merge but for that he needs cash. Satsuki doesn't care how he will kill the students and promises to give GEZZAN the money soon-ish.

- Skullmaster finds out only way to get into Sacred Lands is through Videoland, where he has been catching up on late events, he ends up teleporting there and planning a few deals on the way.

Round 5: The Hard Situation

Part 1


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 5- The Hard Situation- Part 1


- Twinsen arrives at the Galactic Parliament, but is redirected at the door by Galactic Ranger, citing the leaders conference is taking place. Twinsen ends up sneaking from the back door. In there, the President of Solana Galaxy, his daughter Sasha Phyronix, Captain Qwark, entrepreneur Ebenezer Von Clutch, and the two Emperors Velo XXVII and Percival Tachyon, talk about the BAHRAM's role in gathering several galactic criminals to work with them. Emperors believe humans deserve it for they have refused to join the Galactic Union. President disagrees, wanting to let humans advance enough before letting them join the union, and nothing will remove the possibility that BAHRAM will target rest of the Universe after dealing with humans. The two emperors promise they'll prevent it, but they seem too shady for the President and others. Twinsen leaves as he's heard nothing useful.

- Mysterious group of Teensies, the Grand Minimus appear before Guybrush and Vexx. After the group argues with themselves regarding who is the king, The Grand Minimus show Vexx how Gleeman Vox killed his grandfather while demonstrating the shock collars. In tranquil fury Vexx wants to get revenge on him, but Avalar friends and Guybrush insist to first get rid of Robo-pirates before advancing anywhere else.

- In Metro City, young Dragon Master Billy Lee is invited to join Mortal Kombanants, when he suddenly senses his brother is stuck in Netherrealm. Chun Li and Mortal Kombanants agree to help Billy find his brother.

- In Mr. White's workshop, two boys Chooki Mason and Toxsa Dash are looking around, when they discover an abandoned robot, Mr. White reveals that it is an unfixable robot Cubix, which he got from his friend in Korea. The boys feel bad for the robot, but unknown to them the robot may not be completely powerless.

- In Parallel World, three Melehouni children Lopaka, Nola and Bolo find a giant egg and a boy washed on the shore. Just then the egg starts cracking, which thankfully reveals a friendly being, a pink dinosaur Serendipity. The boy wakes up as well.

- Keita, Max, David and Jean introduce themselves to eachother, as Keita questions the lemurian present. Virgil tells Max that he is the Chosen One, and his cap is a tool of power which brought him to the past. Gontran asks if he and the rest of circus animals will be taken elsewhere so Mollache won't find and capture them again. Jean is then distracted by a beautiful girl in a bike, and offers to help David to lead circus animals out of Paris. Meanwhile Virgil wants the other boys stay in place as he intends to meet his ally Norman in the city.

Earthworm Jim vs. Bluster Kong

In Videoland, Ganon wants to beat Psycrow and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt by capturing their nemesis Jim, but wants to do it without being noticed. He finds a greedy ape Bluster nearby and demands him to capture Jim's suit for exchange of a mountain of coins. Bluster agrees to the deal and finds into Jim's base, challenging him into a space race. At first Jim's ride gives him an advantage but sneaky ape has got a few tricks in his sleeve.

Kirby vs. Dr. Eggman

Kirby with his friends Tiff, Tuff, Lola and Lala have washed to the shore of a mysterious island. The island turns out to belong to mad scientist Dr. Eggman, recently summoned to this Videoland. Eggman sends wind machine Funfun to beat the pink puffball and capture it for his experiments. Kirby's friends attempt fighting the machine but for nothing, so it's up to Kirby to use his Star Warrior powers to fight it.

Sonic vs. Koopalings

Sonic is still imprisoned in King Koopa's castle, when Kootie Pie and Cheatsy lie to Sonic that they want to release him, when really they want to take his speed powers. Sonic knows that jig is up though and immediately speeds out, shocking the Koopa Kids. They end up sending several of King Koopa's traps and minions against him, but Blue Blur is too fast for them. Koopalings might screw things up for themselves if they're not careful.

Link vs. Skullmaster

Zelda wants Link to help her to get the Palace of Power back for N-Team. On the way to the Palace they run into the visiting warlord, Skullmaster. Skullmaster is not phased by Link's attacks and wants to have little fun with Hero of Hyrule during his visit. With teamwork however Link and Zelda might have decent chance against the Monster.

Manyu Chifusa vs. Voltan the Dark One

In the middle ages, Chifusa and Kaede have just started their quest when while stopping for a drink Chifusa is confronted by Voltan, who wants her to tell the location of Melpha so she can be captured for rebelling against the Royal Knights. Chifusa is a lot more agile against the black warrior and takes on him. Just as when the psychopathic knight is about to break Chifusa, another one of Melpha's warriors appears.

Odysseus vs. Diane

Odysseus with his crew have arrived to Middle Ages by using the Pillars of Time, but have seemingly crashed to an unknown shore. Odysseus with the rest of his men walk in the middle of the island and find a sleeping giant girl. The girl suddenly wakes up and reveals herself to be Diane, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Odysseus and Titan attempt to fight off the girl, believing it to be evil. But when Odysseus shoots her in the eye, the giant girl throws a fatal temper tantrum. Is there anyone in Odysseus's crew to help her calm down?

Max vs. Grandis and Boys

While waiting for Norman, Whisper notices Max is able to see yokai with the hat, which glows every time it shows it's powers. The glowing is noticed by three thieves nearby. The leader of the trio Grandis believes the hat to be a precious diamond and wants to take it. The three thieves surprise the boys and Virgil, wanting to buy the hat. As Virgil states the hat is not for sale, Grandis wants to take the hat by force, just then Norman knocks out the minions Sanson and Hanson before they could do anything to Max. The kids and Lemurian duo flee, not knowing Grandis has got another plan.

Chooki and Toxsa vs. Mujoe

Far out in space, a mysterious man assigns his army led by Mujoe to capture abandoned robots so he could "reprogram" then. Mujoe finds Mr. White's Shop from Earth, and decides to capture a few robots from there. Toxsa and Chooki notice the intruder, but have nothing to fight the mad general with. Just then Cubix activates.

Ichika Orimura vs. Greasepit

In the IS section of Honnoji Academy, teacher Chifuyu Orimura tells the Class One that the position for Principal of IS training has been taken over by a millionaire from U.S., Lawrence Limburger, who introduces himself to the class with his minion Greasepit. Ichika especially draws the millionaire's attention, who wants to test the sole IS pilot's strength by making Greasepit beat him up. Ichika flees the situation but Limpburger sends Greasepit to follow him. Just then Ichika is surrounded by fangirls of his, which set off Greasepit's fear of crowds, giving Ichika chance to escape.

Mari and Anna vs. Dr. Gori

A new member of BAHRAM, Dr. Gori has sent an invisible whale Thunder-Gei to Tokyo-3 to destroy with the power of thunder. NERV decides to send the Godannar Pilots with Mari on EVA Unit-02 to prove their skills. Dr. Gori watches the fight from his spaceship as he gloats about the monster whale's strength. Despite facing three robot pilots, Thunder-Gei is able to keep up against them.


After their transformation, the Street Sharks end up using their newfound forms to cause havoc in the city, as they barely escape from the police. All around the city several police forces, including Sam Speed with his S.S.P.D, a visiting finnish police force from Pasila, a group of justice-fighting renegades Avenger Penguins and Sam and Max get alerts to stop the Shark Menace. Just then a big chase through the city occurs. Are Sharks able to find assistance before they're thrown in jail, or are the police right to pursue the radical sharkmen?

Interlude 1:

- In Videoland, Sonic from X dimension is summoned to laboratory belonging to RS Dr. Light. RS Dr. Light needs X Sonic's help to stop a menace threatening their worlds. X Sonic isn't interested to help at first, but RS Dr. Light insists him to help him and his androids.

- Tails's faction arrives to the ruins of Castle Koopa, where they fear the worst has happened. Just then Diddy notices a spare power wand, which Luigi uses to see Sonic's current location. Tails's faction pick up their confidence and go after him.

- Odysseus apologizes to Diane for assaulting her, but Diane refuses to help the crew. Just then Nisa has a bleak vision of future where a blonde boy gets destroyed by a fiery demon. Nisa tells about her vision and Diane recognizes the boy as his old partner Meliodas. Diane agrees to join the crew in order to prevent his fate.

- In present day, a Gizmo Institute and an inventor Joel introduces himself to Godannar mechanics. The head mechanic is concerned about two robots, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, that Joel is with. Joel informs them the robots are his dearest inventions, and rather sassy to boot. The smaller robots walk around the giant robot warehouse when they find Spitting Image Margaret Thatcher gloating about her success. Two robots attempt to stop her but the puppet minister knocks both robots out.

Part 2


Worst Heroes vs Villains War Ever Round 5- The Hard Situation Part 2

Orson vs. Trogdor

Orson, Booker and Sheldon are taking a camping trip, when suddenly they notice an eerie cavern in the distance. The cavern houses a strange creature Ro-Man, who scares the pig and his chicks off. Ro-Man calls his ally, The Master, with his device, who tells him to take an arcade cabinet he sent him and make use of it. Ro-Man knows just who to test the cabinet's dark power on.

Ratchet and Clank vs. Morgan LeFlay

After being dropped to Earth by Leo, Ratchet and Clank look around the area to find themselves in a small pirate village, just then they're confronted by a pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay, who wants to capture the two space aliens for her client. Even with his weapon arsenal, Ratchet finds he has got a lot of trouble taking on the persistent swordswoman.

Crash Bandicoot vs. Don Croco

Scylla wants to use the Crystals to create a potion that will make her the strongest witch on the planet. She hires Don Croco to fetch up a plan that will lead them to getting as many crystals as possible. Don Croco ends up going to nearby island to activate a volcano, which might hide the crystals inside it. He is not aware of a certain Bandicoot and his group having a beach day nearby however.

Peter No-tail vs. Ali Cat

Ali Cat drops into his domain only to see someone playing with the rats in his yard. Ali decides to face the visiting kitten playing with his food and ends up insulting him. Peter is not phased by it though, so Ali ends up getting violent.

Melehouni vs. The Smoggies

A group of Melehouni children are taking a walk on the beach when a strange monster, actually a machine piloted by Clarence and Polluto, two of the Smoggies, appears on the island. All the Melehouni children run away from it with the exception of Lola, who tries to fight the machine, but the machine goes haywire and doesn't stop. Melehouni have to find a way to drive away the resource-capturing machine!

Liu Kang and Billy Lee vs. Guile and Shadow Boss

Mortal Kombanants arrive in Netherrealm, where they run into Shadow Boss. Shadow Boss focuses to attack Liu Kang. Sonya also finds Guile with him, but Guile turns out to have developed a heavy hatred for the heroes. With Mortal Kombanants being distracted by fighting mutants, Billy Lee has to get Guile to calm down, in hope of finding his brother. But Billy doesn't know his brother is closer than he thinks...

Interlude 2:

- The former Jindai Municipal High School students get ready for their trip to Okinawa. Class president Chidori notices one of her classmates Ryuko, coming in the trip late. Ryuko is not interested in taking part in the trip anyway, as she has better things to do. The plane also has another uninvited guest in form of Gauron, who wants to make sure the hostage plan goes just right.

Hostage Crisis Part 1

General Warhawk launches all-out attack into the jumbo jet carrying the students. The men land on the plane and shoot one of the pilots, threatening the other to land the plane to autonomous region of Khanka. However Tuatha De Danaan is able to detect the attack happening in real time. Kalinin is disturbed that their old nemesis, Gauron, is still alive, and has now teamed up with General Warhawk. Rambo believes that Honnoji Academy was complicit in planning out the plane takeover. Robocop thinks they should help the students before something dangerous happens.

Interlude 3:

- Sousuke is shocked to see Gauron alive as the big terrorist arrives to ask for Kaname and Ryuko to exit the plane, claiming that he represents the Mass Media and wants to plan an interview. Ryuko doesn't think she is suitable for the media, and insults Gauron's bluntness. Gauron doesn't like being mocked by the girl and almost shoots her but he is distracted by Sousuke dropping his tray. Gauron recognizes the boy, but doesn't have time with him. Kaname and Ryuko are instead forced outside by force. Sousuke ends up running out of the plane after they leave

- Meanwhile Kalinin is rounding up his men, including Rambo, Robocop and Anne Lewis, into probably one of the most important missions of their lives.

Hostage Crisis Part 2

Rambo, Robocop and Anne are taking a plane to Khanka, but it is shot down by a tank squadron led by Sergeant Havoc. Meanwhile Gauron has hired Dr. Paradigm to commit a brain-removal surgery on Kaname. Dr. Paradigm states that it will take a long time, but Gauron's time is money. Elsewhere a KGB agent has been ordered to kill Ryuko, in hopes of succeeding at what Xia Yu Lan failed at. However she has little help out from all sides. The war between Mithril and GEZZAN is escalating into the first of many climaxes.


- Ryuko wakes up, as Mako tells her she's been taken to Rambo's home. Rambo wants her to rest.

- After being paralyzed, Dr. Paradigm receives a power suit from Count Nefarious. Nefarious does want one thing in return, and tests his formula on Paradigm, causing him to undergo a horrifying transformation.

- Back in Tuatha De Danaan, Testarossa is distraught over the disappearance of Sagara, Rambo, Robocop and two students in the dangerous territory. Just then Savage Dragon returns with Alex after recovering from the battle of Tierra Libre, he has been following the events of the War Against GEZZAN.

- Meanwhile in the White House, President Spitting Image Ronald Reagan is furious that America hasn't gotten their piece of pie in the on-going wars, Major Merc suggests targeting the on-going Alien Invasion, wanting to rebrand alien technology for warfare. Reagan accepts Merc's proposal and signs an executive action to send troops to Japan.

- In the IS Wing, Limburger complains about the lack of obedience and respect of the only male IS pilot, upsetting Overlord and his minions taking a visit. As Limburger thinks of an alternative to get the boy to obey his rules, Cecilia and Huang are spying on the conversation from their classroom. Limburger gets an idea to mass produce mind control vaccine to brainwash all the students for GEZZAN to use, which delights Overlord. The IS Girls want to stop this.

- Guile and Jimmy Lee both return to the Shadaloo Dojo, where Shadow Master is disappointed in their failure to get the Dragon Master Sword and kill the Mortal Kombanants. As Shadow Master demands them to get back to training, he secretly commands Demitri and Morrigan to kill both of them. the other Shadaloo Leader is more than pleased.

- Sonic comes to his home, Knothole to recruit allies for the war

- Skullmaster meets Mother Brain, who promises to open the way to Beast World with Ultimate Warp Zone. As a reward, Skullmaster leaves the villains with a Cyberskull virus.

- Bluster takes Jim's suit to Ganon, who uses it to create an evil clone of Jim. However Ganon refuses to pay Bluster, so Bluster steals the copy of the suit.

- A dirty pirate Captain Smudge is taking a stroll in his home bay when he's called by The Machine, he tells Smudge he wants to help him find the Paradise Island. Having chased the island for years, Smudge joins forces with the mysterious cyborg.

- Back in Honnoji Academy, Satsuki is having a visitor.

- A white-haired boy awakens on the moon, but he's not alone. The boy has already got a directive in mind.

Round 6: The Great Escape

Part 1:


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 6 The Great Escape Part 1


- In Videoland, King K. Rool's minion Krusha is having a secret meeting with Boss Cass over the videophone. Krusha unveils recent happenings and his own secret plans.

- Caractacus P. Doom announces formation of UniCri Inc, as an opponent to GEZZAN, composed of Horde, Defacely Marmeister, Al Capone, Binky the Clown, Dr. M, Feathers McGraw, King of Town, Dr. Lobe and Clockwork Delorange. Doom sends Dr. Lobe and Clockwork on a mission to cause havoc.

- Melpha is praying to heavens to keep her missionaries safe, when she is interrupted by a young boy named Brandon, whose grandfather was turned to stone.

- Young female warrior named Leina Vance is walking through the streets when she spots Meliodas after so many years. He welcomes Leina on his own faction to find the other six deadly sins.

- Street Sharks are led by Bends and Lena Mack to a secret underground base where the Sharks can spend their time in. Just then Bends opens up a news report where Sam Speed threatens to form his own police force to get rid of all freaks. Street Sharks are insulted and worried.

- Shobu Kirifuda is in the kaijudo card shop where he's still grappling with his loss to Skullmaster. Just then a young boy named Chris Thorndyke shows up asking if anything's wrong with him. Shobu tells it's too hard to explain. Just then Shobu's friends come to find Shobu and ask him to come back, Chris decides to join the group to get to know them better.

- In the head of Space Council, Twinsen is still looking around when he stumbles upon Jak and his ottsel companion Daxter. Twinsen has heard of them and ask for their help, at first the two don't trust him, but after hearing about the problems in the DreadZone the duo is willing to go on another adventure.

Rygar vs. Gargarensis

In ancient Greece, Princess Harmonia is rewarding soldier Rygar for his bravery at defending Harmonia's kingdom. Harmonia has had terrible nightmares about her kingdom being consumed by evil. Turns out Rygar has had those same dreams. Just then mad cyclops Gargarensis barges in with his forces, speaking a threatening poem and wanting to get rid of Rygar in order to get to Pillars of Time. Harmonia is captured by Gargarensis's second-in-command Kemsyt while Rygar has to keep up with Gargarensis' monsters. Who will be victorious in this mythological fight?

Professor Delatrousse vs. Gin and Kin

Professor Delatrousse, the main caretaker for immobile french girl Clementine is getting ready to call an assistant of his when his phoneline is bugged by two mischievous kami Gin and Kin. This is all a plan to get Delatrousse out of the hospital so he could be eaten by the dark cloud summoned by Gin and Kin.

Allan Quartermain vs. Forces of Governor

Allan and Jesse are walking from the north in the Parallel World desert when they come across a group of dustriders sent by the Governor to deal with the "invaders from north" they had been told about. The group is led by Tana the Queen of Amazons who wants to persecute the two adventurers. As the Dustriders' massive T-Rex is about to eat them a flying machine followed by a group of strange beasts attack the Dustriders, causing havoc and taking their T-Rex, as the mysterious flying machine leaves, friend of Quartermain Ubombo appears, revealing himself to be a Dustrider and leading the two to safety.

Moomintroll vs. Humsin

Moomintroll is trying to capture butterflies for Tabaluga when a sand hurricane attacks him. The sand hurricane turns out to be Humsin, lord of the desert and ruler of sand. Humsin wants to turn Moomin Valley into a desert and sends his men to bring in the sand-tube machine, which starts causing the death of plantation life. Wanting to stop Humsin from ruining the beautiful valley Moomin teams up with Nonnon and Snufkin to stop the mad sand monster.

Interlude 1:

- After his fall, Rygar is brought to Pillars of Time by Athena, so that he could find Princess Harmonia again.

- Gendo has called Dr. Kiriko Aoi and her assistant to announce the firing of Godannar pilots for their last failure, but he is lobbied by Misato and Ritsuko to give them another chance.

- Anna is sitting by Goh's hospital bed, still recovering from his injuries gained at the fight with Thunder-Gei. Anna then notices the first child, Rei, who has a mission later. Rei acts cold and emotionless towards Anna, confusing her.

- King Koopa is furious about his castle getting destroyed and blames Cheatsy for it, while Bowser laughs at his incompetence.

Hugo vs. Rez

Dr. K is looking for possible crystal sources when he finds a crystal plantation located right under a house belonging to some trolls. He is then alerted by Rez, King of Media Dimension, who offers his help. Dr. K gladly sends Rez to deal with the trolls. Inside, Hugo and his children are baking when they're interrupted by Rez and one of his Rezlings, trying to attack the troll, but Hugo is thankfully prepared. Rez does have another trick in his sleeve however...

Gin vs. Panther vs. Bernttson

Akita Inu dog named Gin is getting ready for a hunting trip with his owner Daisuke, who are going to capture a dangerous killer panther that's been terrorizing the forest. They don't know they are being followed by just as dangerous bulldog Bernttson, who wants to attack the little pup. When Bulldog gives chase to the boy and his dog they attempt to find a place to safety, but accidentally lead themselves to claws of the panther, from that follows a very unusual triple battle.

Sonic vs. X Knuckles

Knuckles from X dimension is wondering how he has ended up in alternate Mobius, when he meets a hooded figure. Hooded figure warns Knuckles that he has ended up in this world because of Sonic and he must kill him. Knuckles, having grown tired of Sonic's attitude, is convinced. Meanwhile the Sonic of Videoland Mobius encounters Knuckles, thinking it's his own Knuckles, but is surprised by the aggression of the X Knuckles. The two end up having a clash of two kinds.

Evil Jim vs. Kevin Keene

Kevin and Princess Lana are taking a stroll when they encounter Evil Jim and the havoc he has caused. Kevin decides to take on the mad conqueror worm in hopes of training for the eventual battle against Mother Brain, but Evil Jim turns out to be wackier and more evil than Kevin expected. Will Kevin humiliate himself or will he get help from another N-Team member?

Pac-Man vs. Bowser

Pac-Ville is being assaulted by monsters, who turn out to be Bowser and his Koopalings. Pac-Man, as the head of Security, is called for help. Pac-Man rescues his wife from an earthquake caused by Bowser, and sees that Bowser has come there to destroy him especially. But what happens when Power Pellets aren't enough to stop Bowser and his family?

Attack to Pokemon World

In a secret Videoland world, there is the peaceful and exotic world of Pokemon. Unfortunately Krusha's different allies have made their way to the island to capture Pokemon and wreck havoc. They don't know about a group of trainers though that are all for protecting the Pokemon World from chaos, but how good are they against the new group of villains?

Part 2


Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever Round 6- The Great Escape Part 2

Wallace and Gromit vs. Dr. Lobe and Clockwork Delorange

Wallace and Gromit are spending their day on West Wallaby Street but don't know about impending treat of two UniCri members, who want to gain resources from the duo. Dr. Lobe uses one of his basketball-playing robots to get rid of the dog, while the bumbling inventor has to face off against the remote-controlled madness of Clockwork Delorange.

Biker Mice from Mars vs. Stink Brothers

The trio of rough wolves, Stink Brothers, want to challenge notorious Biker Mice, Throttle, Modo and Vinnie, into a race around Big City. The Mice accept the challenge to get some fresh action. However, the Stink Brothers aren't going to play fair in the game.

Pajama Sam vs. I. M. Meen

Pajama Sam has been intending to return a late library comic magazine in the middle of the night, but doesn't know the library also hosts a bookworm-hating I. M. Meen, who is willing to trap smart children in his nightmarish labyrinth. When Meen slams the library door shut, Sam is eaten by the seemingly harmless book into the creepy labyrinth. At first Sam's wit helps him to deal with horrors of labyrinth, but things get eerie fast with Meen, as he wants something from the boy.

Battle at the Mechanics Base

Dr. Forrester, TV's Frank and Margaret Thatcher are planning to release a monster as their next plan to sabotage Dannar Base's and NERV's relationship. Meanwhile, the Godannar Mechanics and former Cosmo worker Mike Nelson are full at work, as Shibakusa finally notices the intruding trio. But it's too late as Dr. Forrester has brought B-Movie monster The Crawling Eye to life. The monster wrecks havoc inside the base, alerting NERV and Dannar officials. As the monster escapes, the fight continues inside the Base, while a new hero might just show up to deal with the Crawling Eye...

Felicia vs. Kano

Darkstalker and Catwoman Felicia is roaming in an old city, when she is surprised by the australian cyborg working for the Netherrealm, Kano. Felicia is tired from walking for so long, but Kano wants to challenge the catwoman for he's been tasked with getting all the Darkstalkers. The two end up fighting as both show off their powers, but Felicia doesn't know about the mysterious being watching the fight...

Jimmy Lee and Guile vs. Demitri and Morrigan

As Jimmy Lee leads Guile to prison, the vampire Demitri and succubus Morrigan intend to kill them as commanded by Shadow Master. Jimmy Lee and Guile now have to work together against the two powerful darkstalkers. Thankfully light might still be in Jimmy's side.

Sousuke and Robocop vs. Dr. Piranoid

After their escape from GEZZAN's Khanka base. Sousuke, Kaname, Robocop and Annie are hoping to be rescued. Just then Kaname hears the imposing steps of someone who turns out to be former Dr. Paradigm now mutated into Dr. Piranoid thanks to Count Nefarious's formula. Dr. Piranoid shows off the abilities of his power suit and monstrous mind against the four heroes, and damages them both emotionally and physically. Help still might be near for the heroes though.

Interlude 3:

- Gleeman Vox is not amused with Rayman's and Spyro's escape attempt, claiming that he's done everything in his power to make Rayman a DreadZone main eventer. He ends up offering him an opportunity to become one fast, by fighting against the Exterminator Leader and the one who prevented their escape, Ace Hardlight.

- Corruptors of Magic assign Crush and Bianca to help Robot Pirates fight off Guybrush, Vexx and their forces from driving away the ship.

Escape from Dreadzone (Part 1)

Guybrush, Vexx, Sgt. Byrd and new allies Sheila the Kangaroo and Agent 9 proceed to work together in order to fight off Robot Pirates and drive them away for good out of Avalar. With Robot Pirates' technology and the reinforcements sent by Corruptors of Magic, there will be a lot of twists and turns involved.

Escape from Dreadzone (Part 2)

In DreadZone Arena, Spyro and Rayman are forced to face off against Hardlight, who threatens the two heroes. Turns out Hardlight is a very tough opponent, with many abilities to fight off against Spyro's and Rayman's powerups. Are Spyro and Rayman able to escape DreadZone or will their last moments be in the trashy gladiator program?


- Gleeman Vox is furious about the recent events, when he is visited by galactic ringmaster Rigatoni, who shows him footage of colossal heroes of Earth. Gleeman is aroused by the footage, and Rigatoni is willing to get them if he gets his help.

- After escaping, Jak, Daxter and the rest of DreadZone Fighters wonder what their next step will be. Guybrush wants to go back to Earth but Jak believes they can't send any of the heroes to their home planets because Vox's men will find them again. Jak suggests going into his homeworld, where they could pick up allies and resources, as he believes this is not going to be last time they will visit DreadZone. Guybrush is hesitant at first, but decides to join them for Vexx's sake.

- Sam Speed and The Police Director from Russia announce the formation of Real Human Police Department to combat the growing increase of mutant beings that could potentially harm regular humans.

- Clank wakes up in the laboratory of a french scientist Marquis De Singe. Marquis wants to analyze the robot.

- In Banipal Witt, Fritz Teufel is waiting for the ruler of the Catworld, Lady Buburina, who wants to see the first captured human. The captured human turns out to be Jon, who didn't die in Akakabuto's attack. Fritz ends up exposing Jon to the Banipal Witt Sun, which turns him into a cat. Fritz is glad about the success of the experiment, and Buburina believes this is their way to victory against humans.

- Pikachu and other captured Pokemon have been brought to Krusha, who especially likes Pikachu's attitude. Katella states that Pikachu is the one tamed by a human, so it must be strong. Krusha is already imagining his monster army coming together.

- Dogati's caravan is on their way to Governor's lair, hoping that the Governor's forces have captured Anthony Cole and others. In the way he almost clashes with Humsin's caravan, who's coming back after failure to gain Moomin Valley. Dogati, not phased by the sight of the sand spirit in the slightest, offers an alliance after hearing about his failure. Humsin is pleased by the idea.

- Gast, who has been wandering around the Dark World for many days, is joyed to see Pajama Sam. At first confused by the sight of the ghost janitor, Pajama Sam believes they could help eachother to escape the labyrinth.

- Terry Bogard passes by two street fighters Ryu and Ken. The two fighters suggest joining forces with Bogard, as they need help taking on the Shadaloo Dojo. Bogard says to consider it.

- In Shadaloo Dojo base, Shadow Master is scolding Demitri and Morrigan for letting Guile and Jimmy Lee escape, as they're likely going to rejoin the heroes. Just then, demon Pyron appears alongside his own Darkstalker henchmen. He has been following the Shadaloo Dojo events, and suggests using the gem of Tetsurri to turn Mortal Kombanants against Street Fighters. Bison and Shadow Master like the idea.

- A couch potato gecko Gex sees Hugo on TV, trying to look for someone to save him.

- Ryuko arrives to Tuatha De Danaan, where Tessa welcomes her. Rambo tells Tessa Ryuko's being hunted by GEZZAN and her own school, which makes Tessa pity her. Ryuko is sure that she can fight off against them but appreciates any help she gets.

- Vendra arrives at the meeting of BAHRAM leaders, she wants to show her powers of being able to summon any entity from around the universe to their location. To demonstrate it, she brings in a notorious giant robot leader, which pleases Nohman.


- In Palace of Power, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard meet Scratch and Grounder, and the two really don't get along. Just then strange beam is shot at Scratch and Eggplant Wizard, teleporting them outside Videoland.

Round 7: The Warzones Clash

Part 1


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 7 The Warzones Clash Part 1 of 3


- Dr. Gori is flying above Japan when suddenly his ship is contacted by Dr. Forrester and Thatcher. Dr. Forrester suggests an alliance with Gori, as they've heard that he can turn any earth junk into pollution monsters, and suggests with their help, they can destroy NERV's strongest defenses. For return, Forrester gets Gori's space technology for himself. Gori is uncertain if he wants to team up with humans, but Thatcher promises to use her political influence to give Gori a platform of power so he can become the ruler of Earth. Dr. Gori now sounds a lot more interested in the deal, and demands Forrester to find something he can use to turn into monsters. After satisfied Thatcher and Forrester have turned off the signal however, Gori plans to kill both humans once they've stopped being useful, and refuses to share any of his technology with the humans.

- Flipper and his friends have arrived in the Paradise Island, where they encounter Lord Winston. Flipper needs help from Mermaid Princess Laura to help rebuilding Quetzo. Winston tells the new arrivals to follow him

- Jim has come back to his senses, and is horrified his suit is gone. He sees Pac-Man and Pepper nearby. Pac-Man asks Jim where is he from, while Jim explains how he used to be a great Videoland hero until his suit was stolen. Pac-Man and Pepper promise to help him, believing he could drive Bowser's forces away from Pac-Land.

- Ceylan arrives to Mr. White's shop, and meets Guren, Toxsa and Chooki again. He also meets a newcomer, Cubix. Mr. White is happy that Cubix has been finally fixed. With Ceylan another new visitor comes, White Bomber. White Bomber wants help from the boys to reach Jetters headquarters again, and Ceylan believes with Cubix, they can help him. A new alliance is sparking.

- Clementine awakens on her bed, where she sees her guardian angel Hemera. Hemera believes she should take her to a trip to U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln where Keita, David, Max, Jean and Nadia also have ended up. Clementine arrives in the cabin, where Jean welcomes her, believing her to be a daughter of one of the ship's crew members, while Nadia is somewhat relieved that there is finally another girl in the ragtag of boys she's somehow ended up together with.

Attack on the Ship

Poseidon, who has been tasked by Malmoth to separate the children, ends up summoning two monsters, many-headed sea serpent Skylla and giant squid Kraken. The captain of the ship is quick to notice them, believing them to be sea monsters who have sunk ships all across the world. Nadia however, being close to animals, doesn't want him to hurt them, but Captain refuses. As Kraken and Skylla commit their first attacks, the children in the ship are affected by the shaking of the ship, and the ship fighting back against Poseidon's pets in a gruesome ocean warfare.

Interlude 1:

- Poseidon is satisfied he succeeded in his task, and believes Malmoth will give back the power he had over the oceans now that he's made Ragnarok closer to happening. Nadia, Jean, Max, Virgil, Norman, Clementine and her cat Helice are alive, but have fallen off the ship as a result of the attack. According to Virgil, the prophecy states that someone should get them off the predicament very soon, but isn't sure when. Clementine is willing to use her barrel and Helice's copter to look for help.

- Meanwhile, David and his pets, Keita, Whisper and Jibanyan have remained in the ship, but are now confused about where other kids have went. Grenavan, tells them they should follow him to his lifeboat, where he will take them to the shore. David is annoyed by the constant back-and-forth, but the group follows him anyway.

Hawk the Slayer and Ban vs. Melona

Ban is kept imprisoned in one of the Royal Knights prisons. Hawk the Slayer and his ally, the old Ranulf, arrive to the prison with the intention to free Ban, but have a run in with the creepy guardian of the prison, Melona. Will Hawk keep up with Melona's strange and brutal way of fighting with the help of his staff, and what is locked up Deadly Sin's role in this battle?

Odysseus vs. Gilthunder

Odysseus has gone hunting while Diane is talking to Nisa, Titan, Zephyr and others about the other Deadly Sins. Just then a thunder cracks from the sky and locks up Diane, revealing the intruder to be Royal Knight Gilthunder. Gilthunder intends to kill Diane but Nisa and others won't let him. Odysseus runs in and ends up challenging Gilthunder to a battle. With Gilthunder's thunder magic, could Odysseus stand a chance?

Drew Blanc vs. Beelzeblob the Clown

A depressed cartoonist Drew Blanc suddenly wakes up during a thunderstorm when called by a mad clown named Beelzeblob, intending to invite him to a dark labyrinth.

Strong Bad and The Cheat vs. Fawn Doe

Strong Bad and The Cheat agree to split up with Homestar Runner and Pom Pom, in order to hopefully find Trogdor. However a hunter named Fawn Doe and her monkey henchman are looking for new rare animals to hunt for their boss Mr. Stealmore.

Nick Grabowski vs. Gangster Jack

Nick Grabowski is hired by a group of rats to look for Peter No-Tail, who was pursued by a gang of cats. Grabowski believes he can find Peter, and stumbles upon a cat mob which he believes to be the same as the one that got Peter. It is however a different mob led by Gangster Jack, who intends to use Grabowski as a dishwasher. Grabowski however is too agile and clever to be controlled by the dastardly gangster.

Kirby vs. King Koopa

Kirby, Tiff and Tuff are still stuck in the mysterious island, when a storm breaks out. Tuff notices a castle in the island they could spend the night in until storm ends. However the castle is owned by King Koopa, now donning the disguise of Count Koopula. With the help of Tweeter Bat and Mouser, he plans to get rid of Tiff and Tuff so Kirby could be his prisoner, and show he's just as capable as Bowser.

X Sonic vs. Protoman

Dr. Wily is planning to use his Robot Masters to attack MetroCity. Dr. Light believes that X Sonic could take care of the problem, as Megaman is still undergoing advancements. Dr. Wily however is expecting X Sonic's arrival, and Protoman insists to lead the attack against the Blue Blur.

Pikachu and Charizard vs. Dragonlord

Krusha has tasked Dragonlord to keep an eye on caged Pikachu. When Dragonlord is distracted, Pikachu sets himself free, but his escape doesn't go unnoticed. Dragonlord overpowers Pikachu quickly, and ends up hypnotizing him with his hypno necklace.

Mario's Faction vs. Kaptain Skurvy

Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Tails, Knuckles, DK and Diddy are traveling on Mario's old friend Captain Clump's ship to an island where portal of Mobius is supposed to be. However, they're surprised by evil pirate kremling Skurvy and his crew. Mario and his friends are ready to fight back against Skurvy, but don't know about Skurvy's souvenirs from Pokemon World.

Interlude 2:

- Gilthunder falls in front of Gargarensis' army. Gargarensis is impressed by Gilthunder's strength and asks for his help, claiming to be an ancient God looking to capture infidels. Gilthunder needs to discuss with other Royal Knights on the matter. Gargarensis sends Kemsyt to follow him.

- Count Duckula arrives in the Big City, hoping to locate Duckula castle. Nanny suggests going to Slurp City, where Avenger Penguins are currently staying. Marlon at first is shocked by the sight of the vampire duck, but Duckula insists he is a vegetarian.

- Mean Max hears from Bill and Bull that his cousin Gangster Jack has been killed in a fiery explosion of his restaurant. Ali Cat tells his spies have seen who killed him, which is supposedly a mouse. Furious Max swears revenge. Ali Cat suggests he will help him catch the thief if he joins his alliance. Max accepts the deal.

- Krusha is scolding Dragonlord over his failure of watching after Pikachu. Dragonlord promises he will be more active next time, to which Krusha replies there won't be next time, as he sends his recently captured Pokemon to fatally punish the Dragon.

Part 2


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 7 The Warzones Clash Part 2 of 3

Interlude 3:

- Head Angel, The Ruler of Heaven, has called Hemera and Raiden for a meeting. She states she has heard of "Ragnarok" being planned by Malmoth, stating if such thing is possible. Hemera states it is, and tells the origin of Malmoth. He was part of the Divine Fire of the Earth Gods, which Prometheus stole and gave it to humans. The remaining piece of Divine Fire was stomped on by the Eagle of Zeus, that piece gained sentience and transformed into Malmoth. Head Angel is worried about Malmoth possibly destroying the Realm she had been involved in creating, and sends the misbehaving angel, Nanael, to act as the assistant to the Three Gods. Nanael doesn't want any business with the fiery demon, preferring the comfort of Heaven. Hemera tells the panicking angel she doesn't have anything to worry about as she's immortal, but to stop Malmoth she has to step out of her comfort zone. Head Angel doesn't give her any more excuses, and releases her to Earth, with Raiden and Hemera following.

- Knight has called his old friend, Aikuro, to his office. Aikuro is curious why Knight invited him, to which Knight replies that the organization he works for, Battle Temple, has made an alliance with Revocs Corporation. Aikuro is baffled by the news, stating that it's the second bad news he's heard this week, first one being one of his students disappearing during a school trip. Knight is certain that they will be found.

Street Fighters vs. Anakaris

Escher, the leader of Street Fighters Organization, is worried about the continuing absence of Guile, and it's bringing the organization's competency down. He wants to make Chun Li the temporary mission leader until Guile is found. Chun Li is uncertain she will do the job justice, but Escher states she has no choice, as a pyramid has erupted in a nearby city, belonging to Bison's ally. In the pyramid, the Darkstalker Anakaris is receiving a powerful gem from Shadow Warriors, which will help him rule the Egypt again like he did a long time ago. Just then Chun Li breaks in with Blanka, kickstarting a fight against Sickle and Trigger Happy, and Anakaris is involved as well. Around the pyramid, Deejay and E. Honda are flying the helicopter to make sure there won't be outsider attacks. The attack ascends into a battle with high stakes, as Blanka is knocked out by Anakaris's mysterious powers, and Chun Li has to fight the demented mummy by herself. And haven't we seen that gem before?

Tenkai Knights vs. Scratch and Eggplant Wizard

Guren, Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa arrive to Quarton, where the Corekai guards welcome the heroes. However they're being spied on by Vilius's new acquisitions, Scratch and Eggplant Wizard of Videoland. Scratch is shocked to hear the voice of kids coming out of the supposed legendary tenkai knights. Eggplant Wizard ends up creating slimes to attack the heroes. When Tenkai Knights show their abilities against the slimes, Scratch decides to take the matters into his own hands.

Shobu Kirifuda vs. Dr. Mechado

Shobu has gotten back his motivation to challenge Skullmaster to a rematch, but when he comes to the fields, he no longer finds him anywhere. Instead Chris notices a mad scientist on a strange device. Doctor introduces himself as Dr. Mechado, who's looking to collect mana from Kaijudo cards to fuel his Combined Bomberman Making Machine. Shobu ends up challenging him, which Rekuta doesn't see as a wise move. Mechado is invested in a fight, but immediately starts off by cheating with his machine. Shobu has to use his cards wisely against the mysterious scientist, as Chris notices the Hige Hige Bandits snooping around the place. Will Shobu be the better man or will another villain steal his mana?

Sam and Max vs. Muggshot

Sam and Max have been assigned by Carmelita to go to Mesa City, where one of Interpol's most wanted criminals has recently been seen. They end up butting heads with the boss of the city, ruthless gangster dog Muggshot. Muggshot is not happy that police has intruded in his business and attacks the dog and his rabbit. Sam and Max believe he might be the criminal Carmelita was talking about and fight against him, but the duo doesn't know the real target of Carmelita is spying on the fight around the corner.

Avenger Penguins and Count Duckula vs. Binky the Clown's Gang

Binky The Clown spots Duckula on the street. The mad clown instantly believes the transylvanian vampire duck could bring him more ratings, and sends a fake patrolman Weevil after him. Weevil arrives to the street Duckula, his servants and their new friends the Avenger Penguins are in, claiming to take Duckula for custody. Duckula doesn't see the reason to arrest him as he is a foreign citizen, but Weevil doesn't want to give in easily. Marlon suspects Weevil might be working for RHPD, and tells the Duckula family to flee with them. As Weevil chases after them, Binky the Clown hires the greedy Trucker Bruce to go after them, stating he'll get 30% of the revenue he'll get from his show. Bruce goes after them in his monstrous truck, turning the chase even more dangerous for the heroic vampire duck and the motorcycling penguins.

Savage Dragon vs. Greasepit

Dr. Boris Karbunkle has broken into a scientific facility by Lawrence Limburger's command, but is suddenly stopped by Dragon. After defending himself against Dragon Karbunkle sends Greasepit to fight the freak cop while he escapes. Despite his stupidity, Greasepit proves to be a competent threat against Dragon, but no matter what is the end result, Karbunkle might just get away with whatever he was looking for in the facility.

Pro Stars vs. Overlord

Pro Stars have been called by Andrey Kalinin to a MITHRIL facility, where a young Whispered named Takuma Kugayama is being held captive. Kalinin has heard that Pro Stars are all about helping kids so he believes they could calm Kugayama down. The boy turns out to be less like the children Pro Stars have helped before and becomes manic when detecting Pro Stars presence. Things go from bad to worse when the facility's forces are attacked by Overlord, who has stolen a Mithril assault helicopter. Bo manages to bring down the copter, but Overlord has destroyed all of facility's defenses and carved his way directly to Kugayama. What does the leader of Vicious Circle want with the boy and are Pro Stars enough to stop him?

Part 3


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 7- The Warzones Clash Part 3 of 3

Interlude 4:

- Overlord shows Kugayama to Lawrence Limburger and Dr. McNamara. Kugayama states he's more interested to help GEZZAN than do anything with Mithril who were just keeping him as a prisoner. He also intends to call some of his friends so he could get his hands back on his special Arm Slave. Overlord is overjoyed and believes with Kugayama he can finally kill Dragon. Suddenly Dr. Karbunkle arrives with a canister of toxic mind control drug, which Limburger plans to use for his vaccines to brainwash IS students with. Overlord believes once they find Warhawk and Gauron, nothing can stop them.

- In distant planet Cybertron, Shockwave is contacted by Megatron, who commands him to open the space bridge so he can send Decepticon forces to Earth.

- Dr. Gori and General Skun-ka'pe have arranged a meeting at the edge of Tokyo 3 with Dr. Forrester and Maggie Thatcher. Thatcher reveals that their special item is...a banana. Skun-ka'pe and Gori are both offended by the notion, but Forrester suggests that since banana is such a silly item to turn into a monster, the NERV might not take it as seriously and send their weaker defenses against the monster, which gives them the chance to show monster's true power. Gori and Skun-ka'pe end up warming up to the idea and start planning the transformation.

- Mike Nelson is getting to know Joel's robots, when he suddenly passes across the other survivor of Cosmo Base explosion, Lou Roux. Nelson tries to cheer up by stating that her father was always proud of her, and now she can continue his legacy. Lou replies she wants to be alone. The two's convo is being eavesdropped on by another depressed pilot.

Gex vs. Velho

Gex is about to go on his mission to rescue Hugo the Troll, when the nasty and clever wizard Velho wants to test his latest invention on unsuspecting gecko. Velho ends up showing the wisecracking Gex just how dangerous the world outside TV and sofa is.

Tak vs. Papu Papu and Tikimon

Jibolba has a crystal in their possession, which he believes will keep the Pupanunu tribe at peace from invaders. They're wrong, as Papu Papu attacks the village with the intention of taking the crystal. Jibolba's apprentice Lok attempts to fend off the invaders but is stormed by the tribesmen. Tak saves Lok, but Papu Papu summons Totem God Tikimon to deal with the young shaman. But who is keeping an eye on the crystal?

Leo and Celvice with Jehuty vs. Major Merc

Ratchet assigns Leo and Celvice to find Clank, who the pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay stole. The couple in their Orbital Frame start looking for the little robot when they run into an american military base. Major Merc, who has somehow gained a growth potion, now attacks the advanced cybersuit with his soldiers, and prove to be a bigger match for them.

Shinji Ikari vs. Megatron

Geofront detects the incoming attack of Decepticon forces to Tokyo 3, as they prepare up the city defenses. The ammunition has no effect on Megatron and his forces, so they send Shinji on EVA Unit 01 against him. At the same time, Shinji's classmates Kensuke Aida and Toji Suzuhara are climbing to the nearby hill to get some video footage of the fight against Megatron. While the Decepticon Fliers are easily taken out, the leader proves to be a dangerous foe to Shinji. Has the Evangelion's time come at the merciless hands of Megatron, and are Kensuke and Toji safe in the edge of the battlefield?

Anna Aoi vs. Atomic Banana

Dr. Gori ends up merging the banana he received from Thatcher and Forrester with radioactive waste, transforming it into Atomic Banana, a colossal monster. Anna Aoi is sent by NERV to deal with the banana, but it turns out to be a lot tougher than expected, much like Forrester predicted.

Bobby's Flashback

Lopaka asks Bobby about how he ended up in the island. Bobby tells that he was with his parents in an expedition in Antarctica, where he encountered a funny-looking penguin. At the same time, the evil snowman Arktos was testing his new weapon's capabilities and launched a giant snowball at expedition's direction, where Bobby and Pingu ended up falling into the ocean, and separate from their family.

Interlude 5

- Whitey Hooten, an ally of Julius Upton and an old enemy of Rex, tells Dogati and Humsin that the door to Valhalla is about to be opened by the heroes from the other world, where the Fountain of Youth is located. Dogati tells that since he's leading a caravan of soldiers and natives, he will be coming late. Their conversation is eavesdropped on by Tabaluga, who is familiar with Humsin and knows his new human allies are up to no good. Just then he gets an idea from Happy how to keep one of them at bay.

- Anthony, Bela, Stina, Heinrich, Rex Chance and Lucy Willing have finally reached the gates of Valhalla. They are being watched by two dwarves, Brokk and Eitri. Rex notices the two intruders and asks what they are after. The dwarves tell they need the heroes help, but Cole states they're busy right now and will help them later.

Tabaluga vs. Dogati:

Dogati is on his way to Valhalla with Colonel Bockner, when Tabaluga ends up giving the two trouble, scaring away the natives carrying their caravans, and disabling them from continuing.

Skirmish in Valhalla:

The heroes have finally reached Yggdrasil, where Fountain of Youth is located. Heinrich ends up racing to the fountain, and reveals his true nature by greedily drinking it and turning into a monstrous humanoid. Unfortunately Humsin and Whitey are also launching their attacks at the same time. At the same time while Cole, Bela and Stina are dealing with the SEAS allies, Heinrich shows his new powers to Rex and Lucy, who thankfully have their armies with them.


- Caractacus P. Doom plans to steal Thievius Raccoonus, an ancient guidebook for thievery, to give UniCri Inc advantage over GEZZAN. He sends Clockwork Delorange to hatch a plan to get it.

- Savage Dragon comes to the Street Sharks doorstep to ask them for help against GEZZAN, but the sharks aren't interested in helping him especially since police is after them, and would rather have luxury life in their base.

- Aku Aku, Crash and Coco run into Tak, Lok, Jibolba, Ty, Ty's mentor Maurie and Kay. Witch doctor mask warns of strange happenings around the island, which other jungle heroes also have experienced, believing that it is connected to crystals. Aku Aku tells Coco to update her Crystal Finder, so that all jungle heroes can start looking for them.

- Cortex shows his allies the crystal he stole from the Pupanunu, but it shows the heroes teaming up much to the villains disgust. Boss Cass sends a minion of his to take care of them.

- Munenori and Voltan assign Dr. Akatsuki and rest of Manyuu family to capture certain rebels running around the continent to the Holy Knights prison.

- Hemera tells Keizo Amano to go beyond the ocean, much to his shock, but Hovernyan goes in his place. Hemera tells him to find the children Keizo saved from Grandis earlier, as it is necessary in the road of fate.

- Sonic is getting exasperated at his search for Tails, but ends up finally finding his fox friend from the shore, with a group of strangers and Knuckles. Tails convinces Sonic to trust them, for they have helped him. Sonic only needs to go back to Sally and his siblings so that they have a large enough faction to take on the evil.

- In Palace of Power, King Koopa shows that he has captured Kirby, impressing Mother Brain but not Bowser. Alternate Dr. Wily suggests Kirby could be used to give Cyberskull a physical body, as he seems to pack quite a lot of power. Koopa likes the idea.

- Peter No-Tail has ended up in a street corner where Garfield, Odie, Snoopy and Woodstock have been resting since they ate. Snoopy is scared he has to deal with another cat, but Peter is eager to make friends with the two. Garfield on the other hand is disappointed to have another dragalong on their group.

- Orson and his friends encounter Strong Bad, who has been locked up by Fawn Doe, which makes the farm animals to set the wrestleman and his yellow dog free. Orson mentions his place was destroyed by a dragon, which raises Strong Bad's suspicion.

- Street Fighters finally arrive to the Kombat Base, but Kombanants don't get along with them, what's going on?

- A couple of Park Rangers are approached by an old hunter named Gohei Takeda who wants to get rid of the monstrous bear Akakabuto that has been going on a rampage in their park. Rangers don't want an old, fragile man to do their hunting for them, and have instead hired Lord Victor Quartermaine and Monty Muzzler to find a way to get rid of the beast. Takeda doesn't believe the two have the best interests in mind though.

- Malmoth welcomes Loki to his alliance of rebellious Gods, composed of Poseidon, Isis and Moloch. However, Louhi, the Ruler of Pohjola, is furious she's been left out of the group. To get accepted, she shows them that Head Angel has made her first move in the war. Malmoth and other Gods believe the little angel could be useful to secure them their victory.

Round 8: The Videolympics

Part 1


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 8 The Videolympics Part 1 of 3


- I. M. Meen wants to introduce his prisoners to The Master of Dark Cult, but The Master isn't interested. However, he is interested in the labyrinth itself as he senses great evil vibrating from it. Meen states only he has the key to the labyrinth, Master promises to use his condo as a portal to the labyrinth. However, he tells his minion Torgo to steal the book whenever possible.

- The leader of the Smoggies, Mrs. Emma is miserable over the fact that Polluto and Clarence failed yet again to find something to make her younger, but the Smoggies get the attention of evil octopus Dexter. He introduces himself to the group, and Emma is joyed again when he realizes he could get the magic coral with the help of talking octopus.

- Ban and Hawk the Slayer split up after escaping, as both men are looking to reunite with their old allies.

- The DreadZone Escapees make it to Haven City, where Jak introduces others to his allies, Samos, Keira and Torn. Samos is not pleased as they have more suspicious faces to look after when Praxis is about to return to the city. Torn tells that Guybrush and Vexx are the normal looking enough to sneak outside the city to activate the secret gateway so that Spyro, Rayman and Twinsen have a safe place to stay in during Baron's visit. Guybrush is iffy about taking the job but Jak believes he has great potential as a freedom fighter.

- Sally and other Knothole residents come ask X Knuckles, who they mistake for their Knuckles, what happened to Sonic. Not wanting to admit he thinks he killed Sonic, he says he was captured. Sally and the group decide to form their own rescue team.

- Sam Speed attempts to lure Muhammad Ali and Mr. T to join RHPD, but they're not interested in taking part in such an oppressive operation. A younger member of RHPD is spying on the discourse.

Grumpa's Father vs. Captain LeFwee

A young ladybug boy named Grumpa and his friend Nokkeli wake up after his father rushes in the huts and informs him about invading pirates. Grumpa's father recalls how he ambushed the greedy captain LeFwee, who wanted to make everyone in the island his slaves. However their sword fight was interrupted by an even worse pirate. Now Grumpa has to save his people as his father's dying wish. 

Snoopy vs. Hubert and Ralph the Dogcatcher

Snoopy and Woodstock are taking a nice break in the fields when their break is interrupted by a nasty dog who bites Snoopy in the tail. After Snoopy threatens her with a headbutt, the dog runs to her owner, the angry ol' Hubert. Snoopy and Woodstock end up in a rat race with the old coot, who has some vengeful ideas to deal with the spotty beagle and yellow bird.

Homestar Runner vs. Torgo

Homestar Runner is looking for a place he and Pom Pom can stay at over the night, only to bump into strange man named Torgo in front of an equally strange house. After convincing the man to take him home, bad things start happening. 

Orson and friends vs. Victor Quartermaine’s Dogs

Victor Quartermaine sends his hunting dogs, Philip, Preston, Poochy-woo and Tinky-wee, to practice their hunting skills against Akakabuto by hunting down a group of wild farm animals, actually homeless Orson, Roy, Wade, Booker and Sheldon looking for Trogdor. Quartermaine’s bloodhounds scare the group in a barn, resulting in a wild dog chase, not without its own imaginative twists seeing as Orson is involved.

Hector and Niceman vs. JW Muller

Hector is called on duty to try to negotiate with a strange scientist, who has been working together with a faction of freaks known as The Klaww Gang. Niceman makes fun of Hector believing he could do better job but they are interrupted by Muller's minion Ivan killing one of the police officers and taking Hector to see the doctor. Then Muller's real motivation is revealed as he intends to do an experiment on the Fat Arse of the Law!

Mr. T and Muhammad Ali vs. Putana

Mr. T is getting ready to leave the Big City with his protege Woody Daniels, when Woody is distracted by a tall beautiful woman named Putana who invites him on her suite. When Ali goes to look for him, he and Mr. T are attacked by a group of ninjas. What is the motivation of Putana and who sent her?

Interlude 1:

- Hector wakes up in the basement, having survived the fire somewhat. However he hears two members of Klaww Gang demanding JW Muller to help them finding the parts of “Clockwerk”. Hector is not happy he has got another big case ahead of him.

- Weasel is about to steal the chickens from burninated Orson’s Farm, when he runs into three nasty pig brothers, Mort, Gort and Wart. They decide to form an alliance.

- Mako pressures Ryuko to talk with Sousuke, Ryuko asks Sousuke if he knows if Satsuki Kiryuin is guilty of her father’s murder. Sousuke doesn’t know, but stops her from going on her own, because there have been many individuals who have tried to assassinate her, likely on Satsuki’s command. Ryuko is willing to sacrifice her wellbeing even if it meant avenging her father. Suddenly Rambo arrives, and suggests that he could bring Satsuki to Ryuko. Ryuko agrees to the idea.

Rambo vs. Satsuki Kiryuin

Rambo arrives to Honnoji Academy, but Satsuki has been expecting Rambo’s arrival. The war veteran takes on the tyrannical school president, and if Satsuki loses she will be arrested by the Force of Freedom but if Rambo loses Honnoji Academy will wage war on the faction. Satsuki’s mysterious junketsu kamui uniform proves to be her weapon of choice giving Rambo’s pure strength and manpower a real challenge. 

Ichika Orimura vs. The Iron Suit

Dr. McNamara introduces Lawrence Limburger to the Iron Suit, a mechanical marvel possibly more powerful than an IS unit or Arm Slave. Limburger decides to test it on his favourite punching bag, Ichika, who is at the combat field, training miserably. The dense student and his girls however are interrupted by Iron Suit, who immediately attacks Ichika, with Greasepit reporting to the big wigs. Despite being slow, Iron Suit proves to be very strong and very durable against Ichika’s attacks. At the same time, a mysterious girl is following the battle…

Clash of Zaterra

Raiden informs Mortal Kombanants and Street Fighters that the gem that Chun Li took from Anakaris is actually the Gem of Tetsurri, a gem known for making the hearts of whoever comes in contact with it black. He recommends the others to go the Zaterra to destroy it, but also be careful and not get into arguments. The two factions make it to the strange realm, but the sorcerer Quan Chi has also arrived. When the factions arrive to the chamber of the gem, the Mortal Kombanants don’t want the Street Fighters to destroy the gem, which causes the tension between two factions to escalate into a full-blown battle, just like how the Shadaloo Dojo intended. Will there be anyone who could put an end to the battle and destroy the gem?

Part 2


Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever Round 8 The Videolympics Part 2 of 3

Interlude 2:

- As Mortal Kombanants and Street Fighters flee Zaterra, Guile regrets the actions he did when he was under the control of Gem of Tetsurri.

- Meanwhile, Lee Brothers reunite and discover a power inside them is showing that Jimmy was meant to be good all along.

- Misato is scolding Shinji for not listening to her during his battle with Megatron. They’re interrupted by two new NERV employees, George Gamo and Spike Witwicky. Misato is irritated by their snoopiness and leaves.

- Optimus Prime tells Gendo about their background, Gendo tells Fuyutsuki that the Autobots must also be disposed of if they stand in the way of SEELE’s plans.

Rayman vs. Gnasty Gnorc

Rayman and Globox are taking a stroll in the Dead Town of Haven City, when they’re attacked by one of the Corruptors of Magic, Gnasty Gnorc. Gnasty informs he must take Rayman back to DreadZone for his own safety. Rayman isn’t buying it and fights Gnasty for his freedom. Meanwhile Globox discovers a strange potion.

Guybrush Threepwood and Vexx vs. Erol

Guybrush and Vexx are roaming the streets to get to the other city of Haven City, when they are approached by Erol and the Krimzon Guard, who wants to take Guybrush to Baron Praxis. Vexx tries to fight for his friend, only to be shot out of the picture by one of the guards. Guybrush is knocked out and taken to the Laboratory inside Baron’s fortress, where Praxis wants to test if humans can ingest Dark Eco so that once BAHRAM conquers Earth, they can be used as soldiers for the Dark Warrior Program. Guybrush is not enjoying it one bit, but thankfully help is on the way.

Crash Bandicoot vs. Dr. K and Sly Tiger

Crash and Aku Aku have started looking for crystals before someone else steals them, when suddenly they are attacked by Dr. K, his robot Kolossal and an evil tasmanian tiger working for Boss Cass Sly. K orders Sly to kill Crash. Stupid but heroic Bandicoot has to find a strategy to combat the tiger's powerful boomerangs, but this is not the first mutant animal or mad scientist he has faced.

Jetters Team vs. Agent Worms

White Bomber is starting to miss other Jetters team members, when suddenly he hears Shout and Gangu, two Jetters members calling for him. His reunion is interrupted by a grenade thrown by hostile anthropomorphic worm agents. White Bomber and rest of Jetters have to reunite in a battle against these strange worms. However White’s Earth members also get involved in this strange battle.

Interlude 3:

- Jetters and Tenkai Knights have gathered in Turtle Diner to get to know eachother better, when an older worm suddenly calls for them. White suspects he is associated with the agent worms they fought earlier, but he tells them he was actually glad the agents were disposed of as they were trying to steal his secret invention. Worm, introducing himself as Professor Worminkle, asks the Jetters and boys help in trying to look for ingredients for his world-improving invention. The two groups agree to help the old man.

Speed and Princess Lila vs. Dexter

It’s a peaceful day in Coral Island, but evil Dexter is spying on the resident Suntots, the arch enemies of the Smoggies and alleged keepers of the Magic Coral. Dexter tries to convince Suntots to make him their king or he will make the nearby volcano erupt. However Suntots aren’t buying his speeches. Dexter decides to show that he isn’t kidding around and sneaks to Mount Coral to remove a rock that’s preventing it from erupting. Quickly, the resident protectors of Suntot Town Speed and Princess Lila notice that something suspicious is going in the old volcano. However Speed and Lila can’t get there fast enough before Dexter has already managed to pull off the rock, meaning that dark days are awaiting Coral Island, and Suntots have to move out to survive.

Tarantula vs. Allosaurus

In the tropical part of the Parallel World, a giant mutated tarantula is strolling across the jungle to look for food, when she is attacked by a giant monstrous Allosaurus. A battle of the two abnormal beasts shall follow.

Ratchet vs. General Skun-ka’pe

Ratchet is still stuck in the Caribbean, waiting for Leo or Clank to return, when suddenly the familiar monkey spaceship lands on the island. Skun-ka’pe and his ape minions surprise Ratchet. Skun-ka’pe has heard of Ratchet, the legendary hero of Solana and Polaris galaxies, and asks him to help him invade Earth. Ratchet refuses to do anything with Skun-ka’pe, so he sends his ape minions to attack him. Although Ratchet has his arsenal to help him, he may need extra help to deal with the filthy space apes.

Autobots vs. Gokinosaurus and Nezubirdon

Dr. Gori has used the Monster Island to bring two monsters to life, the cockroach-like Gokinosaurus and two headed rat dragon Nezubirdon. NERV follows the birth of the monsters, and Optimus Prime promises to take care of the monsters with the help of Autobots. The Autobots attack with their best men to battle Gori’s ferocious mutants, and also prove their worth to NERV.

Interlude 4:

- Praxis is furious that the intruders fleed, when Count Veger arrives to the throne room and promises to start a search for the intruders

- In Dr. K's secret base, titular doctor is furious about his failure to stop Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Cortex feels that it's his fault as he recalls how he originally created Crash to be the general of his mutant army, but Crash became stupid as the result of failed experiment and Cortex has been thwarted time and time again since. Boss Cass suggests trying to create a new Bandicoot warrior since he now has the help of several scientists and sorcerer's. Cortex sends Velho to fetch his army and a few blueprints.

- Dr. Forrester, TV's Frank and Maggie Thatcher have moved to the secret underground base Terminal Dogma, located 2 kilometers below GeoFront. Forrester is fixing an old abandoned elevator when Frank screws up and sends Forrester plummeting down to the deepest level of NERV Headquarters. There, Forrester is greeted by a truly horrifying sight.

Part 3


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 8 Videolympics Part 3 of 3

Interlude 5:

- Cole, Stina and Bela have made it back to real world...in 1890’s. Now they have to start looking for answers

- Tomoe and her loyal ally, Shizuka, have arrived in Egypt to ask help from a mercenary leader Amanra, informing her that the Royal Knights might target Egypt next once they’ve conquered Europe. Amanra agrees to help them.

- Chifusa and Kaede continue their journey, when they hear a loud sound near them, turns out the bratty angel has fallen nearby.

Leina Vance vs. Ana

Leina is getting ready to continue her journey, as Arkantos is curious about and her past. Suddenly, a group of monsters led by two robot girls ambush them. The more aggressive one, Ana, accuses Leina of fleeing her kingdom as Dr. Akamashi his forces took it over. Leina is personally attacked, and recognizes Akamashi as her old enemy. She tries taking on his forces but they prove too strong for her. Arkantos has to take care of Akamashi’s beasts while Leina faces off against the multifunctional robot girl.

Chifusa, Kaede and Nanael vs. Minotaur

Poseidon has arranged a meeting with the Mother of Monsters, Echidna, to ask for her help in the war against Heaven. Meanwhile the two japanese travelers are getting to know Nanael, when giant monster Minotaur ambushes them. Chifusa and Kaede try their best to fight against the beast, but Minotaur proves to be superior. Nanael decides to lend her helping heavenly hand and prove her worth.

Mighty Max and Clementine vs. Zombie LeChuck

Nadia, Jean, King, Max, Virgil, Norman, Clementine and Helice are still stuck at sea, when a spanish galleon passes them by. Clementine and Max’s crew climb to it only to find it abandoned. Suddenly they are attacked by the zombie of monstrous pirate LeChuck, who intends to conquer it for himself. Max and Clementine end up having to show their bravery in the battle against the undead buccaneer. However, an alleged sea monster lurks nearby…

Cole, Stina and Bela vs. Grandis and the Boys

The three Parallel World heroes are trying to continue their quest and get back to Parallel World, but Grandis has survived the attack in Paris and chases after them, believing them to be rich. Since the trio doesn’t have their armies with them they are pretty much screwed, until Bela finds an abandoned plane they could use to escape. They manage to escape Grandis, but a new evil lurks just in the next island…

Knothole Heroes vs. Blocky

Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Manic and Sonia are sneaking their way through the Mobian Forest. Sonia blames Sally for not following Sonic earlier and letting him get captured, when suddenly their argument is interrupted by a sudden speeding car, belonging to King Dedede and Escargoon, who are planning to chop down the forest for a new country club. Sally wants it to be stopped immediately, and the Knothole Heroes try surrounding Dedede, but Dedede releases the giant stone monster Blocky against them. Who will triumph?

Interlude 6:

- N-Team has settled to Hyrule Castle to figure out a plan to take back Palace of Power. Suddenly Mother Brain calls the group, suggesting they take part in Videolympics and take on Mother Brain's team. If N Team win they get Palace of Power back, but if they lose they will be arrested and executed. The N Team decide to take on Mother Brain's challenge.

- Pac Man has taken Earthworm Jim to his house while Pac Man leaves to participate in Pac Bowl, but Jim is arrested by the police for being a criminal. Pac-Man promises to help release him.

- Tuff is still running to look for help, he bumps into Meta Knight, who agrees to help Tuff save Kirby and Tiff.

- The Videoland Villains really hold Videolympics to unleash Cyberskull on the N-Team and destroy them, with King K. Rool and both Doctor Wily's getting ready to let the virus possess Kirby. Mezmeron, the menace of Pac-Land, has also officially joined the faction.

Videolympics Part 1:

The N-Team get ready to take on the Videoland Villains team on several different sports, including greco tag team wrestling, steeplechase, shotput, diving and chariot racing. Meanwhile Pac-Bowl is also being held.

Kirby and Meta Knight vs. Doctor Wily's

The Wily's and K. Rool are getting ready to activate the generator to unleash virus, but Alternate Wily is constantly being distracted by Tiff. Suddenly, Meta Knight and Tuff barge in to save Kirby. Alternate Wily still insist on going through the operation. Will Cyberskull virus be released?

Videolympics Part 2:

Videolympics continue, while Pac-Man and Jim have reunited and are now looking for Jim’s suit, and now Alternate Megaman has gotten involved with the Videolympics, not to mention all the other chaos going around. Is N-Team doomed or will they be able to stop the Videoland Villains evil plan from coming to fruition?


- The Videolympics Survivors are coming back to the stage, they believe that all hope is lost until they meet Blade Knight and Sword Knight. Survivors agree they need the help from all Videoland Realms in order to stop Mother Brain.

- Mithril Force of Freedom discuss Honnoji Academy waging war against Mithril. Tessa believes Satsuki did it so that they would be distracted from going after GEZZAN, confirming Academy as an ally to the terrorist organization. Suddenly, Aikuro arrives to Tuatha De Danaan, claiming to be able to help to deal with the Honnoji forces. Ryuko offers to go after GEZZAN criminals much to others surprise. All the Freedom fighters are ready to put their stakes in the game.

- Elizabeth Liones tries to call for Meliodas, only to find him from the ground wounded and fainted. The culprit isn’t too far behind.

- Kemsyt has found two new allies from Egypt, demonic Venom and deceitful Menace.

- Victor Quartermaine is contacted by his boss Mr. Stealmore, who tips the egoistic lord that giant footsteps have been found from Chicago countryside, which might belong to Akakabuto, Quartermaine is already on his way.

- Marquis De Singe’s experiments are interrupted by General Skun-ka'pe who is pretending to be a benevolent outer space diplomat. However he notices Ratchet’s companion Clank in Marquis’s domain, and decides to form an alliance with the human.

- Gnasty Gnorc tries to escape Haven City only to encounter Gol and Maia Acheron, who suggest Gnasty could help them to collect dark eco. They show Gnasty some of their allies, including crimelord Krew, megalomanic aliens Gleeber and Lunk and the Emperor of Technomites Otto Destruct, to convince him.

- Satsuki Kiryuin has arranged a meeting between present members of GEZZAN and the Elite Four of Honnoji Academy. Limburger also has a special guest to show Satsuki.

- In the reprogrammed Palace of Power, Mother Brain declares herself the Supreme Ruler of Videoland. Dr. Eggman tells the mad brain that she is only a ruler in name only until she has acquired the most powerful artifacts in Videoland, Chaos Emeralds.

Round 9: Nowhere's Safe

Part 1


Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever Round 9 Nowhere's Safe Part 1


- Keel Lorenz has called Gendo to a meeting with SEELE, wanting to discuss the new additions to NERV’s ranks as well as the next step in the battle.

- Guybrush demands to know how will he get back to Earth. The other former gladiators help Samos, Keira and others catch up.

- The Mother Brain-opposing leaders of Videoland have gathered together in Mobotropolis with the wisest to discuss the possibility of rebelling against Videoland Villains, suddenly, the survivors of Videolympics arrive to the meeting. Link tells King Harkinian Zelda has disappeared, much to his horror. Earthworm Jim however reunites with his team, and is confident they can together take on the villains. The Professors begin working on a portable warp zone to unite the other heroes better.

- Shadow Warriors come back to Shadaloo Dojo, stating that they didn't find a trace of Quan Chi after the destruction of the gem. Three masters are furious about losing an important member of the faction. Just then Kano arrives, telling that inside Dragon Dojo is a box with the remains of a sorcerer even greater than Quan Chi. The three villains strike a new plan to invade the Dojo.

- The Suntots move to the Island of the Melehouni, where the Chief welcomes the newcomers Mrs. Emma finds out and is less than pleased.

- Keita and David and their companions have landed in a mysterious island, Ayerton decides to leave the group there for he is not good at raising children. Just then Lady Caline and agrees to take the children into her care. Sandy and Pip don’t find her trustworthy however

- Mr. White meets the resident scientist of Jetters Dr. Ein, as well as Professor Worminkle, who reveals he needs parts to build a time machine. Mr. White is more than glad to help him, when suddenly the Tenkai Knights are called to Quarton, when Cubix wants to go there instead.

Chaos at the Magic Labyrinth

With Flux, Drew, Gast, Pajama Sam and Homestar inside the magic labyrinth, I. M. Meen decides to release the various monsters in his labyrinth at him.

Pingu vs. Snork

Pingu has wandered to the ski resort located in the mountains, when suddenly he encounters Snork. Snork agrees to help Pingu only if he beats him in a skiing competition. Pingu proves to be surprisingly good in the dangerous race, which upsets the arrogant Snork.

Serendipity and Bobby vs. The Smoggies

Serendipity and Bobby are roaming the island when they find The Smoggies spying on the island. The Dinosaur-Boy Duo decide to spy back on Smoggies’ ship, Stinkypoo. When Bobby sneaks inside the ship as Smoggies are taking a nap, Bobby finds out that the Smoggies have captured Peela-Peela the Bird of Paradise. When Bobby tries to let the bird free, he accidentally wakes up Polluto and soon the Smoggies are after the boy!

Allan Quartermain vs. The Scorpion

Allan and Jesse have escaped the Dustriders and finally arrived to Greenland, when they encounter a giant scorpion that intends to hunt them. The explorers now have to dodge the attacks of it, but the scorpion is more intelligent than it appears.

Cubix vs. Slyger

Cubix decides to take matters in Quarton into his own hands, much to the surprise of Commander Beag. Regardless Cubix has to save a Dragon Cube from the hands of a Corrupted battalion led by the psychotic Slyger. The strange physics of Quarton may prove too much for Cubix, or will he learn a way to control it and fight the Corrupted?

Terry Bogard, Ryu and Ken vs. Motaro

Ryu and Ken are interested to meet the allies of Terry to help them, when suddenly they’re attacked by a group of Centaurians from Outworld, led by Motaro. The powerful beasts attack the expert fighters.

Double Dragons vs. M. Bison

Billy and Jimmy Lee have returned to Dragon Dojo, when suddenly the dojo is attacked by M. Bison, although the brothers have the power of Double Dragon on their side, Bison will not stop at anything in order to get what Shadaloo Dojo needs.

Jak and Daxter vs. Nitrous Oxide

Jak and Daxter are taking a stroll through Haven City, when suddenly they’re approached by the strange alien N. Oxide, who claims to be the fastest racer in the galaxy, Jak agrees to challenge the alien.

Spyro and Twinsen vs. Reflux the Knaaren

Spyro and Twinsen have arrived in the Haven City deserts, only to find two helpless old men about to be attacked by Knaarens, strange zombie-like entities. As soon as Spyro and Twinsen interfere, the leader of the Knaarens, Reflux challenges the group to a battle. Spyro and Twinsen end up showing off their skills against Reflux, and impress the two old men.

Attack in the Shrine

In a Hinomoto shrine, Tomoe and other warrior priestesses are alert, as the shrine is also the temporary home of witch Zanthia, fisherwoman Oiso, escaped princess Alita Forland and Crow the Bow-wielding elf. Suddenly, the shrine is attacked by the Fallen Gods, with the intention of invading the shrine’s secret chamber and gain access to a powerful item. However, the priestesses and some of shrine’s guests are willing to fight back in order to stop the Gods.

Interlude 1:

- Tomoe recalls the events of that fateful night to Amanra, Amanra believes they have to restore Osiris to stop the Fallen Gods rampage.

- The Scorpion is minding it’s own business after escaping the encounter with Tarantula, when it is suddenly surrounded by giant wolf-spiders. Upton Julius and Dr. Ganglion capture the unusually intelligent scorpion for their own plans.

- Terry Bogard reunites with his friends Joe Higashi and Mai Shiranui, they do not trust Ryu and Ken however. Ryu believes they may have to take them to Guile.

- Clementine recalls her last moments with Max, Norman, Virgil, Nadia and Jean before they sunk into the ocean, is this the end of them?

Part 2


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 9 Nowhere is Safe Part 2

Interlude 2:

- Shinji, Misato and others are arriving on the military warship fleet headed for the Pacific, not knowing that Dr. Gori and Karas are once again lurking on them.

- Dr. Cortex wants to leave the crystal in K’s base while he and Dr. K go see Velho’s progress of reuniting Cortex’s minions. Dr. K asks him who would guard the crystal, and Cortex suggests his niece, Nina, could do it.

- Gromit has escaped, when he hears the criminals working for UniCri Inc planning to attack in the local museum, where the Cooper Gang is also supposed to strike, so they could fetch Thievius Raccoonus for Caractacus P. Doom, but Dr. M doesn’t trust Doom’s plans to advance his own plans of attacking the mysterious Cooper Vault. The other criminals however are more loyal to Doom, so he abandons the mission. Harry Slime asks what they will do now without the Doom, but Defacely Marmeister has an idea to hire smaller criminals as well as the bumbling inventor to aid them. Gromit hears all this and wonders if this could lead him to Wallace.

Garfield vs. Mean Max

Snoopy, Peter No Tail and Garfield are resting, when Mean Max, Bill and Bull arrives to deal with invaders in his turf. The stray cat tries to bully Garfield, which he doesn’t like, trying to take Max down on a fight, but he quickly realizes he is in trouble.

Gex vs. Nina Cortex

Gex is sneaking by when he notices the crystal guarded by the goth cyborg Nina. He tries to take it but Nina notices the gecko and attacks him.

Ty vs. Boarax

Maurie and Ty come to talk with Julius, who has been working on a new gizmo to help finding crystals. However, he needs a thunder egg in order to finish it, so he asks Ty to get one from a portal leading to the home of the wild hog Boarax, who once stole a thunder egg. Ty complies and faces off against the raging boar with his own skills.

Asuka and Shinji vs. Mimetic Beast

Second child Asuka Langley Sohryu brags to Shinji about Unit-02 when suddenly the ship armada is attacked by a beast deep within the Pacific, a powerful mimetic beast. Asuka and Shinji have to pilot Unit-02 together in order to protect the world from the beast, but Dr. Gori and Karas are following the fight from the sidelines.

Skirmish in the Forest

Victor Quartermaine has hired a faction of hunters to help him kill Akakabuto, while at the same time on the other side of the forest Daisuke is showing Gin his new bow. When Quartermaine’s faction travels through the forest, they notice a horde of stray dogs nearby, possibly after Akakabuto as well. Meanwhile, Gin quickly notices a trio of food stealing pigs Mort, Gort and Wart and attacks them. The pigs and the dog don’t need to battle for long, when Quartermaine’s faction reaches the area and are not in the mood to deal with competition.

Mario and Luigi vs. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard

On their journey to find Chaos Emeralds, the bumbling minions of Mother Brain run into Mario and Sonic’s faction. They decide to trap the quick hedgehog so he wouldn’t come in their way, but Mario and Luigi try to divert them away by escaping with a raft, a weird battle occurs among the roaring rapids!

Pichu Brothers vs. Bob the Killer Goldfish

Pichu Brothers have somehow found themselves away from Big Town into city of Terlak, where Bob the Killer Goldfish is preparing his newest sermon. Pichu Brothers heckle him, but Bob sends his cat minions after them in hopes of eating them for dinner. The brothers have to use their wit to flee the rude cats.

X Sonic vs. Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Wily shows Dr. Robotnik footage about Sonic sabotaging his plans earlier. Robotnik is shocked to see Sonic much bigger and evolved, and wants to take on him. He sends Scratch and Grounder to lay a trap for him, but as usual it fails, leading to Robotnik having to take destroying this alternate Sonic on his own hands.

Ryuko Matoi vs. Black Dragon

A group of ninjas have been called to the Honnoji Academy tower, turns out they and their leader Black Dragon have been hired by Lawrence Limburger to assassinate Ryuko Matoi. Satsuki sends the group on their mission, but Ryuko is used to being ambushed at this point and takes on the evil ninjas by using her kamui forms.

Robocop vs. Dragonsmasher

Dr. McNamara tells Shiro Iori and Hoka Inumuta about Robocop’s past of originally being Alex J. Murphy before he was shot on duty. He warns that Robocop is the strongest member of the Force of Freedom and recommends that Elite Four deal with him early on, but Houka states that Satsuki has forbidden them from taking part in the war until further notice. Shiro suggests using the robot Mechanology Club constructed known as Dragonsmasher. Robocop and Lewis are invited that same day to Honnoji Academy grounds to take on the brutal robot, who proves to be a tougher foe than expected.

Biker Mice from Mars vs. Street Sharks

Biker Mice from Mars have driven their friend Charley to the bank, while the Street Sharks are enjoying hamburgers. The Street Sharks look at the Biker Mice with bad eye, but things escalate when the Mice soak them by accident, after which Sharks are ready for a war against the bikers.


Ryuko settles down in Sousuke's apartment after a crazy day. She wants to use Sousuke's bath to wash herself after a crazy, dangerous week. Sousuke tries to focus on work while Ryuko enjoys herself. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and behind the door is Kaname Chidori, who wants to apologize to him. Sousuke however realizes he might be in trouble when Kaname tries to get in the apartment.

Clash at the Museum

Sly and the Cooper Gang are planning to ransack the local Natural Museum, but they don’t know Clockwork Delorange, Defacely Marmeister and Harry Slime alongside their new criminal allies and Wallace are on the other side preparing for the attack, Marmeister intends to use Wallace and the Wrong Trousers to steal the Thievius Raccoonus while other villains steal whatever they can find, Unknown to both criminal gangs, two police forces are on patrol around the museum.


Sam, Max and Carmelita have been captured by the order of RHPD, and Ostap Tarasich rewards Commissioner Tayers for his brave efforts, but two members of RHPD are disliking the direction faction is going.

Count Duckula and Avenger Penguins meet a guy named Stanley and his grandfather. the Penguins and Duckula are on the run and need a safehouse. Stanley suggests he could take them to the youth center which the group accepts. Stanley isn’t without an odd secret though.

A boy named Charlie Brown is depressed as his dog Snoopy has been missing for two weeks, he overhears two kids Toriyasu and Meeko argue about their missing dog Papadoll. Charlie offers to help find Papadoll if she helps finding Snoopy.

X Sonic brings his friends to Dr. Light’s lab and introduces them to Roll. She hopes Mega Man can be found with the help of this crew.

Captain Clump and Toad are spying on a conversation with Kaptain Skurvy and his new pirate allies, The Phantom and Long John Slither. Skurvy teases them to find the greatest treasure of them all.

Cortex and Dr. K arrive to Velho’s domain, where he shows them all Cortex’s minions together.

Meanwhile on his secret base, General Warhawk checks on his scientist ally’s Dr. Hyde’s new scientist faction.

Shadow Master resurrects the ancient sorcerer from the bones M. Bison stole, the sorcerer known as Shang Tsung.

Menace and Venom have found Leina Vance, and now intend to brainwash her into their slave. However, Menace and Venom do not share the same goal.

Jarvis Babbit arrives in Neo Atlantis to discuss a potential alliance between them and SEAS, knowing that the forces of their enemies are growing stronger. Gargoyle is willing to join forces as long as they help collaborating on Neo Atlantis science.

Caractacus P. Doom is mad at Clockwork Delorange for failing in his mission and abandoning him, and states if he ever sees him again he’s fired. Ninja was able to find something from the museum however, a mechanical heart. Soon mechanical heart projects a strange figure with an offer.

Krusha is enamored by Cyberskull, but his adoring is interrupted by a villain from another Videoland realm.

SEELE tells Kaworu Nagisa he’s ready to leave the Moon, and give him an old orbital frame model Dolores. However Kaworu’s “roommate” is quite jealous and leaves with him.

Round 10: Grand Game of Pettiness

Part 1


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 10- Grand Game of Pettiness Part 1 of 4


- Mother Brain has a discussion with other Videoland Villains regarding their plan to find Chaos Emeralds. 

- Ryuko is getting to know Kaname, who is mad that Sousuke is constantly lying to her. Ryuko ends up explaining her origins to the two in hopes of clearing the situation. Kaname admits she doesn’t care what’s going on between Sousuke and Ryuko, but Ryuko doesn’t like her. Sousuke tells the girls to calm down, and prepare for the next day.

- Thanks to Triforce of Wisdom, N Team, RS Megaman and Zelda are saved and taken to the Inner Centrum of Videoland, where all the world’s warps intersect. Megaman and Zelda are concerned how they can possibly find back to their worlds and stop Mother Brain, but Kevin has an idea, and ties everyone on a fishing rope, as they try to look for the right world.

- After losing to Snork and breaking his skis, Pingu is roaming around the dark forest, when he’s surrounded by blood thirsty wolves. Suddenly Arktos the Snowman appears and drives the wolves away. Arktos tries to convince Pingu he will take him to safety, but secretly he has cunning plans for the penguin.

- Elizabeth has taken Meliodas to the doctor, and she’s told about his strange injuries. Meanwhile, Brandon is strolling by as Elizabeth and Hawk believe they should stay at the town for the time being. Brandon comes to talk with the two, as Elizabeth becomes depressed about not being able to do anything to help him, and hopes that she had magical abilities too. Brandon might have an idea what could help heal Meliodas in time.

- Ratchet and Elaine find a crashed plane from the middle of the island, the plane has one survivor, one man named Brian Basco, Ratchet notices that near the plane is an old crashed spaceship that looks like one of his old ships. Ratchet wants to fix it, while Brian goes to look for something to help with.

Donkey and Diddy Kong vs. The Phantom

Donkey Kong and Diddy are trying to figure out a way they could get the Crystal Coconut back, when suddenly they’re attacked by The Phantom and his crew. The evil pirate from Pokemon World has heard DK is the keeper of the Crystal Coconut and wants to use him to get his hands on it. However, DK and Diddy don’t want to break the truth about the Coconut to these meddlesome pirates, and they probably don’t listen to reason anyway.

Mega Man vs. Dr. Eggman

Mega Man finds Eggman's Fortress through one of the warp zones, and breaks inside it in search of answers. Sneaking past the mad scientist he ends up discovering one of the Chaos Emeralds, believing it might be important. However, Eggman has his security system just in place to prevent his emerald being taken.

Kirby vs. Mezmeron

Dr. Wily still wants to capture Kirby, and reprogram him into a super soldier. He convinces Mezmeron to help him kidnap Kirby. Mezmeron thinks Kirby could be used to blackmail Pac-Man to reveal the location of Power Pellet Forest. Mezmeron sends his bumbling ghost minions after Kirby. Meanwhile, after escaping Cyberskull, Kirby, Tiff and Tuff have fled into a nearby forest, not knowing the Ghost Monsters and their boss are hunting after them.

Misty and Brock vs. Ganon

Misty and Brock are worried for Ash, who is still looking for Pikachu around a strange hazy forest. However, inside the secret warp zone comes the dark sorcerer Ganon, with the intention to conquer Pokemon World in the name of Mother Brain. The two Gym Leaders spot the sorcerer, and send their Pokemon to a battle against his minions. Ganon however seems to have several aces in his sleeve in case the battle doesn’t go his way.

Link vs. King Koopa

King Koopa launched an invasion of Hyrule Castle while Link was away looking for Zelda. Koopa wants to be the only King of Videoland and locks King Harkinian away in a dungeon. However Koopa is informed of Link’s arrival and sends the Koopa Pack to deal with him. Link fights Koopa Troopa's easily, but soon has to deal with a powerful minion of Koopa’s. However, help might not be too far away if odds are in Link’s favour.

Intermission 1:

- It’s a beautiful day in Pallet Town, Ash’s mother Delia is taking care of her garden as Professor Oak stops by. Suddenly, the beautiful day turns darker as eerie wind blows over the land and various Pokemon are getting very nervous. Oak is sure something is up. Turns out Ganon is kickstarting the Videoland Villains invasion of Pokemon World.

- Ash Ketchum is truly miserable, when suddenly a wizard named Mervin appears before him. Mervin tells Ash he is here to help him save his friends.

- Kid Icarus stumbles upon the Videoland Stadium and calls the rest of the N Team.

Rex Chance and Tabaluga vs. Giant Walrus

After their heist in Valhalla, Brokk and Eitri tell Rex and Lucy they still need their help to drive away the giant that has taken over their forge. When Rex reaches the area, they find the forge is guarded by a giant walrus. Rex’s impossible creatures are no match against the playful beast, but suddenly Rex is alerted by the appearance of Tabaluga, who fights off against the Walrus with his fire powers. Can the two scientists and the dragon work together to drive away the Walrus?

Moomintroll vs. Captain Smudge

Captain Smudge is sailing across the sea to find Paradise Island. The Machine informs him that an island full of strange creatures has been reported nearby. Smudge heads there and he sees strange creature, Moomintroll, on the shore, believing that he might be the resident of paradise island. Smudge gets to the island and tries to blackmail the location of the island off the little troll, but he’s got no clue. The old pirate has no patience for the boy, when Moominpappa arrives in time to save his son and try to fend Smudge away from the peaceful valley.

Thor vs. Chimera

Hades, lord of the underworld, has imprisoned Thor in the underworld for thousands of years for attacking other Gods. Suddenly, Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, flies back in his hands after being hidden in Parallel World. Hades tests Thor and summons Chimera to fight him. Chimera’s teleportation powers very easily deceive the Thunder God’s accuracy, but he soon finds a way to get out of his prison.

Elizabeth, Hawk and Brandon vs. The Snake Men

The town three medieval heroes are staying in is alerted by the appearance of strange hooded creatures who end up attacking the town. Brandon tries to fight one of the creatures, pulling back it’s hood and revealing it to be a snake. The snakes end up spewing their poisonous venom everywhere, corroding statues and buildings and poisoning Brandon. It is up to Princess Liones and the pig to stop the snakemen from removing the town off the map.

Rygar vs. The Mummy

Rygar finds Kemsyt from an abandoned greek temple, remembering him as the one who captured Princess Harmonia. Rygar challenges the nomad, but Kemsyt hasn’t got time to fight him, so he sends a giant, monstrous mummy to fight him instead. Mummy gives Rygar a challenge with his rolling attack, but now it is time for Rygar to put the powerful diskarmor to good use.

Intermission 2:

- A kind voice welcomes Nadia, Jean, Max, Virgil, Norman, Clementine and Helice to the submarine. They follow it and find Electra, who welcomes the stowaways and talks about the submarine, which is revealed to be Captain Nemo’s submarine Nautilus. 

- The group gets a room to stay in at Nautilus, but Nadia doesn’t trust Electra. Meanwhile, Clementine senses something stalking her.

- General Kordsmeier, the leader of U.S. Military Intervention in the Caribbean, has caught Captain LeFwee who has been roaming on his islands. LeFwee however believes the military has stolen his hidden treasure. Kordsmeier informs LeFwee he will give back his treasure if he helps him invade Flotsam Island, where alien invaders have been noticed. Greedy pirate agrees to help the General.

- Skun-ka'pe is planning to use Clank for his own dark plans after Marquis is done experimenting on him, when a sudden power outage gives Clank an opportunity to escape. Marquis blames Skun-ka'pe for Clank’s escape, as the two set out to go after him.

Clash in Flotsam Island:

- Ratchet, Elaine and Brian are alerted by a cannon, which causes a statue to collapse on top of her. Ratchet is kept busy by Major Merc’s forces, while Brian Bosco tries to look for another way. Elaine is rescued by Leo on Jehuty, but she is attacked by LeFwee.

- Meanwhile Clank is trying to escape when Skun-ka'pe and Marquis De Signe surround him. However, the two villains don’t trust eachother and are too busy bickering when Brian finds Clank. Who will make it out alive out of Flotsam Island?

Part 2


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 10- Grand Game of Pettiness Part 2 of 4

Intermission 3:

- At RHPD, Repomies reports to other cops about the recent crimewave plaguing the Big City, and assigns them to track down the stolen Heart of Clockwerk, which is supposedly important to Interpol. Tintin is certain that this assignment might be a distraction from the secret operations of Tarasich and Tayers.

- In the base of The Resistance, Twinsen and Spyro arrive from their most recent mission, leading to Samos starting to orchestrate the escape from the city. However, Count Veger drops in and tells he is here to arrest Guybrush due to him disobeying Baron’s orders. Other members of The Resistance protest his decision, but Veger refuses to back down and takes Guybrush with him by brute force. However, the two old men Twinsen and Spyro rescued are here. They introduce themselves as Darby and Kor and reveal they know a lot about Baron Praxis’s palace and how to break in there. The Resistance agrees to work with the men, and a big operation to rescue Guybrush is about to kick in.

-Donovan Baine travels to Transylvania and lets vampire hunter Dr. Von Goosewing know that his nemesis Count Duckula is still alive and currently lost in the Big City. Goosewing prepares his ammunition as he goes after the vampire duck.

- In Banipal Witt, Mean Max tells Teufel and Lady Buburina about his embarrassing defeat to two cats and a dog. Teufel calls his dealer Von Schwartz or “Blacky” who he hires to send his best gangsters after the rebelling menace. Meanwhile the transformed Jon follows from the sidelines.

- Biker Mice from Mars are arriving in their home garage, only to find Street Sharks waiting for them, ready for Round 2. The Biker Mice and the Sharks fight for quite a while until Charley arrives. Lena Mack and Bends also come to the scene, when Charley recognizes Lena. It turns out the two are old friends, and the two groups of mutants decide to bury their hatchet.

Koysti Poysti vs. Dimitri Lousteau

Koysti Poysti is walking by himself when he notices a shady figure walking by, the night club owner Dimitri Lousteau, who is fetching the wings of Clockwerk. Koysti confronts him aggressively, but Dimitri responds in his own bizarre way. Soon the confrontation escalates into a fight, with Dimitri using his strange abilities to try to deal with the puny pacifier-sucking cop inside the wrecked night club.

Biker Mice from Mars and Street Sharks vs. Ninja and Freak Biker Trio

Caractacus P. Doom calls Ninja and tells him Clockwerk’s Claws were seen in a package in nearby hotel. Ninja heads there and brings in a trio of female freak bikers to help. Meanwhile Biker Mice from Mars and Street Sharks notice a robbery taking place and go after the motorcycling quadrio. The ruthless freak bikers show no signs of stopping but Biker Mice are able to chase after the Ninja.

Avenger Penguins vs. Dr. Von Goosewing

Von Goosewing arrives in The Big City to hunt his nemesis Duckula down. Marlon and Rocky notice the vampire hunter aiming a gun at Duckula from his airship and decide to distract him. In anger, Goosewing proceeds to hunt down the allies of Duckula as the Avenger Penguins flee and try to lead Goosewing away from Duckula. Is Big City big enough to keep Goosewing and Duckula from crossing paths?

Kay vs. Tiny Tiger and Komodo Bros

Aku Aku and Kay find the next power crystal from nearby, when suddenly they’re ambushed by three of Cortex’s minions, large but dimwitted Tiny Tiger and the devious Komodo Brothers. Kay now has to show off his skills to protect the power crystal from falling into the hands of the bad guys.

Galilei vs. Scylla

Velho reveals to Scylla that a desolate island far away could host some crystals so Scylla could get to making her potion. Scylla decides to agree to attacking the island, much to Velho’s pleasure. Turns out the island is the Island of Lost Toys, where Galilei the dog and his friends are spending time. Scylla spies on them and believes she needs to get rid of Galilei, and sends a storm cloud to kidnap Galilei’s friend, Eveliina the Elephant. Galilei hears Eveliina’s cries of help as she’s taken by the storm cloud, and Scylla herself with her crocodile armies shows up in front of Galilei. Galilei and his little buddy Safka try to take on Scylla’s forces, but are they able to stop the evil witch?

Intermission 4:

- Female Bikers meet up with Defacely Marmeister and break into Dimitri’s night club to take Clockwerk’s Wings, only to find it empty and the wings gone.

- Dr. M gives Arpeggio the wings of Clockwerk, officially switching sides to the Klaww Gang. He also wants assistance from Arpeggio with a project of his, JW Muller agrees to help him.

- Garfield, Snoopy and Peter No-Tail are trying to figure out their next destination, when Peter meets his old friends, they give him a ticket to the Cat Conference, Garfield doesn’t think it’s where they need to go in order to find answers.

- Professor Worminkle manages to find a missing piece of the time machine located somewhere in space. Tenkai Knights decide to head there.

Tenkai Knights vs. Warmonger

On the same planet where Tenkai Knights are headed, Skullmaster and his second-in-command Warmonger stop by. Skullmaster wants to find the ancient Corekai tablet in order to unlock the pathway between dimensions. He assigns Warmonger to stand guard while he goes to the cavern. Just then Tenkai Knights arrive to the area, Bravewulf/Guren confuses Warmonger for a minion of The Corrupted and attacks him. Warmonger responds by attacking him and showing off his strength, as well as summoning the Monstrous Hydra to help him to deal with Tenkai Knights, truly putting their abilities to a test.

Strong Bad vs. Bear Mother

Strong Bad and The Cheat have arrived to the palace of King Hugh, who Strong Bad wants help from in order to find back home. King Hugh insists there is one favor he must do, get rid of all the monster bears roaming in the kingdom. Strong Bad isn’t thrilled at all to take the mission, but King Hugh insists he must get rid of the bears in order to get his royal help. Strong Bad gives in begrudgingly and sets a foot with The Cheat to stop the bears. Turns out a very aggressive Mother Bear is lurking in the woods. No matter what Strong Bad does against it Mother Bear refuses to give up. Are the Good Times over for Strong Bad, or is there help on the way?

Garfield, Snoopy and Peter No-Tail vs. 4 Gangsters

Garfield, Odie, Snoopy, Woodstock and Peter are walking to the Cat Conference, not knowing they’re being watched by the 4 Rat Gangsters hired by Teufel, who intend to stop the group on their tracks. The gangsters chases the heroes on their car, leading to a wild runaway race. Will the animal friends be able to get the rats off their back?

Battle at the Palace:

- Spyro, Vexx, Jak and Daxter, Rayman and Twinsen break into the Palace to save Guybrush, when Count Veger welcomes the heroes to his trap, the Precursor Robot. Twinsen and Rayman leave to fight ancient machine while the others escape to other rooms

- Otto Destruct surprises Jak and Daxter, wanting to destroy them after humiliating his friend Nitrous Oxide in a public race.

- Guybrush is sitting in his jailcell when Baron Praxis’s daughter Ashelin arrives, asking why is Guybrush in the palace. Suddenly they’re attacked by Gol Acheron and Gnasty Gnorc. Gol intends to harvest dark eco from inside Guybrush with his new friends, the Metalheads!

- Spyro and Vexx find themselves attacked by the giant Orbital Frames. Spyro tells Vexx to leave and save Guybrush while he deals with the giant robots.

Part 3


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 10- Grand Game of Pettiness Part 3 of 4

Intermission 5:

- Malmoth gathers all the Avatars of Malmoth, except for the present avatar, to discuss their ongoing progress. The Gatekeeper also pops up to tell Malmoth about the recruitment of Lotos.

- Baron Praxis hears from Viola that his palace was destroyed by the rebels sent by the Underground. Praxis is disappointed about the destruction of the palace, and has to return to the planet to find the ones responsible. Meanwhile Dr. Nefarious and Megatron bond over their hatred of organic lifeforms, and Nefarious sends his minions, The Valkyries, Lord Vorselon and Thugs-4-Less Leader, in order to prove BAHRAM’s superiority.

- Unit-00 has been fixed, and Rei Ayanami is finally ready to return to pilot it. The various employees of NERV follow activation of the unit anxiously.  

Hsien Ko vs. Shadow Master

In the Shadaloo Dojo headquarters, a ghost girl named Hsien Ko attacks the Shadow Warriors, wanting to get vengeance on Shadow Master. Hsien Ko uses her strange powers to overpower the Shadow Warriors, only for Shadow Master himself to show up. Will Hsien Ko’s thirst for revenge also be her downfall against the power of the shadow?

Raiden vs. Lotos

Louhi and Lotos arrive in Heaven, ready to wreck havoc. The guardian of the Earthrealm Raiden however stops them in their tracks. The powerful genie manages to overpower Raiden in their battle of supernatural proportions, when Head Angel interferes to save Raiden. Louhi gets an idea and tells Lotos to imprison Head Angel inside a sunball. Raiden tries to prevent it, but he ultimately receives a deadly beatdown from the two dark beings, before Louhi manages to escape with the sealed Head Angel.

Spectreman vs. Starscream

George is following the preparation of the Evangelion Units when suddenly he notices suspicious activity in the nearby mountain. Turns out decepticon Starscream has been assigned on a lone guard duty by Megatron. As Starscream’s partner Thundercracker mockingly leaves, George gets on action and asks permission from Overlord Nebula to transform into Spectreman. Starscream is quickly put off by the giant intruder and attacks them kicking off a battle of two very different aliens.

NERV vs. Dr. Nefarious’ Forces:

- Unit-00 test is successful, but it is interrupted by an emergency blackout. Turns out Dr. Nefarious is responsible for the blackout, who sends a message to NERV, planning to annihilate all organic lifeforms on Earth and replace them with robots. Gendo prepares to send Unit-00 and Unit-01 to battle Nefarious’ invading forces.

- Meanwhile, Autobots have also received information about Nefarious’ attack, and find themselves face to face with the Valkyries.

- Nefarious’ forces are attacking Tokyo-3, Kensuke, Toji and other students are following the attack from the sidelines, only for the Evangelions to step in. Lord Vorselon reveals himself as the commander of the attack, having grown into Evangelion size to properly take on the EVA Units. Vorselon instantly proves himself to be a much more dangerous foe than anyone the Pilots have faced so far.

- Autobots are attacked by Cassiopeia, leader of the Valkyries, on her flying turret machine. Wheeljack proceeds to fight back at her, only to be knocked out by Thugs-4-Less Leader flying on his helicopter. Thugs-4-Less Leader ends up using his electromagnetic sparks to control Sunstreaker and Sideswipe! The autobots, despite the odds being at their favour, have to focus on taking out two powerful opponents!

- Lord Vorselon successfully injures Unit-01, leaving an unstable Unit-00 to finish the job.

Intermission 6:

- The two Evangelion Units are badly injured after the fight against Lord Vorselon, Gendo tracks down Unit-00’s entry plug, where he finds Rei alive and unharmed. Shinji on the other hand is heavily injured and has to be hospitalized, as other NERV and Dannar Base associated follow from the sidelines

- Nautilus finally resurfaces on surface, where Electra lets Nadia, Jean, Max, Virgil, Norman, Clementine and Helice to leave, but not without a final gift. Nadia also catches the glimpse of Captain Nemo himself before the departure.

- The heroes arrive to the nearest island they believe is the one Electra guided them, at first the island seems like a peaceful, innocent place, until they find an accident scene of a family fallen to the ground. As Jean investigates the bodies, the scene turns more morbid than expected. However, one of the family members seems to show signs of life, only for them to be interrupted by a group of soldiers walking nearby, who have captured a bunch of familiar faces.

Escape from Neo Atlantean Troops

- Jean is trying to figure out if the soldiers were responsible for the murder of little girl’s family, but they soon find themselves surrounded by the Neo Atlantean soldiers. Norman tries to help others escape by blocking their gunfire, but their numbers are too numerous for even him to show any attempt of resistance. Unfortunately, not all of the heroes are able to escape from the troops.

- Nadia, Jean, the little girl, Clementine and Helice have managed to hide, but they’re being actively searched by the Neo Atlantean forces. Clementine quickly notices the absence of Max’s gang. Jean states that they will save them later, but right now they must only focus on survival.

- One of the soldiers informs the Neo Atlantean Commander that they have discovered more intruders, but were unable to capture them. The Commander interrogates Max, Virgil and Norman, as he notices there is something special about the three, so he commands the kamis Gin, Kin and Brozlow to watch them before Gargoyle figures out what to do with them.

Part 4


Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever Round 10- Grand Game of Pettiness Part 4 of 4


- In Tuatha De Danaan, Tessa is very worried about Sousuke and Ryuko. She has also received an order from Kalinin to come to negotiate with Honnoji Academy. Rambo believes with someone like Satsuki in charge, they have to use force in dealing with the Academy’s forces. Savage Dragon and Alex also agree to come with them to the Academy.

- In the academy, GEZZAN is preparing for the election, as Dr. Piranoid is already busy at work making his newest monster, a mutated squid he calls Killamari. Takuma Kugayama also shows Overlord his armslave, Behemoth, which he plans to use to cause havoc as a last resort. Overlord is more than delighted to see the beast. Piranoid sends Killamari and Slash on a digging machine to get Kalinin for him.

- Satsuki Kiryuin is announcing to all the Honnoji Academy students about the incoming election. The transferred students are horrified at the aspect of fighting for their right to be elected, whereas Sousuke, still wanting to protect Ryuko, is ready for anything. Satsuki also calls the Honorary Judge and an enforcer of the Election, Hakuoh of the Battle Temple, to hold a speech to the students. Ichika believes this is his chance to show his IS abilities.

- Not too near from the academy, Tessa, Rambo, Turbo, K.A.T., Dragon and Alex arrive to meet up with Kalinin, as they prepare to enter the Lion’s Den. Satsuki however notices their arrival and encourages the students to start fighting.

Rambo vs. Takaharu Fukuroda (feat. Kalinin and Tessa vs. Killamari and Slash)

The Mithril representatives are instantly attacked by the Boxing Club President Takaharu, who proceeds to show off his violent abilities against Rambo. As Tessa and Kalinin are trying to run away, they’re suddenly ambushed by Killamari and Slash on their digging machine. Kalinin tries to protect Tessa from incoming shots but gets injured himself, forcing Tessa to run away.

Ichika Orimura and Charlotte Dunois vs. Boris Karbunkle

Ichika decides to jump into the madness himself as well, scaring off his colleagues. Ichika is instantly attacked by Boris’s giant robot, which is more prepared to fight against Ichika’s IS unit. However close friend of Ichika, Charlotte Dunois is not too far behind with her own IS. Will Lawrence Limburger finally get rid of Ichika, or will Ichika get even more additional help?

Ryuko Matoi vs. Dragonsmasher

Sousuke notices that the Elite Four is leaving the election, for they are not interested in taking part in the fights because they will win anyway. Sousuke believes it could be his advantage to attack Satsuki Kiryuin. Just then, he sees Ryuko ramming through the other students, but she is stopped by Dragonsmasher. Ryuko remembers the fight she saw with Robocop, and proceeds to attack the robot in her own way, but Dragonsmasher seems to be prepared for anything. Ryuko doesn’t want to be bested by another one-eyed robot, so she decides to get reckless.

Sousuke Sagara vs. Honnoji Academy Club Presidents

Sousuke wants to challenge Satsuki to a fight, but Satsuki accepts the challenge only if he can survive running into the higher balcony. Sousuke gets his military gear ready and runs, as he is ambushed by one Club President after another, getting wackier and wackier each time, but also easier and easier for Sousuke to defeat with his various weapons.

Savage Dragon and Alex vs. Killamari and Slash

Dragon is looking for Tessa, only to find the two beasts of Dr. Piranoid, Killamari and Slash. Dragon tries to counter against Killamari’s strange abilities while Alex has to deal with Slash. Dr. Piranoid is monitoring the fight however, but so are two of Rambo’s close friends.

Intermission 7:

- Dr. Piranoid finds Kalinin’s body, he is more than pleased, and prepares to take the injured commander out of Honnoji Academy.

- Limburger questions Chifuyu Orimura why is Ichika so hard to defeat. Chifuyu’s answer isn’t good enough for Limburger, causing the two to burn bridges. Limburger tries to attack the instructor, but she responds with her sword. Unsure what to do, Limburger takes the hike.

- In the Kiryuin Manor, Ragyo Kiryuin, the CEO of REVOCS Corporation, is preparing for a meeting with General Warhawk and Gauron of GEZZAN, arranged by her secretary Rei Hoomaru. Hoomaru informs Ragyou that “Grand Couturier” is visiting Honnoji Academy, after a suggestion from the two warlords. Ragyo is already aware of the fact.

- A mysterious sniper, Tsumugu Kinagase, is making his way to Honnoji Academy.

- Satsuki prepares the survivors of the first round of election for their next challenge. She personally invites Ryuko to take on the guest of honor himself Hakuoh in a fight. Ryuko, unwillingly, accepts the challenge.

Ryuko, Rambo and Sousuke vs. Hakuoh

Hakuoh ends up fighting Ryuko with his cards, which are capable of summoning Kaijudo monsters. Ryuko clearly underestimates him however, as Hakuoh ends up giving her a seriously tough time, even knocking her out of a Senketsu transformation. Just in time however Rambo and Sousuke make their way to the top to help fighting Hakuoh, although Ryuko is angry that her fights are being interfered into again. Hakuoh ends up calling his strongest monster, Urth, Purifying Elemental, into the game, giving the three their biggest challenge so far.

Sousuke Sagara vs. Satsuki Kiryuin

With all the club presidents and the guest of honor defeated, Sousuke asks Satsuki to take on him in a serious fight for the last time. Satsuki accepts the challenge, when suddenly...something falls into the scene.

Everyone vs. Nui Harime

Nui Harime, the Grand Couturier, has entered the Academy grounds, much to the horror of Satsuki and Chifuyu. Alex, Dragon, Ichika, Turbo and K.A.T make their way to the lady in pink as well, and are horrified by her creepy cheeriness and her immense strength. Ichika in particular ends up losing his patience with her, and she also targets Rambo for unknown reasons.

Tsugumu Kinakase vs. Overlord

Overlord is making a grand speech to his minions, as he makes his plan with Behemoth clear. Suddenly, the sniper Tsugumu proceeds to attack the criminals present. Overlord manages to fight back against Tsugumu, but Takuma is injured. Overlord still forces him to pilot the robot.

War Against Behemoth:

- Takuma, wanting to impress Overlord, activates Behemoth, destroying the Honnoji Academy field. Nui ends up fleeing the scene much to the chagrin of Dragon and Ichika, while Satsuki leaves the chaos to occur, having seen enough.

- Dr. Piranoid and Lawrence Limburger flee the scene, with Piranoid hiding Kalinin inside his truck.

- Ryuko and Sousuke escape to the outskirts of the academy, where they’re noticed by Gamagoori, wanting to help the two to take a ride, but neither of them trust him. Suddenly, Bludgeon attacks them, while Sousuke is attacked by Overlord, making him run away from the scene. Gamagoori attacks Bludgeon and shows off what Three-Star Goku Uniform is capable of.

- Cecilia Alcott and Huang Lingyin, having sat in the sidelines for most of the event, decide to get involved in trying to take down the Behemoth. However, Behemoth outperforms both of the girls IS units, distracting Ichika from his vengeance towards Nui.

- Savage Dragon chases after Dr. Piranoid and Limburger. Limburger has to take the weird way out while Piranoid tries to defend himself against the police mutant. Meanwhile, Ryuko has agreed to take Gamagoori’s ride, when Piranoid bumps into them. Dragon still doesn’t want to give up and takes another ride to chase after the fish freak scientist.

- Takaharu takes Gamagoori’s car into his sights, and chases after them in the Behemoth. Ryuko and Gamagoori don’t know how to react to the enormous arm slave, and the car ends up crashed by the giant. However, Ichika runs into the scene as well, and Ryuko has one more reckless card up her kamui sleeve.


- Overlord finds the fatally injured Takuma. The boy feels bad about failing, but Overlord convinces him that what he did with Behemoth was a thing of beauty. Takuma then passes away as the leader of Vicious Circle gets emotional.

- Gamagoori takes Ryuko to the gas station, where Mako is waiting for her. Gamagoori tells Ryuko he’ll try to find Sousuke if he can. As he leaves, Ryuko realizes that she cares about Sousuke, and hopes that he is alive.

- Speaking of, Sousuke is still hiding from Overlord, and ends up finding K.A.T., Turbo and Tessa from the streets, who are looking for Rambo and Kalinin.

- Tsumugu turns out to be an ally of Aikuro and Knight, as the all three seem to serve an organization even more mysterious than Mithril.

- Kalinin and Rambo have been taken to Dr. Hyde’s scientist faction’s laboratory by Dr. Piranoid, where they’re intended to be turned into slaves with Dr. Arkeville’s hypnochip.

- Lawrence Limburger returns to his tower, where Dr. McNamara has followed the events happening in Honnoji Academy. Limburger is fed up and instead wants to destroy Ichika with monsters. To his surprise, Count Nefarious and Malcolm come to his door to offer their services.

- Dr. Eggman drops into the Pirate Town, where he demands Skurvy and his alliance to hunt Chaos Emeralds for him, as one has been detected nearby. Skurvy lies to Eggman that he will help him, but in reality he wants the Chaos Emerald to himself and his faction as a substitute for the Crystal Coconut.

- Mujoe is still looking for a way to take Cubix for his boss, when he runs into Dr. K, who has detected large amount of solex coming from Mr. White’s shop. Mujoe offers his help to Dr. K, who gladly accepts it.

- Deep within the Caribbean, LeChuck is furious to hear about LeFwee’s death and failure to capture his beloved Elaine Marley. He sends australian land developer Ozzie Mandrill and chinese military general Tsao to find Marley instead.

- Dr. Nefarious is approached by Gleeman Vox and Rigatoni with a deal, if they can capture certain Earth beings to become gladiators for DreadZone, they will help fund whatever Nefarious has planned. Nefarious agrees to the plan, but they have to keep their word.

- The Machine returns to his secret base, where he finds his old friend Professor Zygote. Zygote reveals he has successfully found the coordinates to the Paradise Island. The Machine is more than delighted by Zygote’s discovery.

- Monster dog Papadoll has called both Akakabuto and Trogdor for a little meeting. Papadoll uses his howl to call more monsters from the forest and form Akakabuto’s Army.

- Vexx and Guybrush survived the destruction of the palace, thanks to teleportation technology created by Vin.

Round 11: Invasions of the Innocents

Part 1


Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever Round 11- Invasions of the Innocents Part 1 of 2


- General Skunkape arrives to a meeting with Dr. Gori in his spaceship, wanting to discuss what he found in the Flotsam Island, as well as his future goals.

- Limburger and Count Nefarious get to know eachother. Limburger asks Count Nefarious to help him develop the mind control vaccine as well as give him the monsters, Nefarious agrees but under one condition, Limburger must help him fix the Malevolator.

- Three Gods call a meeting in Heaven between the various deities informing them about Louhi capturing Head Angel. Zeus blames humanity for the capturing of Head Angel, since they were the ones to create Malmoth in the first place because of what Prometheus did. Odin isn’t concerned, and neither is Horus, until Hemera tells her if Malmoth succeeds at kickstarting Ragnarok, he may prevent the resurrection of his father Osiris. Horus becomes more worried and asks Raiden if he can take on Malmoth. Raiden however is having problems using his powers. Voodoo Lady also predicts things will get worse before they get better. Suddenly, Satan, former ruler of Netherrealm arrives to a meeting. Athena asks what is he doing here since he is a fallen member of the Goddess Clan. Satan admits he is proud of Gods being accidentally responsible of releasing Malmoth, but wants to help at stopping Ragnarok, alongside his new friend, Ahti, Janitor of Purgatory. Both of them are worried that Ragnarok could cause serious destruction, as Raiden is still trying to convince Zeus and Odin to help them, but both of them refuse. Just then Thor appears, having completed his sentence in the Underworld. Athena and Horus both welcome them to the alliance, and Raiden believes they can hatch a plan to save Head Angel even without the Gods help.

- Ash arrives in Mervin’s home, where he finds the three other mystics, Waldo the Wizard, Obi Wan Toadi and Athair. Mervin reveals that Pokemon World is just part of Videoland, which is about to be taken over by Mother Brain and her army. Athair predicts that if nobody works to stop Mother Brain, the entire Videoland will be destroyed. Ash first wants Misty and Brock turned back into humans after being turned into dolls by Ganon. Waldo just has the right potion in hand and restores them back to normal. Mervin states that they must go meet Inka Dinka Doo in Kongo Bongo Island to learn what to do next. Ash is nervous, which Obi Wan Toadi notices. Then, Mark Twang arrives with his river boat to take Ash, Misty and Brock to Kongo Bongo Island. The mystics bid the heroes farewell.

- In the RHPD Headquarters, Rauno is scolding Pöysti for failing to take Clockwerk’s heart. Lambert interrupts to tell that Hector has messaged him that he is alive but trapped in an abandoned building. Rauno is delighted to hear the news and sends everyone to save Hector. When everyone’s left, Commissioner Tayers talks with his true boss, Caractacus P. Doom, who’s secretly manipulating RHPD to hunt down Clockwerk’s parts and get rid of competition. Sam and Max are still imprisoned, but suddenly Carmelita’s partner Neyla bursts in to release the animal cops. Neyla agrees to release them only if they help her collect Clockwerk’s parts so that Interpol can destroy them. They agree to the terms and sneak out of the headquarters while Tayers isn’t looking.

- Garfield, his mother, Snoopy, Odie and Peter No-Tail arrive in Cat Conference, hosted by the Kitty Council. Kitty Council wants to declare war against dogs, for they have been gathering in large numbers for unknown reasons. The meeting is interrupted by Teufel, who suggests them to start a war against humans instead, claiming that the actions of the humans destroying forests is causing dogs to go mad, and soon stray cats will all lose their homes. Teufel’s suggestion to dealing with humans is to expose them to Banipal Witt’s sun, as he shows off the transformed Jon Arbuckle. Kitty Council Chairman gets the cats to agree to capture humans and turn them to cats, but Garfield and his faction aren’t too happy about the decision.

- Princess Alita is still running away from something, when suddenly she runs into bounty hunter Falis. Falis doesn’t want to hurt her, when she sees that Alita is chased by the Minotaur. Minotaur ends up throwing the two off a ledge, but Zanthia is following the events from the sidelines, and throws one of her potions to save them. However, the potion ends up having an unintentional side-effect of swapping their bodies. Under the cliff, Falis’ two minions Dominikov and Pete Armstrong are looking for their boss when suddenly the two girls drop on top of them, showing off their transformation.

- Meliodas is still recovering from his wounds. Elizabeth and Hawk are not sure if he will ever recover, and Doctor’s own guesses aren’t helping. Suddenly, an invisible voice begins taunting Meliodas. The voice turns out to be Icaros’s, who is interested in Elizabeth for some reason. Suddenly Meliodas awakens, and manages to overpower Icaros with his dark powers, causing him to flee.

Odysseus’s Crew vs. Sphinx

Odysseus’s crew is gathering resources as they prepare to go look for the other Deadly Sins, when suddenly, they’re attacked by the legendary beast Sphinx. Odysseus, Diane and others run into the scene to save rest of the crew from Sphinx’s rampage. Odysseus now has to put his archer skills to the test against the clever beast, with Diane getting to finally fight as well.

Falis vs. Golgius

Dr. Akamashi hires Golgius, a member of the Holy Knight group known as Weird Fangs, to capture Princess Alita, who has been spotted in the nearby forest. Meanwhile in the forest, Falis thinks she’s dead but soon realizes that she’s switched bodies with Alita. Golgius approaches Falis, thinking she’s Alita and wants to take her with him back to the Kingdom. Falis doesn’t want to obey him, but can’t find her sword. Alita, who is in Falis’ body has it, and she wakes up after Golgius threatens to kill her. It’s ultimately up to the hunter in princess’s body and her two shinigami allies to put a stop to the teleporting knight.

Pingu vs. Vultur

In Glasstown, Arktos calls Pingu to declare him the Minister for Agriculture and collect chocolate seeds for him. Pingu refuses to and leaves, so Arktos forces his spy Vultur to capture him. The flightless bird is then teased by the dastardly vulture, but is Pingu able to pull a fast one on Vultur?

Keita vs. Spike

Lady Caline calls the ancient warlord Spike to kill Keita, for his ability to interact with Yo-kai could prove fatal to Neo Atlantis. Keita and his friends are walking in the forest when Spike surprises them, the monstrous warrior is unstoppable in it’s path, and as such even his Yo-kai have hard time trying to beat him. Is another yo-kai’s interference enough to save Keita from a cruel fate?

Intermission 1:

- Falis and Alita, in their switched bodies, theorize how they changed. Suddenly, Zanthia appears and reveals she might be responsible, using one of her potions to save them from falling, but her potion had a side-effect. Alita begs her to turn them back to normal, but Zanthia has lost all of her items. Suddenly, Alita breaks down in tears as she recalls how her father King Forland was murdered by Voltan and the kingdom is now in chaos. She begs help from Falis and Zanthia, and they both end up agreeing to help her restore the kingdom and take the power back from Holy Knights.

- Golgius returns from his failure to kill Alita, but he has other Weird Fang members to back him.

- Pingu, having escaped Glasstown, arrives to the area where Rex Chance and Tabaluga are hanging out. Happy doesn’t turn Pingu because she fears he is working for Arktos, but Pingu proves to be friendly, although incomprehensible.

- Meliodas and crew reunites with Arkantos’ army, but they don’t know where Leina Vance went. All they know is that a strange pyramid has appeared in the distance. Meliodas decides to head there to find answers.

Battle in the Pyramid:

- Menace is having an oil massage when Setra notices the coming intruders. Menace decides to test them by sending brainwashed Leina after them. She ends up attacking Meliodas, proving her new dangerous strength granted by Amara.

-.Venom finds three other intruders, Amanra, Tomoe and Shizuka, and sends a plague of locusts after them in hopes of capturing them and sacrificing them to Apophis.

- Meliodas is trying to snap Leina Vance out of her brainwashing but Menace stops her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth gets captured by Venom as his next sacrifice, but Setra, enamored by Elizabeth’s figure, doesn’t want her to die and attacks Venom, wanting her all for himself.

- Menace tries to convince Meliodas to become her servant and restore Amara, but Meliodas refuses. Menace commands Leina to attack him once more, but Meliodas’ resistance is enough to remove her brainwashing.

- Venom prays to Apophis, wanting him to return to Earth in his giant snake form. Apophis and Venom brutally attack Elizabeth, can Meliodas interfere in time and what will Menace do?

Intermission 2:

- Terry, his brother Andy, Joe Higashi and Mai Shiranui arrive in Mortal Kombat Base. Guile arrives to greet them, but Terry recognizes Guile as an enemy of his. Terry wants to fight Guile again but Billy convinces Terry to give up his grudge. The two end up making peace.

- Tired of being bossed around by Pyron and Shadaloo Dojo, Demitri Maximoff visits his uncle, Dracula. Dracula is feeling old and fragile and demands Demitri to become the next great vampire.

- Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket, comes to meet Krusha and his allies, as they start hatching their plan.

- Mario and his allies manage to sneak inside the Pirate Town Club in order to eavesdrop on Skurvy and the pirates. Thanks to the radar on The Phantom’s submarine, the pirates can detect that Chaos Emerald is in Aqua Land. Mario wants to stop them from pillaging and plundering the underwater civilization.

- Knuckles, left behind by Mario’s crew, runs into the X Knuckles. X Knuckles thinks the other Knuckles is a robot created by Eggman, while Knuckles fears the other Knuckles is actually a clone created by Robotnik. Just then, Sally and other Knothole residents arrive into the scene. Sally asks them if they know where Sonic has been taken, but the main Mobius Knuckles insists Sonic is not captured, confusing Sally further. X Knuckles has got some explaining to do.

Muhammad Ali vs. Demitri Maximoff

Mr. T is heading to apply into the big martial arts tournament with his gymnastics team, while Muhammad Ali stays outside. He doesn’t know he’s being stalked by Demitri, who wants to bite him so he could gain the great boxer’s fighting powers. Demitri makes his presence in bat form, and challenges Muhammad to a fight. Wanting to experience the thrill of boxing a vampire, Ali accepts the challenge, but can the man who flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee stand the chance against the powerful darkstalker?

Sam and Max vs. Number One

Neyla leads Sam and Max back into their office, while Harry Slime reports to UniCri Inc about the location of Sam and Max. Napoleon Brie insists that he wants to capture Sam and Max, and sends Number One to attack them. In their office, Sam and Max are preparing for another case, when Number One breaks inside. The dangerous gunman proves himself to be a true threat early on, leaving the Freelance Police on a real goose chase!

Hammerman vs. Dr. Lobe

Dr. Lobe has managed to track down the location of Clockwerk’s claws, the Big City Sports Arena, which he proceeds to raid during a basketball game with the help of his perbots. Stanley, Gramps and the Avenger Penguins are seeing the game go haywire from their TV, so Stanley sets out to stop Dr. Lobe by switching into his superhero alter ego, Hammerman. A very intense battle between Oaktown superhero and the Mad Scientist is about to happen, but who will get Clockwerk’s Claws?

X Sonic and Roll vs. Lakitu

In Dr. Light’s laboratory, Dr. Light and Roll are trying to track down Mega Man, but are unsuccessful. X Sonic decides to go looking for him, and Roll decides to follow him on her flying scooter. As they’re passing through the wild lands, they accidentally draw the ire of one of Bowser’s minions, Lakitu. The blue blur and the super fighting robo-girl have to now conquer the cloudy geek and their mysterious spinies.

N-Team vs. Team Rocket

Fresh after escaping the Center of Videoland, N Team encounters brand new foes from the Pokemon World, Jessie and James, representing the notorious Team Rocket. Jessie and James want to steal famous Captain N’s belt and zapper, but Kevin refuses. The two foes respond by sending out their signature pokemon, Koffing and Ekans, against N Team. Koffing instantly puts Kevin’s zapper out of commission, leading to our heroes having to find other ways to defeat the double trouble.

Battle for the Aqua Land Chaos Emerald:

- Mario and his friends have sneaked aboard Skurvy’s and Long John Slither’s ship in hopes of getting to the chaos emerald from there. Luigi ends up accidentally blowing his cover, causing the pirates to attack Mario Brothers, Peach, Toad and Captain Clump. However, additional help is not too far away.

- Sonic and Tails are on their submarine, when they find a female mermushroom being chased by a Blooper. Sonic runs to the poor aqua humanoid’s rescue.

- Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are hiding inside The Phantom’s submarine, as he is tracking down the location of the Chaos Emerald.

- However, they’re not the only ones after the Chaos Emerald, as Robotnik, King Koopa and Mezmaron have banded together to find the Chaos Emerald for themselves. Robotnik believes the Chaos Emerald is hidden inside underwater city Labyrinth, and plan to break there with their massive submarine. They see Sonic following them and try to eradicate him. Mario Brothers come to the scene as well.

- The kings of Aqua Land, King Saline and King Neptune are worried about the fate of their city.

- The Phantom is able to find the Chaos Emerald from a wrecked ship, and finds it among the ship’s treasure. DK and Diddy manage to steal the chaos emerald just in time, leading to Phantom sending his men after them.

- Robotnik’s forces see that Mario and crew have escaped the nasty nets and now work together with Sonic to stop them. They’re continuing to try killing them, but are suddenly interrupted when they bump into the Phantom’s submarine.

- The Phantom manages to lead DK and Diddy to a dead-end and force them to give back the Emerald, when suddenly the two Knuckles’s return to the scene. The battle grows more and more intense, until The Phantom manages to escape with the Chaos Emerald. This causes Robotnik to drop everything and chase after The Phantom, with Mario and Sonic and their friends using the opportunity to stop both villains on their tracks and recover the Emerald.

Part 2


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 11- Invasion of the Innocents Part 2 of 2

Interlude 1:

- Cortex laments about his failures, as Boss Cass discovers the next crystal is in Mojo Temple. Turns out Cortex’s old boss, Uka Uka, was sealed in there. Boss Cass believes they must release Uka Uka in order to secure their victory once and for all, but Cortex is very hesitant.

- Serendipity, Bobby, Lopaka, Bolo, Nola, Princess Lila and Speed find themselves in the deepest part of the Paradise Island, where they find a secret town of Tentecks. Tentecks do not trust the newcomers, despite the heroes convincing that they mean no harm. Tentecks want the group to talk with Mermaid Princess Laura about whether or not they can stay in the island.

- Smoggies are preparing their attack on the Paradise Island, when The Machine drops by on his submarine, asking for directions to Paradise Island. Emma tells him he’s arrived to the right place, and celebrates that their alliance is growing. The Machine gloats to himself about launching a large attack on Paradise Island.

- Back in the modern day, Shobu is showing Chris Thorndyke how to play kaijudo card game. However, Chris is distracted by a mysterious boy watching them from a distance. Chris decides to head home in the middle of the tutorial, weirding out Shobu and friends.

- Gin is lost from the pack, as he roams in the forest by himself. Suddenly, he finds himself attacked by an unknown dog, who turns out to be John, his childhood rival. John ends up showing Gin where the pack is, and tries to get their attention. However, John’s howling is also getting the attention of an intruder nearby.

Hunter and Bentley vs. Klaww

In Avalar, Professor is setting up the portal so they could safely call Spyro back home. Elora, Hunter and the yeti Bentley are following it from the sidelines. Suddenly, the beast Klaww appears to destroy the portal and attacks the heroes. Bentley and Hunter decide to team up to bring down the giant monster.

Crash Bandicoot vs. Tiki Brothers

Neo Cortex finds Tlaloc, and asks his help in order to restore Uka Uka. Tlaloc agrees, but first Cortex demands him to distract Crash Bandicoot. Tlaloc sends his minions, Tiki Brothers, to attack Crash and send him away from Mojo Temple. Crash runs into the schemy brothers and their dark magic, but Crash is used to dealing with all kinds of bad guys by now.

White Bomber and Shout vs. Dr. K

The Jetters Team is having a picnic on Earth, when suddenly White Bomber drops his custom onigiri and chases after it. He doesn’t know that he’s being monitored by Dr. K, who Mujoe has told that White Bomber is an ally of Cubix. Dr. K sends his two big robots, Katastrophe and Kolossal, to attack. Shout is not too far however, and the two work together to take on the new powerhungry foe.

“Chris Thorndyke vs. Jamira”

Chris is trying to track down the mysterious boy he saw in the street, not knowing he is followed by equally mysterious Knight. Chris ends up in a dark corner, but finds himself cornered by another boy known as Jamira. The arrogant boy wants to challenge Chris to a kaijudo duel, Chris feels he isn’t experienced enough yet, but Jamira promises he can teach him while they fight, but proves himself to be too arrogant. Knight manages to track Chris and Jamira down and is opposed to this dangerous game about to take place, for unknown reasons.

Gin and John vs. Sasquatch

Gin and John are having a confrontation with Ben, the leader of the First Platoon. Ben will only let the see the true leader of the army if John beats Ben. Just when two are about to clash, Sasquatch makes his entrance, as he has already ambushed some of the platoon’s dogs. The rest of the platoon doesn’t wanna risk having any more deaths and run away, but John stays to fight the eponymous Bigfoot. Are Gin and John able to prove their worth to Ben?

Trip to Banipal Witt

- Ali Cat commands Brick, Wilde Wolf and Bill and Bull to practice for the big human-cat war in the nearby neighbourhood. They don’t know that a trio of very anthropomorphic cats are roaming in the area, trying to find the source of the monster that is terrorizing their home.

- Charlie Brown is still sad about the absence of Snoopy, when he is attacked by the menacing wolf. However, Charlie Brown’s friend Linus tries to run for the rescue, only to be stopped by the big cat Brick, who proceeds to bully Linus by taking away his security blanket.

- The three cats find the owner of the dog, not knowing that they may accidentally wake up his sister. They do activate their transportation vehicle, which ends up frightening the peeps in the area.

- Charlie Brown is once again chased by Wilde Wolf, only for an unlikely intruder, Lucy Van Pelt, Linus’s sister, to run in and practice her boxing skills against the wolf.

- The three cats are arguing with Meeko, who believes they have kidnapped their pet dog Papadoll. However they insist they aren’t involved. This does attract attention of Charlie Brown who questions if the cats are also behind the kidnapping of Snoopy. Turns out they will have a lot more to bring home than they asked for as a result.

Interlude 2:

- Professor is trying to use the big portal to connect to Spyro, but the portal isn’t working. The Grand Minimus ends up helping activating the portal, letting Sgt. Byrd to begin the search for him.

- Gin and John are welcomed into the First Platoon, when suddenly, the leader of the pack makes his appearance.

- Shinji becomes conscious, leading to him being moved to recover in the public sector. Anna shows up to see if he’s okay, but Shinji’s scared of continuing to pilot. Godannar pilots promise to keep the enemies at bay while he’s recovering.

- Ratchet’s ship and Jehuty are breaking into the atmosphere. Elaine is unsure where Guybrush Threepwood, her husband, is. Ratchet has no time to look for him, so he asks Leo to stay behind on Earth and find him.

- Sousuke goes to the slums to look for Ryuko, instead he finds Ryuko’s costume, Senketsu. Sousuke begins questioning the living outfit, as Senketsu explains his origins...revealing his creator to be a familiar face. Sousuke asks Senketsu to take care of Ryuko for him, but Senketsu insists Ryuko can take care of herself, even if she can be brash at times.

- Tessa wants Kalinin to be rescued and asks Robocop, Captain Pronin and Pro Stars to go find him.

Kaname Chidori vs. The Gripper

Lawrence Limburger hires The Gripper to kidnap Kaname Chidori, in hopes of getting her strange abilities to power up the Malevolator. In Honnoji Academy schoolyard, Kaname is practicing baseball with her friends, when suddenly Gripper breaks in with S.A.V.A.G.E’s forces. Kaname recalls her previous encounter with The Gripper during the Lake Khanka Hostage Crisis, and not wanting to deal with him again, tosses a large brick at Gripper. Gripper then ends up calling backup, forcing Kaname on the run. Help is not too far away for Kaname, but is her savior going to be friendly?

Godannar Pilots vs. Devastator

A group of renegade decepticons known as Constructicons are building something for Dr. Nefarious in the outskirts of Tokyo-3. NERV quickly gets the attention of this and Shizuka is sent to take care of the newcomers. However she doesn’t realize that Constructions have a destruction ability to form together into the massive Devastator. Goh quickly runs in to deal with the Giant Decepticon himself, but even for him the machine is a big threat. Godannar pilots have to do some merging of their own in order to stand a chance.

Robocop, Pro Stars and Captain Pronin vs. Dr. Hyde’s Faction

Rambo and Kalinin are about to be experimented on by Dr. Hyde and his allies, with Arkeville planning to inject Kalinin with his hypnochip and Myshyakovich wanted to do an experimental surgery on Rambo. Suddenly, Robocop accompanied by the rest of Mithril’s freedom fighters break in to save the two. Dr. Paradigm also gets involved with the intruders, while Dr. Hyde and his minions showcase their android strength. However, a spy within the faction’s ranks might help to even the odds against the scientist faction.

Interlude 3:

- Serendipity, Bobby, Princess Lila, Flipper and Lopaka arrive to Princess Laura’s court, where Lord Winston is trying to get Laura to change her mind about explunging all the humans away from the island. Lord Winston ends up quitting as her head advisor in protest of Laura’s decision. The heroes realize they may be in deep trouble.

- And speaking of deep trouble, The Machine is leading an army of sharks to the shores of Paradise Island in hopes of forcing everyone to move. In the shore, Captain Smudge, Dexter and the Smoggies are having a feast in order to prepare for the big invasion. Turns out The Machine’s sharkbait is also attracting other creatures, like the Mameluki and Sea Serpent.

Battle of Paradise Island:

- Smoggies and Smudge start by attacking the Melehouni in hopes of finding treasure, but the natives have to fight back against the invaders. Serendipity and Suntots also arrive to encounter the greedy humans.

- Under the oceans, the sharks make their presence known by attacking everything on sight. With many sea creatures running around, getting them out of the oceans proves out to be a real challenge.

- In Tenteck Village, the police chief is patrolling the streets when suddenly, Professor Zygote appears and wants to turn the whole village into an army of dinosaurs. Zygote shows his power by sending his ape-like minions to attack the chief, however the town starts showing resistance against Zygote, so Zygote responds by putting his de-evolution machine into action. Thankfully, another dinosaur is there to stop the incoming rampage.

- Sharks continue causing terror underwater, but brave Flipper is there to put a stop to them, he also receives help from the Suntots pet shark Arnold to counter the evil sharks, as well as a very tired sea serpent.

- Serendipity and Bobby have ended up in a path to the center of the island, when they’re stopped in their tracks by Dexter the Octopus.

- The Chief of the Melehouni tries to rally the men of the village to fight against the beasts, but suddenly, a giant rattlesnake rolls into the battlefield, which turns out to be another creation of Professor Zygote. Another snake-like creature ends up also rolling into the area to defend the island. Zygote however has one last ace up his sleeve.

- Serendipity and Bobby are able to awaken the Spirit of Paradise Island to drive away the intruders, as it creates a massive waterspout. Smoggies and Smudge are the ones to feel the island’s wrath firsthand. Who will get to take the island?


- Having heard of the heroes bravery from Kalabash the Turtle, Princess Laura cancels her decision to explunge the humans, much to everybody’s joy. However, one of the losers from the battle swears revenge.


- Captain Smudge and Smoggies have drifted to the ocean, where they find themselves near a peculiar structure...

- Brandon wakes up in captivity alongside Princess Harmonia, watched by two dangerous guards.

- Icaros and Gargarensis discuss their recent failures, a mysterious Dark Knight and his faction arrive to bargain.

- Holy Knights have arrived to offer their services to the Queen of Mid-Europa and the Queens Blade Champion, Aldra. Aldra’s two servants, Pope Cobra I and Chancellor Aban Khan do not trust the foreign crusaders, but Aldra is more than delighted by their presence.

- Mario and friends are thanked by the rulers of Aqua Land. They decide to head to the location of the next Chaos Emerald, Hyrule, as Captain Clump bids them farewell.

- Kirby runs into Pikachu and Pichu Brothers, and they quickly become friends.

- Mother Brain, tired of recent failures of Videoland Villains, decides to invade Pokemon World, believing they have no competition there of snatching the Chaos Emerald.

- Crash runs into Gex and Hugo’s children

- Millionaire and Mighty Martial Arts Master Geese Howard hears about Guile

- Caractus P. Doom is mad about Napoleon Brie going after Sam and Max when he was asked not to do it. He reveals his secret allegiance to the Freelance Police’s archenemy, Mack Salmon.

- Roy and Wade are sold to I. M. Meen by Victor Quartemaine. Meen decides to test out some of Count Nefarious’s formula on them, as a result they are transformed into a two headed giant.

- Movie directors Federico Fettucini, Renny Trashfilm and Roberto Rastapapoulos want to put Count Duckula and Avenger Penguins into their new collaborated movie. The fame hungry Duckula is more than overjoyed,

- After the destruction of their base of operations, Dr. Arkeville, Quackbrain and Mitsuhirato are looking for a new employee. Quackbrain decides to consult the Yellow Pages and finds out REVOCS Corporation is looking to hire scientists. The trio decide to head there.

- Jamira joins a bunch of other kids and teens, who have been called together to help a mysterious organization known as Shadow Alliance. Gen believes this is his chance to get back at his enemies, Tenkai Knights.

- Meliodas and the Medieval Heroes have survived from destruction of Menace’s Pyramid, and have washed ashore near another hero.

Round 12: Time To Fight Back


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 12- Time To Fight Back Part 1 of 3

Part 1


- In Pokemon World, Ganon is starting to consider taking over the world for himself, when Krusha interrupts his thoughts, stating that the victory of Videoland Villains may result in a civil war between them. The big kremling tells Ganon to prepare for Mother Brain’s betrayal by forming an army of Pokemon to fight her, which Ganon likes.

- The cats and kids arrive in Banipal Witt, where Meeko and Toriyasu instantly transform into cats by Banipal Witt’s sun. Charlie Brown, weirded out by this fact, decides to shield his face.

- Strong Bad is roaming across the forest when he bumps into Homestar, The King sees them and forces them both to hunt bears.

- Mr. White assigns the Tenkai boys to clean his store, which the boys assume to be a form of training them. During the cleanup Guren discovers a strange robot head enclosed in glass, which White states to just be a defunct robot head from an alternate universe. Professor Worminkle becomes obsessed with the head, thinking it may help him build the time machine.

- Meanwhile in Parallel World, Rex, Lucy, Tabaluga, Happy and Pingu travel to tropical climates. They see a spy run away in the distance and Rex tries to stop it, only for a wild Allosaurus to eat it. Philosopher James Warden appears to them, saying the spy was a member of villainous faction SEAS. Warden wants to show the group around.

- Dogati and Humsin’s forces are traveling across the land when they bump into Devil. Devil begs them to help him invade Moominvalley. Humsin is not interested after his humiliating defeat, while Dogati and Bockner are interested. The Petty Sorcerer shows them the way there.

Patty Hoperabbit vs. Four Gangsters

- A family of rabbits are traveling in a train full of “Primes” - animals with human-like anatomy - to Maple Town, when the train is about to be robbed by Four Gangsters who are desperate for money after the failure of their missions. The Gangsters find the Hoperabbit Family to be rather wealthy-looking but the little one of the family, Patty, becomes aggressive while avoiding the greedy rats, doing her best to defeat them. It is a sign of just how dangerous the world has become.

Strong Bad and Pajama Sam vs. Two Headed Giant

- During their search for more bears, Homestar and Strong Bad encounter a two headed giant who looks vaguely familiar. Strong Bad tries to bring the giant down but they don’t have the proper skills to do so. Pajama Sam stumbles across the scene and tries to fight the giant as well, but is unable to. The giant has to be outsmarted somehow in order to bring it back to normal!

Cubix vs. Junkman

- While the Tenkai Knights are heading out for their mission, Professor Worminkle sneaks inside Mr. White’s warehouse to grab the head. However his eyesight is poor so he asks Cubix to lift it instead. Cubix places it next to a headless robot body however which brings the robot to life, turning out to be an evil robot named Junkman! Cubix tries to stop Junkman, but he manages to create a body for himself and escape from the store.

Tenkai Knights vs. Kokujo

- Tenkai Knights have ended up in a steep canyon, where they’re cornered up by Koshiro Kokujo, a kaijudo duelist who wants to “duel” with the knights. The trapped knights have no other option but to accept Kokujo’s challenge. Kokujo reveals his ability to summon creatures from across the universe to aid him, so he summons the Haunted Suit of Armor from Dragon Realms, Jano from Glade of Dreams and Gashadokuro from Yo-Kai World. The Knights end up losing their leader Beag during the battle who falls in the depths of the canyon, causing Tenkai Knights to become vengeful against him. Kokujo also has his own set of Kaijudo Monsters on his disposal, so the knights must find a proper strategy to combat his mind games.

Invasion of Moominvalley

- Moominvalley is planning to open it’s first railway. Unfortunately the monumental occasion is interrupted by Dogati, Colonel Bockner and their forces invading the peaceful valley. Police Inspector gathers the Moominvalley troops to fight against the invaders. Bockner’s forces prove to be a lot more advanced however, and the Moominvalley civilians are roped to fight as well. How will Moomintroll and Snufkin find their way into the battle, and will Dogati succeed taking over the valley?

Interlude 1

- Patty and her family are stranded in the middle of the forest, when suddenly another rabbit appears, who assumes they’ve arrived to see his homeland Forestia. Patty’s father corrects that they’re lost after a train robbery took place. Rabbit who introduces himself as Sam promises to help them and invites them to the forest to figure out what to do.

- The mayor of Maple Town Dandy Lion is preparing for the new arrivals on his town when Nick Grabowski stops by, informing the mayor of various threats outside the town that could affect the little village. This worries the mayor, but Grabowski is too busy with his own assignment.

- Moomintroll, after fleeing the Moominvalley, stumbles upon a dragon whose wing is stuck under a log. Moomintroll saves the dragon and befriends it. Nessaja the turtle shows up and believes the dragon may be Tabaluga’s brother.

- Before leaving to invade Pokemon World, Robotnik sets Metal Robotnik (which he got alongside Metal Sonic from Ultimate Master Planners of War from Free For All Heroes vs Villains War Reality) loose to cause chaos.

- Blade Knight and Sword Knight inform Earthworm Jim and Pac Man that they have to go to Cappy Town in hopes of reviving Meta Knight. Only one can come there in order to not wake the suspicion of the mad king who rules the town. Pac-Man accepts, while Earthworm Jim reunites with Peter Puppy.

- The Videoland Villains leave for the Invasion of Pokemon World, which is spotted by the N Team. Suddenly, Alternate Mega Man returns to the team, and soon after that Roll and X Sonic find them as well. Roll and Mega Man are happy to reunite, but Lana believes that they have to follow the Videoland Villains in case they’re invading yet another realm.

Pac-Man vs. King Dedede

- Pac-Man is making his way to Cappy Town when King Dedede and Escargoon find out about his arrival through the Eavesdropper Grasshopper. Dedede thinks Pac-Man is a terrorist trying to overthrow him and chases after him virulently. Pac-Man manages to crash King Dedede’s tank after which the egoistical king challenges Pac-Man to a duel. Naturally Dedede isn’t going to play fair when facing off against Pac-Power.

Earthworm Jim vs Metal Robotnik

- Earthworm Jim is hunting for bad guys when he is surprised by Metal Robotnik. Jim challenges the mechanical menace to a fight which quickly turns one-sided thanks to Metal Robotnik’s size and strength. Peter Puppy also gets involved as he tries to save his friend!

Battle of LaRousse City:

- The futuristic city at the edge of Pokemon World, Larousse City, is attacked by the Videoland Villains. Eggman broadcasts his message across the town, which makes Officer Jenny activate the evacuation protocol.

- Meanwhile, a pokemon named Lucario runs across the city as he’s chased by Robotnik’s robots. Lucario is smart enough to trick the robots, but he is really looking for his master, Sir Aaron.

- Two children, Tory and Melody, are stuck in the city when the building is attacked by Wily’s robots. Just then Sir Aaron himself arrives as he reunites with Lucario. The two kids try to flee but the invaders are attacking from all sides. Tory manages to grab the attention of a swarm of Beezos, but he is saved just in time by interfering Megaman.

- X Sonic also arrives to put a stop to Videoland Villains plans. King Koopa is confused by his presence, but Eggman corrects that this Sonic is from his world. He sends the Sledge Bros to deal with him, but X Sonic uses them to his advantage.

- Sir Aaron tries to attack Eggman’s Egg Fort, but it proves to be a bad decision as Eggman shoots Aaron down with his cannon. Lucario sees the explosion and soon comes to realization his Master is no more.

- Mother Brain attacks X Sonic, but just when he and Mega Man are about to fight her, the legendary golem trio known as the Regis interfere. Turns out they’re in control of Ganon. Ganon sends Regirock to attack Mother Brain, officially betraying the Videoland Villains. The Regis are extremely powerful and prove to be a challenge for the two blue warriors as well as Roll. Thankfully, N-Team is not too far behind.

- Cyberskull also arrives to the scene, as he brags about becoming the Digital God. Ganon thinks Cyberskull’s lost his marbles and sends his minions to stop him but Cyberskull takes control of the LaRousse City’s Blockbots as they start causing havoc, forcing Ganon to retreat. The city starts being covered in Blockbots, causing problems to heroes and villains alike.

- Lucario ignores the mayhem as he takes revenge on the death of his master and takes on the Egg Fort all by himself.

N Team vs Cyberskull

- Cyberskull begins to take city under his control as he challenges the N Team to complete the final level of his game, as he disposes of X Sonic. The powerful virus proves to be a fierce challenge. Can the N Team find Cyberskull’s weak spot through teamwork?


- King K. Rool returns back to his normal body, as he escapes with Dr. Wily

- Melody and Tory are both lost for words about everything, but Roll tries to cheer them up and takes them to safety.

- While looking for the body of his Master, Lucario finds a strange glowing gem that he feels his master’s presence in. X Sonic recognizes the gem as one of the Chaos Emeralds. Mega Man reveals he found a similar one from Eggman’s laboratory. Lucario believes the gems might be able to resurrect Sir Aaron.

- The Videoland Villains remaining in the Palace of Power are surprised by sudden appearance of N Team, they drive the villains away as the Palace returns to the heroes control.

- Dr. Robotnik is following Metal Robotnik’s signal as he receives a phone call about the bad news. Robotnik sees that Metal Robotnik is not completely out of the game yet though.

- Ganon takes over an abandoned castle which becomes his headquarters as he gathers his army. He puts his plan to action to take over the Pokemon World, as Pokemon World begins corrupting at Ganon’s presence.

- Krusha has managed to recover the Cyberskull Virus, which turns out to not have been completely destroyed.

Part 2:


Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever Round 12- Time To Fight Back Part 2 of 3

Interlude 2:

- Count Nefarious has finished his monsters, and awakens them in front of Limburger.

- Shang Tsung comes to fetch Scorpion from Netherrealm, in exchange of helping him.

- Street Sharks are watching TV when they see a warning about GEZZAN. Ripster recognizes one of the police sketches as Overlord and the Sharks decide to head out, leaving the Biker Mice on their own.

- Aikuro has called his old associates Barbaric, She-Dragon, Kami and Mr. Stewart for a mysterious assignment.

Terry Bogard and Guile vs. M. Bison and Geese Howard (feat. Balrog)

Terry and Guile are traveling on Terry’s motorbike, when they’re assaulting by floating spheres. The spheres turn out to have been fired by a familiar foe, M. Bison. Bison wants to confront Terry face to face, while Guile is attacked by Geese Howard, who wants to test the american soldier’s skills. Both of the fighters are put into a true test of strength by eachother’s archenemies!

Billy and Jimmy Lee vs. Shang Tsung and Scorpion

The Lee Brothers are driving through town, as Billy remembers that the mysterious box that M. Bison stole contained the remains of a powerful sorceror their father once beat. However, they soon get a call from their police friend Marian, who informs that the local EMF Plant is under attack by a new force. Billy and Jimmy quickly transform into the Double Dragons and find out Shang Tsung is attacking everyone while Scorpion is sneaking to the plant. The Dragons fight against Shang Tsung as well as his undead forces. Inside the EMF Plant Scorpion wants to do something with the Ultra-Magnetic Field inside. The Lee Brothers have to be careful against the new opponent, but what does he want to do with the Field and whose side is he really on?

Street Sharks vs. Cycle Centaurs

Street Sharks are hunting for Overlord when Greasepit and Karbunkle pass by them. Greasepit tries to taunt them causing the Sharks to follow him to Lawrence Limburger’s new water park. Street Sharks recognize Limburger as that controversial millionaire and accuse him of being connected to GEZZAN. Limburger decides to teach the badmouthing sharks a lesson by calling the help of his latest monsters, the Cycle Centaurs. The weird wheeled mutants take their turn attacking the Sharks and putting their powers to a trial.

Savage Dragon vs. Ira Gamagoori

Dragon returns to outskirts of Honnoji Academy to look for incriminating evidence which proves Academy’s connections with GEZZAN. However the Student Council quickly notices Dragon’s arrival, leading to Gamagoori himself confronting the intruder. The Disclipinary Committee Leader ends up underestimating the persistance of the freak cop, as he withstands against his attacks. Instead Gamagoori displays his real strength as he activates his Three-Star Goku Uniform powers, much to Dragon’s disgust. As the two law enforcers clash, a mysterious ally from Dragon’s past also makes his way to the battlefield.

Interlude 3:

- M. Bison blames Geese Howard for letting Terry and Guile get away, Geese ignores him as he’s glad to continue his own plans instead.

- Mortal Kombanants arrive to the EMF Plant as Jimmy and Marian are able to save Billy from the Ultra Magnetic Field. He’s no longer the same, which pleases a certain spy.

- Street Sharks surround Limburger wanting to know the current whereabouts of Overlord and what did he do to Robert Bolton. Limburger retorts by trying to shoot them with one of Cycle Centaurs’ guns, but Street Sharks quickly take care of him. Then Greasepit of all people reveals that he remembers when he used to work for Vicious Circle that Overlord once murdered a marine biologist who he blamed for disfiguring him. Street Shark’s worst nightmare comes true as they believe that Overlord did in fact kill their father. Furious and vengeful the sharks force Greasepit to lead them to him.

- Colonel Trautman hires the grimdark Mithril agent Melissa Mao to keep an eye on Honnoji Academy since Sousuke has disappeared somewhere. Melissa takes the mission somewhat reluctantly, but at least she gets to beat up the primadonna Satsuki.

- In Honnoji Academy, Ichika and his girls are preparing to fight the Elite Four in the finals of the Student Council Election. Suddenly, Aikuro arrives to ask Ichika to drop out. Cecilia and Huang call out the teacher for his demands, but Aikuro argues taking on all of them one by one could have disastrous results. The two girls end up being convinced and ask Ichika to give up, because ultimately their lives are at risk. Elsewhere, Laura has heard the news of Ichika dropping out of the election, and asks for further instructions from her superior, who is none other than Caractacus P. Doom! Doom tells Laura not to screw up and fight the Elite Four by herself.

Laura Bodewig vs. Nonon Jakuzure vs. Melissa Mao (feat. The Fiend)

- Laura and her partner Houki Shinonono are preparing the fight the musically gifted Elite Four member Nonon Jakuzure, as Melissa watches the fight from a distance. Laura puts up decent resistance against her Three Star Goku Uniform power, but it’s not enough, as her hatred quickly grows. She finally notices Nonon being friends with Satsuki, which gives her a panic attack.

- In her anger Laura begins to recollect her origins. She was created by the german military to be an artificial superhuman, who was sent to pilot one of the greatest weapons in the world, the Evangelion. However despite manipulating her pants she was unable to configurate with Evangelion and she was classified as a failure by her creature. She was later bought out by the evil genius Caractacus P. Doom. She then became a student in a japanese high school where she fell in love with Satsuki Kiryuin. Laura wanted to constantly become stronger and stronger in order to impress her, but then Satsuki revealed that she wanted to create her own high school and her own army. Laura, who wanted Satsuki all for herself, felt betrayed and started hating her, and wanted to help her owner Caractacus P. Doom to take over the world before Satsuki.

- Just when Laura comes back to her senses, she is possessed by The Fiend, one of Count Nefarious’s monsters who feeds on hatred. They end up taking over Laura’s body and merges her with her IS, becoming a mechanical monstrosity. Melissa decides to interfere before things get really bad, while Nonon thinks this is all part of the act. The three women riding their mechanical weapons fight eachother in a dramatic three-way confrontation. Will any of them come out on top, and will The Fiend eventually let go of the poor german girl?

Interlude 4:

- Dr. Gori investigates the virus he discovered inside Primal Beast, and names it the Insano Virus, which he hopes will eradicate humanity. He tasks Karras to infect the nearest human he could find with it.

- Ratchet, Clank and Elaine land on the nearest galactic rendezvous where they reunite with some old friends, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. Ratchet introduces Elaine to her. Cronk and Zephyr have some recorded Holovision footage of a news broadcast which issues a search notice on the four escaped DreadZone gladiators, one of them being Guybrush. Talwyn decides they have some things to take care of before they kick off the search.

- Ripto is visited by the Dark Eco Twins, who convince The Corruptors of Magic to find some dark eco for them in exchange of new, undisputable power. Ripto sends Gulp to hunt for it.

Jak and Daxter vs. Space Mama

Vin asks Jak and Daxter to seek for a special precursor item which would allow him to finish his interplanetary transporter, since they’re the ones he trusts the most. As the duo make their way to the Precursor Ruins, they cross paths with a strange flying dishwasher, which belongs to an intergalactic huntress known as Space Mama, who wants to take the Precursor item to herself and attacks the duo with her laser rolling pin. The unusual opponent and her many personas prove to be quite a challenge for the renegades.  

Ratchet and Clank vs. Gulp

Deep inside the Rendezvous, Ratchet and Clank bump into two of their shadiest allies, The Smuggler and Slim Cognito, who are now selling dark eco across the galaxy in the black market. Ripto’s quadrupedal henchmonster Gulp however notices the Dark Eco and jumps after it, forcing Ratchet to defend the shady substance to the best of his abilities.

Brian Basco and Jehuty vs. Ozzie Mandrill

Brian is still waiting a way out of the island, when he is approached by the pirate hating businessman Ozzie Mandrill. Ozzie accuses Brian of being a pirate and states he wants to turn Caribbean into a tourist attraction and drive away all the pirates. Just when Ozzie threatens to shoot Brian, robot Jehuty, controlled by Leo and Celvice, fly into the scene. Ozzie blasts the giant orbital frame with some of his magic. Is the group able to escape in time?

War Against Dr. Nefarious

After days of planning, Dr. Nefarious arrives to Tokyo-3 with Decepticons to activate his secret weapon, the Biobliterator, which he intends to exterminate all organic life on Earth. Nefarious has also gotten one of Gleeman Vox’s gladiators, Eviscerator, to help him. Elsewhere, Shinji has fully recovered and is now preparing for the attack of the Mad Scientist, as NERV and Dannar Base watch from the sidelines. Spectreman has also prepared to work as extra help. Unfortunately, Biobliterator is much more powerful than estimated. They need all the help they can to foil Nefarious’s plans and prevent Biobliterator from turning the planet into a mechanical mess.


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