Willie the Giant is the antagonist of the Disney short film, Mickey and the Beanstalk, included in the package film, Fun and Fancy Free. A massive giant with the capability to transform into anything he desires, Willie is a minor player in the first Disney Villains War and in the Free For All Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War


It began being one the servants of Queen Grimhilde, along with Big Bad Wolf they went to execute Harrison by orders of his queen.

Disney Villains War

Prophesied to kill the fairy, Maleficent, Willie encounters the mysterious Dr. Facilier, who uses his magic to take over Willie's mind. He attacks Maleficent's lair in the Forbidden Mountains, but Maleficent's magic knocks him down. He recovers, however, and ascends to the top of the mountain. Enraged, Maleficent transforms into a dragon. Willie clubs the dragon once, but, soon after, a burst of flames sends him falling from the mountain top to his death.

Disney Héroes Vs Villanos War

Héroes Vs Villanos War

Free For All Villains Tournament:

Willie the Giant First Appear When Lord Maliss Needs a New Ally to Take Dr Kamize's Place (After He Died During the Prison Break at Bowser's Castle.) And He End Up at Maliss' Control and Trys to Destroyed Dr Ivo Robotnik(While He and his Sidekicks Form Bombplants all over the World.) But He Unsuccessfully Failed Because Ivo Robotnik's Sidekicks Were Turned into Giants and They Managed to Kill Him Off By Sending Him Down To His Death. And It Remained Unknown If He Could Survive His Death.

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