Willard 2003

Willard Styles is the protagonist and villain of the 2003 horror movie, Willard. Styles is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Willard's father's company is bought out by Count Olaf. As part of lay-offs, Willard is humiliatingly fired. Enraged and emotionally confused, Willard is an easy victim of Jim Moriarty's machinations. Willard, warped by Moriarty's suggestions, attacks Olaf with an army of rats. Count Olaf continues to insult Styles, even knocking him down. With no inhibitions left, Styles has his army of rats devour Olaf alive.

But naught bodes well for Willard. As a mental breakdown, induced by stress and guilt, commences, Willard loses control of the rats. He is helpless to stop them from eating him alive.

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