"I am not a moron!"

Wheatley is an Artificial Intelligence created by Aperture Science. He was specifically designed to be a moron in order to dumb down the main AI, GLaDOS .

Transformers vs Dinsey and Non-Disney Villains

Mok managed to use his super computer to teleport into the Axalon and install Wheatley in secret. In order to activate him, however, Mok had to shut down the current system. He did so by teleporting infront of the Maximals and aggrevate Dinobot enough to make the former Predacon attack him. Mok teleported away just in time, letting Dinobot accidently stab the security console with his sword, shutting doen the system. Wheatley was activated and he used the Axalon;s defenses against the Maximals. Rattrap, however, crawled through a vent instead of feeing.

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

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