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Warden Louise Walker is the warden of the Camp Green Lake prison and the main villain of the 1998 novel Holes and the 2003 live-action Disney film adaptation. Louise's grandfather Charles "Trout" Walker was a wealthy man living in the once-lush, lakefront town of Green Lake, Texas, in 1888, and wooed the local schoolteacher Katherine Barlow. However, Barlow was in love with a black onion farmer named Sam; outraged with the relationship between a black man and a white woman, Walker led a mob against the two, killing Sam as the couple attempted to escape across the lake. As drought hit the area, drying up the lake, Barlow became a notorious outlaw known as "Kissin' Kate" Barlow. She amassed a large fortune through her crimes and buried it somewhere in the dry lakebed; Walker attempted to make her tell him where she had hidden her treasure, but she refused, committing suicide by allowing herself to be bitten by a highly-venomous yellow-spotted lizard.

In the present day, Louise Walker continued her family's search for Kissin' Kate's treasure, creating a juvenile detention center at Green Lake, where convicts were forced to dig five-foot-by-five-foot holes, ostensibly as a "character building exercise." Louise was cruel and abusive to the inmates under her control and even to her own employees, Mr. Sir and Dr. Pendanski, using nail polish laced with rattlesnake venom to make a scratch from her fingernails excruciatingly painful.

The film version of Louise appears as an antagonist in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains series, allied with Latham Cole and using the Camp Green Lake inmates as a labor force for a currently unknown goal.