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Vol is one of the supportive figures of the Don Bluth's direct-to-video film, Bartok the Magnificent, the prequel to the better-known film, Anastasia. The captain of the guard of Russia, during Ivan Romanov's era, Vol is a kind-hearted soldier, unlike Russia's royal advisor, Ludmilla, who lusts for power. While following her order, Vol detests from killing Ivan, on orders of Ludmilla, and sides with the heroes in defeating her from within. He makes a brief appearance in the first Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Vol appears in his position, as Ivan's captain of the guard, when the evil fairy, Maleficent, arrives in Moscow, with intentions of disposing of the young Tsar. He does not make another appearance, thus his fate remains currently unknown.