Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki

Part 1 (Rounds 1-16)

Round 1

  1. Kaede vs. Cooler
  2. Roman Torchwick vs. Lust
  3. Epilogue

Round 2

  1. Prologue
  2. Vegeta vs. Alexander Anderson
  3. Knut vs. Rosalia
  4. Ravess & Snipe vs. Broly
  5. Epilogue

Round 3

  1. Lord Chilled vs. Master Cyclonis
  2. Albedo Piazzolla vs. Garlic Jr
  3. Jetstorm & Kaede vs. The Valentine Brothers (Luke and Jan)
  4. Epilogue

Round 4

  1. Zarbon vs. Remington Smisse
  2. Bugzzy vs. Oberon The Goblin King
  3. Seto Kaiba vs. Repton
  4. Blitzwing & Lugnut vs. Emerald Sustrai & Mercury Black
  5. Epilogue

Round 5

  1. Prologue
  2. Junior Xiong vs. Megabyte
  3. Cell vs. Mandragora
  4. Cui vs. Bloody Mary
  5. Android 17 & Android 18 vs. Flogg
  6. Epilogue

Round 6

  1. Roman Torchwick vs. Decepticon Megatron
  2. Vegeta vs. Ranamon
  3. Prince Hydron vs. Cooler's Armored Squadron
  4. Prince Phobos vs. The Skeleton King
  5. Epilogue

Round 7

  1. Prologue
  2. Oberon The Goblin King vs. Dark Ace
  3. Discord vs. Roman Torchwick vs. Megabyte
  4. Android 19 & 20/Dr. Gero vs. Utrom Shredder
  5. Interlude 1
  6. Interlude 2
  7. Raditz vs. William Dunbar
  8. Myotismon vs. Greed
  9. Tubalcain Alhambra vs. Neopolitan
  10. Epilogue

Round 8

  1. Ravess vs. Turles
  2. Giant Mutant Warrior vs. Broly
  3. Kurumi Tokisaki & Yami Marik/Melvin vs. The Huntsman & Huntsgirl
  4. Vaas Montenegro vs. Celestia Ludenberg
  5. Kaede? Vs. Cooler
  6. Master Cyclonis & Dark Ace vs. Margulis
  7. Starscream vs. Lord Slug
  8. Epilogue

Round 9

Part 1

  1. Prologue
  2. Cinder Fall & Sky-Byte vs. Arbormon/Petaldramon
  3. Plouton vs. Flogg
  4. Emerald & Mercury vs. The Huntsgirl
  5. Interlude

Part 2

  1. Zarbon vs. Remington Smisse & Kurumi Tokisaki
  2. Terrence vs. Wrath
  3. Prince Hydron vs. Cobra Commander
  4. Epilogue

Round 10

Part 1

  1. Utrom Shredder vs. Decepticon Megatron
  2. Ranamon/Calmaramon vs. Scorpion
  3. Kaede vs. Rampage
  4. Interlude 1

Part 2

  1. Interlude 2
  2. Yami Bakura vs. William Carver
  3. Crumplezone & Ransack vs. King Piccolo
  4. Dr. Mindbender vs. Noah Kaiba
  5. Dark Ace vs. Macbeth
  6. Interlude 3

Part 3

  1. Interlude 4
  2. Lust & Envy vs. Duskmon
  3. Mercurymon vs. Nox
  4. Roman Torchwick vs. The Meta
  5. Meta Knight vs. Neopolitan
  6. Epilogue

Round 11

Part 1

  1. The Battle For The Specter (featuring Shion Sonozaki, Frieda, Bandit Keith, Richard, & Knut)
  2. Yami Marik vs. William Dunbar
  3. Mylene Farrow & Shadow Prove vs. Kurumi Tokisaki
  4. Interlude 1
  5. Seto Kaiba vs. Yuno Gasai (featuring Yami Bakura)

Part 2

  1. Interlude 2
  2. Vladimir Makarov vs. Kaede & Vegeta
  3. Fritz & Monokuma vs. Ranamon/Calmaramon & Megabyte
  4. Remington Smisse & Adam Taurus vs. Guldo
  5. Cinder Fall vs. Maximillion Pegasus
  6. Interlude 3

Part 3

  1. Interlude 4
  2. Envy vs. Kyoko
  3. Alexander Anderson vs. Turles vs. Xia Yu Lan
  4. Demona vs. Repton
  5. Broly vs. Neopolitan
  6. The Trix & Knut vs. Vampyro vs. Frieza
  7. Epilogue

Round 12

  1. Ranamon/Calmaramon vs. Hexadecimal
  2. The Huntsman & Huntsgirl vs. Skeletor
  3. Xanatos vs. Heathcliff
  4. Lust vs. Evil Lyn
  5. The Monarch vs. Kuradeel
  6. Nox vs. Duskmon/Velgemon
  7. Minene Uryu vs. Agent Bishop


Round 1

  1. Kaede vs Cooler
  2. Roman Torchwick vs Lust
  3. Frollo vs Kurome
  4. XANA/William Dunbar vs King K. Rool
  5. Forces of Cinder Fall vs Black Lagoon
  6. Epilogue

Round 2

  1. Vegeta vs Alexander Anderson
  2. Seth vs Rosalia
  3. Ravess & Snipe vs Jafar
  4. Omiko Hakodate vs Akiza Izinski
  5. The Undertaker vs Cato
  6. Epilogue

Round 3

  1. Prologue
  2. Neopolitan vs Baron Zemo
  3. Master Cyclonis vs Loki
  4. Anton Sevarius vs Ivo Robotnik
  5. Pete vs Dr. Doom
  6. The Joker vs Valmont
  7. Jan Valentine vs Ultron
  8. Epilogue

Events of the War

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Events of the Remake

Part One

Having escaped her cell, Lucy goes on a rampage and starts killing everyone in the facility. Word of this gets out to Cooler, who realizing could be a threat, has him and his armored squadron head to the facility to eliminate the threat.

Well-known crime lord Roman Torchwick is at it again, robbing another store for dust and crystals. This time around, however, he didn't expect for the female Homunculi, Lust to be around. While Lust easily takes down Torchwick's henchmen, Torchwick has a surprise for her.

Looking to find safe shelter until the war has ended, Frollo is ambushed by Kurome, an assassin hired to kill Frollo. Frollo and Kurome then engage in an all out sword fight, but who will come out on top?

With the Lyoko Warriors gone, XANA has arrived in the real world alongside his servant William. However, they are soon attacked by King K. Rool and his army, who look to start the war off with a bang, but so does XANA.

Mercury informs Cinder that their original bounty target was killed by another rival group known as Black Lagoon. Intrigued, Cinder goes to pay a visit to this rival group and show them what she's made of.

Salza, Dore, & Neizu believes Kaede to be dead. Cooler, however, feels she's still alive.

Master Cyclonis gathers her Cyclonian allies and prepare for the conflict ahead.

Maleficent is approached by Cinder, with the latter offering an alliance. Maleficent is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees.

David Xanatos invites Satsuki Kiryuin to form an alliance with him, to which Satsuki accepts. But Xanatos always has a plan in case something goes wrong.

Having escaped Lust, Torchwick meets with his business partners for a meeting, but soon find out who called the meeting and their new boss.

Kurome informs her master, Myotismon, of Frollos defeat, and tells her that it's time to proceed to phase 2.

Part Two

Under orders from his lord, Vegeta goes to Ireland and runs into Priest Alexander Anderson. While Anderson looks to be an easy win for Vegeta, Anderson shouldn't be underestimated.

Seth gets ambushed by Rosalia, who plans to steal a rare artifact that Seth has, but she should have known better than to challenge someone who can summon dinosaurs.

From orders of Master Cyclonis, Ravess & Snipe defend Terra Glockenchime, only to come under attack by Jafar, a sorcerer who knows about the energy from the clock and plans to take it.

Learning from Xanatos that a certain "Black Rose" may become a threat, Satsuki sends Omiko Hakodate, the new sports Club admin to take her out, but little does she know the dangers when facing the Black Rose.

Gunsche informs Hitler that Cato has struck once again at a supply camp. Having had enough, Hitler sends Undertaker along with his manager Paul Bearer to bury him.

With the Black Rose still at large, Owen suggests that Xanatos recruit more allies, to which Xanatos agrees.

Cyclonis punishes Ravess and Snipe for their failure.

Having taking care of the Cato problem, Paul Bearer brings in Undertaker's brother, Kane, into Hitler's alliance, much to his amazement.

Jafar approaches Skeletor and offers him an alliance, to which he accepts as long as he remains leader.

Having survived his fight with Kurome, Frollo meets with his old allies, Emperor Makoto and Prime Minister Honest, and warns them of the upcoming war, to which they promote him to recruiter of the Empire's forces.

Hades is approached by Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family, with Bray offering his services to Hades, much to Hades' joy.

Meanwhile, Loki is freed from his prison by two of his minions.

Part Three

Bowser pays a visit to his old friend Dr. Ivo Robotnik and informs him of a potential threat known as Zurg. He then suggests that they unite to stop him, to which Robotnik agrees.

Xanatos brings in Dr. Sevarius to inform him about the war and wants to prove himself. Sevarius knows of the perfect target.

From orders by Red Hood to take out Baron Zemo, Torchwick sends his henchwoman Neopolitan to deal with the threat. Zemo engages Neo in a sword fight as they both try to take each other out.

Looking to start his rise in the war, Loki invades Cyclonia and goes after Cyclonis, but Cyclonis isn't prepared to give up without a fight.

Sevarius heads to Robotnik's lair to show his loyalty to Xanatos. But Robotnik is ready to show why he and Bowser will not be denied in this war.

Having heard word of a threat known as Dr. Doom is in the war, Pete decides to take down Doom once and for all, but will he succeed?

Looking to prove himself as the true Prince of Crime, The Joker goes after a rising crime lord known as Valmont, who has been rumored to have magical Talismans, as Joker is about to find out.

Looking to prove to Luke that he is the better brother, Jan goes out to take down a threat known as Ultron, but what he didn't count on is that Ultron isn't exactly human.

In order to increase Emperor Makoto's army, Frollo arrives in England to form an alliance with Governor Ratcliffe, Captain Hook, and Clayton.

Esdeath, having conquered France while Frollo was away, is unsure of what to do until Ultron arrives seeking an alliance.

Baron Zemo is approached by Cinder, who she forms an alliance with Zemo after taking down his previous master.

Learning of the war, King Dedede calls Nightmare Enterprises to send him some monsters for the war.

A mysterious group known as the Black Knights enter the war, which gets the attention of Cyclonis.

The Decepticons prepare for the war.

And meanwhile, an evil spirit forces a familiar pink haired girl to do his bidding, or lose the one thing she treasures.