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The Villains War is a tournament originally created by MrGimmo999 that unfortunately the first round of his war was lost for unknown reasons, then Manuel Lobato Humanes and SuperMetalSonic1985 made their own versions but they were cancelled, now KennithBall97 brings us a new version that is much better reminiscent of the Very lost of MrGimmo999 and Legion of Darkness is the one who is in charge of creating the Rounds on Youtube.

Also a known brazillian YouTuber Thiago Nolding released his own version known as Animated Villains War.

Round 1 of MrGimmo999

First War of Manuel Lobato Humanes

Round 1

Round 2

First War of SuperMetalSonic1985

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

The Age of Animation:

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Animated Villains War of Thiago Nolding:


Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

Round 7:

Round 8:

Round 9:

Round 10:

Round 11:

Round 12:

Round 13:

Round 14:


Events of Manuel's War

Part One

The Fates begin to show Hades a powerful being named Smoke that could help him destroy Zeus. Hades decides to use Smoke for his and Maleficent's plans, But Hades uses his fire to defeat Smoke.

Bluto enters the show when Montana Max arrives as Bluto talks to the boy threatening him, When Bluto drives a car Max uses the security system and a chase ensues, Is the end of Montana Max?

Having the rats of NIMH with him, Jenner takes an mysterious toy he threatens them all of his rule Luckily the Jack in the Box fights Jenner with his sword. Who will be thrown in the fire?

Dr. Crumhorn arrives in Negaduck's tower where his gang the Fearsome Five discovered Baron Greenback's henchmen who also set their sights on the diamonds But Crumhorn managed to take out Megavolt and Bushroot the crime boss himself turns to him using with his gun to defeat him.

The Ringmaster is unveiling his newest attraction to his circus, a giant gorilla who attacks anyone it comes across and goes by the name of Gigantic. Fortunately the best is safely behind bars. until a monkey accidentally lets it loose. Now that it's out, everyone runs in panic while the Ringmaster desperately tries to get the beast under control causing chaos happening around the circus, Gigantic is far too strong for the men to handle. Will the Ringmaster be able to subdue this mighty behemoth before it completely destroys the bigtop?

In Gargamel's Castle, Gargamel has a meeting that being held by a visitor: Mok Swagger.

After Crumhorn's Death, Negaduck recruits Oil Can Harry, Charlie the grey Dog, Fat Cat, The Beagle Boys, Baron Greenback and The Fearsome Four to all together for the upcoming war.

Meanwhile the three sorcerers Rothbart, Lord Maliss and Saruman prepare for the war but Sir Oswald arrives in the castle to join them with their plan.

In the Forbidden Mountains, Professor Screweyes shows the defeat of Smoke to Maleficent, Angered by his defeat she tries to forge a alliance with Doctor Facilier so they can work together, But Facilier leaves for other plans.

In Bald Mountain, Chernabog rises and calls the souls of death in the village.

Part 2

Evil Emperor Zurg prepares for his invasion on Earth when suddenly he gets a visit from Larson Petty of Melmac whose intelligence might just be what he needs to help with the invasion.

At his tower, Negaduck and his allies recruit the evil bug Dr. Sinister.

Abandoning Maleficent Professor Screweyes teams up with Dr. Robotnik whose captured Sonic and they transformed into the Metal Sonic and prepare for the war.

Fat Cat sends the Beagle Boys to the city to deal with the cowboy dog named Dangerous Dan a shootout happens but can the Beagle Boys defeat him?

A hunter named Elmer Fudd alongside the rabbit General Woundwort is hunting for Scar Snout the dangerous wolf. Will the two finally catch their prey?

Eli Pandarus summons Magica De Spell for a meeting to recruit anyone with the ongoing war. But the duck sorceress refuses and challenges the mage.

Dick Dastardly alongside Muttley, Klunk and Zilly target an enemy related to their pigeon nemesis, Ben Buzzard who they can use money for parts of their contraptions, furious Buzzard chases them and tries to sabotage the flying machines.

At the headquarters of Patch of Heaven, Napoleon gathers his alliance consisting of Ratigan, Warren T. Rat, Jenner, Cat R. Waul, Captain Vinegar, Carface, Mr. Grasping, Toplofty and O'Bloat, Martin Brisby, Boing the Kangaroo, Flintheart Glomgold, Dolf, Katnip, Meowrice, Pinky and The Brain.

Gargamel goes to a club to recruit Holli Would into his and Mok's alliance.

After hearing about the king from them, a weasel goes and tells Pete about the ruler of Acme Falls. Knowing that said ruler could stand in the way of his plans, Pete rounds up his soldiers to go and get him. Although, fearing that his first plan would go astray, Salazar has prepared a new plan for Pete's army. As soon as they arrive, Salazar, introduces them to his "puppies" which easily scare Pete and his soldiers.

Beastly tells his boss No-Heart and his ally King Koopa about Princess Daphne who's been held by the dragon Singe and plan to capture her for their plans.

Events for the First War

Part One

Jafar arrives at Wonderland with plans to take it over. But The Queen of Hearts won't let Jafar take over her wonderful kingdom.

Bowser Jr Warns his father: Bowser. That his rival: King K Rool is marching towards his castle to take over his castle and his koopa kingdom. But will Bowser and Bowser Jr succeed in protecting their kingdom?

Hooper invades Dr Eggman's Egg Hangar for revenge on the pain and suffering at his experiments on him and his gang to make them size human. But Eggman is prepared to take on anyone for revenge.

The Joker and Pennywise Meet up in a Bar to forge an alliance. But it does not end well.

In England. Dr Neo Cortex and Governor Ratcliffe form an alliance to destroy one of Gotham's criminal masterminds: Black Mask. By sending Dr Cortex's ally: Darth Maul to Kill Him. But the criminal mastermind hires an ally of his own for that matter.

Tornado Tyrant was sent by his unknown master to destroy Maleficent before she becomes a deadly threat to his plans. But will the Tyrant succeed or will Maleficent gain the upper hand?

Following the events after their defeat over the hands of King K Rool. Bowser and Bowser Jr forge an alliance with many villains like: Diesel 10, Dr Eggman, Scar and Captain Hook to form an team named: Team Koopa Alliance for Revenge on King K Rool.

After Murdering Pennywise. The Joker recruits Harley Quinn, Scarface and Mr Freeze to his upcoming criminal empire.

Meanwhile in Gotham. The Riddler and The Penguin forge an alliance to build their own criminal alliance.

At Wonderland. Jafar gets a visit from his old friend: Ra's al Ghul.

In New York City. Lex Luthor and Kingpin build an company of their own to stand up against everyone in the war.

Meanwhile in Gotham City: A Meeting Has Been Held by Gaston and his Leader: The Red Hood.

Part Two

King K Rool is enjoying his new rule and law over his new kingdom. And he gets a visit from a crime lord name Sykes. Who wants to offer his service to him.

At Gotham City. The Riddler and The Penguin recruit Black Mask for the first step of The Riddler's master plan to rule Gotham.

Scar recruits his old army of Hyenas for Team Koopa Alliance for aiding them in the war.

Diesel 10 sends his ally: Dr Eggman to destroy another Disney Villain known as: Ursula. Because she might be a threat to Team Koopa Alliance like King K Rool. And Dr Eggman Accepts the task and goes and finds the sea witch.

Learning about that Mr Freeze might become a threat to him and Kingpin. Lex Luthor hires Rasputin to destroy Mr Freeze for him. But will Mr Freeze be unstoppable against Rasputin?

Frollo forms an alliance with Mechanicles and sends him to destroy Zurg and his new ally: Dr Nefarious. Who both can be a big threat to the world.

Dr Neo Cortex decides to send his minion: N Gin to terminate Eggman Nega. Who has worked on a weapon for himself. And Dr Cortex wants to steal it for himself.

After studying his alternate self had fought two villains in the war. Sonic Boom Eggman wants to quickly team up with Dr Eggman. But Rigatoni along with his ally: Clayton arrived and want to recruit him to Rigatoni's circus. But Sonic Boom Eggman refuses. So Rigatoni orders Clayton to force him to join the circus.

King K Rool and Skyes arrived in England and form an alliance with Dr Neo Cortex to help them put an deadly end to Team Koopa Alliance.

With Bowser Jr and Scar already away on a mission. Dr Eggman Returns from his mission from destroying Ursula. And shows Bowser, Diesel 10 and Captain Hook their new team members: Eggman Nega and Super Mario Brothers Super Show King Koopa. Then Eggman Nega shows his new allies Sonic Boom Eggman's first fight in the war. And this gives Dr Eggman a new idea.

In a land named Robotropolis. Sonic Boom Eggman encounters Sonic Satam/Sonic Underground Robotnik. Who Promises to aid him in battle in the war.

The Red Hood sends Gaston on a mission.

With Clayton dead. Rigatoni recruits Shere Khan, PT Boomer and Rothbart to his new army to destroy Sonic Boom Eggman. Once and for all!

Kingpin Recruits Spiderman: The Animated Series Kingpin to His and Lex Luthor's Business Company.

After learning about the war. AoSTH(Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)Robotnik Decided to become part of the war.

The Joker encounters Bane. And offers an alliance between the two. Which Bane accepts.

Sonic Boom Eggman and Sonic Satam/Sonic Underground Robotnik recruit Sleet and Dingo to go on a Mission to find more allies to aid them in the war.

Jafar meets a evil being known as Mr L for an alliance.

Part Three

Sleet and Dingo arrives at AoSTH Robotnik's Base. To recruit him for Sonic Satam/Sonic Underground Robotnik and Sonic Boom Eggman's alliance.

Maleficent gets a visit from Lord Maliss. Who offers an alliance to destroy any uprising threats in the upcoming war.

After the loss of Clayton over the hands of Sonic Boom Eggman. Rigatoni recruits Defacely Marmeister to help him destroy AoSTH Robotnik. But AoSTH Robotnik is willing to never give up to a idiot like Rigatoni and his assistant: Defacely Marmeister.

Moments after the duo left AoSTH Robotnik's base. Sleet and Dingo encounters Warp Darkmatter who he was sent by Zurg and Dr Nefarious to cause damage on earth. But Attuma and his minions arrived to destroy both Sleet, Dingo and Warp Darkmatter to become victorious. But who will become victorious?

Scar and Bowser Jr encounters PT Boomer and challenges him to a fight to the death. But can the duo handle Boomer's Bombs? or will PT Boomer succeed for once for Rigatoni?

Sleet and Dingo returns from their fight with both Warp Darkmatter and Attuma. And Inform their leaders that Rothbart. (One of Rigatoni's Allies.) Had discovered where Sonic Boom Eggman has been hiding from the war. With their Badniks and Bounty Hunters outmatched by Rothbart. Who will save their lives?

With Eggman away. Bowser and Super Mario Brothers Super Show King Koopa are suddenly attacked by Dr Polaris. Who plans to take over Eggman's Egg Hangar.

With the war rising from the battles. Nightmare Moon invades Agrabah hoping to make it plunge into darkness of the Night of the Moon. But Jafar is not willing to watch his kingdom fall that easily.

In England. Governor Ratcliffe discovers that Dr Cortex left him in his British Alliance. So he calls upon Saluk and Lord Blackwood to replace Dr Cortex in his alliance.

Team Koopa Alliance plan their uprising.

Ra's al Ghul and Mr L started their first move in the war. By invading a incident town far away from Agrabah. So that Jafar could conquer the incident town from it's ruins.

In another unknown universe. Mok forms an alliance with The Batman: Joker. Who agrees to help him to take over the world. And become rulers of both The unknown universe and Mok's world.

In The Main Universe (Where the war takes place at.) In Gotham City. Black Mask recruits Captain Boomerang to aid Him, The Penguin and The Riddler's master plan to takeover the criminal underworld and Gotham. Which Captain Boomerang agrees to aid them to take over the criminal underworld and Gotham city.

Part Four

As part of The Red Hood's order. Gaston invades Professor Milo's lab. To kill him off so he won't ruined The Red Hood's plan to become a crime lord of Gotham City. But Milo has other plans to put on hold because of the hunter challenges him to a fight.

Mok and The Batman: Joker sends BBatB Ra's al Ghul to attack one or two members from Team Koopa Alliance. And BBatB Ra's al Ghul agreed to kill off Captain Hook for them. But at the same time Captain Hook was already sent by Bowser to kill BBatB Ra's al Ghul to steal Mok's technology to travel dimensions for Eggman. So he can go to different dimensions and recruit allies there.

Hobgoblin forms an alliance with The Red Hood to help him become the best crime lord of Gotham City. And Red Hood told Hobgoblin he will accept the idea of teaming up with him. If he defeats of The Joker's allies. And Hobgoblin promises his crime boss to defeat Bane for him.

Hades decided to start plotting his first move in the war. But suddenly he does not need to because The Green Goblin starts invading The Underworld. Will The Goblin outsmart The Lord of the Dead?

Dr. Doom has been informed by a Doombot that Gideon Graves decided to cause trouble for Doom to handle. So Doom decided that it's time to deal with Graves once and for all!

Spiderman: The Animated Series Kingpin hires Venom to steal Mok's technology so he can use it to travel back to his old home dimension. And Venom accepts the mission. But is he a match for Mok or his powers?

Governor Ratcliffe encounters a crime boss: Tombstone. And forms an alliance with him to send him to kill Black Mask once and for all.

Jafar introduces Ra's al Ghul and Mr L to his new allies: Mirage and Sarousch. To aid him to conquer more lands near Agrabah.

Meanwhile Mok forms a new step on his plan which is recruiting Batman: Assault on Arkham: Joker. to work for him on his next step of his plan. Then Batman: Assault on Arkham Joker shows Mok his allies: Batman: Brave and the Bold Lex Luthor and New Adventures of Batman: Mr Freeze.

However all of this is seen by The Batman: Joker. Who plans to betray Mok and decides to overthrow him and become leader of Mok's faction by recruiting: Dr. Doom, A House Cat name Claudandus and a Clown named Captain Spaulding. to work for him to help The Batman: Joker's Revenge on Mok.

The Joker orders his henchgirl: Harley Quinn to go and takedown some threats to his criminal empire. Her first target: Yzma. But was Yzma really prepared or not prepared to face any threats to her rising presence from Peru?

Syndrome encounters Black Adam and challenges him for power. So he can become a better superhero. But Black Adam doesn't let a dork like Syndrome steal his powers from him. So he challenges him to a fight to the death.

The Penguin learns about Governor Ratcliffe's new ally: Tombstone. So he orders Black Mask's first ally: Tyler. To kill Tombstone for himself and his allies.

The Red Hood gathers Gaston and Hobgoblin for the next step of his plan.

The Joker recruits Killer Croc, The Cheetah and Zebraman to his criminal empire to takedown Governor Ratcliffe's British Alliance. And join forces with another criminal empire. But who's criminal empire?

Jafar summons his Master to aid him and his allies for the next step of his master plan.

The Riddler calls upon Captain Boomerang and sends him on a mystery mission for him to solve.

The rising of the war between The Batman: Joker and Mok is discovered by Lex Luthor and Kingpin. Who decided to recruit whoever wins the war to become part of their alliance.

Part Five

Ganondorf arrives at the Koopa Kingdom which it is still under King K Rool's control and pose an alliance and K Rool accepts the offer.

After his brutal fight with Tyler, Tombstone teams up with his old ally: Hammerhead to turn against Ratcliffe for abandoning him and not aiding him in the fight.

Zurg recruits Clayface, Carnage and Black Manta to his alliance.

In Paris, Judge Claude Frollo and his second in command: Mechanicles recruits Shan Yu to aid them in their revenge on Zurg and Dr Nefarious' first move against the world in the war.

Maleficent and Lord Maliss at Lord Maliss' Sister's Castle: Queen Grimhilde revealed herself to Maleficent that she was the one who sent Maliss to recruit her and team up with her for the sake of the war.

Hades survived his defeat over the hands of The Green Goblin and forms an unholy alliance with Darkseid, In order to reclaim the Underworld back.

The Joker calls upon Two Face for an alliance and Two Face agrees to be part of his criminal empire but first he must take down Blackwood before he finds The Joker's criminal empire's base and reports it to his ally: Ratcliffe. Two Face accepts the mission and heads off to hunt Blackwood down.

When Bowser and Eggman arrive at Mok's hideout they encounter The Batman: Joker there as well and realize the trio have an common enemy to destroy they combine forces to take Mok down. But at the same time Mok summons his demon from hell to cause damage in the war.

Sarousch decides to destroy an most likely threat known as: Zeebad. Who is trying to survive from the outcome of the war. But unfortunately for him He has to deal with one of Jafar's allies.

Poison Ivy and Arbutus join forces because they noticed that there's a certain troll who hates flowers and plants is planning to make her presence known in the war. Arbutus volunteers himself to destroy her so she will no longer be a threat to them and their love for mother nature anymore.

Mechanicles on the behalf of Frollo's alliance recruits his old friend: Pete to be part of Frollo's alliance but the meeting was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Plasmius who plans to destroy them so they have to quickly use their traps and machines against him in order to live.

The showdown between three against one begins as both Bowser and Dr Eggman's goal was to steal all of Mok's data and technology from him and The Batman: Joker's goal is to kill him and take over his faction but Mok has tricks upon his sleeves. or is it Bowser, Eggman and The Batman: Joker that has tricks up in their sleeves and weapons instead of Mok?

Meanwhile Lex Luthor and Kingpin who have spied upon the whole fight between Bowser, Eggman, The Batman Joker and Mok found the results interesting.

Judge Claude Frollo and his allies have a meeting on their own war plans.

Bowser and Dr Eggman began stealing all of Mok's data and technology out of his supercomputer and reprogram it to obey only them. After the supercomputer showed a secret key that Mok had downloaded onto his data to gain access across the Multiverse.

AoSTH Robotnik and Satam/SU Robotnik were plotting more war plans for Team Koopa Alliance until suddenly they receive a video call from Dr Nefarious who warns them that He is going to send his and Zurg's new minions to attack Team Koopa Alliance. Which ticks off Satam/SU Robotnik.

Elsewhere Bowser Jr encounters The Dazzlings and posses an alliance to Adagio Dazzle in exchange he would share power with her to make her his queen as they rule the world together alongside Team Koopa Alliance. Which She along with Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk accept the alliance.

Dr Eggman creates Metal Sonic as a new fighter and ally for Team Koopa Alliance. As well for Metal Sonic's first mission.

Events of Thiago Nolding's War


Him is wandering around the city and looking for a new ally for another of his plans. He finds Townsville's old theater and realizes that a corpse was still there. With his powers, Him revives his brand new friend, Abracadaver. Meanwhile, in Agrabah, Jafar and Hades devise a scheme to be able to rule the world beyond Agrabah and Greece. Do they have any chance of achieving it?

Ludo, Prince of the Avarius family, performs a ritual to summon Bill Cipher, in order for the one-eyed demon to help him figure out what to do with his new magic wand. Bill casts a spell, activates the wand and causes Toffee, an old Septarsian ally, to possess Ludo's body. Toffee (or Ludo) now has the mission to eliminate Bill's biggest rival, an evil spirit known as The Lich.

Sir Pentious is prepared to use his mechanisms to rule over hell. He just didn't count that the tentacle-like demon Nergal would be watching over him soon to defeat him. The dispute between the two powerful demons are arduous. Will Sir Pentious emerge victorious or will Nergal "shock" the edge lord?

Round One

After gaining powers through Egyptian objects, Sedusa grows in size. However, after the incident, Lord Dominator claims that she helped The Gangreen Gang capture the objects for her and that she would also like the "reward". Sedusa denies and wages a conflicting battle with the most feared being in the galaxy.

Jack O'Lantern is about to create his new army of Evil Pumpkins. But a certain Lizard appears in Endsville to stop the Pumpkin guy from wreaking havoc on the world before he does.

After helping Toffee getting back his finger, upon returning home, Bill is greeted with a celebration of his minions. In the midst of all that, the mighty Egyptian entity Mirage appears and begs Bill for a challenge in global scale. Bill sends her to defeat the spirit of chaos itself, Discord. But, Mirage will discover that he has a lot of tricks upon his sleeves.

Maleficent is bored inside her castle. That's when Pain and Panic come up and tell her she has a little visit. She is shocked to see that the person visiting her is the Soul of Jafar, because she did not know that the most powerful sorcerer in the world was dead. With the help of a spell, she brings Jafar back to life, restoring his Snake Staff. Upon leaving Forbidden Mountain, Jafar is lost in the forest, so he decides to test his new gifts to pass the time. That's when he comes across a not-so-friendly creature.

The Horned King noticed that Hades had not accepted his invitation to his deadly ritual. Suspicious, he hires Dr Facilier to go down to the underworld and find out what happened to Hades. to the Witch Doctor's surprise, Abracadaver was the one who was there and was not happy at all with the intruder. To solve the problem, he took Facilier to swim in the river...of the death

Scar tries to flee Pride lands after being unmasked by Simba. Realizing that he has entered a dead end, he is surprised by another feline that wants to take his throne, Claudandus.

Maleficent is very nervous, as she heard that the Horned King would be coming to Forbidden Mountain to tell her some news. Jafar, Pain and Panic try to calm the Mistress, but the message from the king makes her completely angry: Facilier's gone.

Meanwhile, Rasputin is planning to return to the living world and get revenge, when the mad monk receives a visit from the Goddess of discord, Eris, who influences him on his revenge.

Thrax, a humanoid virus, is discovered by The Joker, who takes him to his lair and the two Psycho masterminds form an alliance.

Bill Cipher and Toffee also become allies. While Bill starts to command the Human World, Toffee starts to command Mewni's world.

Scar managed to escape from the felines opposing him and recruited Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed for a new wicked scheme.

Meanwhile, on a castle in Germany, an Evil Queen is ready to summon a mighty demon through her mirror... Chernabog!

Round Two

Him hires Princess Morbucks (now Mayor Morbucks, because in a alternative ending of Bought and Scold, she continued as mayor) to put a stop to Horned King's plans to create an army of the dead.

Eris wants to cause chaos around the world. That's when she has a vision of an apparently uninhabited mountain. Upon arriving there, she discovers that it was not that uninhabited.

Fearing an attack of the fire nation, The Evil Queen sends Shan Yu to get rid of Fire Lord Ozai's daughter, Azula. He just didn't know how powerful she would be for him and his hun army.

Rothbart appears in Andalasia and plans to take Queen Narissa's place. After that, an arduous power battle between the two sorcerers takes place.

Rourke was about to board his balloon, until he was surprised by Thrax, a humanoid virus that wanted to take the bounty for the heart of Atlantis from him. Despite Rourke doesn't allow it and drives Thrax away, he got his revenge.

Mok Swagger, a famous rock star, pays a visit to the ship of a pawnshop owner, Madame Medusa. He was there because he wanted her to give him one of her diamonds so that he could use it as a catalyst and summon a demon from another dimension so that he could immortalize himself on stage. However, it does not yield so easily.

After Thrax steals Atlantis' heart and turns wealthy with the bounty, he and the Joker decide to take the next step in their plan.

Fire Lord Ozai arrives in the Fire Nation.

Frollo, Ratcliffe and Gaston gather at Notre Dame to discuss the attacks that each one's homeplace has been suffering.

Chernabog summons minions for his ritual, while Rasputin sends his minions to the living world to spy on his killer's life.

Elsewhere in France, Lady Tremaine tests the magic of a wand, found by her daughter Anastasia, on a kitten.

Round Three

Frollo is about to perform an execution. But, he is interrupted by a sorcerer who is disgusted with his tyranny and proclaims some changes.

Wanting to take Miss Lenoir's fortune, Lady Tremaine asks Yzma, her new feline ally, to meet the socialite on her island. However, Yzma was unaware of Lenoir's powers.

Morgana was ruling the ocean when a miserable fish told her he would take her place. Then, the sea witch starts playing with him and Joe barely realizes that she was leading him to his death.

The evil spirit of pollution has been released and is thirsty for new victims. That's when Mozenrath, the sorcerer of the Black Sands, appears to face the creature and show him how powerful he is.

Fearing a rival attack, Ratcliffe sends Gaston to get rid of a mighty knight, Ruber. However Ruber has more equipment than Gaston can imagine.

Thinking about a way for no one else to invade the Underworld, Him and Abracadaver enlist the help of Gnomey to kill the one-eyed demon Bill Cipher. Will Gnomey emerge victorious or will Bill show him why you shall not play with fire?

Frollo survives Lord Maliss' attack. He locks himself in the cathedral and just when he thinks he can't be surprised anymore, he gets a little visit from Maleficent, who wanted him to join her league.

Yzma and Lady Tremaine celebrate becoming rich off Lenoir's fortune and now they decide what their next move will be.

After defeating Joe, Morgana celebrates gaining her trident, while her sister, Ursula, is consumed with envy.

Discord meets a feline ally to band together against Bill Cipher and Mirage's sovereignty.

Speaking of the devil, Him calls Mojo Jojo to tell him about the Gnome. However, much to his surprise, Mojo claims his fall at the hands of Bill Cipher

Meanwhile, a possessed snail plans its next victim.

Round Four

Discord wants to test the skills of his newest ally, Katz. He sends him to face an Evil Duck from another dimension. But Katz realizes it won't be that easy to defeat him.

Seeking to make new alliances, Him summons the demon Aku to be his accomplice. He sends him to battle the prince of Meridian's kingdom, Phobos.

Rich with Lenoir's stolen inheritance, Yzma's always looking for more. Then the old lady travels to Russia and competes with the local councilor, Ludmilla, who also didn't give her a very pleasant reception.

Mother Gothel has a surprise on her way back to the tower. She discovers that her "daughter" was being cared for by a spider-like humanoid species and that she was not there for nothing.

Wanting to get rid of threats on his master plan, Toffee talks to his ally and former host Ludo and he agrees to face an evil mastermind surrounding Mewni.

Following Him's orders, Mojo Jojo visits Gravity Falls and meets one of the inhabitants and Bill Cipher's supporters, Star kid Gideon Gleeful. After being rejected by the boy, Mojo shows him what he's worth of.

Him and Abracadaver congratulate Aku on his successful mission.

Mirage visits Toffee and gives him an advice, as well as showing him her new skills.

Frollo has a conversation with the Queen of Hearts and warns her about the danger of having sorcerers around.

The Joker recruits The Gangreen Gang into his pack.

After killing Gothel, Other Mother allies herself with Pitch Black, a shadow creature.

Shego receives a mission from Negaduck, while her boss, Dr Drakken, receives a mission from a certain coachman.

Meanwhile, Discord finds a new ally while ruling Equestria.

Round Five

Wanting to win the monarch's trust, The Wizard of Wonderland shows some magic tricks to the Queen of Hearts. However, following Frollo's advice, she ignores him and...off with his head!!!

Morgana shows off to her sister, Ursula, about the trident they both coveted. In the meantime, Nightmare Moon appears in Morgana's castle and a duel is fought between them 3.

To receive the Coachman's reward, Dr Drakken must eliminate the Joker from the game. Although his cheerleader robots were efficient, the clown had an ace up his sleeve.

Shego also has to eliminate 2 of Joker's allies, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Shego uses her powers against them, but is quickly surprised by their abilities.

Pitch wonders why children around the world don't believe him anymore. He ends up discovering that they now believe in and fear Oogie Boogie, a monster from a nearby town that was roaming there. Now, Pitch must get rid of him, but that won't be easy.

Upon returning to his castle, the Horned King encounters the Emperor of the Night, who has taken the place in his absence, not Morbucks. However, the Emperor may have slightly underestimated the king's powerful potential.

Maleficent talks to Jafar and tells him that she really likes having him around as the guardian of her castle.

Pitch and Other Mother farewell, once the deal between them is over.

Much to Fire Lord Ozai's misfortune, he receives news that Azula's act was useless and Shan yu was still alive.

The Joker visits The Gangreen Gang again and introduces the boys to Harley and Ivy.

Ratcliffe appears in an old beggar's cave and interrogates him, not getting many answers about the whereabouts of the Queen's Castle.

Maliss sends his henchman Venger, to Forbidden Mountain to destroy the Mistress of all evil.

Rasputin says goodbye to Eris, thanks her for her help and returns to the world of the living to continue hatching his revenge plans there.

With Shan yu absent, the Evil Queen hires a new huntsman to protect her kingdom.

Round Six

Venger visits the Forbidden Mountain on Maliss' orders, aiming to exterminate the Mistress of all evil. However, he was surprised to be welcomed by the world's most powerful sorcerer, Jafar. Will Jafar stop him from invading the castle?

Later, a beggar arrives on the mountain and demands to talk to Maleficent. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't in a very good mood. After taking out his hatred on him, Maleficent realizes that whoever was in his castle was not someone favorable.

Mozenrath meets the Tyrannic Demon Aku amidst the empty streets of Agrabah. Now, the two practitioners of the dark arts will fight a mighty duel for survival.

While Fire Lord Ozai was returning to his empire after a long period of absence, he discovers an invader nearby. Shan Yu, who survived Azula's attack, is crazy for revenge and wants to get rid of the Lord above anyone else.

An old and blind St Bernard, Red, was playing cards with his friend, when he is surprised by the presence of the lion Scar. Despite him imposing respect and superiority, Red was not intimidated at all and put his claws out.

As Chernabog was resurrecting certain souls for his new ritual, a portal opens in the sky and a gigantic creature emerges from it. Noticing a competitor in sight, Chernabog does everything to get rid of him.

Mad Monk Rasputin meets with the governor of the country he was in, Ratcliffe. Despite Rasputin's courtesy and good manners, the governor deemed him a threat (also, with that appearance) and then...

Toffee banishes Ludo from his castle, taking his monsters and coming up with a new plan with Mirage.

Maleficent is feeling bad about letting her latest victim escape. However, Jafar appears to cheer her up and tell her how much he protected the mountain in the mistress' absence.

After escaping from the certain death at the hands of Maleficent, it is revealed to us where the Lich ended up near to Aku. He seems to like it.

Zira discovers that Scar's dead and plans her revenge with her lionesses.

After another soul ends up in the underworld, much to Him and Aku's delight, two other potentially powerful individuals appear there, which cheers Him up and gives him a chance for an alliance.

The Horned King returns to Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent rejoices to see him and the King tells her that he has more plans on the way.

Round Seven

A hunter named Clayton wanders through a forest, then he meets a puppetmaster named Puppetino. The hunter has no idea of ​​the tight situation he'll face in the future.

Zira finally finds the one responsible for her mate's death. Realizing that Red is in an isolated and dangerless place, the lioness does not miss the opportunity to seek her revenge.

It's lunch time at Toffee and Mirage's castle. When it is invaded by Nergal and Alastor, who wanted to prove their potential and impress the underworld team. Could this be an opportunity for Mirage and Toffee to put their plans into action?

Samhain, the spirit of halloween, argues with the Horned King, as many of the souls of his possession were being used by the King for his ritual. The Horned King then makes Samhain's soul one more check on his list.

Later that day, the Horned King sends his apprentice, Demona, down to the Underworld to collect souls and rid himself of any threats along the way. Demona will have to deal with a cross dresser demon that until then only played in the corner.

Phantom Blot uses his new machine to eliminate all the colors around the city. In the process, the Rainbow clown ends up being affected, becoming Mr. mime. The clown doesn't seem to have liked the Phantom Blot's deed.

Discord and Captain Bloth meet and pledge allegiance to each other.

Lord Dominator and Lord Hater choose their next targets for domination.

The Joker recruits into his pack a vengeful boy named Rob, who has just left the Negaverse dimension.

Jack Spicer pays his superior, the mighty Chase Young, a visit.

Wanting to embrace greater spaces in the war, Toffee and Mirage summon a being to eliminate Discord from the game.

Round Eight

Lord Hater resolves to dominate the underworld with his troop. Unfortunately for him, one of the owners was there to protect the place and blast them away.

Wanting to benefit somehow, Puck decides to accept Toffee and Mirage's proposal and agrees to kill Discord. Upon arriving in Equestria, Puck may regret his decision.

Following Chase Young's orders, Jack Spicer invades Bill Cipher's dimension to fight him. Jack's machine arsenal may be incredible, but it's no match for Bill Cipher's supernatural powers.

Rob shall get rid of another former inhabitant of the Negaverse, Negaduck. Luckily, Rob got the perfect and most suitable weapon to use against him.

Will a battle between two sorcerers, Professor Screweyes and Madame Mim, result in the ringmaster's victory? Or will the witch show him why you shouldn't play with fire?

Him meets the Gangreen Gang at a gas station and decides to delight himself about a new situation. He grants Ace, the gang's leader, ice powers and influences him to exact revenge on the one responsible for his crush downfall.

Rob brags about his successful mission and Ace demonstrates his powers to the Joker, who sees a big potential in both of them.

An alien sorcerer excels in war to wreak havoc.

Frollo meets with his new captain of the guard, James Hook, and assures him of the importance of his position.

Bill Cipher makes a deal with a magician in exchange for alliances.

Realizing that Puck's help was useless, Toffee and Mirage must take matters into their own hands.

Round Nine

Searching for new minions to help out on his plan, Mok Swagger makes a deal with an old illusionist to eliminate a sorceress who has been in the spotlight recently.

Upon entering one of the doors, Randall Boggs will come across a darkness creature who wants nothing more than to spread darkness across the world.

Captain Hook duels a dark water pirate, Bloth, for the conquest of the 7 seas, as well as earning Frollo's admiration.

Zurg has his base invaded by another space crime lord, Vilgax. To get rid of the Octopus-like creature, Zurg will have to use his most cunning maneuvers.

Aiming to ally himself with Bill Cipher, Merlock travels until he arrives in Bellwood and has to be face to face against a sorcerer as skilled as himself, Hex.

With the help of Mirage's wand, Toffee heads to Equestria determined to kill Discord once and for all. Amid lasers and the beast's mockery, Toffee doesn't seem shaken and teaches Discord a lesson.

Leaving his galaxy, Zurg sees no alternative but to destroy his ship.

Mirage congratulates Toffee on Discord's defeat. Now the two entities can focus on their respective goals.

Upon arriving in the world of the living, Rasputin allies himself with a magician who seeks a challenge on a big scale.

Aku gives the following recommendations for his minion, Demongo.

An evil spirit slumbering for ages is awakened.

Lord Dominator survives Ace's attacks, gains new powers.

Round Ten

After his superior's downfall, the vampire robot Nos4a2 crash-lands on Earth. He ends up having a fight with another vampire being, Demongo.

Wanting to get closer to his killer, Rasputin visits the cathedral of Notre Dame and comes across Judge Claude Frollo, who upon learning of the sorcery that involved the monk does not measure efforts to get rid of him.

Ommadon finally finds a match for him and challenges Maleficent. A duel between the two dragon wizards will be fought and things around have never been hotter.

Mirage receives an unwelcome visit from the newly freed Mumm-ra, who insults the goddess and says her powers are nothing compared to his. A speech he didn't imagine would choose his fate.

Bored due to nothing chaotic happening on the underworld, Him teleports into space and provokes a spider freak, who feels an ultimate hatred and attack the demon.

Chernabog was ready to end his ritual and spread darkness through the village below. That's when Aku appears to destroy and conquer the place before Chernabog, an idea that doesn't suit him at all.

Lord Maliss makes a deal with an ancient wizard to get rid of one of Maleficent's allies.

The Lich abandons his former appearance and hires one of his henchmen from Ooo for a mission.

Gideon receives a visit from the Socialite Cruella De Vil, who for some reason has a certain esteem for the boy and wants to sign a contract with him.

A new alien race has landed on the planet in search of domination.

Him visits Princess Morbucks to give her one more task.

A Crime lord and his gang talks to their superior, who tells them about his origins.

Jafar's ready to meet Maleficent again, until a rat appears nearby and asks him for a big scale challenge.

Bill Cipher renews his powers, getting in contact with his dimension.

A dinosaur wakes up after going practically "extinct" for eons.

Round Eleven

On the way to the forbidden mountain, Jafar crosses paths with an alien sorcerer who threatens to end his legacy. Had he underestimated the world most powerful sorcerer?

The Horned King thought he would carry out his ritual and rule the world. But, another undead sorcerer appears to stop the king's plans.

After being mocked by Cruella, Valmont reunites with his gang to devise a plan for De Vil's destiny.

The Huntsman surrounds the Evil Queen's kingdom looking for threats. That's when he finds himself inside Evil Guy's mental game, who does everything he can to demoralize and drive him insane.

Upon arriving in Agrabah, Koschei, the deathless meets Ayam Aghoul (who was left to take care of the Palace after the disappearance of a sultan). He mistakes him with Jafar and tries to kill him and Ayam Aghoul reveals that Koschei wasn't as Deathless as he claimed.

After growing in size, Ratigan brags to his henchmen. After that, he realizes that there was an outsider among them. Thrax, who was there as an intruder, must now run away from the furious rat.

Toffee visits Bill Cipher, who demonstrates his renewed powers to him.

The Evil queen asks for the help of her cousin, Queen Narissa, to stop a dinosaur that had appeared and that could attack her kingdom.

Cruella survives her car accident (much to her sorrow) and meets a businessman.

After taking her bath, Lord Dominator chooses her next target for domination.

Darla Dimple promises her freaky uncle, Fred, that she would take over the Star Kid attention from another Star Kid.

Maleficent's goons tell her about what Jafar had done, encouraging Mistress to pay more attention on Jafar.

Still not satisfied with having killed Scroop, Him transforms into an octopus monster and looks out for a rival similar to him.

Princess Morbucks heads to Wonderland to confront the Queen of Hearts' reign of tyranny. Would she finally be the chosen to overthrow the monarch?

Narissa has to face the dinosaur that is threatening her cousin's kingdom. Then, she once again assumes her Hydra form to stop him.

Lord Dominator selected Vexus' ship to attack. Vexus, trying everything to win, discovers how unbreakable his tactics are.

Two star kids compete for fame. However, one of them is more competitive, which results on her fate.

Hunson Abadeer disguises himself among those present at Bill Cipher's tower to kill the one-eyed demon and please The Lich. Upon discovering the affront, Bill performs a ritual to send him away.

Ursula continues to rule over the ocean. That's when Him, transformed into a giant octopus, appears to fight the sea witch, who proves to be as powerful and threthous as the demon.

After his defeat in the battle against Ursula, Him returns to the Underworld, where he is scolded by Abracadaver. However, Aku has an idea that could make them all relentless.

Lord Dominator takes control of Vexus' ship and begins to explore her newfound power.

A cook is possessed by an ancient Mexican demon, who intends to use her body to summon a superior entity.

Meanwhile, the high priest of El Dorado also summons an evil spirit in the form of a jaguar statue.

in a distant land, a plant magician resurfaces to take what is his.

Mirage warns Toffee that she will go out through the world in search of more power.

Round Twelve

The explorer Percival C. McLeach is on a tour on a forest. That's when he meets a criminal mastermind cat, Cat R. Waul. After a few shots, Cat R. Waul takes down McLeach and changes his fate directions.

Shere Khan was about to hunt his new prey. However, a fox appears and gets in the way of his goal. Had she become the tiger's new prey?

Wanting to make his presence in the war meaningful, the Joker sends one of his henchgirls, Poison Ivy, to fight another guy with a plant complex.

The newly freed Nahuala practices a ritual with the lives of 3 children to live forever. The entity did not count on the appearance of Mirage, who was there to disrupt the ritual and take the demonic witch powers.

Tzekel Kan attacks his village with his jaguar statue to prove that the "gods" were useless. With this attitude, he stirs up the hatred of an ancient god, Chaos.

Professor Screweyes was looking for a new monster for his freakshow. That's when he finds the Shapeshifter, a humanoid being capable of transforming into numerous monsters. The professor sees advantages in using him on his show, but the monster doesn't like the idea as he did.

Ratcliffe enters the Evil Queen's kingdom, being welcomed by her inself.

Poison Ivy tells about her victory to the Joker and the rest of the gang. The clown then decides how he will perform his next act.

Cruella calls Sykes and asks him to visit her. However, Sykes tells her that he would be busy that night with the visit from an anonymous client.

Pain and Panic wanted to show what they're worth of to Maleficent. So, Maleficent sends them to invade the underworld and rescue someone for her.

Bill Cipher introduces the Henchmaniacs to his new friend, the Shapeshifter.

After Zurg's death, Nos4a2 takes over and sends Captain Gantu to get rid of the Emperor's murderer.

Aku and Abracadaver are taking care of the Underworld in Him's absence. That's when they are surprised by the presence of the Lich, who has a proposal for them.

With Jack Spicer's failure, Chase Young is gonna take action with his own fists.

Zelda, Rothbart's witch sister, is vengeful over her brother's death. Following the advice of Sir Ruber, she goes to the Fire Nation and promises the Fire Lord Ozai to get rid of murderous witch queens, such as the one who killed Rothbart. The lord then gives her a task.

Round Thirteen

Amidst the Weirdmageddon, Bill Cipher battles his new opponent, an immortal sorcerer named Chase Young. After trying to transport Bill to another dimension, Chase fails and suffers the consequences.

Arriving at the Evil Queen's kingdom, Zelda got herself face to face with her. The Queen uses Dark Magic (gift given to her by Chernabog) to expel the Witch, but Zelda uses a stronger spell that leaves the Queen unrecognizable.

Captain Gantu finds Vilgax's whereabouts and now needs to eliminate him from his path and fulfil the mission given by Nos4a2. Will the captain avenge his late emperor or will he fail on battle?

Finding Aku and Abracadaver, the Lich begins to discuss details of his proposal with them. That's when the underworld lords get a not-so-pleasant surprise. As you know well, Abracadaver doesn't like surprise attacks.

It is revealed to us that Bill Sykes's mysterious client was actually the Joker. Asking the crime lord to help him transfer money to his gang, Sykes denies it. Then, The Joker shows him that he has an ace up his sleeve and that it's sharp.

The Penguin is stealing some pictures from a rival gangster. However, a certain fat cat appears to take the spotlight from Penguin, which makes him regret his choice.

Maleficent is disappointed by Pain and Panic's failure. However, Jafar assures her that he will do anything to not fail her like they do.

Him visits the Gangreen Gang, who question why only Ace gained superpowers. Ace agrees to give his friends powers, while Him guides them to use it for his purpose.

Him returns to the underworld and then, Him, Aku, Abracadaver and the Lich conjure a monster that will be able to fight any threat to the place.

Bill Cipher also conjured someone, but it wasn't a monster. It was a mystical sorcerer who had been asleep for eons and who could be useful for Bill's plans.

Rasputin and Maliss argue and Maliss promises the Monk that he will get rid of his rival, The Mistress of All Evil.

Mirage returns to Ludo's castle, more powerful than ever. She proposes to Toffee to cause chaos around the world, but the lizard had other plans. After all, why rule over the world when you have enough powers to rule over...the underworld?