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Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8 (Battle of the Multiverses)

Round 9

Round 10.

Round 11

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.The Forces of Alameda Slim vs the Forces of Doctor Doofensmirtz
  • 3.The Forces of Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar vs The Forces of Frollo
  • 4.Epilogue

Round 15

Round 16

Part 2 Round 1.

Part 2 Round 2.

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Scar and Duncan vs McLeach
  • 3.Captain Hook and Shan-Yu vs Leaxus
  • 4.Maleficent vs Ursula
  • 5.Queen Narissa vs Davy Jones (Part 1)
  • 6.Hades and Eris vs Mad Madame Mim
  • 7.Queen Narissa vs Davy Jones (Part 2)
  • 8.Professor Ratigan vs Carface
  • 9.Epilogue

Part 2 Round 3.

Part 2 Round 4.

Homemade Submission Round.

Part 2 Round 5.

Part 2 Round 6.

Part 2 Round 7.

Part 2 Round 8.

Part 2 Round 9.

Part 2 Round 10.

Part 2 Round 11.

Part 2 Round 12.

Part 2 Round 13

Part 2 Round 14

Part 2 Round 15

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Carface vs Princess Azula
  • 3.The Baroness vs Robo-Santa Claus
  • Bonus #1 Scar and Lelouch vs Vicious
  • Bonus #2 Kaa vs Cassius
  • Shan-Yu's ruined Childhood: Frollo and Ruber vs Kralaholme and Sharptooth
  • 4.Sonic.exe, Saix and Axel vs Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress vs Muggshot and Riku (part 1)
  • 5.The Horned King and Hidan vs Pui Pui and Evil Lyn
  • Special 2nd Dimension.
  • 6.Intermission
  • 7.Jasper and Lord Scrappetron vs Guldo and Recoome (part 2)
  • 8.Battle for The Fire Nation part 1: Azula's betrayal
  • 9.The Skeleton King vs Dodoria
  • 10.Battle for the Fire Nation part 2: the forces of Abis Mal vs the forces of Lelouch
  • 11.Battle for the Fire Nation part 3: Jafar and Azula vs Magica de Spell and Ozai
  • 12.Hidan vs Yakon

Part 2 Round 16

Part 2 Round 17

Part 2 Round 18


  1. Pete and Yosemite Sam are not villains. In fact, they want to bring justice to the world and want that people from all nations/countries could live a happy life.
  2. Scar is the first character to have been reformed in the first Villains Battles. The other ones are Kaa, Darkrai, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed and the hyenas.
  3. The reason why Hades and Maleficent were able to defeat Chernabog in the first Villains Battles is because they trained in the Room of Spirit and Time (a.k.a Hyperbolic Time Chamber)
  4. Shan-yu and Scar are the only characters who are paternal figures to Lelouch and Azula respectively.
  5. Fire Lord Ozai, despite Azula's betrayal, preferred having her arrested instead of killing her himself
  6. Scar and Pete share some traits in this series: both are good schemers, both have always a backup plan, both villains redeemed, both were married with the only difference that Pete divorced from his ex-wife, while Scar lost Zira because of her death in the second war against the Coachman.
  7. Shere Khan is the only "member" of Scar's faction who kept his role as a villain.
  8. The Joker is not a villain anymore.
  9. Jafar is the only character who turned his alligance on different factions.
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