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Part 1

Part 2

Part 1:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8 (Battle of the Multiverses)

Round 9

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.King Koopa vs King Dedede and Bugsy
  • 3.Captain Hook and Negaduck vs The Scheppler Brothers
  • 4.Battle of African Domination: The Forces of Zira vs The Forces of Clayton (featuring Pinky and the Brain, Scar, Shere Khan, Kaa, Darkrai, The Hyenas, Zira, McLeach, Joanna, Cottontail Smith, Nasty Canasta, Dick Dastardly, Warren T. Rat, Muttley, Clayton and Nuka)
  • 5.Scar vs McLeach
  • 6.Cutscene

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.The Forces of Adolf Hitler and the Valentine Brothers vs the Forces of Cat R Waul, Pinky and the Brain (featuring Yoswemite Sam, Scar, Pete, The Dazzlings, Ratigan, Cruella Devil and The Valentine Brothers' Ghoul Minions)
  • 3.Midnight Sparkle vs the Headless Horseman
  • 4.The Forces of Alameda Slim vs Frollo's Guards (featuring Jessie, James, The Daltons Brothers, Jasper, Horace, Seviper, Carnivine and Negaduck)
  • 5.Epilogue Part 1
  • 6.Epilogue Part 2

Round 13

Round 14

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Battle of the Nations Part 1: The Forces of Alameda Slim vs the Forces of Doctor Doofensmirtz (featuring The Demon Gigantic, Sedusa, The Dazzlings, Darkrai, The Hyenas, The Daltons Brothers, Jessie, James, Meowth, Norm, Schneizel el Britannia, Inkay and Pumpkaboo)
  • 3.Battle of the Nations Part 2: The Forces of Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar vs The Forces of Frollo (featuring Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam, Frollo, Mok, Classic Robotnik, Darkrai, Blackwolf, Captain Hook, Necron 99 and Midnight Sparkle)
  • 4.Epilogue

Round 15

  • 1.Battle of the Peruvian Incan Empire: The Forces of Yzma vs The Forces of King Dedede (featuring King Dedede, Escargoon, Dr. Facilier, Queen Narissa, The Backson, Octacon, Slice n' Splice, Yzma, Kronk, King Koopa, Desuta, Sa'Luk, Queen Narissa/Hydra, The Koopalings, Team Nightstar and Incan Palace Guards
  • 2.Intermission
  • 3.Tournament of Survival: Sarousch vs Professor Screweyes (Part 1)
  • 4.Edgar vs The Scarecrow
  • 5.Sarousch vs Professor Screweyes (Part 2)
  • 6.The Forces of Dvalin vs the Forces of Cooler (featuring Torch, Gazelle, John Silver, Dvalin, Cooler, Cooler's Armored Squadron, Lync, Volt, Scroop and Cui)

Round 16

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Corset vs The Trix
  • 3.Scar vs Claudandus
  • 4.The Forces of Zira vs The Mouse King, Steele and Drake (featuring Shere Khan and Kaa)
  • 5.King Zenohold, Prince Hydron and Frieza vs Xene and Emperor Zurg (Part 1)
  • 6.Zenohold, Hydron and Frieza vs Xene and Zurg (Part 2)
  • 7.Van Pelt vs Light Yagami
  • 8.Epilogue

Part 2:

Round 1

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Maleficent vs Hades' Minions (God of War)
  • 3.Pete vs Anakin Skywalker vs Master Xehanort
  • 4.Captain Hook vs Piella Bakewell
  • 5.Intermission
  • 6.The Beagle Boys vs McLeach and Madame Medusa
  • 7.Luxord vs The Other Mother
  • 8.The Trix vs Rothbart (Barbie)
  • 9.Epilogue

Round 2

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Scar and Duncan vs McLeach
  • 3.Captain Hook and Shan-Yu vs Leaxus
  • 4.Maleficent vs Ursula
  • 5.Queen Narissa vs Davy Jones (Part 1)
  • 6.Hades and Eris vs Mad Madame Mim
  • 7.Queen Narissa vs Davy Jones (Part 2)
  • 8.Professor Ratigan vs Carface
  • 9.Epilogue

Round 3

Round 4

Homemade Submission Round:

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.McLeach and Sally Ratmousen vs Meowrice
  • 3.Bowser and Sonic Boom Eggman vs Tails Doll
  • 4.Jafar vs Nathaniel and the Troll
  • 5.Binky the Clown vs Mr. Clown
  • 6.Evil Manta vs Shark
  • 7.Scar vs Bubu
  • 8.Valina vs Pui Pui and the Duke
  • 9.Musical Number: Bad Never Looked so Good (featuring Cat R. Waul, Shego, Pete, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Scar, Adagio Dazzle and Midnight Sparkle)
  • 10.Epilogue
  • 11.Shocking Cutscene

Round 15

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Carface vs Princess Azula
  • 3.The Baroness vs Robo-Santa Claus
  • Bonus #1 Scar and Lelouch vs Vicious
  • Bonus #2 Kaa vs Cassius
  • Shan-Yu's ruined Childhood: Frollo and Ruber vs Kralaholme and Sharptooth
  • 4.Sonic.exe, Saix and Axel vs Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress vs Muggshot and Riku (part 1)
  • 5.The Horned King and Hidan vs Pui Pui and Evil Lyn
  • 6.Intermission
  • 7.Jasper and Lord Scrappetron vs Guldo and Recoome (part 2)
  • 8.Battle for The Fire Nation part 1: Azula's betrayal
  • 9.The Skeleton King vs Dodoria
  • 10.Battle for the Fire Nation part 2: the forces of Abis Mal vs the forces of Lelouch (featuring Ozai, Azula, Abis Mal, Abis Mal's Thugs, Chase Young, Jafar, Magica De Spell, Military of the Fire Nation, Lelouch, Mozenrath, Queen La and Mechanicles)
  • 11.Battle for the Fire Nation part 3: Jafar and Azula vs Magica de Spell and Ozai
  • 12.Hidan vs Yakon

Round 16

Round 17

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.The Battle for Atlantica (featuring Marina Del Ray, Electric Eels, Saleen, Nash/Shark, Abomination, Messina, Flotsam, Jetsam, Emperor Sharga, Evil Manta, Joe, Gigantosaurus and Black Manta)
  • 3.Intermission Part 1
  • 4.Battle for the Live Action World: Shere Khan vs The Jabberwocky
  • 5.Harry Hook vs Dolores Umbridge (featuring Lord Voldemort)
  • 6.Cutscenes 1
  • 7.Cutscene 2
  • 8.Evanora vs Lucius Malfoy
  • 9.The Insidious Six vs Coyote & The Pack
  • 10.Master Cyclonis vs Lord Vortech
  • 11.The Second Battle of the Live-Action World (featuring Necrolai, Koragg, Octomus, Barbossa, Bockner, Regina, Cora, Master Org, Jindrax, Toxica, Mandilok, Voldemort, Nagini, Bellatrix Lestrange and Witch Waral)
  • 12.Severus Snape vs Wizard Wizened
  • 13.Battle for Planet Z (part 1): Attack on Planet Frieza 419 (featuring Captain Ginyu, Cooler, Kakaroth/Bardock, Nos4a2, Gravitina, Warp Darkmatter and Lync)
  • 14.The Dazzlings vs the Arabian Bros
  • 15.Epilogue

Round 18

Round 19

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2.Battle in Mount Olympus Part 1: The Forces of Hades and Maleficent vs the Forces of Aku and Madam Mim (featuring Hades, Aku, Madam Mim, Maleficent/Black Bear, Diablo, Maleficent's Goons, Ember Mclain, Valtor, Jafar, Dabura, Skeletor, Devimon, The Duke of Vaults, The Titans, Dr. Facilier, Eris, Mirage, Radamanthys, Chaos and Babadi)
  • 3.Battle for England, France, Germany, Africa and China (featuring Mr. Swackhammer, Pete, Scar, The Mouse King, Prince John, Shan Yu, Yosemite Sam, Enrico Maxwell, Vlad Plasmius, Jack Spicer, Professor Screweyes, Mr. Winkie, The Weasels, The Mouse King's Mice, The Big Bad Wolf, Shego, Dr. Drakken, Count Grisham, Ninth Crusade, Kaa, Lefou, Angry Mob, Negaduck, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Ratcliffe, Captain Hook, Carface, Killer, Carface's Dogs, Light Yagami, Midnight Sparkle, Kralahome, The Cyclops, The Hyenas, Duncan, Ratigan, The Mad Doctor, Turles, Vegeta, The Daltons Brothers, Dr. Eggman, McLeach, Sylvester, Daffy Duck, Huntsman, Joanna, The Goat, Gideon, Honest John, Brain, King Dedede, Azula, Cottontail Smith, Nasty Canasta, Cat R. Waul and Pinky)
  • 4.Ratigan and The Mad Doctor vs King Salazar
  • 5.Rameses vs The Dazzlings, The Trix and Turles Crusher Corps
  • 6.The Horned King vs Rasputin and Rothbart
  • 7.Discord vs Ludo
  • 8.The Pink Elephants vs Dr. Greed
  • 9.Interlude
  • 1O.Scar, Azula, Turles and Vegeta vs Narissa and King Dedede
  • 11.Battle for Mount Olympus part 2: Hades, Maleficent, Piccolo and Majin Buu vs Aku, Madame Mim and the Horned King
  • 12.Epilogue
  • 13.Final Cutscenes

Part 3:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

  • 1.Prologue
  • 2. Cutscene: the Ambush (featuring Captain Hook, Mr. Smee (cameo), Duncan, Oliver Cromwell, Cromwell's men, Captain Hook's Pirates, the Weasels, Archive Footage of the Chandelier that trapped the Weasels used to represent Duncan sending a falling chandelier on Cromwell's men, Archive Footage of Canadian Police arresting Duncan used to represent Oliver Cromwell's men arresting Duncan and Archive Footage of Quasimodo's father's arrest used to represent Duncan being arrested by Oliver Cromwell.)
  • 3. The Wizard of Wonderland vs Count Cagliostro
  • 4. Dr. Facilier and Radamanthys vs Babidi and Majin Buu
  • 5. Maleficent and Skeletor vs Blackbeard and Angelica
  • 6. Omni Man vs Sunblast
  • 7. Rob vs Monika
  • 8. Interlude part 1
  • 9. Scar vs Chester
  • 10. Zarbon vs Catra
  • 11. Mother Gothel vs Zeref Dragneel
  • 12. Hopper vs Turles
  • 13. Wile E Coyote vs Dr. Drakken and Shego
  • 14. Xanatos vs Cecil and Doctor Octopus (featuring the Steel Clan and archive footage of McLeach shoot used to represent Xanatos shooting at Cecil's hologram)
  • 15. Barbossa vs Captain Jolly Roger (featuring Lord Slug)
  • 16. Interlude part 2
  • 17. Duncan vs Kalbi the Bull
  • 18. The Forces of Hades vs Zero (Featuring Hades, Nasira, Turles and Lord Slug)
  • 19. Epilogue Part 1
  • 20. Epilogue Part 2

Round 5

Round 6

Special: Part 2 in the 2nd Dimension/Interdimensional War

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

  • Scar and Duncan vs Pan
  • Cutscene (featuring Duncan, Bra, Pan, Hades, Scar, Vegeta and Maleficent)
  • Duncan and Pan vs Cell Jr. (featuring Bra Brief and Scar)
  • Duncan vs Zamasu
  • Phoenix King Ozai vs Prince Phobos
  • The Supreme Shego vs Dr. Gero and Android 19
  • Cutscene
  • Attack on Dr. Gero's subterrean industry: the Resistance vs Android 16
  • Cutscene

Fights in the Fourth Dimension

Round 1

Round 2

  • Prologue

Happenings Prior the War

Part One

Many years ago Chernabog started forming the Acolytes to help him with his plan of gaining the Underworld. However he is joined by his brothers: the Devil and the Demon King.

At the same time Maleficent starts recruiting her friends to help her stop Chernabog do this invasion. For this she plans recruit two old rivals of Chernabog to help them.

Pete was living a life with his wife and children, however he worked for corrupt billionaire and mafia boss Grant Walker, who threatened to kill Pete's family. One day, he and his wife divorced, driving their children to kill themselves in despair. He was devastated, however he got help and got his revenge at the boss, killing him and causing them to go in prison, where their arch-nemesis decide to redeem them from their evil action and realize the gravity of their mistake. Hence that day, Pete swore to be a good person.

With Maleficent and the other allies gone to search for an important object, Hades, Keldor and Eris are suddenly ambushed by Chernabog, who decided to defeat them. As he defeats Keldor easily, Hades and Eris step in to fight. As Hades tries to talk to him, Chernabog decides to take out an important person for him: his wife.

Nowdays Pete and Yosemite Sam are plotting to redeem themselves and help poor people, but they are quickly halted by Bluto and Buzz Buzzard, who decided to kill them fearing that they are frauding people. Which tag team will have the upper hand?

Now with a deep hatred on humanity, Scar decides to start his massive plan to kill all humans and save the animals from these "monsters" by taking out a sort of researcher/director.

Slaughtering various innocents to deliver their souls for Chernabog, Bibidi and his creature Majin Buu are suddenly attacked by a dark being known as Eradicus, who has heard of the threat that the Acolytes pose and decided to kill them. As the majin battles him, three vengeful villains watch the ongoing battle.

Eris informes Maleficent of what happened. As they go where Hades is, the Mistress of all Evil witnesses as the god falls under depression because of his wife's demise. As the goddess of discord leaves them alone, Maleficent swears she will do anything to make Chernabog pay for her Hades.

After murdering innocent people, Scar is visited by three hyenas named Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. As the lion prepares to take them down, the hyenas reveal they just want to befriend him. Scar accepts them as his friends.

Ozai requests to his father to usurp the throne, only for him to punish him, unaware that the heirs are hidden.

Commander Red prepares for war.

While trying to gather an army for Maleficent, the Lich ends up getting attacked by XXI and King Piccolo, who have been ordered by Chernabog to take down every ally of Maleficent's. As the Lich easily deals with one of King Piccolo's children, the evil Namekian decides to take him down. When the necromacer summons a monster as King Piccolo decides to destroy it, XXI makes him move.

In an unnamed citadel, Magica De Spell and her brother Poe are the rulers of such place as they force people to worship them like they were gods. God of Time Cronus, deciding to punish these foolish mortals, sets out alongside Thanatos to attack Magica. As his minion is taken down, Cronus decides to make Magica suffer by taking down someone she loves so much.

In Hell, Chernabog receives a visit from two Acolytes, who reveal to have a plan to help Chernabog plunge the world into darkness.

Meanwhile, the everliving Mumm-Ra watches an event as Zamasu kills his universe's Supreme Kai and becomes the new successor as a dark plot comes ahead.

Despite their victory, Pete and Yosemite Sam decide to mobilitize so to check if Bluto and Buzz Buzzard may attack them again.

After destroying Thundera because its Inhabitants didn't cook anything delicious to him, Lord Beerus is informed by his assistant Whis of Chernabog's plan to come on Planet Earth and conquer it. Beerus then decides to plan a counterattack on the Black God.

Having heard of Scar's zero human plan, the tiger Shere Khan decides to follow Scar in his next moves, unaware that a powerless hunter is actually stalking him.

In Planet Vegeta, its ruler and the Saiyans are surprisingly greeted by King Cold, who introduces them to his son, Frieza, who quickly shows signs of disrespect on King Vegeta, enraging him.

King Cold explains to King Vegeta and the Saiyans that he will give up his rule and his son Frieza will take his place as the latter provides the Saiyans with Scouters that permit to discover power levels. This is being seen by King Cold's father himself, Lord Chilled.

After losing her brother and creating a staff to remember him, Magica is approached by Hades, who decides to forge an alliance with her. Magica suddenly has a change of heart when Hades reveals of the abuse his father gave him and didn't consider Hades not even once. Little they know.

Chronus is working for none other than.

In the Elephant Graveyard, Scar and the hyenas receive a visit from a lioness named Zira, who likes to join him in his plans. Taking a liking to her for her charm and beauty, Scar accepts as he has already planned something involving Zira.

Part Two

Nowdays Maleficent and her allies gather as they summon a powerful demon to aid them in their battle against Chernabog, only for one of them to be less interested in helping them.

In juvie, a prisoner is writing a letter to someone, only to be creeped out by the presence of his cellmate, Izaya Orihara.

A leader of a hidden organization devoted to evil decides to make a great coup de gras by freeing the juvies trapped there and recruit them. However, his associates and these juvies are soon deal with the police's resistance, however it's already known which forces have the upper hand.

Frieza orders King Vegeta to go and conquer the home of another rival emperor, Zygon, to sell it for any species that want to inhabit such planet. While the Saiyans and some members of Frieza's empire exterminate the planet's inhabitants, Zygon faces against King Vegeta. Is the space emperor ready to take down the invasion of the king of the Saiyans?

After the successful breakout, Black Hat offers the juvies he freed an alliance to help him in his operation. Everyone accepts, except Duncan, who isn't keen on working with a stranger who he just met. Seeing that this "charade" would cause problems for the leader of the Black Hat Organization, Izaya Orihara himself volounteers to submit Duncan to Black Hat's alligance.

Planning their next move alongside the hyenas, Scar and Zira are interrupted by a wolf named Scar Snout, who wants to hunt the lions and have them for dinner and maybe have complete control of the hyenas. The wolf may be strong, but Scar and Zira aren't to be underestimated or to be easily defeated.

Frieza proceeds to attack the Drej Queen's planet by exterminating the Drej soldiers, soon as the queen arrives to exterminate the intruder (unaware of Frieza's rule in the galaxy), the emperor quickly decides to do away with the Drej Queen by destroying her planet, unaware that he's being watched by a family member of his who thinks his brother is getting too confident for his recent successes and hostile takeovers.

Events of the War

Part One

The Start of a Civil War

The demon Chernabog summoned the witch Maleficent to join forces with her for a reason: take over the world. But she refused and the demon engaged a death fight with Maleficent as she turned into a dragon, however Chernabog easily kills her off after Maleficent tried to wound him severely.

The wicked judge Frollo saw no further use of one of his soldiers namely Shan-Yu as he fired and casted him out from Paris because he didn't capture the gypsy Esmeralda. When the hun leader is back for revenge, a swords fight began as Shan-Yu gained the upper hand. Then Shan-Yu reveals that he is not a hun, but a Mongol before launching him off of Notre Dame.

In India, the tiger Shere Khan was terrorizing the jungle until the Iron Masked Marauder arrives. As the Iron Masked Marauder brings his Pokémon to hunt the tiger, Shere Khan easily knocks them down after being knocked down by the Pokémons as well. The tiger than proceeds to smash the Iron Masked Marauder's machines as he's able to survive. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long as Shere Khan knocks him down and proceeds to tear him apart offscreen.

Hailing from the One Eye Camp, the sorcerer Zig Zag seeks to forge an alliance with the sea witch Morgana in order to win in the war. However, she has no interest on the war and refuses. Zig Zag then tries to force her, however she may be too much for him to handle.

A satanic priest has summoned the king of Hell himself to ask him for help on finding acolytes. However they are interrupted by the Spirit of the Book, who wants to stop Satan from plunging the world into darkness. Satan may be strong, but he will soon be interrupted by a god who decides to dispatch him quickly.

In the Underworld, the god of the death Hades was angry because he didn't get his revenge on Zeus. However, Maleficent's soul appeared to join forces with the god of death for some reasons: first to take down Chernabog, then to take down Zeus and conquer Mount. Olympus. However, the god quickly accepts now happy that someone understands him.

In the jungle, Shere Khan allies with an anime version of himself to kill 2 threats: the hunters and join forces with a certain lion and its hyenas.

One of the former guards of Frollo informs Shan-yu (now judge of Paris) that the former judge is still alive and he's hiding in order to wait for the exact moment to kill him. Shan-yu is angry about this, but a certain bully cat arrives to join forces with the new judge of Paris to kill the former one.

A group of hunters led by Percival C McLeach heard about their ally, Iron-Masked Marauder perished at the hands of a tiger. Angry for that, a hunter named Clayton tells his plan in which made his sister, Lady Waltham and his boss happy.

Part Two

Shan-yu tasks Pete to go and kill Frollo, but he decides to go to the mission with a friend of his own, Yosemite Sam. The new judge, happy that there is a new ally, greets, recruits and sends Sam to join Pete on attacking Frollo. When the former judge attacks them, will the duo defeat him or is Frollo going to have unexpected help from a new player?

Having located something coming out from a little spaceship, McLeach decides to investigate and he finds out about inside the spaceship there is an alien named Raditz. Will the hunter defeat him or is the Saiyan going to defeat McLeach?

The Evil Queen summons her ally, Lady Tremaine because she wants to know if she killed Snow White. However she reveals about she didn't do it because her friends attacked the lady and the queen fires the her for incompetence. So Lady Tremaine decides to take away one thing that would have kept the Queen from becoming insane...

Lady Waltham sees a lion out from his pride. And who is it? Scar indeed, however she doesn't know about the lion has an hyena army to help him in this battle.

Having defeated Pete and Yosemite Sam, Frollo demands to know what does Rasputin want. The warlock tells him that he wants to take out Shan-yu because long time before this war, he was left to die because of him. However, the former judge quickly recruits him in his alliance.

After his defeat at the hands of Raditz, McLeach has been informed by Clayton that Lady Waltham died at the hands of a lion. When they were scheming to take out Raditz and Scar, another hunter came in to join forces with the remaining hunters. Ad they accept him in their alliance.

Pete and Yosemite Sam inform Shan-yu that they got defeated by Frollo because he was helped by a sorcerer named Rasputin. Having seen the situation is becoming worst than he has though, the new judge enlists The Dazzlings to help him, the cowboy and the bully cat take out Frollo.

After Lady Waltham's death, Scar and the hyenas decide to stay out from the war. However they are confronted by Kaa and the two Shere Khans, who they want to join forces with the lion in order to stop the hunters once and for all. Without further problems, Scar accepts.

Part Three

Pete, Yosemite Sam and Shan-yu send The Dazzlings to find Frollo and Rasputin and kill them. However, during their search, they encounter a sorcerer named Rothbart, who wants to join forces with Frollo. But The Dazzlings won't let the sorcerer help the former judge of Paris.

Following the events of the war, Hades and Maleficent plan their uprising against Chernabog, but they don't need to do it because the sea witch Ursula decided to attack them under Chernabog's orders...

After leaving the castle under Lady Tremaine's nose, The Evil Queen decided to hide, but she is chased by Lady Tremaine, who found her. Is this the end of the queen herself?

Clayton decides to go and eliminate Scar, but instead of the lion, he finds the anime version of Shere Khan, who was hoping to hunt in peace. When things get complicated for the hunter, he has a sleeve to kill the tiger...

Shere Khan informs Scar about the anime version of Shere Khan's death at the hands of a hunter. However, a Pokémon named Darkrai appears to join forces with the lion and his alliance, which they welcome him in.

Having returned from their fight against Rothbart, The Dazzlings receive a surprise: in their absence, Pete and Yosemite Sam hired Dr. Frankenollie from orders of Shan-yu and captured Twilight Sparkle. The new recruit decides to transform her into a darker version of herself called Midnight Sparkle. So now, after Dr. Frankenollie's death, Shan-yu's alliance have a new recruit.

Meanwhile, Frollo and Rasputin recruit 3 other villains Gaston, Captain Hook and Zelda to stop Shan-yu's growing alliance.

Part Four

Having heard about Shan-yu has recruited The Dazzlings and corrupted a innocent girl, Frollo orders his alliance to attack directly. However, Hook summons his pirates to calm him down. The former judge, still furious, orders Rasputin to resurrect a dead villain, which he quickly does.

Meanwhile, Scar and his alliance decide how to organize the assault against the hunters. However, they are greeted by Ratigan, who is against hunters too. Soon Zira arrives to help her husband in defeating their enemies along with her sons Nuka and Vitani and her lionesses. So the lion accepts them in.

With Ursula dead, Hades escapes from the River Styx and Maleficent informs him that she killed the Sea Witch after she thrown the god of death in the river. Quickly, they meet Radamanthys, who wants to help them in taking out Chernabog. The duo accept him in exchange of his respect upon Hades and Maleficent.

Seeking to help Clayton and McLeach by eliminating the lion that murdered Lady Waltham, Elmer Fudd finds Scar and corners him, however, he should consider that the lion has got some friends in high places...

Hades and Maleficent decide to test Radamanthys' strength by taking out a threat that will join forces with Chernabog. His target? Bill Cipher.

Pete, Yosemite Sam and Shan-yu send Midnight Sparkle to kill a witch allied with Frollo in order to weaken his alliance. Her target is Zelda, who wants to find allies for the former judge of Paris. Can the witch hope to survive?

Cruella de Vil was plotting to recruit some criminals in order to conquer the whole wide world, but she is stopped by Mok Swagger, who wants to defeat her since she could be a threat to his plans...

After Elmer Fudd's death, Scar and his alliance decide to plot how and when they should take out the remaining hunters, much to the joy of Zira.

With Zelda dead at the hands of Midnight Sparkle, Frollo orders Rothbart to go and find new allies. However, they receive the visit of Mok, who wants to help the judge kill Shan-yu. So, the former judge and his allies recruit him.

Part Five

Shan-yu, Pete and Yosemite Sam are happy about Midnight Sparkle succeeded in her fight. However, they get the visit from The Beagle Boys and The Trix, who want to help Shan-yu's alliance defeat Frollo. Happy about this, the new judge enlists their help to finance his campaign.

With Elmer gone, Clayton and McLeach plan in getting rid of Raditz and Scar. Their plans are stopped by Amos Slade, who wants to help the remaining hunters in kill the lion and the Saiyan. The due welcome him in exchange of his respect upon them.

Meanwhile, Bill Cipher pays a visit to Chernabog with the idea of join forces with the reason to kill Maleficent and Hades. Happy about this, he enlists the help of allies recruited by the triangular demon. The allies are: The Horned King, Mad Madame Mim and the Army of the Dead.

After his victory on Bill Cypher, Radamanthys introduces his recruits (Jafar, Kakaroth, Cancer and Pisces) to Hades and Maleficent, who are happy about the knight decided to enlarge their alliance. The god of death summons his own minions, Pain and Panic, in order to weaken Chernabog's growing alliance.

Raditz decides to go and take out once for all McLeach, but he is quickly stopped by his brother, Kakaroth, who decides to hunt him down along with Cancer and Pisces from orders of Maleficent and Hades in hopes to not let him join forces with Chernabog. Will the Saiyan Warrior survive?

Cruella de Vil calls Madame Medusa and threatens to send Sykes (her criminal associate) after her if she doesn't want to help the woman get revenge on Mok. However she refuses and she sends Sykes after Madame Medusa. With this chase in a subway, can Madame Medusa hope to survive or will Sykes take down his enemy or will they die?

Shan-yu announces with his allies about they must take out Frollo and his alliance very quick, so all of them are preparing. The same thing can't be said about Frollo and his allies, who are preparing too for the assault.

McLeach and Clayton decide to continue search for allies after they sent Amos Slade to take out the tiger that murdered the Iron-Masked Marauder. Soon, they receive the visit of Cottontail Smith and Nasty Canasta, who want to help the 3 hunters in taking out Scar and his alliance since Raditz was killed by Kakaroth, Cancer and Fish.

Now the battle between Shan-yu's forces and Frollo's forces has begun to declare who and what alliance is gonna be ruling the Palace of Justice. Will Frollo get his home back or will Shan-yu and his alliance defeat the former judge again?

After The Trix and Shan-yu's deaths and having sent the Beagle Boys to kill Captain Hook, Pete and Yosemite Sam announce that now they will taking over the alliance from orders of the now dead Shan-yu. A pink blob drops in and absorbs Pete, who is scared, but the blob reveals to be Midnight Sparkle, who survived against Rasputin. Now that Pete and Midnight Sparkle join now as a one person, the alliance is advanced.

At the Bald Mountain, Chernabog and his allies heard about Raditz slaughtered by Kakaroth, Cancer and Pisces. So they decide to give birth to a monster named Omega Shenron, who is willing to serve the demon in taking out Maleficent and Hades once and for all.

After their victory against Shan-yu's forces and the hun leader, Frollo and his allies get a visit from Governor Ratcliffe, who seeks the help of the judge to finance Prince John, the ruler of England and his campaign against threats. Frollo quickly accepts.

Part Six

Yosemite Sam, Pete and their allies organize the attack on Frollo and his alliance, however they get interrupted by Cruella de Vil, Who wants to help the alliance in their plan because they have a common enemy: Mok. The crazy woman summons her allies to help Pete and Yosemite Sam: Jasper, Horace, Alameda Slim and the Willie Brothers, who decide to help the alliance. The bully cat and the Far West shooter welcome them.

In the Underworld, Maleficent, Hades and their allies decide to send some of their group to take out some of Chernabog's alliance. Right in that moment, Dr. Eggman arrives to help the alliance in taking out the demon of the Bald Mountain along with his robots. As they welcome him in their alliance in exchange of his undying loyalty.

From Chernabog's orders, Omega Shenron is looking for the Underworld, but he is stopped by Dr. Eggman, who was sent by Maleficent and Hades to take him out. With the help of Missile Wrist can the doctor defeat the shadow dragon or Omega Shenron has the upper hand?

Amos Slade finally found Scar, but little does he know is that he killed 2 friends of McLeach and Clayton. The hunter thinks that Scar is a easy prey to hunt, but Amos Will soon understand that he is tangled in a battle that he can't win...

Having heard about the war on Planet Earth, King Cold decides to forge an alliance with Zurg in hopes to invade and conquer the planet. But when the emperor refuses, is this his end?

In a far away part of the galaxy, King Zenoheld and Prince Hydron are attacked by a football team from a far away planet with intentions of conquering Vestroia. The football team is none other than the Genesis, led by Xene. However, can the monarch and his son defeat the invaders or will Xene rule Vestroia alongside the Genesis?

Governor Ratcliffe discovers that The Beagle Boys are arriving at the Palace of Justice, so he sets out to defeat the invaders. The boys might think that he can't defeat them, but the governor reveals to have an English colony of his own...

After the Beagle Boys failed, Pete, Yosemite Sam and their allies decide to recruit some allies, however they receive the visit of Cat R. Waul, the Cactus Gang and a band of Weasels in hopes to forge an alliance to defeat Frollo and his alliance. As they welcome them in...

Frollo and his allies have a meeting with Prince John and Ratcliffe for two reasons: defeat Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance and stop the long rivalry between France and England. As they accept to form the English/French alliance.

Part Seven

After their defeat at the hands of Xene, King Zenoheld and Prince Hydron meet Frieza and Cooler, who want to join forces with the former king and the former prince of Vestroia in order to avenge their father, King Cold. As they decide to help the emperors of the space avenge their dead father.

Meanwhile, Zurg helds a meeting with the new king of Vestroia, Xene in order to stop the threat of Zenoheld and Frieza. As the king accepts.

Clayton informs McLeach that Amos Slade was killed by the lion that killed Lady Waltham and Elmer Fudd. Angry about this, he sends Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith take Scar out.

Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith, from orders of McLeach and Clayton, try to find where Scar is, but they find themselves cornered by Shere Khan and Kaa, who were sent by the lion to take them out.

Sent by Chernabog to search for allies to help him, Madame Mim encounters Jafar, who was sent by Maleficent and Hades to take out some of Chernabog's allies. When the sorceress challenges the most powerful sorcerer in the world to a wizard's duel, has she underestimated him?

From orders of Maleficent, Radamanthys sends Cancer and Pisces to take out a villain that he's not alright with Hades and Maleficent's ideas. The villain that they must eliminate is Arles of Gemini, but can Radamanthys' henchmen defeat this guy? Or is this their end?

From orders of Pete and Yosemite Sam, Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys decide to take down two of Prince John and Frollo's alliance. Their targets? Captain Hook and Ratcliffe.

While Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys are dealing with Captain Hook and Ratcliffe, Pete, Yosemite Sam and Cat R Waul decide to take down Prince John in order to weaken Frollo's alliance with the phony king of England. Prince John might has got soldiers to help him, but Yosemite Sam and Pete's alliance are prepared than the king could think...

At Dreamland, King Dedede decided to forge an alliance with Lady Tremaine (now queen after The Evil Queen's death) in order to take down some leaders of their alliances. However the mischievous lady refuses and this enrages King Dedede. However when Lady Tremaine seems to have the upper hand, is this the end of the king of Dreamland?

After winning over Prince John, Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance interrogate the now prisoner king in order to know where Frollo is hiding. Right in that moment, Negaduck arrives in order to help Yosemite Sam and Pete in finding where is the judge of Notre Dame. As the alliance quickly recruit the criminal and Prince John.

Scar was disappointed of Shere Khan and Kaa's failure against Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith. Then Pinky and the Brain arrive to help Scar and his alliance in taking out McLeach and his allies. Since the mice have got problems with McLeach and his poachers team, the lion recruits them for the final battle...

Having heard about Lady Tremaine's death at the hands of King Dedede, Yzma recruits King Koopa and the Queen of Hearts in order to take out the responsible of her friend's death. As the trio plot a plan to overthrow King Dedede and conquer Dreamland.

Part Eight

Lord Cutler Beckett summons Davy Jones because he wants him to take out the most dangerous pirate of them all known as Blackbeard. When the pirate and the undead pirate start the fight, who will have the upper hand?

Master Xehanort, seeking to see if Classic Robotnik is useful for his plans, pits the doctor against his ally Braig. But when Classic Robotnik reveals to have a robot to help him, he may did a big mistake...

After his defeat against the Dazzlings in the Animated world, Rasputin offers an alliance with Winnie Sanderson in hopes to conquer the Live Action Universe. But when the witch is unwilling to help him, is the mad monk capable to defeat Winnie or has the witch got a sleeve against Rasputin?

Seeking to find the Dragon Balls of the Live-Action World to go back to his home universe, the Demon King Piccolo is cornered by Darth Maul, who has been sent out to stop this enemy from illegally using such divine objects. In this fight, Maul is not alone as someone intervenes to aid him...

The devilish destructor Kefka has summoned a monstrous being, namely Tabuu, to cause havoc and destruction until the Ancient Minister decides to hold him off from orders of a mysterious employer to stop Kefka, who was just about to be attacked by Tabuu himself...

Part Nine

McLeach was happy about Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith's victory over Shere Khan and Kaa, but Clayton has recruited 2 new allies to help them against Scar and his alliance. The allies are Dick Dastardly and Warren T. Rat, who decided to take out the lion and his allies too.

After the pirate's defeat and Ratcliffe's "death" against Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys, Frollo and Mok cast Captain Hook out from the Palace of Justice. Later, the duo receive the visit of Classic Robotnik, who was sent in the Animated world by Xehanort. Mok, however, has recruited the Schlepper Brothers (Toad, Sleazy and Zip). So the judge of Notre Dame and the super star recruit them in order to weaken Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.

Yzma recruits some other villains in order to kill King Dedede. The villains recruited by the empress of Peru are Desuta and the Team Nightstar.

Meanwhile, Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance send out Prince John to keep an eye to Frollo and his alliance.

Yzma sends King Koopa to take away from the Evil Queen's former castle from King Dedede. Meanwhile, King Dedede ordered to the Nightmare Enterprises a new monster to take out Yzma's incoming treat. The king of Dreamland might has prepared, but the reptile king has prepared twice than King Dedede...

After being casted out by Frollo and Mok, Captain Hook decides to join forces with Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance in order to take out Frollo and his allies. The pirate also warns them that The Schlepper Brothers are trying to find some allies of Pete and Yosemite Sam to take out. So the cowboy and the bully cat send Hook and Negaduck to defeat the allies of Frollo. Can the three brothers hope to win or will the criminal duck and the pirate take them out?

Now, the battle between Scar's alliance and McLeach's alliance has begun. While Scar is chased by McLeach, Zira and her forces decide to take out the rest of McLeach's allies.

McLeach has settled Scar in his trap, but It seems like someone that has defeated the hunter's allies comes in the rescue of the lion ruler of the Pride Lands.

Pete and Yosemite Sam arrived to Africa in order to find allies, they found Scar, who was just walking after the lion and his allies killed all of the hunters. When the shorty cowboy and the bully cat ask him to help them, before Scar doesn't trust them, but when Pete and Yosemite Sam reveal their true intentions, he decides to go with his some of his allies to help Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.

Part Ten

In order to cause havoc and destruction to the world, Chernabog summons a new ally: the ghost Samhain. The demon of the Bald Mountain sends him to kill some humans. As he finds Van Pelt, who wanted to kill Scar after his friend McLeach's "death". When the ghost defeats him, a god of death decides to take him out...

With Sleazy and Zip dead and with Toad imprisoned, Frollo and his remaining allies talk about what they are going to do with Captain Hook. Classic Robotnik suggests to send a deadly ghost known as the Headless Horseman to kill him and weaken Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance. When the pirate fights the ghost, is this his last battle?

While Scar, the hyenas, Darkrai, Ratigan, Pinky and the Brain are away to help Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance, Zira enters in the NIMH colony, where Jenner and the mice are talking about her for an alliance. The lioness refuses and the mouse is angry. During this battle to the death, Shere Khan decides to help his queen and ally.

Seeking to recruit villains to help Chernabog's alliance in taking out Maleficent and Hades, Bill Cipher decided to forge an alliance with Arles of Gemini. However, the knight isn't willing to help Chernabog, nor Maleficent and Hades. So the triangular demon decides to take him out.

Having find out where is the Alius Academy base on Planet Earth, King Zenoheld, Cooler and Prince Hydron want to attack it, but Frieza tells of a tale. A tale telling that prior the events of the war, the emperor of space went on that planet to find allies. However there he tells about he encountered a hunter murdered by Scar and his allies...

After Captain Hook's death, Frollo and his allies recruit some new allies: Adolf Hitler, his generals, the Valentine Brothers (Luke and Jan), the Nazis and the mercenary Tyler. So, Frollo and his allies have more allies against Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance.

After Samhain's death, Maleficent, Hades and their allies plot to free the Titans in order to kill Chernabog and his allies once and for all. Soon they receive the visit of a former ally of Frollo, who is willing to help Maleficent and Hades take out Chernabog. As they accept the former ally of Frollo's help.

After his defeat against King Koopa, King Dedede and Escargoon plot a plan to take out Yzma and her forces. However, the king of Dreamland gets a visit from Dr. Facilier, Black Lady and Queen Narissa, who known about Bugsy's destruction and King Dedede's defeat. As the trio forge an alliance with the king, as he accepts.

While traveling to Paris, Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam and the lion's allies get interrupted by the merciless dictator of the Animal Farm, Napoleon, who wants to rule the Pride Lands and kill Scar. With the support of Pete and Yosemite Sam, can the lion kill his rival?

Under Frieza's orders, King Zenoheld hires Lync and Volt in hopes to take down every villain that is intentioned in help Xene and Zurg. As they attack Captain Gantu, who wants to help Xene and Zurg take out Frieza and King Zenoheld. Can the Bakugan warriors defeat the giant captain of space?

Having heard of Gantu's defeat at the hands of Lync and Volt, Xene and Zurg plot a plan to take out King Zenoheld directly. However, the duo receive the visits from Janus, the Gemini Storm, Dvalin, the Epsilon, Torch and Gazelle, who are interested in helping Xene and Zurg. As the emperor of space and the alien recruit them.

Meanwhile, Hades, Maleficent and their alliance arrive where the Titans are imprisoned, as they free them. However, someone of Maleficent and Hades' alliance decides to betray them by joining forces with a certain king of space...

Meanwhile, a business man sends his rascals to hunt down an alien recently defeated by Lync and Volt.

Cat R Waul informs Prince John about Captain Hook's death at the hands of the Headless Horseman. Right in that moment, Pete and Yosemite Sam return, but this time, they recruited Scar and his allies to help them in taking out Frollo and his growing alliance. As Pete and Yosemite Sam's allies welcome the lion and his alliance.

Part Eleven

After Gantu's defeat, King Zenoheld is happy about Lync and Volt defeated the space captain. Frieza and Cooler recruited new allies in order to help them. As the Vestroian ruler hires these new recruits and orders his forces to be ready for the final battle.

While talking about what happened in Paris during Pete and Yosemite Sam's absence, one of the weasels informs his bosses and Scar about Captain Hook's death. As they plot a plan to take out Frollo and his allies forever.

While the Titans are climbing to the Bald Mountain, Chernabog is worried about Hades and Maleficent's alliance is gonna win. However, Omega Shenron, Bill Cipher and The Horned King calm him down by telling him if they are going to lose, they will work together once again.

While hiding from the warfare, Gantu is attacked by the Team Rocket, who were sent by Giovanni to capture him. However, they don't know that the former captain of space has got a sleeve...

Sent by Yzma to take out King Dedede, the Queen of Hearts is suddenly stopped by Dr Facilier, who is sent by King Dedede to kill one of Yzma's allies. The queen may be irritable, but can she be able to survive the shadow man's wrath?

Telling Ratigan about Pete and Yosemite Sam's plan to take out Frollo's alliance, Cat R Waul is suddenly interrupted by a mafia dog named Carface, who wants Cat R Waul and Ratigan in his criminal empire. When the duo tell him they work for Pete and Yosemite Sam, the dog gets angry as he summons his thugs. At the same time, Waul calls in the battlefield the Cactus Cat Gang to defeat him. Can Carface defeat the two criminals allies of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam?

While searching for allies to help Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam, Pinky and the Brain are attacked by Tyler, who was sent by Frollo to kill one of Pete and Yosemite Sam's allies in order to weaken their alliance. The mercenary's insanity annoys Brain, who decided to kill him...

At Nevada Penitentiary, Joe Dalton was growing depressed after he and his brothers' latest failure to break out of prison. However, they don't have to scheme any plan because some of Pete and Yosemite Sam's allies decided to recruit them for the battle against Frollo and his alliance. As the Dalton Brothers accept in exchange of their undying loyalty to Pete and Yosemite Sam.

After their defeat against Gantu, Team Rocket is found by Pete and Yosemite Sam, who want the scurvy rascals to help them against Frollo and his allies. At first, Team Rocket isn't willing to help the bully cat and the shooter, but when they reveal about their plans, they may have a change of heart...

Frollo decides to forge an alliance with Schneizel el Britannia, who was fired by the mysterious emperor of Britannia and he sought to be hired by a new boss. As Frollo hires his services.

The fight between Chernabog and some of his allies and Maleficent, Hades and some of their allies has begun to declare who is gonna rule the Underworld. Will Maleficent get her revenge or Chernabog will prove to be more prepared than the mistress of all evil and the god of death?

The Beagle Boys inform Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam about Frollo recruited a new ally, Schneizel. Worried about the situation, Pete and Yosemite Sam are calmed down by Cat R Waul, who tells them about a ritual that could help them against Frollo. Joe Dalton and the Dazzlings proceed as they resurrect a pirate from the death. Hook is back! With their old ally back from the death, Yosemite Sam, Pete and Scar begin their move...

After Chernabog's death, Hades, Maleficent, Radamanthys and Dr. Eggman envoke 2 new allies in order to take out the Horned King and Omega Shenron, the remaining allies of Chernabog.

Part Twelve

With Hook revived, Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam and their allies have a plan to take out the Nazis and Schneizel. So the bully cat orders the Dazzlings and the Dalton Brothers to separate him from Midnight Sparkle (now inhabiting in Pete's body). The reason why he wanted to separate from her secret backer is because Pete has a job for her. As now everyone prepare for the final battle against Frollo and his regrowing alliance.

After allying with Red, the Horned King and Omega Shenron decide to summon other 2 allies: Hexxus and Thrax in order to take down Hades and Maleficent and avenge Chernabog.

Yosemite Sam, Scar and Pete send Cat R Waul and part of their forces to go and take out the Nazi Party, led by Hitler and Jan Valentine, who decided to attack Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar from Frollo's orders. Cat R Waul and his forces (the Dazzlings, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Ratigan, Cruella, Pinky and the Brain) arrived to deal with the invaders. But can the group of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam's allies defeat the main forces of Frollo?

While spreading terror to a city named Sleepy Hollow after killing Hook and after betraying Frollo, the Headless Horseman is cornered by Midnight Sparkle, who was sent by Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam to kill the ghost responsible of the pirate's death. The horseman may be a ghost, but Midnight Sparkle is more than just a ghost...

While the forces of Cat R Waul, Pinky and the Brain are dealing with Hitler and Jan Valentine, another group of Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance led by Alameda Slim are waiting for some new prisoners to be arrested. They are attacked by Frollo's guards, who were sent by the judge to take out the main enforcers to Pete and Sam's alliance.

With the Nazis and Frollo's guards dead, Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam plot their final plan, however Brain bursts in, sad for Ratigan's death as he tells a terrible news. In fact...

While plotting their uprising against Xene and Zurg's alliance, King Zenoheld and Frieza's group require the assistance of the space pirate John Silver, who decided to help the alliance in his plan to defeat the responsible of King Cold's death. However Frieza soon starts to betray Zenoheld.

Frollo and his alliance were angry about Pete, Sam and Scar's forces weaken them. However, Mok recruited a new ally to help them. The ally is none other than Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who wants to "assist" Frollo in taking out Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

While Yosemite Sam and Pete are worried about Frollo recruited Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Scar asks them to "be prepared for their upcoming Golden Age" as he decides to transform the alliance in "Team Scar/Pete/Sam".

Part Thirteen

Frollo and his allies plot a final scheme to take out Pete, Scar, Yosemite Sam and their allies by using Plan B (summoning the Demon Gigantic). Then Doofenshmirtz reveals to him Prince John's betrayal and about the scientist recruited a new villainess, Sedusa, to help them in their plan. The judge has 2 new allies against Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

Yzma and her forces prepare themselves to take out King Dedede and avenge Lady Tremaine, but not before summoning a demonic entity...

Swearing vengeance upon Mr. Lickboot After he bankrupted her because of the war, Sally Ratmousen decides to take away from him his new client: Aunt Pristine Figg...

After getting back at home from work, Lord Barkis Bittern proposes a marriage to a looking like beautiful woman. However, she soon reveals to be opposite of being a good woman. Can Barkis hope to survive?

Prince John informs his alliance (Pete and Yosemite Sam and Scar's) about Frollo and his allies are now aware about the king is joining forces with Pete and Yosemite Sam. Soon arrives Midnight Sparkle who reveals to have a solution to take out the judge of Notre Dame. But before she can say something, they receive a visit from the evil scientist Mandark, who is interested in taking over the world. As they welcome him in their big alliance.

Meanwhile, Frollo and Dr. Doofenshmirtz discuss about how they should deal with Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar. Right in that moment, the duo meet the judge's cousin Fjorg Frollo, who has decided to take out his french cousin's enemies. As they now prepare for a new... dark plan.

Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam ask Mandark to go and take out one of the most dangerous allies of Frollo: his cousin Fjorg. The viking may prove to be stronger, but the evil scientist has got a trick upon his sleeve...

While Scar is out helping Pete and Yosemite Sam, Shere Khan decides to help his friend by taking out one of his hated enemies. He then finds the evil rabbit General Woundwort, who plots to take out Scar when he finishes helping the criminal duo. Now it's a rabbit vs tiger fight, but who will win and who will become the prey?

While scheming their final move against Hades and Maleficent, the Horned King and his allies receive a surprise visit from Corset and the Devil who want to help them. They, however, get attacked by Him, Dr. Eggman and Eris. During the battle, somebody comes to help one of the teams fighting...

Part Fourteen

With Fjorg Frollo dead, Yosemite Sam, Pete and Scar think about now is the exact time to take down Frollo and his alliance. Midnight Sparkle, however reveals her Plan as she decides to unite with Pete and transform into Midnight Pete once again. As the duo unite and they are now ready to take out Frollo and his allies.

While Frollo, Classic Robotnik and Mok try to find new allies to take out Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam, Dr. Doofenshmirtz and the rest of the French alliance plot a plan to take out half part of the enemies. However, some allies of Scar, Pete and Sam led by Alameda Slim attack them. Which side will win? But... wait a second, somebody betrayed Frollo. Who will be this mysterious villain?

The final battle for England, France, Germany, China and Africa has just begun. As Pete and Yosemite Sam get their revenge as Frollo tries to take out all of them once and for all. Now that this battle is gonna decide who is gonna rule the world, which side will be victorious?

After his defeat at the hands of Midnight Pete, Classic Robotnik finds himself in a laboratory. In fact, the evil and cruel Dr. Julian Robotnik has captured him and the latter decides to roboticize him as he plots to join forces with a newly born alliance along with his newly born Metal Robotnik...

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe reveals to have survived his death against Alameda Slim and has allied with 3 defeated villains, whose one of them was though to be dead. As they plot a plan to take out Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam, but first they need the war to be ended.

While assembling his alliance to the final battle against Yzma, King Dedede gets a surprise from the Nightmare Enterprises and Dr. Facilier as they tell him that they can offer him 3 monsters to take their enemies out. One of them is a weird monster, but Who are the other 2 monsters?

On Planet Z, Zurg and Xene plot a plan to take out once and for all King Zenoheld and Frieza's alliance, but the space emperor thinks they need to wait a bit more before attacking. But perhaps Xene could devise a solution for this problem...

Part Fifteen

The final battle between Yzma and King Dedede has arrived! The king of Dreamland and his allies (Dr. Facilier, Queen Narissa, two monsters of the Nightmare Enterprises and the Backson) must deal with the empress of Peru and her allies (Desuta and the Team Nightstar, King Koopa, the Koopalings and Kronk) in order to get rid of them and conquest the empire. Yzma may have some tricks on her sleeves, but can she defeat Dedede and avenge Lady Tremaine?

In a mysterious place, an alliance led by the puppeteer Stromboli plan its uprising to join a friend of the puppeteer himself. But not before a tournament of... Survival!

Meanwhile, Shere Khan and Zira plan their next move without Scar. However, the returning Kaa encounters the two as he informs them that not only they have new friends, but also 3 threats joined forces with the intention to take over the Pride Lands. As now Zira declares war on the three mysterious players, much to Shere Khan and Kaa's charging

The tournament begins as a fear master corners a certain magician thief with the intention to help Stromboli in his mysterious plans. Although the magician was unprepared and escapes.

Meanwhile the others are fighting, the butler decides to leave in order to save his life and ignore Stromboli's plans. But he has been cornered by the Scarecrow, who wants to prove himself to be capable into helping him to take down Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar. Edgar may have some problems, but a new player will save him...

After a long magic chase, Professor Screweyes has found where Sarousch was hiding as the two clash off. However, when somebody summons a lava monster, the ringmaster has a trick in his sleeve to help him in this survival tournament. What it will be?

While Xene and Zurg decided to go and take out King Zenoheld, the emperor's allies (Dvalin, Torch, Gazelle, John Silver and his pirates) corner Frieza and Zenoheld's allies led by Cooler in order to make the Vestroian ruler a easy prey for Xene and Zurg. Will Cooler and his allies survive?

Part Sixteen

While parting before conquering France and all the nations that participated in the war, Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam are informed that a certain house cat decided to take out all of the humanity. Pete convinces and asks Scar to take it out as the king goes to take out this mysterious "treat"

After winning the war against Chernabog, Hades and Maleficent revive 3 sisters formerly allied with Pete and Yosemite Sam in order to take out the last remaining ally of Chernabog that has survived against the mistress, Dr. Eggman and Eris.

Now the tournament of Survival has ended as Stromboli and his allies decide to go and plan their next move, but not before a request made by a villain that survived against a deadly ghost to challenge the only ally of the puppeteer that hasn't participated in the tournament...

Hades sends the Trix in Paris to take down Corset. Can the ghoul hope to survive Icy, Darcy and Stormy's wrath?

Scar finally encounters Claudandus as the cat wants him to take out all humanity including Pete and Yosemite Sam. When the king refuses to do so, a fight erupts as the hyenas wait for the loser to be eaten...

Zira and her group travel to France following Kaa's instructions however they must deal with the Mouse King and his allies (the husky Steele and the penguin Drake), who want to take them out in order to rule the Pride Lands with Scar absent.

Zurg and Xene decide to take out Zenoheld before he could try to regain Vestroia from Xene's hands. The former ruler may have 2 allies against the duo, however, during the fight something strange will happen...

With Frieza's betrayal, Xene and Zurg finally are capable to corner Zenoheld and Hydron. Will the new ruler of Vestroia take down the former ruler and his son with Frieza and Zurg's help?

Stromboli challenges Van Pelt in getting rid of Light Yagami. The god-like villain may have the Death Note at his hands, but the hunter won't be defeated a second time... even if it's going to be his last breath.

With Corset dead, Hades and his forces begin to seize power over Mount Olympus by overthrowing Zeus. As the god and Maleficent rule it now...

King Dedede and Dr. Facilier decide to rest after they killed Yzma and her forces... and calm Escargoon down. As they have conquered power over Peru, Dreamland and the German castle formerly ruled by a long dead queen and by a former ally of this deceased queen.

With Zenoheld and his allies annihilated, Zurg, Frieza and Xene claim power over the galaxy, much to their allies' joy.

With Frollo out of their way, Pete proclaims himself as the king of France, meanwhile Scar and Yosemite Sam seize power over the Pride Lands and Germany. While Prince John continues to rule over England alongside his general Captain Hook. During the celebration, they welcome in this ally of Hades and Maleficent and recruit back the Trix, revived by Hades. As now Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam have power over the world and the kingdoms

Meanwhile, a new villain prepares his plans for a presumed second war as he revives a villain who was formerly recruited by a puppeteer...

And Governor Ratcliffe hires the agent Kent Mansley to help him next war against Pete and Yosemite Sam (and of course Scar) in order to take them down and rule the world.

Events of the Second War

Part One

With some days passed, Maleficent and her allies alongside Hades plot their next move. Both leaders are undecided, but Eris helps them by asking the mistress of all evil to summon a certain chaotic being. Maleficent summons this being as he reveals to be Discord, who has been released from the Spirit Realm (where he was trapped before the war). Hades asks him to send Maleficent in another dimension as he accepts.

Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam, having heard of Governor Ratcliffe's alliance, decide to go and take him out. However, they find a magic lamp as Alameda Slim summons an ally related to Maleficent, Jafar. The latter decides to make his wish (from Pete's orders): go in another dimension in order to gather some allies. The genie sends Pete and the Trix into this dimension. However, Captain Hook decides to help Pete too. As Scar and Yosemite Sam welcome Jafar in.

After watching the events of the war, Palpatine persuades Anakin Skywalker into going to the animated world and join forces with one of the alliances of that world in order to make them do what he says. The young boy accepts.

Meanwhile, two villains form an alliance in order to take down Scar and Yosemite Sam. However, they are watched by someone...

Having arrived in the CGI world Maleficent plans her first moves to conquer this world. However, some minions sent by a counterpart of Hades try to kill her. However, they will soon find themselves as... Heartlesses?

Thanks to Jafar, Pete and his allies decide to go and find a territory to gain. Meanwhile, Anakin orders his soldiers to open the portal that leads into the animated world, but he finds himself in the CGI world and corners Pete (thinking he has changed the road). Soon, the young boy and the cat will be cornered by a villain appeared last war.

Searching for a base of operations for Pete, Captain Hook threatens the serial killer known as Piella Bakewell to help him or she will be killed. Piella mocks him as the two fight off. The pirate must try to find her weakspot and... not try to outstupid himself.

Having heard of Pete's dimension traveling to the CGI world, a new player of the war plans his uprising alongside his henchmen.

Yosemite Sam sends the Beagle Boys to go and find allies to replace (currently) Pete, Hook and the Trix. During their mission, the boys are attacked by Mcleach, who was sent by Ratcliffe to take the boys out. When the hunter has got some difficulty, Madame Medusa intervenes...

Searching for some allies to add in the Organization XIII, Luxord proposes to a well known player of the war to help him and his allies. The Other Mother, however, mocks him and his organization. Has she underestimated Luxord?

With Pete's failure and Hook's victory in finding a place to hide, the Trix decide to take matters in their own hands as they challenge the counterpart version of Rothbart into a duel to determine the supremacy over the sorcerer's mysterious castle. However, at the end of the battle, the victor/s is/are approached by a former ally of Frollo.

Happy about at least Hook and the Trix found 2 bases for their operations (guarded by Rothbart), Pete begins his plan to domain the world. However, Maleficent pays them a visit as she forges an alliance. Pete accepts the offer.

Ratcliffe, after hearing of the arrest of the Beagle Boys, sends Mcleach to take out an old enemy that surely the hunter remembers...

Maleficent decides to use a massive resurrection spell in order to take over the CGI world alongside Pete. However, an old face from last war shocks Pete and Hook.

In the Live Action world, a former ally of King Dedede is revived as she returns in war.

And in the CGI world, 2 old enemies of Maleficent and an enemy of Pete and Hook are revived as they join forces to rule the CGI world.

Part Two

After being revived and seeing Hook, Shan-Yu decides to slaughter him, however Pete stops him as he tells about the pirate redeemed himself after Frollo betrayed him. The cat explains also that they were aided by Scar and his allies after they asked for some help to take out Frollo.

Mcleach has found Scar and decides to hunt him from Ratcliffe's orders. The lion is scared because he though he killed the hunter last war. In this battle, a new player decides to help Scar...

While searching for some allies for Maleficent and Pete, Hook and Shan-Yu encounter a member of the Organization XIII known as Lexaeus, who has been sent to deal with the intruders. However the two villains aren't to be underestimated, are they?

Doing the same thing of Hook and Shan-Yu, Maleficent encounters Ursula, who wants revenge against her for what she did last war. The mistress of all evil won't be defeated by a villain she already defeated...

Searching some allies for King Dedede's alliance in the animated world, Narissa makes her way to the Flying Dutchman, where a player from last war doesn't like to be disturbed by newcomers until he decides. However he refuses and...

While plotting their next move after sending Maleficent in the CGI world, Hades and Eris encounter an old face of the war who has cured from the virus given by Jafar last war and wants to take them down in order to use Mount Olympus as a base of operations. However, Mim may have acquired other magic powers, but can it be difficult for the two gods and their creatures?

The swordfight has begun as the undead pirate is getting the upper hand unlike Queen Narissa, who may be not a swordgirl, but she could can get help by a new player...

Thanks to Maleficent's massive resurrection spell, Ratigan has returned and has recruited new allies in order to rejoin once again Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam. However, a player of the last war wants to take him out and then take revenge on Cat R Waul as well. Carface may have tried in taking out the rat, but what will he do if Ratigan survived?

After his victory against Mcleach, Scar introduces his saviour, Duncan, to Yosemite Sam and Jafar (becoming one of the main allies). The punk is delighted to know such powerful guys. Yosemite Sam welcomes him unless he's a spy to Ratcliffe.

After killing Ursula once again, Maleficent is approached by a new player Alice Angel, who wants to help the mistress of all evil in conquering the CGI world alongside her and Pete. Maleficent accepts.

With Ursula gone, Frollo and Chernabog pledge their loyalty to Hades (God of War), who wants to take out Maleficent too. The duo join forces with the CGI lord of the dead.

In the Underworld, souls of old faces from last war begin to arrive. When the new lord of the dead sees a soul of his ally and three souls of allies related to Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam, decides to revive them and recruit them for Hades' alliance.

After defeating Carface, Ratigan has recruited new allies in order to increment his alliance with Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam. In fact he has recruited villains brought back from the death and three newcomers.

Queen Narissa and Doc. Terminus, after taking out Davy Jones and joining forces, receive the visit from three old faces from last war. Terminus welcomes them aboard. Now with new allies, Queen Narissa revives a villain killed last war against an undead pirate.

Part Three

From orders of Ratcliffe, Professor Screweyes causes fear in a circus in order to try and use those spirits to kill Yosemite Sam, Jafar and Scar's allies. However, Alameda Slim (sent by Yosemite Sam) decides to stop him, not by himself, but with his secret weapon...

On Pete and Maleficent's behalf, Hook hires the pirate Cervantes to take out a member of the Organization XIII. He finds Luxord, who was searching a new ally to replace Lexaeus after the latter perished against Hook and Shan-Yu. Even with some help by his heartless, can he defeat this pirate?

Now back from the death, Blackbeard threatens the one who sent Davy Jones after him last war to make him walk the plank if he doesn't join forces with Queen Narissa. Beckett, instead, decides to deal with him, but he finds that maybe he has underestimated Blackbeard and his cannons...

A commander known as Cobra Commander sends his ally Suzaku Kururugi to go and take care of a dangerous scotsman known as Duff Killigan, who is certainly plotting to take out the commander. The boy goes to take care of the threat, but can he survive a bomb installed by Killigan himself?

Maleficent hires the Fairy Godmother to test if Alice Angel would be helpful in the war against the Organization XIII and Chernabog. As the test begins, Alice reveals something strange that no villain has got...

While searching for a base of operations for Queen Narissa, the Sanderson Sisters come across the sorcerer Maxim Horvath, who was sent by a unknown entity to take out all of Queen Narissa's allies. However when things get complicated for Winnie, will she defeat this powerful being?

Meanwhile, a former ally of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam revived by Maleficent's massive resurrection spell too joins forces with Judge Doom in hopes to take out all the threats to her criminal empire. However when she is cornered by the dangerous Freddy Krueger (sent by Pinhead), what She will do?

While Cruella is occupied into taking out Freddy, Judge Doom encounters a old rival of his own. Eventually, he isn't who the judge remembers, perhaps...

Anakin Skywalker reveals to have survived his death, however he is captured by the villain who defeated him: Master Xehanort, who wants to help him in joining Palpatine's crusade, but first they must get rid of Maleficent and Pete.

Queen Narissa is deloused by Blackbeard even if he has won because he had to capture Beckett, not kill him. Things get heated up when Doc Terminus informs her about the Sanderson Sisters were killed by Maxim Horvath. Trying to react about the situation, they are greeted by an alliance led by the witch Evanora (composed of herself, Theodora, Hector Barbossa and Killian Jones), who have information about who sent Horvath after the Sanderson Sisters.

In the animated universe, Ratcliffe and a player from last war join forces with the same idea.

Chernabog and his allies plot a plan to take out once and for all Maleficent and Pete, however they get a visit from Mandragora, who wants to help them into their plans. As Chernabog accepts as Frollo gives her a power-up.

Honest John and Gideon meet with the Kralahome, who wants to get rid of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam too. As they recruit him for the Coachman.

Queen Narissa decides to send Theodora and Evanora to find Queen Bavmorda and the Nome King (who sent Horvath after the Sanderson Sisters). However, Evanora asks Queen Narissa to upgrade her sister. Theodora finds this queen, but can she hope to survive Theodora's wrath?

Princess Mombi tries to inform her master (the Nome King) about the threat of Evanora, however the king already knew about the invasion of Evanora as he decides to deal with her...

While heading to the Lobster Inn, the Kralahome, Honest John and Gideon get attacked by Midnight Sparkle, Jasper and Horace (sent by Scar to arrest or defeat them). This might be a 3 vs 3 battle with a special summoning from the magician, but one side will get an unexpected help... but real.

After their victory last war, Xene and Frieza are perplexed since maybe Prince Hydron may have survived against them. At the same time, a new ally of the king of Vestroia tells him about Zurg went missing and...

Prince Hydron survived against Xene, Zurg and Frieza and has recruited 2 allies to help him in his plans. One of these allies is a old participant of the war who has kept in hiding and another one is a newcomer.

Having heard of Prince Hydron's survival, Zurg recruits a new player of the war named Vexus, who could be useful to increment his alliance with Xene and Frieza.

After getting rid of Theodora and after the Nome King's death, Queen Bavmorda reveals to have hired Maxim Horvath and has recruited some villains in order to get rid of Narissa and her allies. The villains hired by the monarch are: Kal and Queen Jadis. She, now, prepares her plans to slowly getting rid of the queen and her allies.

Part Four

After their victory over Yzma last war, King Dedede doesn't know what to do. However, Dr. Facilier contacts a former minion of the Evil Queen, who tells him about Narissa is still alive as she finds herself in the Live Action world. So, the witch doctor tells him to summon the Nightmare Enterprises to open a portal to the Animated World to the Live Action world. As Facilier goes inside, only to be greeted by a newcomer.

While searching for some allies in order to take out the Organization XIII and Chernabog, Maleficent sees a frog smiling at her. Not understanding what it said, the mistress of all evil decides to free It from its curse, only to find out that the frog was... Laverna!

While Yosemite Sam is sending Honest John and Gideon in their dungeon and having a little talk with Jasper and Horace, Scar and Jafar receive a visit from a certain someone that the lion knows in order to join forces once again with Pete and Yosemite Sam and Scar. Shocked to see his formerly fallen ally alive, Scar recruits him, much to Jafar's joy.

Narissa decides to get rid of Jadis alongside Barbossa as she tests the pirate's strength during this battle.

With Mcleach and Professor Screweyes dead, Madame Medusa decides to hunt down Scar in order to avenge her fallen friends. However, the lion may have help from his newest recruit...

Zurg sends Vexus to go and take care of Prince Hydron, who has sent Jasper and Gantu into recruiting new allies to help them. The alien may have robots, but the former prince of Vestroia has a sleeve...

Pete, while finding allies for himself and Maleficent, finds and corners a member of the Organization XIII known as Demyx, who likes music. Can the cat defeat this weirdo?

From orders of their unknown boss, two new players of the war attack Jasper and Gantu, who were searching for allies under Hydron's orders. The brothers may have underestimated the powerful duo...

Axel and Saix send Vexen to get rid of Maleficent, Pete and their allies. When she found a boy named Riku, Maleficent decides to enlist his services in order to get rid of the Organization XIII and takes him under her wing. As this member arrives, as Maleficent powers him up. But can Riku defeat Vexen?

Jafar is angry with Scar because he should have killed Madame Medusa, who survived her defeat against the lion and Shego. However, Scar has a plan to get rid of Ratcliffe and the Coachman, which enlights the genie.

After her defeat against Hades and Eris, Madam Mim summons an ancient being known as Aku to take out Hades and Maleficent and avenge her fallen friends.

And meanwhile, the Emperor of Britannia and his son plot "together" how to get rid of Scar and Yosemite Sam's alliance as they enter the war.

Homemade Submissions

Set in round 9 of the first war. At the Forbidden Mountains, Maleficent and one of her goons decide to get ready for plans to take care of Chernabog and his allies. However, a new ally of the demon storms in and causes havoc. But can she defeat the mistress of all evil?

Set in round 2 of the second war. While Boxman Jr and Darrell are dealing with Jasper and Gantu, Lord Boxman (the one who sent them) recruited Venomous and Fink in order to get rid of Governor Ratcliffe and his alliance. But they are soon cornered by a robot created by Julian Robotnik himself...

Set in round 6 of the first war. Before his death, Frollo and Ratcliffe decided to take out an icy ruler, who was surely a threat to their plans. Unknown to them, a member of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam is watching them...

Set after Nekron's death, Jafar is attacked by a sorceress named Evil Lyn, who was sent by her unknown master to take him out before he could do something in the war. But can she defeat him?

After killing Nightmare Moon, Maleficent gets ready for her revenge.

Set in round 8 of the first war. After Classic Robotnik's death, Xehanort seeks to find someone to take care of. Eventually, he finds Randall, who proves to be reluctant to Xehanort's offer of an alliance.

Set in round 6 of the first war. After defeating Evil Lyn, Jafar is approached by Radamanthys, who wants him to help Hades and Maleficent into defeating Chernabog. He accepts.

Set in round 2 of the first war. Before Sykes' death, he was using a player of last war to get money and leave him bankrupted, however the majordomo may look smart, but can he compete to a loan shark?

Set in round 6 of the first war. Having survived his defeat at the hands of Sykes, Edgar is without a job and he's approached by Stromboli, who promises him to give him many money. He accepts

Set in round 4 of the second war. Before Venomous and Fink's death, they and Lord Boxman were approached by Dr. Eggman, who proposes to help them by allying with Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam. They accept.

Also Set in round 4 of the second war. After being arrested, Honest John and Gideon encounter two faces from last war. This duo worked for Frollo and Mok.

Set in round 11. Having survived her death against Sykes unlike him, Madame Medusa is summoned by this though to be dead governor.

Part Five

Scar sends Zira to get rid of the Coachman, who is without Honest John and Gideon since they were arrested by Yosemite Sam and Midnight Sparkle. When the battle seems to be over, a new player of the war makes his move...

From orders of Regina, Dr. Facilier corners Bavmorda as he shows her that she shouldn't mess with the "Friends on the Other Side", the witch doctor himself and Narissa.

With Vexus gone, Zurg decides to go in the CGI dimension in order to find new allies for Frieza and Xene because they need help to their cause. When he arrives, the emperor meets two newcomers, who want to help him.

Searching allies for Maleficent, Clayton comes across a old man who may be the key to take out the Organization XIII and Chernabog's alliance. As this new character is recruited by the hunter.

After his victory against Bavmorda, Facilier reunites with Narissa and the queen welcomes Regina in since she is an ally of the witch doctor.

A counterpart of the mistress of all evil restores Queen Bavmorda in hopes to join her alliance and take out Narissa and her allies.

While being happy with the Coachman out of the way, Midnight Sparkle's joyful moment is interrupted by the arrival of a ghostly being known as Le Chuck, who wants his revenge on his son (Captain Hook) for killing him years before the first war. Having heard from her ally how was the pirate, the corrupted being decides to get rid of him...

While Maleficent and Pete are preparing their assault against the Organization XIII and Chernabog, Alice Angel decides to recruit a new ally in the form of Oogie Boogie. They are soon cornered by two members of the Organization XIII known as Xigbar and Marluxia, who want to avenge their fallen companions. When one of Maleficent and Pete's alliance perishes, this character summons fallen giants from last war.

After his victory, Prince Hydron hires this villain who practically didn't fight against Xene and Zurg last war and sends him to take out one of the enemies allies. However, when he goes to the Vestroian Palace, the saiyan is soon attacked by a new villain by the name of Turles. When the player of last war reveals to have acquired a new transformation, Turles reveals to have an item to use...

Seeking to redeem herself after her humiliation against Dr. Facilier, Queen Bavmorda sets out to get rid of a witch who is intentioned in joining forces with Narissa and her allies. When Morgana is cornered, will the queen get her revenge?

Having heard of the Coachman's death at the hands of the Joker and Zira's death, Governor Ratcliffe and Dr. Julian Robotnik send Snively to get rid of Alameda Slim and Cat R Waul, who are searching allies for Scar, Jafar and Yosemite Sam's alliance. When the battle seems to be ended, Robotnik's nephew reveals to have a trick to his sleeve...

With Facilier in the Live Action World, King Dedede summons some allies in order to stop a threat to his kingdom: The Fire Nation.

A depressed Scar is soon approached by a wolf who wants to help the king in avenging Zira. When the Big Bad Wolf cheered Scar up, they decide to get back in plotting their plans to take out Ratcliffe and his allies.

Queen Bavmorda recruits Prince Nuada and Mesogog in order to get rid of Narissa and Facilier. As together plot their plan to take them out.

Chernabog summons 2 villains from the dead and received a visit from Xehanort and Anakin Skywalker, who want to take out Maleficent and Pete too.

Maleficent gets a visit from Oogie Boogie, who informs that not only Alice is dead, but he has recruited 2 new allies to get rid of Chernabog and the Organization XIII. Little they know is that somebody is spying on them when the new allies tell the mistress a way how to get back home. Pete, then, informs his allies and Shan-yu about the way to escape the CGI world. However, to take care of the cat's alliance in his absence, there is a new ally: Bowser.

And Maleficent, fearing that Chernabog recruited somebody, recruits a new player named Vanitas in order to help her in the mistress' cause.

An army of Maleficent's allies led by Tai Lung sets out to get rid of Master Xehanort and his forces in order to weaken Chernabog. But will the keyblade master survive?

Charles Muntz sends his dogs to help Maleficent against the Organization XIII. However, the animals are soon defeated by Xaldin, who has decided to take action. When Chernabog appears, which one of these villains will win?

Seeking to get out from the CGI world alongside Pete under Maleficent's nose, the Trix soon encounter Gothel, who has decided to avenge Chernabog and defeat them. When this battle seems to end, a member of the Organization XIII decides to start his plans...

Searching allies for Pete, Bowser decides to get rid of a fallen king from last war. Especially if they have the same techniques, however one of them has improved...

An angered Jafar asks Yosemite Sam to begin with their plans to take out Ratcliffe right now with Slim captured and Cat R Waul's whereabouts. The cowboy has a plan to use slowly in motion alongside Scar's plan. Right away, some characters came back from the CGI world as Sam and Jafar ask these fallen witches about what happened in the CGI dimension.

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe recruits a new ally to get rid of a certain king...

Doc. Terminus, while preparing for battle against Bavmorda and her allies, recruits 2 new allies in order to help Facilier and Narissa in their plans.

Meanwhile, Lelouch and a new player meet in order to discuss about their plans.

And after taking out Duff Killigan, Suzaku has recruited new allies for Cobra Commander's alliance. As they prepare for their plan of Earth Domination.

Before getting rid of Scar, Ratcliffe decides to send Dr. Fetus to check if Prince John isn't loyal to Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam. The doctor soon sets his eyes upon England, but when the king and Dr. Drakken don't want to join with Ratcliffe, a fight erupts and one side will get unexpected help...

Discovering not only that Chula was revived, but even a treasure, Cat R Waul decides to go back to France, however when he meets Don Karnage and when the criminal offers him an alliance to take out Ratcliffe, the pirate refuses telling that he already works for someone else. Cat R Waul, however, decides to recruit him by force...

Ready to get rid of the Organization for themselves and Maleficent, Pete, Hook and Shan-yu (unaware of the Trix's come back home) are soon to be cornered by an old enemy of last war. This judge may have obtained dark powers, but the cat and the pirate know how to defeat him a second time...

A new villain begins his plans by getting rid of the victor(s) and revives a fallen villain.

Seeking to test Zurg's strength from his master's orders, Commander Sark sends his newest ally to test the emperor's fighting skills. And in doing do, she may have underestimated Zurg himself...

Quitting his job in getting rid of Scar and Sam, this fallen magician hopes to join forces with pharaoh Rameses and become his adviser. Before doing so, he must deal with the pharaoh's priests: Hotep and Huy. Creatures may be summoned, but who will win?

After defeating Pete and his allies, Lord Vortech is informed by X-PO about Maleficent's alliance beginning to weaken and the threat of the Organization XIII. Following Cooler's suggestion, he gets rid of the robot and summons allies to help him in his plans.

Meanwhile, Scar, Jafar, Duncan and Yosemite Sam receive a visit from the returning Pete and Hook, however the duo show them who they found in the CGI dimension: Shan-yu. Surprised by the hun's return, Yosemite Sam and Scar inform that instead of gathering allies, they are losing them. In fact: The Beagle Boys are in prison, Zira was killed by the Coachman, who later got killed by Scar and Sam's newest ally, Joker, Cat R Waul went missing and Alameda Slim was captured by Snively. Unhappy about this, Shan-yu, Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam decide to get rid of them directly.

While Radamanthys and Rasputin decided to go to test the Dazzlings, souls of the Underworld begin to leave. However, Pain and Panic are too afraid to stop them.

Maleficent and her remaining allies set out to get rid of some allies related to the Organization XIII. They may be trying to get rid of them with some difficulties, but the hooded villains are playing with them...

Seeking to recruit his pirates for Shan-yu, Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar, Hook finds out that his pirates are working for a old man revealing himself as the Blue Falcon. The pirates decide to help their former employer by attacking the Blue Falcon's pirates. However, will Hook defeat the latter?

Shan-yu sends the Big Bad Wolf to go and capture the one who has captured Alameda Slim and sent Cat R Waul far away from Paris: Snively, in order to make him tell where Ratcliffe and his allies are hiding. When the battle seems to end, Shan-yu makes his move alongside Jafar...

With the failure of his lionesses in helping the Big Bad Wolf, Scar fires all of them including his daughter Vitani and casts them out of the Pride Lands.

A villain whose escaped the River Styx recruits back an old friend who has survived against Scar and one of his newest allies.

Having escaped the River Styx, Gaston is sucked inside a portal to the Live Action World as he meets there Queen Bavmorda, who wants him to help her against Narissa and her allies. The hunter accepts.

Maleficent obtains an power up by Riku in order to deal with the Organization XIII and its last remaining members. Betrayals are made, but which side will win?

Wanting to gain a new land for his unknown master, the psychopathic Fritz sets his eyes on the Pride Lands, however when the protector of the kingdom decides to get him out from Scar's Pride, he may be winning... but he mustn't forget that Scar has also hired a second protector to outsmart the enemies...

Sent by Hades to deal with Madam Mim, Discord finds himself cornered by Aku, who is ready to unleash his wrath against Hades and his allies, but the point is: which demonic being will win? And who will be needing a second plan to deal with the enemies?

Narissa and her allies decide to settle things against Queen Bavmorda and her faction once and for all. When an ally of her enemy betrays her, will Facilier and Narissa go back home with the help of their forces or are they going to lose against Bavmorda?

With Discord victorious, Hades receives a surprising visit from Maleficent, Rothbart and Riku (Avalanche) returning from the CGI world.

With nobody else in the CGI world, Bowser decides to start his own alliance recruiting new allies such as: the Panda King, Muggshot, Uka Uka and Vanitas in order to help Pete and his allies.

After his failure to gain the Pride Lands, Fritz finally gains a land to use for his master, Dr. Hugo Strange: the Outlands (left abandoned since Scar fired the lionesses). As his master is proud of him.

In hopes to defeat Ratcliffe quickly, Negaduck hires new allies as he forms his league: the Fearsome Five, in order to help Scar, Shan-yu, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

While planning something to get rid of Ratcliffe, Scar has a family reunion with Nuka, who was recruited by Pete and Yosemite Sam indeed.

Hoping to prepare for the battle against the Fire Nation, King Dedede gets a surprising visit from the returning Queen Narissa and Dr. Facilier, however they aren't alone. They also brought Killian Jones and Doc Terminus in order to help the ruler of Dreamland.

While scouting the territory, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed are approached by Lelouch, who wants to forge an alliance with the world's most important rulers of the respective regions, much to the hyenas' fear

Part Six

Seeking to find an opponent easy for Nuka to take out, Scar is soon attacked by Light Yagami, who has been sent by Mr. Swackhammer to try and take out the lion. Man may easily defeat lion, but when Scar reveals that he has friends in high places, the tables turn.

Xene recruits Nappa and Vegeta in order to get rid of Prince Hydron, so he sends them after him. However they soon encounter an alien conqueror known as Borf, who wants to start his invasion plans. During the fight, a new player sets out to make his name known by taking out the prince of all Saiyans and his lackey. Will Nappa and Vegeta survive?

In order to prove himself as a powerful ally for Bowser, the Panda King sets out in a swamp to get rid of its owner, Mz Ruby. Can the panda defeat a crocodile. When the battle seems to end, a friend of his own decides to finish Ruby off...

After his deadly encounter with Light Yagami, Scar recruits part of his alliance and decided to go and free Alameda Slim from his prison. They find that Dr. Julian Robotnik, Madame Medusa and Van Pelt are guarding his prison. However, the trio cannot understand what's coming to them against the king and his forces.

In Agrabah, Clavious hopes to forge an alliance with its new ruler, the thief Abis Mal, in hopes to have him help King Dedede. When the sultan refuses, a battle for the throne erupts...

After freeing Alameda Slim, Scar, Yosemite Sam, Pete and Shan-yu discuss what to do. The hun decides to make Prince John a new boss in their big alliance in order to try and weaken Ratcliffe and his allies.

After his defeat against Don Karnage, Cat R Waul and his thugs are found by Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith. He is happy to return with Pete, Scar, Shan-yu, Prince John and Yosemite Sam as they head back to France.

With Mz Ruby dead and with the Panda King and Vanitas victorious, Bowser recruits a new ally in hopes to get rid of Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker.

With Maleficent and Pete gone, Mrs. Tweedy takes the lead as she summons new allies and recruits Maleficent's former allies too.

In the Live Action world, all of the former allies of Narissa and Dr. Facilier (except Doc. Terminus and Killian Jones) are recruited by the Underworld's ruler, Necrolai

Part Seven

In Paris, Elmer Fudd has finally found Scar and he is ready to hunt him down since the hunter was killed by him last war. Yosemite Sam wants his old friend to step down and bow before him. Elmer decides to settle things mano y mano, but will he redeem himself before Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam may try to kill him?

Sent by Mrs. Tweedy to settle things against the threats, Captain Hook (ND) decides to go, try and take out Anakin Skywalker. Something strange will happen during this battle because of a new minion of Lord Vortech...

Seeking to put to use his master plan, Dr. Hugo Strange and his henchman Fritz turn the Outlands in a base for operations. However, Queen Narissa and Merlock decided to get rid of them. Even with summoning another monster, can Strange hope to survive?

After Mal's disappearance, Cooler sets out to get rid of a former ally of Chernabog, who has left the war since Chernabog perished...

Radamanthys and Rasputin decide to put the Dazzlings against the evil witch Magica de Spell. In a expected turn of events, what will happen to the insane witch? Is it her end or will she be left alone?

Having survived their defeat against Nappa and Vegeta, Borf and Lord Scrapperton decide to hide on Planet Earth and join forces. The robot sends Borf to find a new ally for Scrapperton's mysterious employer. While exploring London (the duo's hiding place), Borf sees an ally in the form of Ratigan, who was scouting England for Scar, Shan-yu, Prince John, Pete and Yosemite Sam. However, a chase begins. Will the space conqueror's cunning plans lead him to a victory this time?

From orders of Bowser, Uka Uka orders a scared Dr. Cortex to summon a new ally for Bowser. They summon back from the dead Lady Tremaine, who hasn't got any interest in helping Pete in the CGI world. When she summons a monster, Cortex easily dispatches of it as she summons the Unversed. However, who will survive this battle?

Intrigued about the fact that Doc. Terminus (as Puppetino) and Killian Jones are from another world, King Dedede asks Doc. Terminus if in that dimension there was an enemy he defeated. The villain takes this as a chance to tell to the monarch about his worst enemy, Maxim Horvath, and how he became feared in the Live Action World by dealing with the sorcerer Malachite...

Madam Mim decides to summon new allies since Aku failed to get rid of Discord. The new allies are none other than the infamous organization the Akatsuki.

The Fire Nation, led by Fire Lord Ozai, decide to settle things against King Dedede. Princess Azula is angry at Abis Mal for losing Agrabah at the hands of an ally of Dreamland's ruler. Right in that moment, Fritz arrives in hopes to avenge his fallen master as he reveals to them the location of where the king is hiding. With the dimwitted psycho's help, they plot an attack to Dreamland.

King Dedede is happy for Queen Narissa's victory over Dr. Strange and Fritz. With Merlock dead, the king decides to revive him by recalling the Magic Mirror's help. With the sorcerer revived, King Dedede plots his next moves...

Part Eight

Ratigan gets free from his prison, only to learn that Borf captured him for the sole purpose to have him and Lord Scrapperton serve his master.

Dr. Eggman finally completes a project for Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam. As this monstrous being comes to life as a certain lion is scared of what he sees...

Master Xehanort decides to begin his plans by resurrecting a fallen ally of Chernabog and forges an alliance with her. This newly revived sea witch is sent to remove from the competition a member of the Organization XIII known as Larxene. Who will come out on top?

With Uka Uka dead, Muggshot and Prince Charming have a talk about an alliance in order to help Bowser in helping Pete. The prince refuses since he has other plans. What of these things will win: brain or brawn?

From orders of her father, Princess Azula sets out to attack Dreamland in order to make sure that Ozai and the others could get rid of Dedede easily, however she finds her road crossed by Nox, who wants to start his uprising plans by recruiting new allies. When the princess refuses, a battle might erupt...

In order to prove himself to Hades as a powerful ally, Riku sets out to find an ally of Mim to take out. He finds an enemy in the form of Orochimaru, a member to the Akatsuki. Riku reveals an secret item to help him in this fight, but is it useful to take care of this monstrous being?

Scar and Duncan have a talk about planning on how to get rid of the threat. Duncan reveals to be Mcleach's nephew, however that doesn't change the fact that he despises him because he was mistreated by him and his father, but still loved by his family. Scar listen to his plan and how to get rid of them.

Lord Boxman casts out Darrell after he was defeated by Gantu and Jasper as well as Boxman Jr's death. Boxman, then, decides to continue his plans.

Cobra Commander and his old friend Xanatos, the CEO of the Xanatos Enterprises, forge a strong alliance in order to conquer the world and find who sent Duff Killigan after the commander.

Hades informs Maleficent of Riku's death at the hands of Orochimaru as she gets angry. They, however, receive a surprise visit from King Sombra, who wants to help the mistress of all evil and the god of Mount Olympus in taking out Madam Mim and her allies. The duo accept as they welcome him aboard.

Having heard of Fire Lord Ozai's invasion plan of Dreamland, Magica de Spell decides to deal with one of King Dedede's allies. Doc. Terminus steps in to defeat the invader, however he must deal with her dragon pet too...

The program CLU orders his ally, Rinzler, to take out the Master Control Program, who could be a threat to his rising faction. Rinzler, instead, betrays his master as he fights him off. Who will win?

Dr. Pretorious, the one who sent Duff Killigan after Cobra Commander, decides to send his last remaining ally to get rid of Cobra Industries since Duff failed. Gauron encounters a rogue member of Cobra Commander and Xanatos' alliance, the ninja Storm Shadow. When a hero is ready to foil Gauron's plans for Pretorious, will he be capable of dealing with both of them?

From orders of Mrs Tweedy, Laverna sets out to hunt down or hurt a member of the Organization XIII. The evil fairy encounters a surviving member of the Organization indeed, Xemnas. Will Laverna accomplish her mission or will she need more time against him?

A injured Storm Shadow survived his defeat against Gauron. However he decides to discover the large portal in the sky travelling into another dimension where he allies with two surviving criminals...

Magica de Spell asks Fire Lord Ozai to be part of his alliance in which the ruler accepts.

While scouting the territory for his employers, Hook and his pirates decide to investigate too the large portal in the sky travelling in the same dimension where Storm Shadow has arrived.

In Zorg Corporation, Zorg and his friend Count Olaf join forces and plan what to do during the war, however they are joined by Joker (Tim Burton) who wants their help in taking out Cruella and Judge Doom (who has miraculously survived his death)

Part Nine

Aku sees that a man named Unalaq summoned the demon Vaatu for his unknown purposes, however the demon rebels as he possesses his body. Aku hires him and asks him to deal with one of Hades and Maleficent's allies. His target? Rasputin.

Now rogue after his master's death, Pirate Robot causes fear and destruction over the territories of Germany, ruled by Yosemite Sam since last war. However, Fat Cat attacks on instinct while his thugs watch on. The robot may be full of tricks, but Fat Cat isn't alone...

The terrorist known as Dogati sets out to conquer some territories for his alliance with Master Org, Necrolai's worst enemy. Barbossa arrives and challenges him for the control of Dogati's soldiers, including Bockner. Dogati accepts, but can he defeat a pirate?

While instructing Ratigan to go and deal with Zurg's allies, the Skeleton King decides to deal with an intruder, who has decided to free Ratigan for his masters. Can he defeat the doll or is it stronger even against Borf?

Having created his newest robot for Cobra and Xanatos, Nimnul orders Bobert to go and take out the one who hired Duff Killigan to kill Cobra. The robot rebels as he decides to go against his master. The doctor may be goofy, but the robot shouldn't underestimate his master's technology...

Amos Slade, while searching for enemies to get rid of, decides to kill the one who killed him last war, Scar. The lion may be trapped by even another hunter intentioned to get revenge on him and Duncan, but unexpected help arrives for Scar indeed...

Jafar asks Scar to cast Duncan out of Paris since he thinks he's a threat. The lion refuses since he can be useful to them as the genie obeys to Scar's orders without asking.

In the Underworld, two souls escape the Underworld and Tails Doll travels in the CGI world, joining forces with Bowser and his men.

Bockner, after Dogati's death at the hands of Barbossa, pledges his loyalty to the pirate and offers him that the Nazi army could help Necrolai with her plans to take out the one who hired Dogati and Bockner (Master Org). The pirate accepts thinking that his help would be useful.

Cobra Commander interrogates a friend of Dr. Pretorious. However, when this guy plans to save his life the commander "upgrades" him as he is renamed... Destro.

Part Ten

Jafar is suddenly visited by his son, who wants to help Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam into bringing justice against Ratcliffe and his allies. The genie accepts, but he prefers to have Scar's approval.

Madam Mim decides to bring another ally that might be useful against Hades and Maleficent.

The Horned King decides to begin his plans by bringing his Army of the Dead back to war, however he decides to summon new additions to his alliance.

Master Org plans his moves (against Necrolai) with his remaining allies after Dogati's death and Bockner's betrayal.

Having left Necrolai and her legion since Queen Narissa is gone, Blackbeard sets out to make a name for himself by getting rid of a dangerous Sith Lord. His target? Darth Maul...

After the Bobert accident, Cobra Commander sends Dr. Mindbender to deal with Killigan's former employer, Dr. Pretorious. As the doctors reveal their secret weapons, only one will come out on top...

Two mermaids join forces with the intention of having Atlantica under their knees.

A soul of an ally of Maleficent makes his escape from the River Styx.

After being saved by Kylo Ren, Blackbeard thanks him as he requests to be an ally of his mysterious boss. Kylo accepts as he decides to use him as a secret agent.

Axel meets with Lord Vortech, offering him a seat in the Organization XIII alongside his remaining allies (Evie and Julius). The evil conqueror accepts in hopes of getting rid of Mrs Tweedy's alliance.

Tails Doll is sent to a Pizzeria to deal with its owners to obtain a secret weapon.

Zurg decides to forge an alliance with Bowser in order to get rid of the Organization XIII and rising treats from space. The king accepts.

From orders of Jafar, Mozenrath forges an alliance with Shan-yu and Pete in hopes to help them against their big problem and bring justice in the entire world. The hun and France's ruler accept with joy.

Master Xehanort hires Demigra and William Afton to help him in his schemes. To accompany his newest allies, he summons Guard Armor to help them. At the same time, Oogie Boogie hires Megabyte and Father, summoning the Lump of Horror to help them too. In this 3v3 battle, which side will prevail?

The owner of the Fazbear Pizzeria, Freddy Fazbear, has heard of the invasion in his restaurant by the newcomer from the animated world, Tails Doll. Foxy sets out to capture him and gain some information about the animated world. Can he deal with a demonic and satanic doll like him?

Having survived her death against Scar and his allies, Madame Medusa receives a phone call from an old friend of hers, Claudia, who tells her that she plans to take out Pete and Yosemite Sam herself and later she would get rid of her prisoners, the Chipmunks. As she and Klaus capture the Chipmunks, Madame Medusa starts a car chase that only one of them will come out on top...

Having decided what to do since Maleficent has "abandoned" him to his death in the animated world, Riku sets out to find an alliance that might help him. However a demonic hedgehog makes an attempt to his life and the boy decides to show him how strong he can be thanks to darkness...

After Tails Doll's victory over Foxy, Bowser (now afraid of him and his demonic powers) hires Sonic Boom Eggman to help him get rid of the Organization XIII and Xehanort. The doctor accepts.

After recruiting Lord Vortech, Axel is approached by Sonic.exe, who has survived against Riku. The member accepts the idea of having him as a new member since most of the members have been killed off.

Scar and Mandark, while searching for technologies to expand their own, find out that their computer has a malfunction. However through this malfunction, a new player rises to help them alongside Pete and Yosemite Sam with their plans.

A portal caused by the computer's malfunction sucks an ally of the Horned King as this ally is recruited by Master Org...

While studying the Live Action world for his employers, Captain Hook and his pirates are attacked by the rogue pirate known as Uma, who challenges him for power. The captain's pirates may be afraid of dealing with her, but when a crocodile makes his way to eat once again Hook, what will he do?

After seeing a poster of a dangerous cowboy who is the most wanted criminal, Yosemite Sam sends the Dalton Brothers to recruit him or bring him to the pirate by force. When Buzz Buzzard refuses, has he done a grievous mistake or hasn't he?

While preparing for a wrestling tournament in town, Mae West is approached by Pete, who wants her to be useful against Ratcliffe and his allies. However she doesn't care and challenges him for the crown of France. She may be strong, but the king could be stronger than her...

While talking with Captain Hook (now Uma's prisoner), Harry Hook finds out something that he always wanted to know. An happy Captain Hook talks with his son of who has grown him and wants to thank him, only to find out that this pirate joins forces with Necrolai.

After arresting Mae West, Pete meets with an old enemy of his. This enemy, however, wants to put an end to this rivalry and wants to help Pete, Scar, Shan-yu, Yosemite Sam and Prince John in their master plan against Ratcliffe and his armies...

Maleficent sends King Sombra to go and deal with another member of Mim's alliance. Sombra corners Deidara as they engage a combat to the death, but who will survive this battle?

With Shere Khan nowhere to be found, Queen Chrysalis sets out to conquer Prydain (where the Horned King resides). The king himself decides to summon all of his current allies before starting a total war...

Cruella and her allies are ready to settle things mano a mano against Joker (Tim Burton) and his allies. In this deadly outcome, a new player of the war decides to begin his killing spree against one of the clown prince of crime's allies. Who will win this battle in a unexpected way?

Stromboli introduces a new recruit (actually a spy of Scar, Pete, Shan Yu, Prince John and Yosemite Sam) to Ratcliffe, who falls in love with "her", unaware that they are being watched by three hyenas.

After Fritz's attack, Sabor and Tublat hire a new player to help them against the lionesses (led by Vitani), whose are planning a rebellion against Scar by taking rid of the forces in the Pride Lands, then attack Scar and kill him.

After the Joker's downfall, an alliance led by Kingpin plans to take out Count Olaf and Patrick Bateman since they killed off a feared criminal such as him...

Having watched the whole fight between King Sombra and Deidara resulting in Sombra's death, Skulker sets out to inform Mim of Deidara's victory. Before doing this, he must deal with Radamanthys...

The Changelings and the Horned King's forces go to war as this war is going to declare which supreme forces are going to rule this creepy place. So, which side is going to claim power over Prydain? And can Sykes hope to survive against the creature's powers?

Emperor Sharga, leader of the Sharkarians, sends Tiburon to test Atlantica's newest queen's powers and strength. She may not be good in magic, but she can be good at skills that even Tiburon can expect...

After killing innocent people, a mercenary known as Tao Pai Pai is stopped by Shan-yu, who wants him to help his alliance alongside Pete, Scar and the others to deal with Ratcliffe. He will accept if the hun will injury him to almost death...

Having heard of Skulker's death at the hands of Radamanthys, Madam Mim plans to go and take rid of them by herself, however Aku has a plan that intrigues her. When Aku summons two new players, Madam Mim decides to deal with them for good and later decides to get her revenge on Jafar

As Queen Chrysalis' soul arrives in the Underworld, Hades and Maleficent plan their next move since Radamanthys' success against Skulker. However, a soul of a villain who perished prior the events of the war proposes an alliance of sorts in order to help them with their plans to take out Madame Mim and her alliance. Hades and Maleficent accept as they revive this evil creature...

Master Xehanort opens a portal to the animated world as he sends Ursula there on purpose. Ursula, then, recruits an old friend of hers (Messina) and recruits new allies for the conquest of Atlantica after she heard that Marina Del Ray rules the seven seas.

Part Eleven

Sitting out the warfare because they are arrested, the Beagle Boys scheme an escaping plan from Kent Mansley. However they are freed by the Dazzlings and Cat R Waul in order to return for Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam.

The Skeleton King, alongside Lord Scrapperton and his new ally (Marvin the Martian), forges an alliance with Prince Hydron in order to help him in getting rid of Xene and Frieza's alliance and later Hydron must help him to recapture Ratigan and take out Tails Doll and the ones who created him. With no choice, the prince accepts.

After defeating Tiburon, Marina Del Ray and Saleem summon new allies to aid them in taking out the rising threat of Ursula and Emperor Sharga.

Kent Mansley proposes an alliance with Scar in hopes to bring justice to the countries ruled by Scar and his allies. Although he doesn't trust him, the king of the Pride Lands accepts in hopes of finding out if he has truly betrayed Ratcliffe.

And speaking of Ratcliffe, he has recruited new allies: these two are old players of the war and want to get their revenge on Ratigan and Scar respectively...

Scar instructs Rob and Kent Mansley to go and deal with many of the threats as he sends Rob to capture Stromboli in order to be aware of Ratcliffe's plans. Rob may be alone, but he has some friends in high places...

From orders of Scar, Kent Mansley is sent to take out a dangerous pedophile criminal that may be a threat to the lion, Pete, Shan-yu, Prince John and Yosemite Sam's plans to save the world from impure criminals. Mansley has a sleeve against who mistreats law and order... even Nobuyuki Sugou.

Dr. Cortex and Dr. Nefarious show to Bowser their new robot, however they don't know which opponent they can select to the Galleon. Bowser sends the robot to take out Roxas, who wants to recruit new members for the Organization. Who will come out on top?

While Galleon is dealing with Roxas, Zurg sends his commander, Sark, to kill the ruthless warrior known as Asajj Ventress before she can join Xehanort's league. The alien may have robots to aid her, but what she will do when the commander summons a new ally to help him in this battle?

Demongo travels in the Underworld and starts taunting and attacking Pain and Panic, who are watching over the Underworld in Radamanthys' absence. In this battle, a new player decides to deal with Aku's stooge...

Fire Lord Ozai hires a former Nazi that worked under Hitler last war named Red Skull and sends him to capture the malicious Dr. Doom or at least kill him since he might wanna join King Dedede's forces or Clavious' alliance to help the king of Dreamland himself. Will the Nazi be successful or is Dr. Doom prepared against any threats?

The final battle with the Fire Nation is coming and Clavious decides to recruit two newcomers for King Dedede.

Red Skull survived against Dr Doom, however Fire Lord Ozai is angry for his failure. Prince Zuko, instead, has recruited more allies to aid him in the battle.

To defeat Prince Hydron and the Skeleton King, Frieza and Xene summon the Ginyu Force to aid them.

Demongo is executed by Aku since his failure. Mim gets angry about this action, Aku isn't so worried as he tells her that they have other allies.

Meanwhile, Scar makes a deal with these two former henchmen of the Coachman

From orders of Fire Lord Ozai, Chase Young arrives at the gates where he must take care of its guardian, Caliph Kapok. In this battle of magic, can Chase Young defeat this sorcerer capable of separating heads from bodies? Or is the sorcerer stronger than him?

At the main chambers of the palace, Prince Zuko and Ayam Aghoul decide to corner Clavious directly. However they are cornered by Mechanicles, whose has been sent by the sultan himself to deal with the invaders. When things get worse for the insane creator, a certain witch doctor steps in to help his newest ally...

Seeking to find more allies for his attack on Ratcliffe, Yosemite Sam hires his cousin, Blacque Jacque Shellaque to capture Buzz Buzzard after the Dalton's failure. Buzz Buzzard thinks he can get rid of him, however he is guarded by Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith...

Under Ursula's orders, Merman sets out to eliminate a possible treat to her boss' plans: the duelist Shark (allies with Marina Del Ray). However when Shark receives a unexpected power in boost, who will come out on top?

From orders of Pete, Shego is sent to collect a bottle of Chemical X for an experiment of Mandark and Doofenshmirtz. When the owner, Dick Hardly, decides to deal with her after transforming into an hideous monster (of course using another bottle of Chemical X), the woman decides to prove that she is not going down...

Lord Maliss informs Clavious of Caliph Kapok's capture and of Ayam Aghoul and Prince Zuko killed by his two allies, Facilier and Mechanicles. Clavious, then, plots an assault to the Fire Nation.

Meanwhile, Jafar and Negaduck inform Scar of Buzz Buzzard's capture and Dick Hardly's death at the hands of Shego. Happy about their success, Scar plans to recruit Buzzard, much to the amusement of the Fearsome Five (excluding Negaduck).

Maleficent and Hades are informed of the Akatsuki's threat. So they decide to take all of them out to weaken Mim's alliance.

Captain Hook and Uma arrived almost in the Underworld, however their trip is interrupted by Vernita Green, whose has been sent by a mysterious villain to take the pirates out. She, however, isn't alone as a powerful enemy decides to fight Hook to death, while Green is left against Uma...

Count Olaf and Patrick Bateman hire Anton Chigurh to take out a treat to their schemes, Edward Nygma. The two come to a deadly confrontation in which only one will prevail...

From orders of Hades and Maleficent, Rothbart is sent to take out a member of the Akatsuki that may cause mayhem to his forces, Madara Uchiha. The ninja may be strong, but when an ally of the sorcerer arrives, what can he do to survive this deadly duo?

With Stromboli arrested, Ratcliffe hires his old friend, Dr. Claw, alongside his ally: Baron Greenback, to get rid of Scar before he can cause more damage to their alliance since he knows the lion is a strategist. Meanwhile, Scar sends Negaduck to get rid of some of the enemies. As the two begin their attack, the Fearsome Five attack together! In this battle, the criminals have a sleeve even if it means to be defeated multiple times...

Having survived the explosion caused by Negaduck, Dr. Claw informs Ratcliffe of Baron Greenback's death and has a plan: he wants to go to another dimension to recruit more allies. He will be replaced by his old friend, Mr Swackhammer...

Just as Claw arrives, Count Olaf and Patrick Bateman hire him to help them in their plans after Chigurh's death.

Meanwhile, Captain Hook finally found the one who adopted his son years ago before the war and proposes him an alliance to aid Necrolai and her allies. However, both of them are watched by a young boy that never grown up.

Tublat recruits his old friend, Janja (son of Shenzi and Banzai in this dimension) and his hyenas to attack quickly Vitani, who is coming to get them out of the Pride Lands. As Tublat's forces and the Lionesses face each other, two new faces decide to aid one of the sides when one of them seems to be in danger...

Ratcliffe enlists the services of Dr. Greed in order to help him financially in taking out Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam, much to the joy of Sedusa.

Madam Mim decides to summon an ancient being to aid her against Hades and Maleficent.

Meanwhile, Hades forges an alliance with the warlord Skeletor and with an old enemy of Jafar as well to which they accept.

Mandark discovers a malfunction of the computer in which a new player rises as he forges an alliance with Scar as the lion accepts without hesitation.

Having heard of Uma, Captain Hook and Harry Hook joining forces with Necrolai, Master Org recruits a new ally to summon his old apprentice from her prison.

And a villain who was thought to be dead recruits a new ally for his dark plans.

Part Twelve

Searching for objects that may be useful for Ratcliffe, Dr. Greed and his minions are soon attacked by Jafar, sent by Scar to take him out. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself and the genie knows this better than the CEO of the Mix Max company himself...

Duncan decides to make a full attack on Mr Swackhammer before he can cause further damages to his best friend, Scar. The alien, however, reveals to have henchmen too. However the Nerdlucks (A.K.A the Monstars) may be strong and giants, but Duncan is helped out by Mandark and his newest creation: the Cyberskull.

From orders of their respective employers, these two dark beings come into a deadly confrontation in which there might possibilities of not surviving or is it vice versa?

Bowser, knowing that maybe the war against Xehanort is near, decides to recruit Ganondorf in order to have him aid the king. However, Ganondorf refuses calling him a worthless king. As the two battle, the king's enemy summons an old twisted image of an old enemy: Dark Link. Bowser, however, is helped in the nick of time by his protege, Riku...

In the Animated World, Yosemite Sam and Scar hire the Toon Patrol to help them in defeating Ratcliffe and his resistance party. At the same time, two allies of the opposite party set out to free Mcleach and Amos Slade from prison, however they must be dealing with the Toon Patrol first, led by Scar.

Hades decides to recruit more allies for his alliance with his beloved Maleficent.

Ratcliffe decides to recruit former friends of a fallen hunter from last war as they join forces with the governor to avenge Frollo and Gaston.

Frieza recruits a escapee from Earth after he got fired by his father.

Prince John receives a visit from a surviving scientist and recruits him to attack Ratcliffe and end his plans forever. Same thing goes for Pete, who is visited by Lelouch vi Britannia and Princess Azula, whose want to help him and his current allies against Ratcliffe.

Meanwhile, Jafar teaches Scar black magic.

The malevolent Pitch Black and his creature, the Sandman, join forces with Mrs. Tweedy against the Organization XIII.

And Tails Doll begins his twisted plans...

Part Thirteen

Madame Mim decides to recruit more allies in order to intervene if the Akatsuki ever try to leave them or join forces with Maleficent and Hades, much to the happiness of Aku.

Meanwhile, Fire Lord Ozai recruits more allies to his faction: the malevolent Darkheart and the Wizard of Wonderland, ruler of Wonderland since its queen's death last war. However, Magica de Spell doubts them, thinking that they are spies of Clavious and King Dedede.

Dr. Pretorious adds new replacement after his allies were all killed by Cobra Commander, Xanatos and their allies. The replacements are none other than Mother Brain and Psycrow.

Clavious hires No Heart, Beastly and Shreeky to free Caliph Kapok from the Fire Nation's clutches. The trio arrive in the main chambers of the royal palace, however, they are confronted by its guardians: Dark Heart and the Wizard of Wonderland. In this battle, there is going to be a twist that might change the Fire Nation's fate...

Mr. Swackhammer hires the Blue Meanies to get rid of the Weasels, whose are scouting the territory in order to arrest as many enemies as possible. The Weasels may have weapons to help them, but do they seriously think they could stand some chances against this weirdos, who prepared better than them?

Cat R Waul hires the Hawks in order to find the Beagle Boys since he heard of them going to Paris after escaping jail. As the team comes across them, they challenge the Beagle Boys to basketball in order to test if they are actually useful to Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam. As the match begins, the boys are ready to play dirty to gain Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam's respect...

Mrs. Tweedy hires Syndrome and Vector to aid her campaign against the Organization XIII's campaign and sends Vector to take out one of the Organization XIII's allies. He comes across "Xemnas", who reveals to be Young Xehanort in disguise. But can the nerd hope to defeat this Nobody?

Just as Sark arrives in the Live Action world, the MCP gives him an important task which is taking out the forces of Xehanort quickly before Xehanort can even try to travel to another dimension. Sark accomplishes. The war in the CGI world is going to arrive...

Meanwhile, Scar and a surviving weasel inform Pete and Yosemite Sam that not only the Hawks have found the Dazzlings and the Beagle Boys, but some of the Weasels have been captured by the Blue Meanies. Fortunately, Scar has a plan that might solve their problem.

Meanwhile, Mr. Swackhammer is happy of the success of the Meanies and at the same time Ratcliffe introduces to them a new recruit, Iscariot's leader, Enrico Maxwell. In fact, the reason why he joined forces with Ratcliffe is because of "Pete and Yosemite Sam's impure murder of Frollo" and believed that Frollo was a hero more than a malevolent judge. Ratcliffe and Swackhammer accepts his services.

From orders of Madam Mim, Myotismon goes to take out Babidi before he can cause trouble to Madame Mim and her allies since his alliance with Hades and Maleficent. However, he will soon find a terrible surprise awaiting him from two lackeys of Babidi...

Having found an amount of treasure for Mal, Captain Hook (ND) is soon attacked by some members of his pirate faction led by the pirate Silver, who want the treasure for themselves. Who will win the treasure?

While scouting the territory in hopes of getting rid of some allies related to Pete and Yosemite Sam, the Blue Meanies are easily cornered by Cat R Waul, who has been sent by Scar to take out the weirdos before they can cause further damage. However, can they defeat the criminal mastermind?

Having heard of Dark Heart and the Wizard of Wonderland, Fire Lord Ozai sends Abis Mal to steal Jafar's lamp in order to show his allies that they shouldn't try to abandon his faction. The bumbling thief and his thieves may be easily defeated by the lamp's guardian, Alameda Slim, but somebody decided to get started in the war by helping out Abis Mal for unknown reasons...

Craving for the control of Ratcliffe's alliance for himself, an ally named Count Grisham hires this new escapee from the Live Action to take out Germany's ruler, Yosemite Sam. If one of them loses, the count wins...

Scar, realizing of the situation after Jafar's lamp went missing, encourages his friends to "be prepared" for a new era once Ratcliffe's gonna die...

After Abis Mal retreived the lamp for him, Ozai thinks it's about time that this genie will work under a new alliance. His first wish? Calling himself Phoenix Fire Lord Ozai, much to the horror of Princess Azula and the surprise of the newly recruited Jafar...

Ratcliffe and Swackhammer, since the defeat of the Blue Meanies, don't know what to do and plan on sending Enrico Maxwell after Dick Dastardly and Muttley, who are watching over Necron 99, Dr. Applecheek and Edgar's prison cell. The two may be in danger against the woman, however Jafar's son decides to help them out...

Both Live Action criminals hire new allies in order to get the best of each other...

The Arclight Family isn't interested of the war and plan on conquering everything once the war is almost over, however they are soon attacked by an ally of Charles zi Britannia, Anya, who was sent by him to take them out before they can be dangerous to the emperor and Fire Lord Ozai's plans. Dealing with the family's big boss, Vetrix, she will be helped by a comrade of her own...

Hatching a scheme to take out Prince Hydron, Nappa and Vegeta are soon confronted by a returning Cooler, who wants to get his revenge on Xene for taking him out last war thanks to John Silver's help. Nappa offers volunteer to take him out, however, he will soon find out that he's not alone.

The battle between the criminals has begun from orders of their respective teams. A fabled duo may be in trouble, but a serial killer decides to help them out with their problem...

An old enemy of Cruella de Vil is challenged by a undead killer known as Jason Voorhees, who deems him to be worthless. However, a third party decides to go and begin his plans for the rest of the war.

Jasper is searching for possible allies of Frieza and Xene to take out. Much to her comrade Peridot's surprise and fear, they are cornered by the Ginyu Force, sent by Frieza to take out every ally of Prince Hydron and the Skeleton King.

Count Grisham informs Ratcliffe that Sedusa has been defeated by Pete and his forces. The governor decides to go and free his companions from their actual imprisonment. Enrico Maxwell wants to collaborate too as he brings his two allies to aid Ratcliffe.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pretorious and his allies have no other choice but to activate their secret project: Robot Santa Claus so he could be useful to have him take out Cobra Commander and Xanatos' allies.

And an ally of Mrs. Tweedy recruits a last player to aid his master's plans...

Mr. Swackhammer secretly calls an old friend of his named Mr. Snerz to whom he strikes a deal: he must take out Yosemite Sam for one chickeraffe The weird monster sends the Goat after Yosemite Sam. Will the ruler of Germany take care of the hitman himself or is he going to be helped by some of his allies?

Having understood that maybe he should take down King Dedede first and later defeat Clavious, the newly proclaimed Phoenix Fire Lord Ozai sends Fritz to get rid of one of the enemy forces starting with an ally of King Dedede. His victim may not be easy to take down because this ally is an old friend of Dedede himself: Black Lady!

Part Fourteen

A newcomer in war joins Pete, Yosemite Sam, Scar, Shan-yu and Prince John's alliance by doing an awesome musical number...

Mcleach comes back from the hospital and recruits a new ally for Ratcliffe. As soon as they plan to take down the main threat (Scar), Meowrice and his Business Associates attack. Will the duo prevail or is the criminal having unexpected help from a newcomer?

Bowser proceeds with his plan as he suddenly attacks Tails Doll in hopes to either capture him or kill him so that Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam can be kept save. Sonic Boom Eggman, on the other hand, decides to help him out. The doctor has a trick under his sleeve...

Queen Narissa's lackey, Nathaniel, seeks to prove himself to be capable of dealing with King Dedede's threat and decides to set free a troll he captured a long time ago. On the other hand, Ozai sends Jafar to take down more allies of King Dedede and Clavious. As the duo encounter the genie, who will win? Are two heads really better than one in this fight?

Clown vs Clown! Binky the Clown is sponsoring his show until he's interrupted by Dat Clown So, who wins is just one of them.

Emperor Sharga asks an old friend of his, the Evil Manta, to help him take down Marina del Ray and her alliance. The sea animal encounters Shark as a fight erupts...

From orders of Ratcliffe, Bubu challenges Scar for the control of the hyena army. As the two lions fight, Pete and the hyenas gather, waiting that Scar's enemy loses...

Hades and Maleficent plan a final blow against Madame Mim as they are interrupted by Valina, who was sent by Madame Mim to take down Maleficent. However, she easily defeats Yamu and Spopovich. Valina must deal with Pui Pui and the Duke before getting near either Maleficent or Hades.

Main members of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance explain their story of how they did fall to the dark side before meeting each other.

Hades and Maleficent plan their final attack to Madam Mim once and for all.

Having stolen Jafar's lamp under Ozai's nose, Princess Azula constructs her team by asking the genie to join her so that after the Phoenix Fire Lord will die, she and Jafar can join Pete, Scar and Sam again. The genie accepts.

Frieza and Xene are thinking about if the Ginyu Force could survive against Prince Hydron's allies. However, they are informed by Zod Duck that they must act quickly.

After Bubu's death, Scar thanks Pete and Yosemite Sam for everything however they are interrupted by Dr. Doofenshmirtz, who has recruited a new ally to the alliance. This ally's name? Daffy Duck.

While Xene and Frieza are planning on taking out Prince Hydron before it's too late, Turles and Vegeta have a moment alone as the space pirate explains that he wants to join Earth's most powerful alliance of all. The two join forces to make sure that they are secured from being killed in the final battle.

Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam, Shan-yu, the Brain and Lelouch are shocked to find out that Vegeta is from Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses has gathered his alliance as they inform the rest of their faction about it. The former Prince of Britannia comes up with an interesting idea as Dr. Eggman's newly proclaimed assistant Doofenshmirtz comes up with an idea that might save the faction.

Part Fifteen

While Jasper is occupied dealing with the Ginyu Force, Prince Hydron, accompanied by Gantu, recruits new allies named Korso, Preed, Nos4a2 and Gravitina to help him in his revenge on Xene and Frieza.

Meanwhile, Mcleach arrives in Ratcliffe's hideout, willing to help Ratcliffe in taking out Scar. On the other hand, Mr. Swackhammer, (along with other members of Ratcliffe's alliance such as: Mr. Snerz, the Goat and his newly proclaimed henchman Carface) hatches a scheme to betray Ratcliffe, annoyed of his constant failures. For this, they hired two double agents to Ratcliffe: the Penguin and the Creeper.

Madam Mim, accompanied by Valtor (acting as her body guard), proposes an alliance with the Horned King so that they can try to take matters in their own hands to take down Maleficent and Hades. The king accepts

Mr. Swackhammer sends his henchman Carface to take down Azula, thinking that without her, Scar and the others could be weakened. Carface may think that the princess is easy-pickings, however he underestimated two things of her: her genie Jafar and her pyrokinesis...

Sent by Dr. Pretorious to destroy the Cobra Headquarters, Robo-Santa Claus is searching for the commander himself so to kill him. The robot encounters the Baroness, who has been sent by Cobra Commander to destroy whoever she finds in her way. Can she defeat the robot?

Set in round 14 part 1. Vicious found Scar and decides to hunt him down. Little he does know is that the king has a friend in high places.

Set in round 14 part 2: Cassius decides to avenge Bubu as he attacks Kaa, who was sent by Shan-yu to take down every member of Ratcliffe's alliance he finds. However he can't hypnotize him because Cassius is too fast for him, so what will he do?

Shan-yu tells his story of pain and sorrow as he remembers Frollo and Ruber's destruction of a large part of the Mongolian people as he and other survivors later joined. Anyway the Kralahome, who was Shan-yu's family friend, decides to defend the newly orphan Shan-yu by summoning a dinosaur thanks to his magic. Shan-yu, then, finishes this horrible tale with the defeat of the Mongolian population

From orders of their respective employers, these characters battle each other for the control of the CGI dimension and finish this war once and for all...

The Horned King and Hidan, from orders of Madam Mim, corner Pui Pui and Evil Lyn in order to weaken Hades and Maleficent's alliance. Will Madam Mim's allies defeat them or are Babidi and Skeletor's lackeys prepared to defeat them?

Ratcliffe forms a team of his own being afraid that Mr. Swackhammer is trying to kill him. As he reveals his plan to use Kent Mansley to understand justice. However, one of the allies feels suspicious about Ratcliffe's plan. At the same time Mr. Swackhammer plans to overthrow Ratcliffe, however somebody hears him plot a devious scheme.

Witnessing Pui Pui and Evil Lyn's death, Babidi summons a new minion to take down Madame Mim and the Horned King's allies.

With Guldo out of the way, Jasper and Lord Scrapperton now have to deal with the other members of the Ginyu Force as they take on Recoome, who survived the explosion. Will they survive against this bulldozer?

Princess Azula, through an elaborate music number, reveals to have assembled a powerful team (composed of Nefir, Chase Young, Jafar, Mozenrath, Lelouch and Queen La) and reveals to her father that she stole the lamp and not some ordinary thief as he thought in the first place.

Prince Hydron wishes to see how strong is the Skeleton King so he sends him to take out a minion of Frieza. His target? The ugly Dodoria.

Ozai tries to escape Azula, but she chases him. Anyways Abis Mal decides to attack immediately Lelouch's forces attempting to have the victory. But who truly is the winning faction with Magica chasing Jafar?

Father and Daughter fight for the throne of the Fire Nation, followed by two respective allies of theirs intentioned to help their leaders. However a shocking thing may lead the Fire princess to burst in an incredible anger...

Sent by Babidi to take out Hidan and the Horned King after they took out Evil Lyn and Pui Pui, Yakon prepares himself to claw and devour Hidan, who is preparing a sort of spell to revive someone. However, Madame Mim's loyal adviser decides to save him.

Part Sixteen

Scar feels worried and anxious for Azula, but as Pete, Sam, Cat R Waul and Brain try to calm him down, Brain explodes of anger as Scar reveals some things that shocks all of them before leaving to save Azula. Pete comprehends what happened to Scar as he explains an important detail about him. As Brain suggests to wait for him until he comes back to take care of Swackhammer.

While Azula and Ozai are killing each other, Nefir, from permission of Pete and Sam, has gathered Ratigan and two new recruits, Helga Sinclair and Commander Rourke to take out Admiral Zhao, who was returning to the Fire Nation after taking out the North Tribe. As he gets under attack, he tries his best to deal with his enemies.

From orders of Swackhammer, the Penguin and the Creeper go to attack Scar so that the Fire Nation is left alone, but instead of meeting the lion, they are encountered by Cat R Waul, Fat Cat and Sylvester, who prepared a trap for "them"... or should I say, for the Penguin. During the battle, the Creeper finally reveals his true identity...

Now with a deep hatred on Azula for killing his master (Magica de Spell), Smaug decides to kill all the members of Azula's team. However, Queen La decides to fight the powerful dragon to avenge the death of her husband, Jafar.

Bowser hires Captain Gutt to take down some allies of Master Xehanort. Their target are none other than some dinosaurs recently revived by Master Xehanort to serve his cause. Dinosaurs may be dangerous, but the pirate crew isn't to be underestimated as well...

Kingpin and his faction have decided that it's time to take down once and for all Count Olaf and Patrick Bateman's faction once and for all before they can recruit more allies to kill them. Much to their misfortune, the enemy has recruited the corrupted cop Norman Stansfield to aid them. However, he's not planning to aid him all along, just like Penguin is...

There's no holding back after what Jasper and Lord Scrapperton did to Guldo and Recoome, so Burter and Jeice decide to attack them quickly. For sure one team is going to win. And these two are ready to take them on.

Moments before the battle against Ozai, Scar talked to a depressed Azula as she tells him her sad story that her father treated her like a mindless soldier and that he didn't care for her not even when she was sad. Scar, shocked decides to help her by telling her that nobody is perfect and even he went through it too. As she starts calling him father as Pinky and the Brain cry

Moments later Azula met with two friends of hers. However she gets a shocking surprise from Scar who came here to bring her two new allies for battle as he tells her whatever she is in danger, he'll come for her because for him, she is his new daughter

The Final Showdown has arrived as Scar traps Ozai before he can escape from Azula as the King decides to finish the fire lord once and for all as half of his alliance with Pete and Sam watch the intense fight. As Scar attempts to sacrifice his life for his dear Azula, there is a shocking turn of the events...

Azula, after Scar defeated her father, decides to arrest her father so that he won't be a problem, but Scar instead decides to do something that to the Brain, Joker and Midnight Sparkle: put him out of his misery.

Happy about Gutt succeeded in his task, Bowser has a sudden visit from Zurg, who reveals to have recruited a new ally in their ranks to deal with Xehanort once and for all.

Kingpin's problems aren't over as Norman Stansfield brings forth two friends of his to aid the Kingpin of Crime in his plans. One of them is a newcomer and the other one is an old player.

At the same time, Jim Moriarty plans to kill Kingpin.

Scar comes back at Notre Dame where he feels sorry of how he acted. Pete and Sam however forgive him as the king of France tells him his backstory.

Hades meets with his secret ally as Facilier tells him of the events of the war in the living realm. Eventually they are met by the soul of an old ally as he requests his freedom. The Duke of Vaults asks Hades to do so as he resurrects him in exchange of his help against Madam Mim and the Horned King.

King Dedede is surprised about Ozai's defeat and doesn't know what to do.

Part Seventeen

Ursula, moved by ambition, prepares to take over Atlantica with her remaining allies.

Jim Moriarty forges an alliance with an old competitor of the war by having his aid against Kingpin. This player accepts him in his company.

Swackhammer rallies his only allies left as they reveal to have recruited thought to be dead by Jafar. However this insane ringmaster revives another fallen villain to aid them.

Meanwhile, Scar gathers his own council to welcome in his saviours, Amon and the Huntsman, and to give them a seat as they discuss about Swackhammer's threat. But Cat R Waul tells them that he hired an assassin to kill Mr. Snerz as he succeeds in doing so. However the faction quickly compliments him for the job as now they have a threat out of the way.

And a new player decides to join forces with Atlantica's Queen as the adviser reveals to have known him for a long time.

Finally the forces of Marina and Ursula clash into a deadly fight that will give them control over Atlantica once this is over. More unexpected help will arrive for Marina's side.

Necrolai finally succeeds into reviving her old master to help her faction against the Orgs.

Meanwhile, an ally of King Dedede recruits a newcomer to help his secret employer.

Mr. Swackhammer and his faction march where is the Palace of Justice, but they are quickly halted by Vlad Plasmius, Mr. Winky and Jack Spicer, who chase them away and plan to join Pete, Scar and the others.

Dr. Pretorious, with his faction crumbled, forges an alliance with Abraham Kane to take out Xanatos and Cobra Commander once and for all. At the same time, the CEO of Kane Co. introduces his allies including a villain from the live action to him, leaving him surprised as he accepts to work for him.

The war has arrived with Shere Khan sent to take out a great ally of Necrolai's faction, the Jabberwocky. Only one of them has the ultimate victory...

Harry has been sent by Necrolai to take down the only guardian left since the Jabberwocky's victory, the demented teacher Dolores Umbridge. Will she survive when monsters secretly summoned by Necrolai's master appear? And what will Hook's son do when a faction leader decides to take him out?

King Dedede, fearing for a possible attack from Azula, recruits new allies: some of them are old participants, but another one is a newcomer.

Finally, Pete, Sam, Scar and the other faction leaders finally make their move as they divide the faction in two halves: the first one will aid them in the final battle, the other one will watch over the territories. As Azula attempts to come with Scar, he forbids her to come because she could risk her life. While Shan Yu orders Lelouch to watch over the territories, much to his pleasure.

Azula, still disappointed about not going to help Scar, is calmed down by Mozenrath, who tells her to act when the time comes. Mozenrath bids her good luck as Chase Young watches on.

Vegeta and Turles finally put their master plan into motion.

While advancing towards the borders of England, Pete, Yosemite Sam, Shan-Yu, Scar and Prince John's faction plot for an attack until Midnight Sparkle decides to merge once again with someone. But this time it isn't Pete and this leaves all of the faction surprised, but interested into that process...

From orders of Necrolai, Evanora is sent to take out one of Master Org's guardians and as well as member of the Death Eaters known as Lucius Malfoy. Will Evanora accomplish her goal or is Lucius more capable than Necrolai expected?

The Pack attack the base of Kane Co., only for them to discover that it is guarded by none other than Kingpin and his team, the Insidious Six.

After forming an alliance with the only remaining member of the Org. XIII, Xehanort sends Vortech to recruit a new member for their faction. He then tries to hire Master Cyclonis for Xehanort and the Organization's cause, only for her to reveal a surprising detail: she is friends with Bowser!

The final battle has arrived as Necrolai and Master Org's forces finally battle to put an end to the long awaited war. However the winning side's prize is the complete domination over the world. At the same time an old face and two newcomers arrive to aid the victorious side...

Sensing that Voldemort is gone, Severus decides to go and investigate about his master's fate, only for him to be ambushed by Witch Waral's associate, the infamous Wizard Wizened, who has been ordered to aid Necrolai's faction by taking down one of the Death Eaters, which it is Severus indeed. But what will he do: fight or flee?

Cooler has decided to invade and conquer a planet belonging to Frieza and Zurg. However, Ginyu, who has been watching over this zone, soon battles Cooler. However Kakaroth arrives to conquer the planet too as a fight erupts until Nos4a2 joins and betrays the Skeleton King by siding with Ginyu. Then other two enemies and Lync arrive in the planet. Who will win this battle for Planet Frieza 419? And the Skeleton King recruits new allies for his battle in Planet Z

From orders of Azula, the Dazzlings must take down that the Arabian Bros pose, however Adagio has a plan by singing so to... seduce them to do their bidding. Will she succeed with her plan?

Zuko, who somehow escaped the Underworld, has reunited with his uncle Iroh and has gathered new allies who wish to redeem themselves. But not three in particular.

The Skeleton King has been reunited with his master, who orders him to stop so they can put an end to the war in galaxy and conquer all planets, but the king makes clear that he's not willing to give up as Warmonga watches what his boss is doing.

And Aku sends Pain in a mission (unaware that he's actually sending him in a suicide mission.)

Part Eighteen

Turles and Vegeta finally put their plan into motion. Their plan: to betray Frieza and Xene's faction and afterwards retreat to a safe planet to not perish during the battle that will soon come.

From orders of Zuko to find allies, the Grinch meets with the Red Guy, who seems to be willing to aid Zuko in his redemption plans. However they are unaware that someone who isn't interested in the war at the moment is actually watching them.

After Jafar trained Scar in black magic following the events of round 9, the hyenas and Elmer Fudd informed Scar and Jafar of Princess Azula and Lelouch's arrival, shocking the sorcerer but leaving Scar surprised since he never knew princesses exist as humans too. As they arrive 2 minutes earlier, Lelouch and Azula are welcomed by everyone in the faction. However Lelouch takes a liking to Shan-Yu, while Azula develops a friendship with Scar. Some weeks later, Lelouch opens up to Shan-Yu and tells him his tragic backstory and the hun does the same, taking him in as his own son. On the other hand, Azula suffered from the trauma of her father and opens up to Scar, who tells his story to her and adopts her. However two threats from another dimension are ready to invade them.

Before his atrocious battle with Ozai, Scar decided to train Azula so to have her be able to predict her father's moves and logic and as well to act quick. While this happens, Duncan wishes to be trained as well and Scar selects an opponent for him, Shego.

After some time, specifically after Fire Lord Ozai's death, Scar decides it's time to leave the place where the final battle occurred. However Azula is mad with Scar because her father could have killed him. However Scar reveals that he's willing to sacrifice his life more than seeing Azula or Nuka perish in front of him. As the faction leaves the burning place, in the another dimension, Turles gathers his allies to invade the Villains Battles multiverse.

Following Kingpin's orders, Doctor Horrible sets out to murder Jim Moriarty. Unfortunately for him, Robo-Gadget has been sent by Claw to kill him. Will the nefarious doctor survive? And what is Claw doing?

John Silver is trying to persuade Korso into leaving the Skeleton King's faction and joining his current leader's faction. As Korso attacks him, Gantu finally reveals his betrayal by attacking Korso. As Preed also joins in, which tag team will come out on top?

Vegeta and Turles put their plan in action as they finally betray Frieza and Xene by attacking the ruler of Vestroia's captain of guards, Mylene. The prince of all Saiyans battles her in his new form, while a third party takes on Turles. Will the two Saiyan survivors escape or will either Mylene or Mandarin be a match for them?

Scar informs Azula that while he's absent, she must keep an eye on the base. Azula, however makes it clear that she won't let him battle them. Scar then tells his daughter that even if he dies at the hands of Swackhammer, she mustn't worry for him as he tells her that he learned a lot from her experience. Two of Scar's allies witness this, in pain if something ever happens to Scar.

Frieza has discovered of Vegeta and Turles's betrayal and is mad. Xene, shocked, thinks that there isn't time to find allies since the battle is at door. However, John Silver found a galactic warlord who decided to help them since his empire has been in conflict with the Skeleton King's. They accept him in.

An old enemy survived and has remodeled another survivor to serve his master.

Zuko and his forces arrived to Dreamland, where they plan to stop its egoistical ruler from causing any harm to the Fire Nation. However they are unaware that one of Dedede's allies is ready to ambush them.

King Dedede decides it's time to prepare for war as he dispatched Vetrix and Black Lady in taking out Yosemite Sam. However Zuko's team quickly decides to battle him before he can do more damage. Soon however a surprise will be coming for Zuko in the form of his sister, Azula.

While Doctor Horrible is dealing with Dr. Claw, Dr. Frank n Furter decides to capture Jim Moriarty, however he will soon learn what means going against the world's greatest criminal mind as he decides to do away with one of Queen Elizabeth's most trusted lieutenant: Colonel William Tavington, who arrived to arrest both criminals. Will he survive?

Bowser and his allies decide it's time to take down Xehanort. However the keyblade wielder is always one step ahead as he defeats two allies with ease. Will Bowser defeat him or is it his endgame? And what does Mother Gothel want from Bowser? Why did she help him?

Carface and the Goat decide it's time to free someone from his cell as they corner Nuka, who is guarding that cell, alongside the Beagle Boys. Will Nuka and the Beagle Boys be able to defeat these two enemies or are they to be trained harder?

The Final Battle in space has arrived as these allies duel it out while their leaders will duke it out soon...

Having discovered the Pack has been defeated, Cobra is mad and is afraid they will all fall because of Pretorious, who has been growing strong thanks to his alliance with Abraham Kane. However Xanatos reveals to have recruited a new ally that may bring them the upper hand.

Meanwhile, two new villains were arguing about the events of the war and discuss their differences, however when Dabura appears to recruit them in Hades, Maleficent and his master's cause they accept (Mirage mostly since she fears the Demon Gods from the Demon Realm).

From orders of Dr. Pretorious, the Dark Hand decide to take down Gideon so to defeat Xanatos and Cobra Commander. Gideon easily defeats the Dark Hand, however he has a change of heart when Valmont reveals his plot to him.

Having survived his defeat, Myotismon decides to go and take his revenge on Yamu and Spopovich (unaware they were killed by Babidi), however he is attacked by Lord Tirek, who has been sent by Maleficent and Hades to kill whoever is allied with Madame Mim's faction. Soon, Tirek will soon have to face two of his partners who want him out of competition... while Myotismon will suffer the demon king's wrath.

The Skeleton King and Prince Hydron arrive at the main chamber of the base of Planet Z, however they are almost arrested by Darrel Boxman until the Skeleton King cuts his arm off, leaving him to retreat. However they are ambushed by Frieza and Xene, who knew of their arrival. In this battle Frieza does have a trick upon his sleeve against the robot king, especially for the return of a old friend of his and Xene's.

A new alliance led by Julius Caesar seeks to spy the events of the war so that time they will be prepared.

Deciding that it's time to end this war, Xanatos and Cobra Commander head out to defeat Pretorious by taking down his forces. Them Xanatos ambushes Abraham Kane, however he decides not to kill the CEO of Kane Co.

While Xanatos takes care of Kane, Cobra Commander decides to kill Pretorious himself. As the villainous scientist prepares to kill him, Cobra reveals to be more than prepared to defeat his foe.

Meanwhile, Mojo Jojo, the Shredder and Killer Croc guard the borders (unaware that Cobra Commander and Xanatos were able to deactivate Abraham Kane and Dr. Pretorious' security system) and are attacked by Suzaku Kururugi, Dr. Wily and his robots. However in this battle, someone of Cobra Commander's faction steps in to aid Suzaku when things prove to be hasty for Wily...

Kingpin discovers of an intruder in his base and sets out to confront such person. However the intruder is none other than the gorgeous Holli Would, who decides to put on a show for him... and he's gonna enjoy this!

With the Akatsuki gone now that the surviving members left the faction, Mim won a bet she and Aku made as the chaotic entity summons one last ally to help them. The ally is none other than Ember McLain, who fascinates Valtor over the demon's powers.

Pete and Yosemite Sam, taking a little break with their forces offscreen, are contacted by the Goat, who asks forgiveness to Sam after what he did to the gunslinger. After thinking of it, Sam and Pete accept, seeing that the Goat and Ratcliffe share the same motives why they betrayed Mr. Swackhammer.

Rameses may have failed once, however he won't fail again as he readies himself with his men to stop Azula.

Part Nineteen

To score the settle with Madame Mim's faction, Maleficent resurrects a fallen army to help them much to the joy of Hades and the surprise of Jafar. As Hades and Maleficent gather their allies, they prepare for war. The battle in Mount Olympus will start soon.

Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam alongside the other half of their faction prepare to battle Mr. Swackhammer, who is coming in their way however.

Ratigan has recruited a new ally to help his leaders in the battle, but also because he wants to be the sixth leader of the faction.

Vegeta and Turles, alongside the Crusher Corps, have arrived on Planet Earth and massacred innocent civilians who were on Mr. Swackhammer's side. As they plan to help Scar, Pete, Sam, Shan-Yu and Prince John in their battle against the alien, Turles locates the position of the fight by revealing a strong power level which is Scar's. The Saiyans and their men prepare their alliance as they split up in two to attack those who are trying to get through and those who will meet our heroes on the battlefield. All of this is seen by a shocked, then relieved Lelouch and by an amused Mandark.

The two alliances are ready to battle each other. The first one is ready to put an end to Aku and Mim's plans, while the second one plans to stop the revival of Majin Buu. Unfortunately, Maleficent makes her move to bring back the majin...

It's finally time! Our beloved heroes are ready to defend the world from Mr. Swackhammer and his allies. In this fight two "new" players decide to aid Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam, Shan-Yu and Prince John, while an old prisoner who was able to escape all by himself decides to take his little revenge on Scar, only for Daffy, the Huntsman and later Cat R Waul, Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith to hold him off and keep him at bay while a monarch prepares himself to kill Scar.

Seeking to gain a spot as the sixth faction leader alongside Scar, Ratigan sets out to conquer King Salazar's kingdom because he heard of not only the Wishing Star, but also of his plans to take out Pete and Yosemite Sam. The Mad Doctor then decides to make his wish.

Seeking to defeat Azula, Rameses decides to attack some members of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam's faction to weaken it. However little he knows is that not only this faction has knives and claws, but also magic. And when the Turles Crusher Corps decide to aid them against the pharaoh, things may get worse for him.

Seeking to ambush Maleficent and Hades by attacking their allies, the Horned King sends the Cauldron Born to do such deed. However, Rothbart and Rasputin arrived to keep him at bay as the "no more mr nice guy" sorcerer easily takes down the Cauldron Born. As the Horned King tries to escape them, the three of them will be shocked of what's happening: Majin Buu is soon going to be resurrected!

While keeping an eye to the Underworld for the Duke of Vaults, Discord is suddenly attacked by a new player: the malevolent Ludo, who wants to conquer the Underworld to make a name for himself. However this may not be easy as Ludo thought.

Having secretly left Mr. Swackhammer's faction to avoid certain death, Dr. Greed, alongside his men are attacked by a clone of Midnight Sparkle created by Midnight Sparkle herself before merging with Scar. As Dr. Greed easily destroys it, he will soon discover that it was a trap set by some members of Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam's faction... and this is gonna break his sanity until the last drop.

Ratigan celebrates the fact that he has taken over a kingdom and also that he saved the day from King Salazar with the Mad Doctor posing as his royal scientist. However a new player interrupts the celebrations by wanting to join Pete and Yosemite Sam, only to be rejected due to the fact that he subjected animals to endless experiments. Count Nefarious goes out of their way, smiling as he knew that Ratigan would have refused.

Hades and Maleficent's wish for revival has come true! Majin Buu has been revived as reactions are mixed between both sides.

King Dedede has cornered Scar and tries to kill him to make Azula suffer. Unfortunately for Scar, he isn't alone as Narissa decides to help Dedede in this battle. The two Saiyans have reached the battlefield and decide to aid Scar. While father and daughter decide to duel Narissa in a new dragon form, Turles and Vegeta take on the sovereign of Dreamland. Dedede and Narissa will soon have a change of heart once Azula tells them something very important, thus making Scar very proud of his surrogate daughter.

Now reborn, Majin Buu decides to help Hades and Maleficent in taking down the enemies. The pink demon then proceeds to battle the Horned King, while Hades and Maleficent corner Aku and Mim in a deadly battle that will decide who will be taking over Mount Olympus. Things may go awry for the necromancer once Piccolo decides to help his colleagues out, and may be worse when Majin Buu reveals to have the power to turn everything into candy.

Jafar, after completing his job in helping Hades and Maleficent, decides to join with Scar again. However, he mistakes Turles and Vegeta as enemies and starts attacking them as Scar quickly intervenes to stop the battle and reunite with his mentor.

Necrolai and her allies celebrate the ultimate victory against Master Org as what once belonged to him is now theirs.

Bowser and his allies celebrate the defeat of Org XII and Xehanort as the koopa takes this opportunity to crown himself as the king of the (CGI) world.

Having survived the Trix's powerful attack, Rameses thinks on plotting against them, until King Dedede visits him and tells him that the war with Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam and the other 2 is over as now they seek peace. Rameses decides then to help them with their plans.

The Duke of Vaults takes over the Underworld as the new Lord of the Dead, with Radamanthys, Babidi, Dabura and Majin Buu serving him.

Despite his defeat against Kingpin's forces, Jim Moriarty becomes the new king of England after making the coup on Queen Victoria.

Cobra Commander and Xanatos celebrate their victory as now a new era will rise for them.

With Kingpin gone, Bane assumes the control of the faction and informs of his allies that regarding Kingpin they shouldn't worry due to him being from another universe and tells them that despite Moriarty is the new king of England, they can still celebrate their crushing victory on him and Claw.

In Mount Olympus, Maleficent and Hades rule the place again with their key advisors.

In the Forbidden Mountains, Rothbart and Rasputin have been assigned by Maleficent to take over her former castle due to the death of the Goons. The two sorcerers take advantage to celebrate with Mim defeated, Aku imprisoned in the Underworld's deepest dungeon and the Horned King gone.

In Tartarus, Eris, who was going to join her husband Duke, until a soul of a dead villain appears as Eris greets Lord Maliss.

In Paris, Pete and Yosemite Sam celebrate their ultimate victory on Swackhammer with their allies as the rulers of the world announce to them that they will be the presidents of France and Germany respectively to avoid any attempted plan to take over the throne, much to the joy of their allies, including Ratcliffe.

In China, Shan Yu takes over as the Emperor, however he's not alone as his son Lelouch and the Team Rocket join him.

Ratigan finally celebrates that he's now the sixth leader of the faction.

Scar finally returns in the Pride Lands, where he nominates Azula his heir alongside Nuka and rules the Pride Lands once again with all of his allies celebrating as some of the allies are part of a Legion led by Duncan: the Legion of Scar.

In England, the celebration continues as some of the allies help Prince John ruling the kingdom.

With their trio back, Xene, Zurg and Frieza assert authority over the galaxy.

And Vegeta, Turles, Honest John and Gideon join not only the Legion of Scar, but also ask the king if he still accepts them. Scar gladly lets them in with great joy.

Zuko proclaims himself Fire Lord, much to the joy of his allies as well as his sister Azula, who is happy about her brother as she does no longer hate him. Her sister's father, Scar, too compliments him and Zuko announces that the Pride Lands are no longer a hunting place and that all the nation will be protecting Scar's kingdom to avoid hunters to come.

In Tartarus, Mirage and Chaos decide to join Eris and help her, much to the joy of the newly revived Maliss.

Skeletor may not be as dead as Maleficent thinks...

After their defeat, Carface and Mr. Swackhammer are found by Charles zi Britannia, who recruits him for his alliance to avenge the fallen Fire Lord Ozai

Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam and Pete are informed about the Pink Elephants prank on Dr. Greed and want to know if they are dangerous, but the Dazzlings and the Trix reveal that the Elephants aren't dangerous unless you order them to do something. Then Yosemite Sam asks whose idea was this as Midnight Sparkle tells her that this was Duncan's idea as Pete and Yosemite Sam gloat.

In his tower, Kingpin regains his title of Kingpin of Crime with Holli as his girlfriend.

In his hideout, Mojo Jojo announces to the Shredder and Killer Croc that their revenge on Xanatos will be near.

In a Hell like dimension, Professor Screweyes' soul is forced into torture by Trigon, who thinks his return is near.

In Atlantica, Marina becomes the new queen.

With the war now over, Julius Caesar orders a spy of his, who has recently informed him of Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam, Shan-Yu and Prince John's victory over Swackhammer, to go and check on our heroes to see if there will be new enemies that plan to conquer all the nations that our heroes rule. Unaware to him, one of his allies is watching him as well as a new player allied with a mysterious benefactor.

Events of the Second War in the 2nd Dimension

Beginnings and Conflicts

In this parallel universe, Shego and Dr. Doofenshmirtz had enough to help Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam. So, with the help of some allies who wanted to betray them, the duo conquer the world, killing and arrest those who could be threats to their empire.

From orders of Shego, Buzz Buzzard tries to recruit Fire Lord Ozai and his faction to serve his leader. Ozai, seeing this as a beautiful chance to rule the world, accepts.

The Trix free from an iceberg an old acquaintance of theirs to serve Shego and Doofenshmirtz. This face accepts, however he submits the Trix to his command.

Mr. Swackhammer and Carface encounter Janja and his hyenas, whom have heard that Tublat is still alive and that he's there in France. Seeing this as a chance to honor Scar's memory, the former enemies recruit them for the resistance.

Cobra Commander and Xanatos, having survived an attack from Shego and Doofenshmirtz, decided to join Harley Quinn's team to take their revenge. However as the two are recruited, Xanatos plots something...

In the Underworld souls arrive as Hades and Facilier plot their move against Madame Mim's faction.

Shego shows Joker and Doofenshmirtz what became of Pete as they plot to use Pete to deal with the resistance team.

Jafar forms a secret alliance with a emperor to help him with his plan to backstab Shego and Doofenshmirtz

In the Demon Realm, after the second war is over, Towa alongside her allies (her husband Mira and Mirage) plot what to do in this "peaceful" time. However Mirage reminds them about three fallen villains of the war as the cat powers her up in order to revive this dangerous trio to serve them.

Towa and her allies join forces with Hades and Maleficent, who revives fallen villains to serve their cause

While plotting a plan to kill Shego and take over the world, Vegeta is suddenly attacked by an old friend of his who was betrayed and killed by him and by Scar, who were sent by the Dark Empire (where Towa leads the faction) to cause havoc and destruction. As the two are about to kill him, an acquittance of Scar decides to do something else with the prince of the Saiyans.

Having brought Bardock, Goku and Vegeta from different timelines before them, Towa and her army of the resurrected decide to defeat them and then take control of their minds. When Mickey Mouse makes his presence known, the heroes may have a chance of not being enslaved under such monsters. However, when one of the Dark Empire's members is killed by Vegeta, the villains are more determined to control the heroes...

Scar and Jafar have arrived from orders of Towa in the Buu Saga of the actual timeline as they easily kill Super Buu (Gohan). As Vegito duels them, he'll soon discover that Scar and Jafar aren't to be underestimated...

On the other hand, Turles has arrived in the past before Zelda could go and ally with Frollo as he decides to battle her. The sorceress can't surely stand up to the Crusher Corps' leader himself...

Other two allies of Towa, Shan-Yu and Feral Mickey, have decided to aid Turles by taking out Rothbart of the same timeline. The duo may be strong, but can they handle a sorcerer?

Differently from his companions, Lord Slug has decided to conquer the Underworld of yet another dimension (the Disney vs DC Villains one), but first he must take care of Hades. However, when a god who was trapped in Tartarus appears in front of the lord of the dead, he may prove a distraction worth of his time...

Janja has found Duncan, who has escaped from Shego and kept in hiding, however they are quickly found by Turles, who is bringing them under the control of an old faction leader who wants to benefit the rise of Towa.

An old rival of Mechikabura and Towa, Demigra, decided to make his own faction, unfortunately one member seems to be uncooperative as Demigra hypnotizes him to do his bidding, while they all get ready for war against Towa and the Time Breakers (led by Scar)

Towa and the Dark Empire have found a powerful demon sealed away many years ago and discuss what to do until Scar and Ratigan suggest to release this demon from his imprisonment to aid them in their war against Demigra and Jafar offers himself volunteer by releasing it. Enter an elder titan: The Lich!

Demigra gathers more allies of different timelines so to have more allies to kill Towa and her allies.

Mira and Towa's son, Fu, has summoned various villains from other timelines to aid them in their schemes much to the surprise of Lord Slug. As the faction soon gathers, Towa decides to power up Turles by having him wield a power beyond compare, leaving Hades surprised while Scar gathers his only two henchmen (Duncan and Janja). Differently from Hades, Lord Slug and Rothbart are jealous of the new power of Turles.

The Interdimensional War Continues

Wanting to avoid the conflict between Shego and Lelouch, Captain Hook hides himself in an isle in Canada known as Boney Island. However unaware to him, the isle is confined near the borders of Camp Wawanakwa, where Chris McLean resides and the businessman orders Chef to execute the trespasser. He may be a military, but this former general of the British Empire once ruled by the deceased Prince John isn't to be underestimated.

In another dimension where Zira never perished to the Coachman and where Vitani was never exiled by her father, Scar orders Zira and some of their recruits to keep an eye on the Pride Lands. By the time Scar goes away, the deadly Dan Phantom, sent by an unknown benefactor, decides to burn everything to the ground just for fun. Can these animals hope to defeat a ghost or are they underestimating their enemy?

Maleficent sends Hades (DC) to take down an old enemy of hers and of her husband before she could be a threat to their and Towa's plans. The god arrives at Madame Mim's cottage, only to be mocked by the witch, who challenges him, unaware that she's facing a god.

To start the next phase of her plan with her allies keeping an eye to the Underworld, Towa sends Time Breaker Vegeta to the CGI Realm to find new allies for the Dark Empire. However before he can start his search, Vanitas corners him as from orders of the realm's ruler, Bowser, he has been sent to keep an eye to the borders of the domain. However, the twisted version of the deceased Sora makes his move, putting his master plan to action wishing to desert Bowser. But what is he up to?

Witnessing the first events, a falcon is burned alive before he could go join whoever his former master was allied with before he died.

After possessing Vegeta, Vanitas finds Captain Hook and seeks to recruit him for his own plans. However he makes clear that he won't get orders from him as they both have one thing in common.

Julius Caesar, Pinky and the Brain have found new allies to aid them in Jafar's goal, much to their master's joy.

With Chef gone, Chris relies on the only faction that seeks to hunt Hook down.

The malicious Owlman has gathered his first members of his syndicate and prepares for war.

After slaying Hayabusa, Prince Phobos gathers his alliance and corrupts a homeschool boy captured by his forces in his absence.

Part Three

Having travelled in the GT timeline, Duncan took note of Pan as she easily defeated two criminals robbing a bank. Seeing her as a threat, he and Scar ambush her in hopes of having Towa mind control her. Unfortunately, a intervention from a friend of the girl may even the odds and cause the one to lose the another. This battle may also cause one of the villains to recruit this timeline's version of its former minions.

With Duncan captured by them, Bra and Pan interrogate him about the doings of his actions. The former royal advisor of Scar then makes a confession as when he died, he has suffered trauma from Shego and Doofenshmirtz's betrayal and is afraid of not being accepted anymore by whoever he meets. The girls, hearing the confession, cheer him up making him understand that he shouldn't have these issues. Feeling better, Duncan forges an alliance with Pan and Bra as an act of forgiveness and regret. They accept as Duncan tells them what's going on and warns they should not interfere with Towa as she has an army. All of this is watched by the boy's boss.

Gathering the hypnotized Vegeta, Maleficent uses her magic to empower further the prince by controlling his mind, ceasing Jafar's control over him.

Duncan is training alongside Pan to help both her and Pan to fend off against Towa should he be gone or dead in the future. In the midst of the training, an adult version of Cell Jr from another dimension appears, willing to shake things up. With Bra shaking in terror, while also worried for her friends and with Scar so horrified than he could ever feel, Cell Jr takes the chance to absorb someone whose strangely acquired powers could be useful for him...

In another distant part of the multiverse, an alternate version of Duncan squares with an alternate version of an evil Supreme Kai known as Zamasu as the kai heard that the malicious divinity heard of the boy's dark family powers. As Zamasu realizes he's in tangled in a battle he can't easily win, he gets the opportunity by revealing a shocking truth that will surely traumatize Duncan...

Seeking to make his presence known in the war, Prince Phobos decides to attack the Fire Nation's current ruler not only to assassinate him, but also to consolidate the nation under his control. Ozai may be more formidable than Meridian's monarch ever thought...

Dr. Gero is attacking West City and seeks to take it over to rebuild the fallen organization Red Ribbon once taken down by a mysterious villain known as Slade, but suddenly he's attacked by Shego, who has intentions to take the archipelago over as a base of operations for her and Doofenshmirtz's plans. Threatened by the presence of England's monarch, Dr. Gero sends Android 19 to assassinate her, but was this a good idea or has she underestimated the mondial tyrant?

After escaping Shego's wrath, Dr. Gero arrives in his lab where he enters an underground industry created by him to avoid suspicions from anyone. Soon he releases a very powerful android, who was modeled with the usage of the dead body of a former member of Pete, Yosemite Sam, Scar, Shan-yu and Prince John's fallen alliance. As Android 16 wakes up, two leaders of the resistance alongside some members of their squadron witness as this android looks like a dead friend of this, swearing vengeance on the doctor for what they did to their friend. Dr. Gero then starts hatching schemes alongside Android 16 unaware of the public outside.

The Resistance decides to attack Dr. Gero after seeing what he did to Duncan. Unfortunately for them though, the scientist has Android 16 defend him and take down the enemies. Will the Resistance avenge Duncan or is Android 16 too strong to handle for them, especially when Gero helps him a little?

In that distant universe where he and Zamasu fought, Duncan is traumatized over what Zamasu told him until Bra shows up and worried for him, she decided to talk to him. As Duncan reveals her what is the dark truth that traumatized him, Bra conforts him and decides to go to her place with Duncan in hopes that having him feel better thanks to her parents. Unaware to them, this is being watched by the same guy who told the boy the truth and ruined his life.

A War in the Fourth Dimension

In the Underworld, Hades was raging because he couldn't find any ideas on how to take over Mount Olympus. However the Horned King attacks him, wishing to take over the Underworld for his master. Can the Lord of the Dead keep this invader at bay?

Mercenary killer Tao Pai Pai informs his friend Duncan that an old enemy of his, Bane, took over the Criminal Empire for himself. Angered, he goes to the Explorer's Club, where Bane is and asks Duncan to join him. However as the ex convict refuses, a fight erupts with one winner standing.

Negaduck and the Fearsome Five are caught in the act of stealing a priceless diamond by the police officer ghost Walker, who tries to fend them off and have them arrested for his crimes. Will he succeed or will one of these scoundrels leave with the diamond?

The king of the Pride Lands, Scar, is caught off guard by Clayton as he is going for a walk. A fight starts as the lion prepares to literally tangle the hunter by all means, even if it means sacrificing his hyenas to hold him off...

The Joker was about to have a meeting with his allies to discuss some matters at hand. That is until he's attacked by a psychopathic killer known as Nobuyuki Sugou, who wants to kill him to gain power and a seat in the Criminal Empire. Who will come out on top? And most importantly, who are Joker's allies?

After killing Sugou, Joker decides to gather more allies than he already has (Harley Quinn and the Penguin). However he approaches two candidates that want to join him and pits them against eachother as he only needs one last member to his plans.

The many leaders part of the Criminal Empire have gathered to discuss some matters at hand, preparing to oppose whoever tries to fend them off.

Speaking of criminals, Tao Pai Pai proposes Duncan to have a seat in the Criminal Empire. Excited by his friend's proposal, the juvie accepts, wanting to become the supreme ruler of the American criminal underground but first they have to do some important business elsewhere.

After his encounter with Clayton, Scar gathers his hyenas and the snake Kaa to plan what to do against the nearby hunters.

A revolution in French is about to come as Judge Claude Frollo's general Shan Yu recruits a new player to stop the wicked judge of Paris from terrorizing France (including the gypsies).

Maleficent is discussing some matters with Hades as they sends a strange box containing the life essence of their daughter Midnight Sparkle on Earth to keep it safe, unaware that a Norse God is watching them.

Events of the Third War

Part One

In a land called Meridan, the ruler of it and its allies gathered to take out Pete and Yosemite Sam as well as Scar, Ratigan, Shan-yu and Prince John to end their reign and become the new king of the world. Soon, they meet Abis Mal, who has been searching a place to hide since the battle for the Fire Nation that resulted in Fire Lord Ozai's death last war. After discussing what to do with Abis Mal, the entire faction decide to recruit him as now they continue their preparation for the upcoming war against our heroes.

In Hell a new king rose since the death of Chernabog. In fact the Demon King started his plans to restore his brother Chernabog to his normal form since he was able to restore a fragment of him. In this project, however, he isn't alone as he is aided by a new army: the Neo Acolytes, led by Maxie Zeus.

In the Underworld, Hades and Maleficent visit the Duke of Vaults as they discuss what to do as Maleficent plans to find new worlds to conquer and as well to gain allies. As Discord, from orders of the Duke, teleports them.

Hades ends in the CGI world, happy to have found a "new world".

On the other hand, Maleficent ends in the Live Action world, where she prepares for her first move there. Unaware to her, a new face is watching her.

Now in the CGI world, Hades decides to find new allies there so to aid him. So, he tries to forge an alliance with this dimension's version of an old god fellow: the messenger Hermes. When the latter refuses to join him since he works for Zeus, Hades decides to prove that may talk too much, but he can also be dangerous...

In space, a space conqueror by the name of Horde Prime hires the Saiyan Xicor to kill some of Frieza's top men. His targets are none other than the Ginyu Force's two remaining members, Burter and Jeice. The two may corporate really well, but corporation is nothing for a Saiyan.

A dangerous gargoyle named Demona decided to take out the sorcerer Daolon Wong so to start her human genocide. Unfortunately for her, the sorcerer wants to steal her book, the Grimorum Arcanorum, for the Neo Acolytes. Will she be able to overpower Wong or is Demona trapped in a battle she can't win?

Now relaxing since last war's end, Syndrome is ambushed by the troll hunter Archibald Snatcher, who was hired by someone to take out the so called superhero. Syndrome may have powerful weapons at his disposal, but Archibald is not so dumb as the "superhero" thinks.

From orders of his secret employer, Chris McLean asks his henchman, Chef Hatchet, to assassinate the current president of France. As the crook arrives to end Pete's reign, the president prepares for battle. Will Chef assassinate him or has he underestimated a hero whose experiences led him to be wiser than his enemies?

Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith inform Yosemite Sam that a dangerous threat named the Major is flying on his zeppelin and plans to conquer Germany. As the president of Germany and his army battle the Nazis, they encounter an old face. But encountering this old face isn't the problem, but the real problem is battling against Nazis again and soon enough they will discover that this army is more deadly than last time they faced Nazis under Hitler...

Seeking to find more allies for Necrolai after their victory last war, Barbossa tries to forge an alliance with the vampire Russell Edington, but the latter refuses. The pirate proceeds to fight him, but he will soon find out that vampires have friends in high places, especially in providing weapons for them. But the question is: will he succeed in defeating Russell?

After the assassination attempt from Chef, Pete gets mad to one of his weasels because they didn't help him as the weasel explains that Chef was not seen in the main chamber or else they would have already arrested him. This discussion is soon cut short by the arrival Yosemite Sam and of his allies (offscreen). Shocked to see his friend, Pete asks him why is he here until Yosemite Sam explains that the Major, alongside a deadly army of Nazis that was way different that last time and a newly revived Jan Valentine, took over Germany, thus making Sam and his allies retreat. Shocked by this turn of events, Pete also explains to his friend about the assassination attempt on him. Both leaders decide to take down the Major and find who sent Chef after Pete as the president of France decides to try and send a message to all their friends.

After Chef's failure, Charles zi Britannia and the Knights of Despair (composed of Monokuma, Junko, Chris McLean, Chef, Carface, Monaca Towa, Mr. Swackhammer, Lucille the Babysitter Bandit and Mal) decide to plot something against another king.

In the CGI world, Dr. Cortex informs Bowser of Syndrome's end at the hands of Archibald Snatcher. Now mad, the king of the Multiverse decides to kill Snatcher. However Pitch Black and a new player named Dr. N Gin reveal to have recruited his son, Bowser Jr, who wants to help his father against these enemies. Bowser tries to forbid it for his son's safety until Riku intervenes, telling him that he will take care of his son. Bowser, happy, decides to plan something.

Back in the animated world, a Tuffle alliance is born to exterminate Saiyans, but also those who stand in their way.

And in an unknown place, a new player recruits this hooded man to help him with his plans of joining someone.

Scar was going for a walk after celebrating his victory last war against Swackhammer, however he is cornered by Kraven the hunter, who has decided to make Scar a trophy. Fortunately for our hero, help comes as the Red Guy and the Grinch attack Kraven as the former is ready to show to this hunter what happens when you break the rules.

In her tower, Mother Gothel can't find Rapunzel and wonders where she is until a hitman by the name of Adam Taurus reveals to have kidnapped her. When the manipulative woman offers something for Taurus, the man doesn't hesitate to do something to Gothel.

Bowser has sent his son to assassinate a deadly rebel by the name of Hondo Ohnaka, who wants to assassinate Bowser for his mysterious leader. Can Ohnaka hope to survive or will a third party act to help Bowser Jr?

Having heard of Barbossa's demise, Evanora goes to inform Necrolai until an old face who wants revenge on Wizard Wizened corners her. Who will win? Severus or the witch?

Scouting a new territory for himself to conquer, Lord Slug finds the kingdom of Tamaran, ruled by Blackfire. As he tries to bribe her into an alliance to backstab Frieza and the other two, Blackfire refuses as the evil Namekian decides to turn into a giant. This may have been his greatest mistake.

Having found a territory to plant the Tree of Might, Turles planted it in the borders of Meridan, however an unexpected player by the name of Omni Man has got orders to stop him as well as the Tree from stealing energy from Meridan. The saiyan may be strong once he eats the Fruit of the Tree of Might, but will this be sufficient to deal with this new face? And unfortunately Turles may have underestimated him.

With Phobos distracted in trying to murder our heroes, Nerissa revives a fallen villain from the first war, who is happy seeing her. However this villain, having made new discoveries, decides to use his murderer as a sacrifice to bring him back to normal and meets Shendu. Preparing his first stage, this rock star ghost starts forming his alliance.

In Hell, Medusa reveals to have found a new ally for the Demon King. This new ally is none other than Evil Lyn, who was in Hell since her death against the Horned King. The king of Hell then grants her new powers as Lyn joins the Neo Acolytes. However she isn't the only one as the hypnotized Demona joins too, followed by Wong. The Demon King, happy for these discoveries, prepares his next move.

In the Live Action world, Skeletor reunites with Maleficent as he informs her of a threat lurking nearby. Maleficent, then, plans her next move.

After his battle with Hermes, Hades is encountered by none other than the infamous sorceress Nasira, who wants to forge an alliance to help him study this "new world". Hades accepts, seeing full potential in her.

In China, Shan Yu prepares to travel to France and help Yosemite Sam in retaking Germany and find out who hired Chef Hatchet to assassinate Pete. However, he isn't alone as he gathers his son Lelouch and the Team Rocket in doing so.

In the CGI world, Archibald Snatcher and Adam Taurus reveal to be working for a dark association led by the malevolent Salem, who plans to take over the CGI world and be the ruler. For this, she plans her next moves alongside her council members.

Prince John catches word of Pete's assassination attempt and Yosemite Sam's loss of Germany and is furious over what happened to his friends, as Hook fails to calm him down, Ratcliffe reveals to have a plan to resolve the problem. Prince John, then, alongside Hook, Ratcliffe and Dick Dastardly, prepares to take out those who hurt his friends.

Part Two

After Kraven's attack, Scar is being suspicious about what he wanted to do with him until three of his allies inform him of the events of Turles' death, Pete's assassination attempt and Yosemite Sam being deposed by the Major. Now mad and furious, Scar proceeds to plan something to help his friends.

Zarbon informs Frieza of Jeice, Burter and Lord Slug's demise, thus infuriating the emperor of space. However he is visited by his wife the Dark Queen, who wants to help her husband discover who assassinate three of their men. Soon, Zurg and Xene join in as well, wanting to help their ally. Frieza, then, prepares for war against this new threat.

A survivor of the last war remained in hiding, but when a certain radio demon offers an alliance to her to join his cause, this shapeshifter refuses and casts him out as she decided to plan her uprising.

In Mount Olympus, Dr. Facilier gathers the other allies of Maleficent and Hades and informs them that he will take charge of Olympus so to avoid that new threats may try and conquer the mount. The allies as well as the Friends on the Other Side see potential in him, thus accepting him as their new leader in the absence of their bosses. The only thing they must do is to inform Rasputin and Rothbart of their bosses' absence, something that the shadows will do.

After his ally Kraven's failure in assassinating Scar, Prince Phobos hires the Invader Zim and his lackey Gir to assassinate Scar's royal adviser and the heir to the Pride Lands so to weaken Scar himself due to the fact that he cares for them. While they are going to meet Azula, Jafar and Mozenrath, Nuka and Duncan get attacked by the two aliens. When things get awry for the heroes, only a opening can save them.

Living in the Forbidden Mountains since last war, Rothbart and Rasputin plan their next move after hearing that Maleficent and Hades have gone into another dimension. However they are quickly halted by Medusa, who has decided to dispose of them for her master. The two sorcerers won't go down without a fight, right?

Wanting to aid Scar in taking out the ones who attacked Pete, Yosemite Sam and his boss, the Big Bad Wolf decides to take it out. However, he is cornered by the Sharpteeth, who want to eat him. Four heads may not be better than a wolf that is well known for one thing: blow things down.

As part of her plan, Mim decides to kill Jafar since the first war. During her journey to find the sorcerer, she encounters an old Peddler who is searching for a lamp and quickly mistakes him for Jafar. Can he compete with this powerful shapeshifter?

In Agrabah, Sunset Shimmer demands that Clavious (the current sultan since his fight against Abis Mal last war), surrenders to Prince Phobos and give him Agrabah if he cares about his skin. However the sultan refuses and decides to kill her. However she reveals to have a trick upon her sleeve. Is Clavious be able to survive against this new face thanks to the Forbidden Arts or is she going to break his balance? And also, will Knuckles be able to send a message to King Dedede before it's too late?

With Jeice and Burter gone, Horde Prime enacts the next phase of his master plan by sending one of his recruits in assassinating Zarbon.

The Mad Doctor informs Ratigan of Pete's assassination attempt and Yosemite Sam's defeat against the Major, who is completely mad. Ratigan then prepares to travel in France. With Germany under his control,

The Major informs his soldiers and as well as an old friend of the Nazi, named Gargoyle, that it's time to take over all the nations that belong to our heroes by preparing several attacks on them.

Scar is visited by Cassius, who is interested in helping the lion with his plans. Knowing that he not only attacked Kaa last war, but also that he used to work for Bubu, Scar tricks Cassius in an alliance and threatens to kill him if the panther betrays him.

A newcomer enters the war.

However this hasn't gone unnoticed by Xanatos and Cobra Commander, who prepare their men to stop him at all costs.

Having realized that Scar also helps humans, Gorilla Grodd decides to betray him and assassinate him. Before he can do the act, Cassius attacks him and saves Scar's life. As half of the faction arrives to stop the traitor, Scar decides to handle Grodd himself by showing him what happens to those who betray him, especially to his henchmen or should I say, henchgorilla.

The Duke of Vaults, alongside Discord, Babidi, Dabura and Majin Buu, is plotting his next move, until the radio demon Alastor attacks them. The lord of the dead may have friends in high places, but what happens when two members of Hades and Maleficent's faction betray him and side with the radio demon?

Having found a magic lamp, Nasira unleashes this powerful genie in hopes of using him for Hades. However, Nadakhan reveals to be the opposite of what she expected. Does Nasira stand any chance against him? And what happens when a seemingly Org. XIII member saves Nadakhan's life?

From orders of Salem, Tyrian has to assassinate Bowser and his surviving allies. Unfortunately for him, the Sandman (who was sent by Pitch Black to eliminate the enemies) finds him and corners him. Tyrian shouldn't underestimate this warrior corrupted by Pitch's will.

Jafar informs of the ongoing situation of the war to Queen La, Mozenrath and Azula regards their friends. However, the Tracker tries to ambush them from orders of Prince Phobos and interrupts them as Queen La prepares to fight him. However she may have underestimated as her husband prepares to help, alongside her son and his girlfriend.

After Grodd's betrayal, Scar is a bit deluded by the gorilla until he is encountered by a newcomer alongside its minion forge an alliance with him. Intrigued by their presence, Scar recruits them to his faction.

The sadistic and merciless General Esdeath recruits two new allies for her father, the Prime Minister. One of them is a newcomer, the other one is the current ruler of Robotropolis, christened as Snivelopolis.

With two of her allies defeated, Necrolai wants to know who did this until Cora reveals who did so. The queen of the Underworld, then, to replace her lost strength, orders her daughter Leelee to assassinate Prince Achmed himself.

Nasira informs Hades of her failure and he's not happy about this. After scaring her, Hades decides to punish her properly by resurrecting 3 fallen veterans of this war.

After months of searching a new ally, Ludo finally found someone who could be worthy of helping him in taking his revenge on Discord, (unaware that Discord has been defeated). Ludo prepares to enter the warfare once again...

Scar meets up with Azula, Jafar and Mozenrath, who inform him of Queen La's demise. The king, however is surprised that Duncan and Nuka didn't bring them here and wonders where are they, until the both of them arrive and inform Scar of the assassination attempt on them from the orders of Prince Phobos, shocking both Scar and Azula. The king, now furious, orders his allies to go to France until they are stopped by someone who offers an alliance with Scar to provide help with his faction and of his best friends as well. Scar accepts, thanking him for the noble action he did.

Part Three

A wannabe god like entity decides to revive 2 fallen enemies of our heroes to serve his cause of "justice".

After General Esdeath recruited Snively and Oliver Cromwell, the Emperor and the Prime Minister recruits 3 new allies, two of them are newcomers and the last one was released on a technicality due to Yosemite Sam's defeat against the Major.

In the Live Action world, the Sultan prepares for war alongside his two trusted allies.

In order to help the Knights of Despair, Mr. Swackhammer and Carface hire two scoundrels known as Lightning and Joe and sends them to free Dr. Greed from his prison in Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, Dr. Drakken asks an old colleague of his, DNAmy to join Pete and Yosemite Sam in their cause. When the two crooks arrive, they are attacked by DNAmy and her Cuddle Buddies. Will they succeed in freeing Dr. Greed?

The Emperor and the Prime Minister send Brom Bones to stop anyone who could be dangerous to the Minister's plans. Later, Bones goes to the butcher's where he is seduced by a beautiful woman revealing himself as Barry, who attacks the ruffian and tries to skin him alive. Is Bones capable of surviving this insane killer on his own?

While plotting something for the Demon King, Maxie Zeus is attacked by the demonic being known as Malmoth, who wants to end the Neo Acolytes as well as their master's menace so he can cause havoc in the world himself. As one of them emerges victorious, a third party takes a quick lead and breaks the winner's concentration...

Wanting to prove that he could be useful for Bhunivelze, Gaston decides to hunt down Garganensis, who is trying to release Poseidon for the Gods of Mount Olympus. However, Garganensis mistakes him for an ally of Hades and quickly battles him. Who will come out on top?

Thanks to the Major, Red Skull was able to survive last war and seeks to recruit new allies for his new employer. He finds one in the form of Sa'Luk, who survived against King Dedede in the first war and went into hiding. The thief lord, however, isn't willing to ally with him and quickly attacks him. The Nazi soldier may have technology resources, but is he able to deal with brute strength?

Searching allies for God (Bhunivelze), Frollo encounters Tamir arguing with his minion of his failure in bringing him a weapon until Tamir begins to stab his servant. Not tolerating this, Frollo decides to sentence him to death for aggression. Has the wicked judge met his match or is Tamir just a minor nuisance?

Trying to help the Empire by gathering new members, Courtney tries to forge an alliance with performer Sally Stageplay but to no avail. However Sally is in for a big surprise when Courtney has got moves like a jaguar.

While his allies are busy, Bhunivelze goes to the Mysterious Stranger's realm to assassinate him as well as to end what this demonic being is doing. However an unexpected player decides to aid Bhunivelze in this battle.

While Prince John, Dick Dastardly and Ratcliffe are busy having a meeting with Pete and Yosemite Sam, Captain Hook decides to watch over the territory only to be cornered by Lucille, sent by Charles zi Britannia to assassinate him. When the general of the English army tries to convince her to join Prince John, the bandit is quick to refuse and Hook won't take no for an answer.

A furious Monokuma informs Charles zi Britannia of Lucille's defeat as well as Lightning and Jo's capture against DNAmy. Charles then decides to proceed with a plan to eliminate Yosemite Sam once and for all. However they are interrupted by Chester, who wishes to join the faction and aid them against our heroes. Charles accepts him since he has lost many allies.

A weasel inform Pete, Yosemite Sam, Prince John and Ratcliffe of Lucille's attempt to assassinate Captain Hook. As the prisoner is brought before them, Ratcliffe has Hook execute her. With the Babysitter Bandit gone, the pirates congratulate Hook until Shan-yu and his allies alongside Drakken, Shego and their new recruit, DNAmy, appear to aid the rulers of the world. Our heroes are happy that their old friends have joined them once again, thus welcoming them again.

After the battle with the Mysterious Stranger, Bhunivelze sends Frollo and Gaston back in the animated world to conquer it in his name under the suggestion of YHVH.

The remaining gods of Mount Olympus are slowly gathering as Gargarensis informs them of Gaston's attempt to assassinate them as well as of Hermes's death against Hades. The gods prepare for war against Hades and Gaston.

After recruiting Sa'Luk for Phobos and with the assistance of Nerissa, Mok decides to have a little talk with Shendu about some dark discoveries he made when Scar killed him as he ended in a different realm before ending in the Spirit Realm. Seeing this as a great obstacle to his plans, Shendu accepts under one condition. Mok accepts as the three prepare their plans to save this world.

With the Duke of Vaults gone, Hecate seizes the Underworld for the Neo Acolytes until Black Goku appears to stop the Neo Acolytes from turning the world into chaos as he seeks to erase mortals from the entire universe. She may have many minions to her side, but are they more than a match for this "Saiyan"?

Kingpin and Holli Would have been celebrating Xanatos and Cobra Commander's victory last war alongside the Insidious Six. Immediately, the REVOCS Corporation leader Raygo Kiryuin attacks them to aid an old friend of hers in stopping Xanatos and Cobra Commander in their plans to follow Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar's examples during the previous war and the war before that. The Insidious Six try to kill her, however she is more deadly than they would ever think.

Frollo and Gaston forge an alliance with the Emperor to stop the rebels, which he accepts.

Salem meets up with Nadakhan and the hooded man, who reveals himself to be an old player trapped in the body of a fallen hero and offers them a seat in her council to replace the deceased Hondo Ohnaka and Tyrian Callows.

Marcus gathers his new alliance with the help of his Co-Leader, Raygo, and prepares to go to war against Xanatos and Cobra Commander.

Mok asks Nerissa to give him a more suitable form as his adoptive mother does her best to give her son a new body.

Alastor and Babidi release a new player who was banished in Desponds many years ago to serve the radio demon's cause.

After his battle, Black Goku forges an alliance with a supreme kai to help him in his schemes to destroy the mortals. This new player accepts Black's offer of restoring the world to his full might before the mortals created a civilization.

Annoyed by the failures of Maxie Zeus (who survived Lucifer's attack), the Demon King reveals that Maxie Zeus has been taking orders by none other than... Alastor, who pressures the Neo Acolytes to find a source to restore Chernabog to his normal form.

After informing his allies, including an old face and two new faces, Prince Achmed lashes in a musical number in which explains that despite all his actions, no one remembers him. Soon the monarch of the kingdom of Pik-Zahr unravels a dark plot to defeat the Magic Kingdom's alliance, led by the Sultan. However one of his allies feels disgusted over Achmed's action as Jareth stops him from doing something so foolish.

The Major pulls one of his plans in action alongside his new allies as now the soul of a dead villain now harbors itself inside the body of the most famous mouse ever.

Alastor revives a fallen ally of Chernabog much to Babidi's surprise.

And in a castle, two new villains plot their uprising in the war.

Part Four

With Scar joining them once again, Pete and Yosemite Sam discuss with Shan-yu, Scar and Prince John about the threats of these mysterious villains, the Major and Prince Phobos (they became aware of Prince Phobos due to Gir accidentally revealing that he and Zim work for Phobos in their assassination attempt on Duncan and Nuka). The lion king however reveals that Julius Caesar joined him to help his friends in taking down the enemies by providing his men on helping the rulers of the world. Ratcliffe, who was attending the meeting, sends out Duncan and Captain Hook to watch over the borders of France. As they go, Ratigan joins his old friends back much to Scar's joy. With our heroes gathered, they prepare for battle against these new foes.

Dr. Facilier resurrected a fallen villain from the CGI world through his Friends on the Other Side and makes a deal with her: if she wants to join his alliance with Eris (composed of Facilier himself, Eris, Radamanthys, Lord Maliss, Rothbart, Dracula, Piccolo, the Titans, Chaos and Mirage), she must retrieve the Number One Dime from a museum in Duckburg so he can revive an old friend of Hades who has been imprisoned in the dime prior the events of the war. She accepts under one condition: he must give her eternal youth. Facilier accepts the conditions.

In the Live Action world, Skeletor introduces his new recruit, Nizam, to Maleficent, who is a bit deluded by the overlord of evil since he didn't find more allies. To solve this matter, Maleficent decides to revive a fallen veteran from last war as her new ally. With new allies, Maleficent prepares for war against those who try to stop her in her plans...

In the CGI world, Hades sends Turles and Slug on their first missions, however they are interrupted by... Maleficent? Hades, happy to see her, welcomes her back in the CGI world. However while preparing for their missions, Turles and Slug are being suspicious about Maleficent's presence in the CGI world... and they may not be wrong about doing so.

Outside Pete's castle precisely in the northern border, Duncan and Captain Hook are discussing about the things that have been happening during the war as they slowly become friends. Their talk, however, is quickly interrupted by Oliver Cromwell and his men, who decided to ambush them now that there aren't a lot of Scar, Pete and Sam's allies in the area. The former pirate and Scar's royal adviser may be tough fighters, but the Lord Protector isn't willing to give up so easily even if it means capturing one of them to prove his might...

The Wizard of Wonderland is celebrating a year he is king of Wonderland after he sat out from the war in order to survive in a cowardly way. However Count Cagliostro arrives to conquer Wonderland as the new king. The wizard may not be able to defeat him...

Seeking to help the Neo Acolytes, Babidi and Majin Buu decide to murder many people to harvest energy for the Demon King. However, Dr. Facilier and Radamanthys halt them by showing them what happens to those who betray Hades and Maleficent...

Two old faces have found the Fount of Youth, however they are interrupted by the Mistress of all Evil and Skeletor and a battle erupts. Which side will get the Fount of Youth?

Having heard of Turles' death at the hands of Omni Man, Atreno city's superhero Sunblast decides to assassinate him to prove his might to Pete and Yosemite Sam, however he may made a mistake as he will soon realize that his rival has more experience than him...

Seeking to help Scar, Rob is attacked in his mind by Monika, who wants to control him. Will he succeed into breaking free from her attack or is he underestimating his enemy whose powers can break the balance of the Animated and CGI world?

Now in the Empire's dungeon, Duncan demands Oliver Cromwell to free him from his imprisonment, however the Lord Protector explains to the royal adviser of Scar why he captured him as he wants to eliminate Frollo because of his recent arrival in the Empire. To do so, Cromwell tasks Duncan with a mission as he must participate in a tournament and then become a member of the Empire's council. After Duncan accepts to do the deed, the Lord Protector has his guards release him as a secret ally. After some conditions from the latter, the two form an alliance to stop Frollo.

Meanwhile, one of the Weasels and Captain Hook inform our heroes of Duncan's capture at the hands of Oliver Cromwell as this news anger all the world leaders, Julius Caesar and Scar mostly. However in the midst of the chaos caused by the tragic news, Scar has a plan to rescue Duncan as he tasks the Dalton Brothers in disguising themselves as guards to infiltrate where Duncan is captured so to free him, however Ratigan is aware of Oliver Cromwell as he reveals that he works for the Empire. With this information, our heroes prepare to save Duncan and stop these new enemies.

With Rob's body under her control, Monika tries to join the Knights of Despair, only to be quickly rejected as Chris McLean orders Chef to attack "him". However "he" proves to be strong and easily defeats the crook, thus having the Knights of Despair recruit "him" much to Carface's anger.

In the CGI world, Bowser is visited by two members of Salem's council who don't trust her and seek to stop her plans as they sell to Bowser important information about her plans, giving the king of the CGI World a chance to attack, much to Sonic Boom Eggman's joy.

While trying to find Duncan, Scar easily discovers that someone who was hidden somewhere and angrily orders him to come out. This person reveals to be none other than Chester, who has orders from Charles zi Britannia to assassinate whoever of our heroes' allies are around. Seeing this as a chance to get an honor from his boss, Chester attacks the king, however Scar may be too much for him to handle especially when a third party shows up.

Searching allies for Frieza since the death of Jeice and Burter, Zarbon is quickly attacked by Catra, who was sent by Horde Prime to assassinate him. When Frieza's right-hand man transforms into a horrifying creature, will Catra take him down or is she going to get help from someone of her employer's faction?

In Duckburg, Mother Gothel has found the money bin where was hidden the Number One Dime, once in the possession of the deceased millionaire Scrooge McDuck. Before she can take the token, the wicked sorcerer Zeref arrives with the same intentions Gothel has. Zeref may have magic powers, but the wicked mother reveals to have acquired a more powerful magic from the Friends on the Other Side.

Searching new territories for Hades, Turles has found one in the form of a large landscape under the control of an old enemy of Bowser who is plotting revenge on the king of the Multiverse. However this grasshopper tries to scare him, the Saiyan easily scares him back by revealing a new form he acquired due to his resurrection from Hades. When Hopper steps in after his minions failure in stopping the enemy, Turles prepares to fight him and to show him the true meaning of fear.

Trying to create a device that will allow them and their leaders to find Duncan, Dr. Drakken and Shego are almost caught off guard by an attempt to their life by the coyote genius Wile E. Coyote. Fortunately, Shego catches him in the act and corners him. In this fight one thing's for sure: two heads are better than one.

Cobra Commander informs Xanatos that one of their former allies (Doctor Octopus) is going to attack them under the leadership of Cecil. The owner of Xanatos Enterprises sets free the Steel Clan to deal with the threats only for the robots to be destroyed. When Xanatos enters the field himself, will he be able to predict Cecil and Octopus's moves, especially if one of them is just a hologram?

Scouting new territories for Hades, Barbossa finds an island only for him to find out that the first pirate born has taken over such place and owns it. Jolly Roger may be able to use magic, but Barbossa knows someone who can help him when the situation goes awry for him.

In the CGI world, a group of villains find a new arrival in their homeworld, only to discover that their old prisoner has escaped from these villains homeworld and possessed the body of the new arrival here. Now they seek to stop their old prisoner from wrecking havoc in the Animated world.

After Wile E Coyote's assault on them, Shego and Drakken are bickering over how stupid they were on not realizing the genius's intentions. However, they are visited by General Skarr, whose master wants to join their bosses' faction.

Hiding in his hideout since last war to plot something to get his revenge on Xanatos and Cobra Commander, Mojo Jojo is soon interrupted by a survived player from last war. At first, the monkey wasn't interested until this villain tells him that he can finally exact his revenge. Mojo Jojo then accepts, thirsty for revenge.

The tournament is coming to an end as General Esdeath is bored, however an ally of the Empire and Oliver Cromwell inform her of the last match and fortunately for the Lord Protector, his ally is at the finals.

The final match is here at the tournament as Duncan squares off against a brute bull named Kalbi. The strong bull seems to be confident in defeating a 20 year old boy, however he shouldn't underestimate his opponent just because he is Scar's royal adviser and right hand paw, however he should also be aware that Duncan was a juvie criminal before becoming the public official he is today.

A giant monster sent by an unknown benefactor decides to attack Hades, who quickly mistook him for a participant of a tournament he wants to host. However, the god rallies his allies to help him out in this. As his allies corner SMG0, things may not be as easy as the monster thought.

With Duncan officially a member of the Empire, General Esdeath decides to give him a reward, however this reward isn't what everybody expected her to give him as she lets everyone aware that Duncan is hers and hers alone, much to the horror of Oliver Cromwell and Courtney with the former trying to come up with something to do to help his ally. Fortunately...

Iago has located Duncan and informs Jafar and Scar of where he is as he also overheard that Cromwell captured Duncan just to have an ally in taking down some people. Before he can give more information, Scar tells Jafar that they must retrieve their friend back if they want to save him from slavery. However, Jafar came up with a plan that delights Scar.

In a Hell like dimension, an old face from last war has gathered new allies for his uprising and prepares to make his return in the mortal realm, unaware that his old rival, the Demon King is planning the same thing he is.

Alerted after the attack of SMG0, Hades was about to send Turles to take down whoever sent the virus after them, however they receive a visit from Ares, who not only wants to join Hades, but also informs him that Zeus, the Olympian Gods and their new messenger Gargarensis are preparing an assault to him. Hades readies himself for war and take over this world's version of Mount Olympus.

With Duncan belonging to Esdeath, Courtney pays a visit to Oliver Cromwell and forges an alliance with him to help Duncan get out of this mess the Lord Protector accidentally caused. Unaware to him, Courtney wants to retake Duncan as she fell in love with him again. Cromwell accepts this alliance with the girl.

The hyenas are becoming hesitant on being able to survive this war as well just like the last one while the Weasels have been feeling depressed since Duncan's capture and are drinking away their sorrow, but they receive a visit from Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam, Shan Yu and Ratigan, who give them encouraging words that they will win this war and rescue their friend at ALL costs, because they will never abandon anyone as they are like a family. Now encouraged, Weasels and Hyenas prepare themselves for the battles that will decide the fate of all the nations.

Part Five

In a national broadcast in New York, people are informed of two things: one of them is already happening and further investigations are going on in this case, while the other one announces a presidential race between a new player and an old ally of Cobra Commander and Xanatos for the role of President of the U.S.A, however the broadcast is hijacked by Monika/Rob, who reveals her faction and threatens the world to surrender or perish.

Fresh from his defeat, Wile E Coyote is visited by Omni Man, who has been revealed to be working for none other than Prince Phobos, who seeks to find allies for his faction to rivalize Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance. Eager to take revenge on Shego and Drakken, the so called genius accepts the faction and joins Phobos, Cedric (who accompanied Phobos) and Omni Man.

Count Cagliostro, now king of Wonderland, recruits new allies to serve his cause. four of them are newcomers, however a fifth one was a former prisoner in Yosemite Sam's dungeons in Germany before being released due to the Major usurping Germany now thirsty for revenge against his murderer, Scar.

Seeing Duncan as a threat to his plans, Frollo finds a way to dispose of him. Little he does know is that Duncan works for Oliver Cromwell.

Under the suggestion of YHVH, Bhunivelze revives more fallen veterans of the war to serve his cause and sends one of his recruits back to...

His homeworld, where he is greeted by an ally of the Empire, who recruits him for the Emperor.

An old member of the Akatsuki reveals to be working for Trigon and revives a fallen villain from last war under a new appearance and a new name. Arles of Gemini is dead, Ares is born!

A space pirate and his gang pledge their loyalty to Horde Prime, seeking to depose Zurg, Xene and Frieza and take over the entire galaxy.

An old face from last war decides to prepare for war and forms an army of the resurrected starting with a player from last war and a villain who perished prior the war. Before continuing, she is suddenly visited by the Peddler, who pledged his loyalty to her after his fight with Mim. To prove his loyalty, he reveals to have recruited a new player. The queen, with her new alliance, decides to make the first move by attacking the Empire.

After witnessing the current events of the war in the Live Action world, Crowley recruits a new ally also co-leader of his faction and two old rivals forced to work together if they want to see chaos and cause mischief and havoc. Crowley, then, begin his plans.

Seeing the Major's cause as a lost cause, Red Skull shifts loyalties with Charles zi Britannia, informing him of Feral Mickey's birth through a dark experiment and of the threat that he views of the Major. Charles zi Britannia accepts this alliance and nominates him as Britannia's new general of the soldiers. Both villains are unaware that a horrified Mr. Swackhammer is watching this.

From orders of Horde Prime, Xicor, Grandma Verdona and Sinestro have been sent to conquer the planet as a new base of operations. Catching them, John Silver quickly calls his men to dispose of the invaders. However the trio may be stronger than what the pirate expected, especially when a colleague of Silver's is involved.

Mr. Swackhammer and Carface hire Deadpool as a member of their own faction to betray Charles zi Britannia and the Knights of Despair. To find a kingdom to use as their own base of operations, the three set their eyes on the Fire Nation, where Azula is going to visit Zuko to ask him for his aid now with Duncan MIA. With the aid of Mai and Ty Lee, can Azula take down her old enemies and their new ally?

Mok still inhabits the Black Bear's body and is still trying to find Scar in a forest, only to find himself in Lumpjaw's territory. The large bear, in fact, doesn't take kindly to trespassers in his territory and prepares to kill him. Mok may not be used to be in a bear's body, but that won't stop him from doing his best to survive and isn't willing to die a second time, I mean he JUST came back to life.

Monika, Monokuma, Chris and Chef decide to pull a successful attack against some of out heroes' forces for their emperor by invading Dr. Nero Neurosis in his castle. Neurosis may have some allies to his side, but which side has the upper hand?

With Agrabah under their control, Prince Phobos decides to invade Andalasia alongside some of his men. Meanwhile, Narissa, Trey and Quattro were discussing about Clavious's demise until they are attacked by Phobos. Luckily for Narissa, Rameses joins the fight, however King Dedede's allies may not be so lucky after all.

Before Monika left, she cloned herself with the little powers she had to avoid any suspicions from TASCorp. In fact the deadly hitman Desti soon encounters that clone alongside Monika's friends and corners her. However she may be shocked of a dark revelation by one of her acquaintances.

Shendu has heard that a talisman is at the hands of Mr. Winkie and was about to send out Valmont to retrieve it, however Sa'Luk eavesdropped their conversation wanting to know more. The demon sorcerer then decides to send Sa'luk to do the job for him. As Sa'Luk enters Toad Hall, the crook allied with Pete and Sam soon spots the thief lord and sends his weasels after him. Will his henchmen be sufficient against Sa'Luk or is the thief too strong to be easily taken down by a band of former criminals?

Knowing that Hook feels ashamed of himself after Duncan's capture, Pete and Yosemite Sam decide to send him to take out one of Count Cagliostro's allies to restore his honor. England's top general finds Barmaley, who was sent by Count Cagliostro to kill whoever is allied with Pete and Yosemite Sam. However, Hook may need help from three people his employers sent in case something went wrong for the former pirate.

Despite Sa'Luk's success in stealing the talisman, Prince Phobos chews him off and humiliates him, however this may have been the ruler of Meridian's greatest mistake.

After taking out Lumpjaw, Mok encounters Lord Sesshomaru, who offers an alliance with him.

After his humiliation, Sa'luk is approached by Nerissa and Shendu, who recruit him for Mok's alliance and he agrees to join thirsty for revenge against Phobos.

Meanwhile, Zeref survived and is recruited by an ally of Trigon to serve his cause.

And the Evil Queen finally got bailed out from the CGI Realm by a newcomer, Joker, who offers to be her ally in exchange of her help for his employer against some dangerous threats.

Esdeath discussed with her faction sector known as the Night Raid, which Duncan is revealed to be members with in her ranks for the Empire. And to hold off threats at bay, she sent Duncan and another member of the Empire, the executioner Ogre, to pull a successful attack against enemies. In fact, they were later attacked by Lady Tremaine and Lady Eboshi, who were sent by the Snow Queen to start their attack on the Empire. Since Duncan doesn't want to take on them to follow Cromwell's instructions, Ogre had a deadly swordfight with Lady Eboshi and was about to have the upper hand until Lady Tremaine torn his arms apart with her magic and died of bleed out then Lady Tremaine decided to assassinate Duncan as well. Seeing this as a fight he couldn't survive, Duncan departed.

Dr. Dorian checked upon his and the Major's creation in hopes he could be useful against Pete, Yosemite Sam and Scar's faction. However, Feral Mickey seemed not to be cooperative and threatened him. The doctor then revealed to his monster that he drank a potion that quickly turned him into a Man-Bat. The newly generated vampire then proceeded to knock down the possessed mouse with no success as the monster was more agile than him and when he tried to knock him off balance again, Feral Mickey proceeded to send him crash to a wall falling on the floor unconscious. With his victim down, the mouse brutally devoured him, leaving nothing more than his blood on the floor. After finishing his meal, Feral Mickey left the doctor's lab, now free and ready to start his rampage all over the world

Leelee finally reaches the palace where Prince Achmed inhabits and prepares to assassinate the ruler of Pik-Zhar. Jareth steps in to protect his leader. However will it be enough even when this femme fatale is aided by her mother? And will Prince Achmed live to tell his men about his assassination attempt foiled by Jareth?

Mormon Jesus ordered Yzma to take over the laboratory of an infamous mad scientist known as the Lobe. The scientist however wasn't prepared to deal with her as Yzma pulls out a bomb from a lever that caused fear of the scientist. The Lobe could only watch in horror as the bomb exploded, killing him on sight as Yzma successfully took over the scientist's lab for the nefarious purposes of Mormon Jesus.

In Meridian, Cedric informs Phobos of our heroes' plan to retrieve Duncan from Oliver Cromwell's clutches. Angry about this news, Phobos decides to kill Duncan himself before our heroes can find him, however they are unaware that a thief he humiliated is watching this from orders of Nerissa and Shendu.

In a household in the woods, Zamasu and Black Goku plan their next move after the latter assassinated Hecate. The immortal supreme kai, however, gets the chance to introduce Black Gohan to Black Goku as the trio continue their plans.

Meanwhile in a unknown part of space, this angel wakes up this god of destruction and proceeds to tell him of the current events of the war.

From orders of his mysterious employer, the scheming teenager Nagito Komaeda gathers his allies which also includes a Symbiote.

On their way back to Meridian, Mok and Sesshomaru are visited by another Symbiote, Carnage, who wants to join forces with the two. They accept, thinking he could be useful for Mok's plans.

From orders of Phobos, this bumbling thief takes over Agrabah as its newest Sultan, however he is targeted by the responsible for Clavious's fall from power in the first place and seeks to stop Phobos, since he wounded her pride.

Finally, Sa'luk prepares for his revenge against Phobos by gathering all those allies who were humiliated of their failures by the ruler of Meridian himself, much to Nerissa and Shendu's joy as they take pride in what is gonna be a rebellion against the prince. Mok and Shendu's Alliance has been finally created and assembled with new allies.

Part Six

After Mother Gothel acquired the Number One Dime, Dr. Facilier successfully releases this old ally of Hades to help him against the Demon King's Acolytes and Trigon's faction.

Bowser finds Hades and proposes an alliance with him. At first Hades wasn't interested, until the ruler of the CGI Realm told him that there might be enemies that would try to crush both factions and merging factions would be the best move to stop the threats at large. The god then accepts, much to Bowser's joy.

At the same time, Master Cyclonis, Dr. Neo Cortex and Cinder Fall recruit King K. Rool and his army to help Bowser with his plans. The Toad, who is attending the meeting, is visited by his cousin Le Frog, who wishes to help him. Although less than intrigued, the Toad accepts his French cousin in the faction. Bowser's alliance is slowly growing once again.

While plotting something to take Duncan to safety once he will be found, Scar is visited by John Silver, who pledges his loyalty to him since he lost his pirates and has nowhere to go. Happy about having found a new recruit, Scar is suddenly surprised by Negaduck, Shego, Drakken, Hector Con Carne and General Skarr's arrival, who suggest Scar that Silver himself should go and help Duncan instead of sending the Dalton Brothers to keep an eye on the lion's adviser. Then Shan-Yu tells the Dalton Brothers to stay here as John Silver took their assignment. Scar then prepares for the return of his royal advisor, much to Jafar's joy as the vizier looks forward to work with Duncan once again.

Gigantic, a presumed relative of Gorilla Grodd, has been slaying many of Zuko's rangers to protect the Pride Lands. To this end, Killer the Tiger and Akamini have found him as a chase starts with the gorilla wanting to devour them, unaware that they are luring him to a deadly trap.

Having discovered Scar is allied with humans, Feral Mickey decides to kill him and starts chasing him, however, he is quickly defended by Jafar and Dr. Doofenshmirtz, who seek to protect their boss. Even though the former is a sorcerer and the latter is a scientist, the feral mouse may be smarter than them.

While hiring more allies to aid Monika, Giffany orders Max to assassinate more allies of Pete and Yosemite Sam. At the same time, Shego and Drakken are rebuilding a famous university destroyed last war only to be interrupted by Max. Can with the help of Killer Croc, his henchman, defeat the two heroes?

Duncan was searching for allies to his own ends, only to be found by Blackbeard a.k.a Marshall D. Teach and his pirates, who want to kill him. As John Silver arrives, Teach takes Duncan hostage. However the space pirate may need help from the hostage himself against this powerful pirate.

After the fight with Facilier and Radamanthys, Majin Buu succeeded to restore Babidi. As they go to find more allies for the Neo Acolytes, Magica De Spell arrives with orders from Facilier to stop them. Buu may be strong, but the formerly imprisoned sorceress could prove to be rather deadlier than him.

A Tsufurian creature known as Baby arrived on the outskirts of Vestronia to invade the land. However he must face resistance from the captain of the guards, Dvalin. Unfortunately for the leader of the Epsilon team, the creature reveals to be a very dangerous enemy and he will soon find out he underestimated him when it's too late to stop Baby.

After John Silver saved him from Mashall D. Teach, Duncan thanks him only for John Silver to bring in a discussion that allows Scar's royal advisor to open up to someone for the first time in years.

Thinking that Doofenshmirtz died, Scar and Jafar were departing back in Pete's palace until Doofenshmirtz reveals not only to have survived the inator, but he also gained new powers as Scar looks this on with pride.

In the Palace of Justice, "Rob" visits the current judge of Paris since last war, Amon, as "he" successfully convinces him to rebel against Scar, Pete and the other world leaders. Both of them are unaware that a falcon is flying over them.

This ally of King Dedede returns to the Live-Action where she's found by Maleficent, who drank the Fountain of Youth and got a younger form. Intrigued by the presence of this dark queen, the Mistress of All Evil recruits her to her cause.


  1. Pete and Yosemite Sam are not villains. In fact, they want to bring justice to the world and want that people from all nations/countries could live a happy life.
  2. Scar is the first character to have been reformed in the first Villains Battles. The other ones are Kaa, Darkrai, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed and the hyenas.
  3. The reason why Hades and Maleficent were able to defeat Chernabog in the first Villains Battles is because they trained in the Room of Spirit and Time (a.k.a Hyperbolic Time Chamber)
  4. Shan-yu and Scar are the only characters who are parental figures to Lelouch and Azula respectively.
  5. Fire Lord Ozai, despite Azula's betrayal, preferred having her arrested instead of killing her himself
  6. Scar and Pete share some traits in this series: both are good schemers, both have always a backup plan, both villains redeemed, both were married with the only difference that Pete divorced from his ex-wife, while Scar lost Zira because of her death in the second war against the Coachman.
  7. Shere Khan is the only "member" of Scar's faction who kept his role as a villain.
  8. The Joker is not a villain anymore.
  9. Jafar is the only character who turned his allegiance on different factions.
  10. Izaya is the only character to have made 2 cameos in the Villains Battles war.