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Vilgax is the main antagonist of the animated television franchise, Ben 10. A powerful intergalactic warlord, Vilgax is a secondary player in several villains tournaments. He is the archenemy of Ben Tennyson.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A Commanding Presence

Vilgax hires two bounty hunters, Joseph Korso and Preed, to capture an alien named Leah. The two fail in their task, reporting their loss to their leader.

To compensate for this failure, Vilgax decides to take on Krang, another alien conqueror. Krang gets the first shot, blasting Vilgax through a wall with his laser cannons. Vilgax takes the blow, only for Krang to summon a small army of aliens to fight the battle for him. One of them manages to stun Vilgax with a thrown piece of machinery, but Vilgax recovers and wipes them out with his blaster. He then punches the feeble Krang out of his mechanized walker. The only thing that stops Vilgax from killing the helpless Krang is Lord Dregg, who puts an end to the fight.

Non Disney Vs DC Villains War

Vilgax enters in the fourth round of the war, challenging Bishop and Mr. Freeze. He arrives in a secret facility on the Artic ocean, encountering CADMUS' executive, Bishop, with intentions to kill him. However, Bishop is saved by his new bodyguard, Mr. Freeze, who attempts to stop the alien, with every weapon he got. When Mr. Freeze raises a gun weapon, Vilgax disarms him, before knocking him aside. He is saved by his polar bear sidekick, which manages to buy enough time for Mr. Freeze to recover. He then raises again his weapon, and proceeds to blast down his foe, with two powerful shots, leaving the alien unconscious. Bishop and Mr. Freeze then proceed to take Vilgax's body to CADMUS' secret laboratory facility, where he is experimented by CADMUS' executives, Hugo Strange and Kirk Langstrom.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War


Cartoon Villains War

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