Viktor is the primary antagonist in the film, Underworld. A powerful vampire, Viktor is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Nearly Finished

Viktor is one of the newer members of the live-action Legion of Darkness. His tenure is not long, though, as he ends up facing Captain Hook. The two lock blades, with Viktor managing to disarm his opponent. He tries to skewer the captain, but Hook traps Viktor's sword with his hook. While Viktor struggles to get his blade free, Hook shoots the vampire. Viktor falls down a pit, clinging to chains in order to stop his fall. Due to his fall and Hook's actions, Viktor ends up tangled in the chains, leaving him open to be skewered through the mouth by Hook.


Viktor survives the attack, but he finds himself confronted by an old enemy, Lucian. The Lycan asks for information about Dracula's whereabouts, reminding the vampire that Dracula once killed his daughter, Sonja. Seeing that this might be his chance to redeem himself when he let Sonja die, Viktor agrees to give Lucian Dracula's location.

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