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Victor Frankestein is the deuteragonist of the Tim Burton's animated film Frankenweenie based on the 1984 short of the same name. Named after the eponymous scientist, Victor is a shy, introverted child, yet a brilliant creative and intelligent scientist living in the quiet city of New Holland, capable of accomplising the impossible in the scientific field. He is also the best friend of the dog Sparky, bonding a mutual friendship between dog and owner. When Sparky died after a baseball game, Victor used him as an experiment, ultimately bringing him back to life as a reanimated undead creature. While initially kept most of his works in secret, Victor's machinations were discovered by the townsfolk, who used his lab for their own designs, only to turn their experiments into monsters which terrorise the city. After they managed to defeat the newly created monsters, the townsfolk granted Victor the chance of reviving Sparky, after his second death, reconciling with him once more.

Victor also appears in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains as one of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology' chief scientists and engineers.

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