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Vexus is the Queen of Cluster Prime, a planet populated by Robots who possess human slaves. She is the primary antagonist of the television series, My Life as a Teenage Robot. She is a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains but a major player in the "War of the Villains."

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Vexus arrives on Planet Z with an army of Cluster, intent on conquering it. However, Captain Gantu eliminates most of her Cluster horde and Warhok attacks her. Vexus matches Warhok blow for blow but must then contend with Gravitina, a powerful telekinetic. Vexus initially knocks Gravitina down, but Gravitina proceeds to humiliate Vexus, hitting her with pillows and making her fall down a set of stairs. Tired of toying with her prey, Gravitina summons a solar flare and incinerates her rival.

War of the Villains

In "War of The Villains" Vexus was paid a visit by Nudar and his naked brethern, Sclump and Fleb, asking for a quote-unquote "humble alliance". Vexus was aware of the fact it was all a trick, so she refused their offer. Ever-ready, Nudar sprung a brainwashed Bender to fight Vexus, who she easily did away with by flipping him over on his back. However, Nudar took the crown to Cluster Prime and zapped Vexus. Vexus decided to fool the scammers by swearing vengence and making a retreat. However, she immediately dive-bombed on the off-guard alien nudists and killed them, giving her back her rightful rule over Cluster Prime.

Later on, Vexus would lead her people to an invasion on earth, only to be interrupted by a Martian named Marvin. Vexus demanded him to state his buisness, and Marvin did with the offering of an alliance. Vexus declined by stating she would never assist "a short little man wearing an ugly helmet and a dress". An insulted Marvin then fired rapidly at Vexus, and she deflected every last shot and stated she's the more suited one to enslave humanity. However, Marvin stated how long taking over Earth meant to him, stating he's been trying since his graduation. Vexus replied by saying, "Don't Be Absured...".

However, Marvin went back to Mars and charges his laser cannon towards Cluster Prime. Vexus thought it was all a plee for attention in order for her to change her mind. Marvin, however, stated he can rule the world without Vexus' help, and destoryed Cluster Prime with a single shot, causing Vexus to be blown off onto a alien trucker's car window, in which she was wiped off by the car's windsheild wipers, and floating away into deep space, never to be seen again.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Jasper

Beginning their invasion plans, the leaders of the Homeworld Gems decided to send their toughest warrior, Jasper, to claim the headquarters of another invader, the robotic queen of Cluster Prime, Vexus. On Earth, Jasper attacked Vexus’ base. Annoyed by the intrusion, Vexus sent her robotic soldiers to defend the base, but these were quickly destroyed by Jasper. Vexus, however, proved to be a much more challenging foe, as she blocked Jasper's punches and knocked her to the ground. Before Jasper could recover, Vexus sent her flying into a generator, electrocuting her. While Jasper was occupied, Vexus decided to take the opportunity to escape back to Cluster Prime, much to Jasper's frustration.

Joining Robotnik

In Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik meets with his partner in crime, Mom, to introduce her to his new ally, Vexus. With their combined resources and army of robots, the three prepare to pursue their own agenda.

Vs Vilgax

With her plans for Earth coming to fruition, Yellow Diamond sends Vilgax to take care of one last loose end: Vexus. Vilgax tracks his target to a Robotropolitan colony being overseen by the robot queen herself. Vexus is a force to be reckoned with, but she may have met her match this time...

Teaming with Lord Ozai

With the help of Robotnik, Vexus discovers exactly who sent Vilgax after her. Realizing the Gems aren't going to simply let her walk away, Vexus decides to go on the offensive.Aku and Discord then depart to deal with Bill, forcing Ozai and Azula to proceed with the attack without their support. Fortunately, Vexus arrives and offers her aid in taking down the Gems, which the royals gladly accept.

Final Battle

Meanwhile, the Fire Nation’s navy (commanded by Zhao) and airship fleet (led by Azula), advance on the Earth Kingdom for an attack on the Gems. Seeing them coming, Yellow Diamond sends out Emerald and Vilgax to launch an aerial attack on the fleet. With Vexus’s help, however, Zhao’s forces are able to shoot them down. The army then lands on the shores of the Earth Kingdom, before making their way to Ba Sing Se. Vexus faces off against Vilgax once more. This time, Vexus’s trickery allows her to deal the alien a decisive defeat. At that moment, reinforcements arrive in the form of a second airship fleet, led by Fire Lord Ozai himself. As Azula and her allies vacate the battlefield, Ozai rains fire onto the Gems, eradicating the entire army, including the Diamonds themselves.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Villains War (Adrian C)

Disney Vs TV Villains War

TV Villains Tournament Remake

Villains Battles 2

Teaming with Zurg

Having heard of Prince Hydron's survival, Zurg recruits a new player of the war named Vexus, who could be useful to increment his alliance with Xene and Frieza.

Vs Prince Hydron

Zurg sends Vexus to go and take care of Prince Hydron, who has sent Jasper and Gantu into recruiting new allies to help them. The alien may have robots, but the former prince of Vestroia has a sleeve...

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War