Verminious Snaptrap is a dirty rat who is the leader of D.O.O.M (Short for "Diabolical Order Of Mayhem").

The Battle With Robotnik

Overhearing of a mighty war weapon invented by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, SnapTrap broke into Robotnik's Fortress and decided to steal it. Outraged, Robotnik sent out his SSSSS Squad to attack SnapTrap, who he easily frightened off. After a breif quarrel with Robotnik, SnapTrap pressed a button that would cause Robotnik's Fortress to explode. SnapTrap left Robotnik to his dismay, laughing manically into a nearby escape pod.

The Aftermath

After seizing control of Robotnik's Fortress and gaining control of The SSSSS Squad, SnapTrap was awaiting his daliy mail delivery from Scratch and Grounder. Then suddenly, SnapTrap recieved a phone call from an unknown source informing him that Robotnik allied himself with Darla Dimple and her butler, Max. SnapTrap then ordered Scratch and Grounder to "Capture Robotnik's Alliance or Perish", as he retreated to his throne carried by his SnapBots.

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