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Van Pelt is the primary antagonist of the children's film, Jumanji, and the related animated television series. A hunter based on the father of the main protagonist, Van Pelt is a ruthless killer who nonetheless has a sense of honor and maturity. He is a secondary player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Live Action Events

Van Pelt first enters into the war in the live-action universe. Lord Cutler Beckett hires him to kill the deadly Sanderson Sisters: members of the White Witch's alliance. Van Pelt wastes no time tracking them down, but the leader, Winnie, throws off his aim by forming a sword out of magic and blasting it at him. Van Pelt survives, but the sisters turn his body into dust. This does not kill Van Pelt, but, instead, it sends him into the second dimension: the animated universe.

Collecting Some Furs

Van Pelt quickly adapts to his environment and searches for some animals to kill. He encounters the malevolent gorilla, Tublat, and his gorilla tribe. Van Pelt shoots two of the apes as they try to attack him, but Tublat knocks him aside. Just as the gorilla is about to bash his head in with a rock, Van Pelt shoots Tublat into some river rapids.

Working with Others

During his time in the animated universe, Van Pelt strikes up an alliance with Professor Ibsen. When Xanatos hires Van Pelt, the hunter convinces him to hire Ibsen as well. In an ensuing battle with Norton Nimnul, Van Pelt sics a group of angry dogs onto the scientist; they promptly tear through the scientist's jugular, killing him. Ibsen and Van Pelt then celebrate their victory.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Man or Wolf?

Van Pelt travels with his trusted husky, Steele, to a small town terrorized by the wolf, Scar Snout. Upon arrival, Van Pelt finds himself knocked off a cliff by Scar Snout. Clinging on for dear life, he watches Steele wrestle Scar Snout and lose. Van Pelt manages to get back up and shoot Scar Snout; when Steele finally recovers, the gracious Van Pelt offers him some warm sausages.

A Killer Catholic

Van Pelt later joins Iscariot, a group of radical Catholics intent upon world domination. The faction soon finds itself beset upon by the Homunculi, a dangerous group of demons. When Cortez, a member of Iscariot, is killed by Envy, one of the Homunculi, Van Pelt rushes to help, saving Inspector Javert from meeting a similar fate. He shoots Envy, while it is in disguise, in the throat, leaving the monster for dead. The creature gets up and lashes out against Van Pelt, knocking the hunter aside. Right before Envy can deal the finishing blow, Van Pelt reveals a concealed pistol and shoots the Homunculus back. Van Pelt manages to recover and reload his shotgun, blasting at his foe with all he has got. Envy, unable to keep up with Van Pelt's assault, flees, leaving Van Pelt and Alexander Anderson to track him down.

The New World

While tracking down Envy, Van Pelt ends up captured by Dante, the master of the Homunculi. Soon joining him are Javert and the Colonel, who were trying to rescue him. Dante sacrifices a baby before them, teleporting all three to the live-action universe. Javert soon captures Prince Charming, a fellow dimensional traveler from the CGI universe; Van Pelt and his allies force Charming to reveal how he got to the live-action realm. Content with his answer, they keep him as a prisoner.

Cartoon Villains War

Joking about Elmer Fudd

At a lodge in the country, the hunters Van Pelt and Elmer Fudd exchanged hunting stories, with Van Pelt mocking Fudd for his failure to capture any significant game.

Vs Shadow Beast Forces

Seeing that the time is right for him to finally strike against the Beast, No Heart first wants to scout out the forest in preparation for an attack. Wanting scouts who the Beast won’t suspect of being associated with him, No Heart hires Van Pelt and his new partner for the job. However, while carrying out this mission, the hunters are met by two of the guardians of the Beast’s forest: Scarface and Goth.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Teaming with Maxim Horvath

Elsewhere, knowing more trespassers from the animated universe could become big threats, Maxim Horvath brings in the people into the alliance including Count Olaf, Lord Blackwood, Sun Lok, Drake Stone, and Van Pelt.

Vs Misty

After a run-in with Mombi, Misty continues her search to find Ash Ketchum. However, she ends in New York City, thus encountering Van Pelt. Though Misty's Staryu could easily outwit the hunter, Sun Lok, on the other hand, might not want to dealt with.

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Shere Khan

In the jungle, the hunter Van Pelt hopes to get a thropy by hunting down the bengal tiger known as Shere Khan. The hunter may be merciless, but the tiger can be far worse.

Villains Battles

Vs Samhain

In order to cause havoc and destruction to the world, Chernabog summons a new ally: the ghost Samhain. The demon of the Bald Mountain sends him to kill some humans. As he finds Van Pelt, who wanted to kill Scar after his friend McLeach's "death". When the ghost defeats him, a god of death decides to take him out...

Vs Light Yagami

Stromboli challenges Van Pelt in getting rid of Light Yagami. The god-like villain may have the Death Note at his hands, but the hunter won't be defeated a second time... even if it's going to be his last breath.

TV Villains Tournament Remake

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War