Count Vampyro is a former antagonist in the first season of the French television series, Wakfu. An agile and powerful drained-shadow vampire, possessed by the spirit of Shadow Ombrage, Vampyro becomes the victim of Ombrage, resulting in becoming a prejudicial adaptation of Count Dracula himself. Vampyro is a minor player in Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Hired by Myotismon, as his new acolyte, Vampyro welcomes the arrival of Rasputin to the Legion of Darkness. While lurking around, Vampyro spots the son of Nergal, Nergal Junior. He, thus, pulls off a trap, on purpose to lure the Triumvirate of Terror, a faction that previously humiliated Myotismon, to his lair. The plan succeeds, as Discord, Him and Nergal make their way to Vampyro's fortress, demanding answers for Nergal Junior's whereabouts. The pridefull Vampyro then refuses to tel them, challenging the group for a test of their powers. While he is able to avoid Him's spells, he doesn't get the best from Discord, who transforms him into a fearful vampire minion. Taking advantage of the transformation, Nergal hits him off with a club. After Vampyro reverts into his normal form, he calls upon a ghost of his own to attack the group. However, Nergal manages to win the ghost's affection, by drawing him with family memories. Wanting to assert his dominance over the ghost, Vampyro shatters the heart of the ghost, the only remain of the ghost's deep feelings. This action, however, proves to be his undoing, as the ghost turns against his master. Vampyro doesn't have enough time to act, as the ghost blasts him into oblivion.

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