Members of Each Faction in my Old Tournament Ideas.

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Here's the next part of my own tournament plan: Members of each faction I made it's a bit hard because there's so many media but I have to figure who goes where in the factions.

Heroes vs Villains:

Hand-Drawn Realm:


Appearing in Part 1:

The Resistance Force:

Aladdin's Group: Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Omar and co, Moses, Tack, Tulio and Miguel, Quasimodo, Odette, Alice, Ratty and Moley, Pinocchio, Ichabod Crane, Anastasia.

Sinbad's Crew: Sinbad, Ariel, Fr07, Tiana and Naveen, Fly and co, Hubie and Rocko.

The Medieval Warriors:

Garret's Group: Kayley and Garret, Hercules, Belle and The Beast, Taran, Arthur/Wart, The Unicorn/Amalthea, Avatar, Frodo, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Curdie and Irene, Larn and Darkwolf, Nemo and co, Crysta, Thumbelina, Balto, Kuzco and Pacha.

Supporting Members: Pocahontas, Spirit, Peter Dickison, Stanley, Snow White (D) and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White (ND), Aurora, Cinderella.

Minor Members: Pinocchio (ND), Clara, Rex and co, The Coachman's Former Captives.

The Defenders of the Wild: Tarzan, Mowgli, Simba, Pooh and co, Littlefoot and co, 26 and co, Richard Tyler and co, Bambi, Tod, Kenai and Koda, Hazel's Warren, The Spring Sprite.

Panchito's Crew: Panchito, Jose, Brer Rabbit, Bongo, Pecos Bill, Peter.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemice: Basil, Bernard and Bianca, Jaq and Gus, Roquefort, Timothy and Dumbo, Fievel, Mrs. Brisby, The Tin Soldier.

The Pets: Pongo and Perdita, Francis and Bluebeard, Dodger's Gang, Lady and Tramp, Thomas O'Malley, Charlie and Itchy, Rowf and Snitter, Tom and Jerry, Danny and Sawyer, Jaune Tom and Robespierre.

The Farm Animals: Patch of Heaven's Animals, Wilbur, Animal Farm's Animals, The Fearless Four, Chanticleer.

The Galactic Federation: Team Lightyear, Jim Hawkins, Orin, Ozzy and Drix, Cale and Akima, Lilo and Stitch, Hogarth and the Iron Giant, Julie.

Supporting Members: Mulan, Team Atlantis, Colin.

The Royal Council: King Stefan, The King (Cinderella), King Arthur, Sir Ector and Sir Kay, The Sultan, Queen Uberta and Lord Rogers, King Morpheus, The Emperor of China, King Jarol, King Nod, King Papa.

The Wise Council: Merlin, Fairy Godmother, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Gandalf, Mama Odie, Rafiki, Grandmother Willoe, Carolinua, Mother Nature, The Blue Fairy, Magi Lune, The Good Fairy, The Pagemaster, The Great Owl, Nicodemus, Great, Great Grandmother Irene.

Supporting and Minor Heroes: King Triton, Zeus, The Nottingham Villagers, Prince Proteus, Cobra Bubbles, The Parents, The Scientists, Gepetto, Gepetto (ND), Drosselmeier, Hen Wen, The Cheshire Cat, Nessie, The Mousekewitz Family, The Vultures, King Louie, Powhatan Tribe, Sheriff Sam and Pearl, Widow Tweed, Mr. Arrow, Zeek, Aracuan Bird, The Forest Animals, The Dinosaurs (Fantasia), The Dinosaurs (The Land Before Time), Colonel Hathi and the Jungle Patrol, The Captured Dogs, Sean, Cindy, The Prince/Shadow Man, Jan and Daniel Mouse, The Hunters, The Elves, Yahweh, Spirit's Herd, Atlanteans, Civilians.

Appearing in Part 2:

Hand-Drawn Realm:

Appearing from Western Animation: Rocky and Bullwinkle, The Gummi Bears, Finn and Jake, Alfred J. Kwak, Gumball, Jake Long, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Yakko, Wakko and Dot, Sterling Archer, Aang, Korra, Ben Tennyson, Bonkers, Captain Planet, The Care Bears, The Rescue Rangers, The Chosen Seven, The Lyoko Warriors, Sector V, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Danny Fenton, Darkwing Duck, Dave the Barbarian, Dexter, Scrooge McDuck, The Eds, Timmy Turner, The Griffins, Felix the Cat, Cornelius Filmore, The Flintstones, Freakazoid, The Planet Express Crew, Garfield, The Manhattan Clan, Generator Rex, The G.I. Joe Team, Dipper and Mabel Pines, Billy and Mandy, He-Man, Jackie Chan, The Jetsons, Johnny Bravo, Jonny Quest, Kim Possible, The Knights of Justice, Hank Hill, The Lion Guard, Bugs Bunny, The Mighty Ducks, Mighty Max, The Burners, Jenny/XJ9, The Mane Six, Wirt and Greg, Peter Pan (ND), Phineas and Ferb, The Pink Panther, The Crew of the Wraith, Popeye the Sailor Man, The Powerpuff Girls, Randy Cunningham, The Recess Gang, Matthias, Mordecai and Rigby, Samurai Jack, Scooby-Doo and the Gang, The Simpsons, Sonic the Hedgehog, The South Park Kids, Spongebob, Star Butterfly, The Crystal Gems, The Hyperforce, Baloo (TS), The Ninja Turtles, The Thundercats, The Autobots, Brotherhood of the Tofu, Wander and Sylvia, Zack and Ivy, The Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H, The Xiaolin Dragons, Yogi Bear.

Other Characters: The Digidestined, Edward and Alphonse Elric, The D-Team, Naruto Uzumaki, Goku, The Hellsing Organization, The Ryouka, Inuyasha and co, Ash Ketchum, The Bebop Crew, The Sailor Scouts, The Straw Hat Pirates, Yugi Muto.

Live-Action Realm: Jack Sparrow, Dave Stutler, The Pevensie Children, Tron, Eddie Valiant, Marnie Piper, George of the Jungle, Pete and Elliot, John Carter, Will Stronghold, Dastan, Mighty Joe Young, Inspector Gadget, G-Force, Stanley Yelnats, Jack Bruno, The Lone Ranger and Toto, Oscar Diggs, Herbie, Zorro, The Muppets, Mary Poppins, Davy Crockett, Dick Tracy, The Three Musketeers, Giselle, The Rebel Alliance, Indiana Jones, Emma Swan, Harry Potter, Nick Cutter and the ARC, The Doctor, Sam and Dean Winchester, Captain Kirk, Sherlock and Watson, Jake Sully, Baudelaire Orphans, Dorothy and co, Benjamin Martin, Rick O'Connell, Eragon and Saphira, Robin Hood and Azeem, Connor MacLeod, Van Helsing, Perseus, Korben Dallas and Leeloo, Willow, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Agent J and K, Neo, Leon and Mathilda, Hellboy, Amsterdam Vallon, Nostalgia Critic, Heroes, Wesley and Buttercup, King Leonidas, Jack, Sarah Williams, Time Bandits, Ellen Ripley, Alan Grant, The Mask, Alan Parrish, Dr. Horrible, Jon Snow.

CGI Realm: The Incredibles, Toy Story Gang, Rapunzel and Eugene, Jack Skellington, WALL-E and EVE, Flik, Merida, Mike and Sully, Wreck-It Ralph, Aladar, Carl Fredricksen, Lightning McQueen and Mater, Chicken Little, Marlin and Dory, Remy, Bolt, Mittens and Rhino, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, The Emotions, Arlo and Spot, Sora, Valiant, Elsa and Anna, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Ahsoka Tano, The Guardians of Childhood, Hiccup and Toothless, Po, Beowulf, Shrek, The Storm Hawks, Coraline, Tintin, Mary Katherine, 9, Z, Rodney Copperbottom, Ice Age Gang, Ginormica and co, Madagascar Gang, Rango, Blu and Jewel, Wallace and Gromit, Arthur, Victor, The Pirate Captain, Astro Boy, Ginger and Rocky, Roddy and Rita, Oscar and Lenny, RJ, The Croods, James Henry Trotter, Samson and co, Lewis Robinson, Victor Frankenstein, Dusty Crophopper, Big Hero 6, Doogal, Red and co, Cody Maverick, Mumble, Barry B. Benson, Gru, Megamind, Dracula and co, Turbo, Team RWBY.


The Inner Circle of Magic: Maleficent, Hades, Jafar, Rasputin, Zigzag, Eris, Lady Tremaine, Ommadon, The Snow Queen, Mok Swagger, Holli Would.

Queen Grimhilde's/The Horned King's Cult:

Queen Grimhilde's Cult Members: Queen Grimhilde, Lord Maliss, Captain Hook, El Supremo and Messina, Tzekel Kan, Ogthar, The Blue Meanies, Ursula, Morgana, Marina Del Ray, Joe the Fish.

The Horned King's Cult Members: The Horned King, Dr. Facilier, Rothbart, Clavious, Zelda, Ruber, King Haggard, Odin, Blackwolf, Prince John, Prince Froglip, Gnorga, The Queen of Hearts, Saruman, Yzma, Madam Mim, Nekron.

Frollo's World Government: Frollo, Ratcliffe, Gaston, Pete, Rameses, Sa'Luk, The Colonel, Cortez.

Scar's Wild Empire: Scar, Zira, Shere Khan, Kaa, Woundwort, Drake, Ozzy and Strut, Dil and Ichy, Rinkus and Sierra, Niju.

Ratigan's/Cruella's Criminal Empires:

Ratigan's Animal Empire: Ratigan, Cat R. Waul, Warren T. Rat, Carface, Meowrice, Mr. Grasping, Toplofty and O'Bloat, Madame Mousey, Berkeley Beetle, Grundel Toad, Napoleon, Brer Fox and Brer Bear, Jenner, The Mouse King, The Grand Duke of Owls.

Cruella's Criminal Empire: Cruella De Vil, Madame Medusa, Edgar, Sykes, Aunt Figg, McLeach, Clayton, Alameda Slim, Amos Slade, Dr. Greed, Mr. Winkie, Farmer Jones.

The Coachman's Eccentric Circus: The Coachman, Professor Screweyes, Strombolt, Honest John and Gideon, Puppetino, Sarousch, Forte, Mommy Fortuna.

Zurg's Evil Empire: Emperor Zurg, Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z, Gantu, Dr. Hamsterviel, Thrax, Zygon, John Silver, The Drej, Korso and Preed, Tyler.

Marcus' Alliance: Marcus, Rourke, Helga, Shan Yu, Kent Mansley.

The Seekers of Darkness: Chernabog, The Nightmare King, The Emperor of the Night, Hexxus, Red, B.L. Zebub, Belladonna.

Minor and Anti-Heroes: Sauron, Darla Dimple and Max, Pterano, Willie the Giant, Humbert, Aunt Sarah, Monstro, The Witches of Morva, The Lizardman Leader, Sage Odin, Tyrannosaurus, Rex, Sharptooth, Scalawag and Igor, Denahi, Scowl and Batso, Kong and The Herman Brothers.

Appearing in Part 2:

Hand-Drawn Realm: Boris and Natasha, Duke Igthorn, Ice King, Dolf, Rob, The Huntsman, Scarface, Pinky and the Brain, Fire Lord Ozai, Amon, Vilgax, No Heart, Fat Cat, Chronos, Father, Katz, Vlad Plasmius, Negaduck, Magica De Spell, The Professor, Mom, David Xanatos, Van Kleiss, Cobra Commander, Bill Cipher, Nergal, Skeletor, The Dark Hand, Dr. Drakken, Yosemite Sam, Dragaunus, Skullmaster, Abraham Kane, Vexus, Discors, The Beast, Captain Hook (ND), Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Bloth, Bluto, Mojo Jojo, The Sorcerer, Clunny the Scourge, Aku, Simone Lenior, Mr. Burns, Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Toffee, The Diamonds, The Skeleton King, Don Karnage, Utrom Shredder, Mumm-Ra, The Decepticons, Nox, Lord Hater, Carmen Sandiego, The Trix, Prince Phobos, Jack Spicer, Myotismon, The Homunculi, Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang, Orochimaru, Frieza, The Major, Aizen, Naraku, Team Rocket, Vicious, The Black Moon Clan, Marshall D. Teach, Maximillion Pegasus.

Live-Action Realm: Darth Vader, Mola Ram, Commander Sark, Mr. Dark, Mombi, Judge Doom, Big Boy Caprice, The Sanderson Sisters, Cardinal Richelieu, Captain Silver, Kalabar, Dr. Claw, Barbossa, Ramsley, Royal Pain, Jadis the White Witch, Queen Narissa, The Red Queen, Maxim Horvath, Tex Richman, The Wicked Witch of the West, Xenomorphs, Jason Voorhees, The Evil Genius, Gozer, Freddy Krueger, The Kurgan, The Lord of Darkness, Jareth, Audrey II, Predators, Count Rugen, Beetlejuice, Bavmorda, Pennywise, The Sheriff of Nottingham, T-Rex, Dorian Tyrell, Norman Stansfield, Van Pelt, Zorg, Boris the Animal, Agent Smith, Imhotep, William Tavington, Profion, Voldemort, Sauron, Bill Cutting, Prince Nuada, Dracula, Count Orlok, Durza, Xerxes, Buraki, Khan, Miles Quaritch, Lord Blackwood, Lord Zedd, Crowley, The Master, Sylar, Helen Cutter, Jim Moriarty.

CGI Realm: Oogie Boogie, Lotso, Hopper, Kron, Randall Boggs, Syndrome, Von Talon, Kazar, Chick Hicks, Bowler Hat Guy, Chef Skinner, AUTO, Charles F. Muntz, Mother Gothel, Mordu, King Candy, Ripslinger, Hans, Yokai, General Mandible, Mrs. Tweedy, Lord Farquaad, Captain Gutt, Don Lino, Zeebad, Madame Gasket, Chantel Dubois, Lord Barkis Bittern, Victor Quartermaine, Boingo, Vincent, The Toad, Malthazar, Frieda, Tank Evans, Grendel, Tai Lung, The Other Mother, Gallaxhar, Fabrication Machine, President Stone, Drago Bludvist, Vector, Tighten, Rattlesnake Jake, Nigel, Sakharine, Queen Victoria, Mandrake, Cyclonus, Dr. Blowhole, Organization XIII, Archibald Snatcher.

Villains War:

Hand-Drawn Realm:

Maleficent's Alliance: Maleficent, Hades, Jafar, Dr. Facilier, Eris, Ursula, Lady Tremaine, Yzma, Madam Mim, Morgana, Marina Del Ray, Sa'Luk, Echidna, Typhon, Mechanicles, Mozenrath, Ayam Aghoul.

The Horned King's Alliance: The Horned King, Rasputin, Rothbart, Clavious, Zelda, Ruber, Ommadon, Prince Froglip, Gnorga.

Queen Grimhilde's Alliance: Queen Grimhilde, Lord Maliss, Blackwolf.

Prince Phobos' Alliance: Prince Phobos, Cedric, Hecate, The Dazzlings, Queen Chrysalis, Venger, Skullmaster, Mumm-Ra.

Skeletor's Alliance: Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Beast Man, Mer-Man, Evil Manta, Discord, Stalker.

Frollo's Alliance: Frollo, Governor Ratcliffe, Gaston, Captain Hook, Pete, Shan Yu, Prince John, The Queen of Hearts, Rourke, Helga, Colonel Staquait, Count Rokoff.

Rameses' Alliance: Rameses, Tzekel Kan, Zigzag.

Fire Lord Ozai's Alliance: Fire Lord Ozai, Azula, Admiral Zhao, Chase Young.

Amon's Alliance: Amon, Mr. Burns, Dr. Robotnik, Alpha, Bishop, Mom, Cell.

Kuvira's Alliance: Kuvira, Long Feng, The Trix, The Huntsclan, Ice King, Unalaq, Queen La, Scarab.

Scar's Alliance: Scar, Zira, Shere Khan, Kaa.

Ratigan's Alliance: Ratigan, Cat R. Waul, Warren T. Rat, Carface.

Cruella's Alliance: Cruella De Vil, Madame Medusa, Edgar, Sykes, Aunt Figg.

Xanatos' Alliance: Xanatos, Fox, Owen Burnett, Demona, Macbeth, The Pack, Anton Sevarius, Thailog, Dr. Drakken, Shego, Duff Killigan, DNAmy, Abraham Kane, Norton Nimnul, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Hannibal McFist, Plankton.

Cobra Commander's Alliance: Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Major Bludd, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Carmen Sandiego, Father, The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Maximillian Pegasus.

The Shredder's Alliance: Utrom Shredder, Karai, Baxter Stockman, Hun, Jack Spicer, Valmont, Shendu, Human Shredder, Krang, Giovanni, Mewtwo, Victor Veloci.

Emperor Zurg's Alliance: Zurg, Warp Darkmatter, Gantu, Dr. Hamsterviel, John Silver, Nos4a2, Gravitina, XL, Torque, Dragaunus, Lord Hater, Warhok, Warmonga.

Marcus' Alliance: Marcus, Thrax, Zygon, Korso, Preed, Tyler, The Drej.

Frieza's Alliance: Frieza, The Skeleton King, Vilgax, Vexus, The Diamonds, Zim.

Megatron's Alliance: Megatron, Starscream, Lugnut and Blitzwing, Blackarachnia, Lord Boxman, Professor Venomous, Dark Oak.

Chernabog's Alliance: Chernabog, The Nightmare King, The Emperor of the Night, Hexxus.

Aku's Alliance: Aku, Samhain, The Beast, Him, Bloth, Simone Lenoir, The Homunculi, Hex, Charmcaster, Ember McLain, Skulker.

Bill Cipher's Alliance: Bill Cipher, Vlad Plasmius, Nergal, Toffee, Nightmaster.

The Lich's Alliance: The Lich, Mirage, No Heart, Corset, Valtor, Myotismon, Mistress Nine.

Live-Action Realm:

Regina's Alliance: Regina Mills, Maxim Horvath, The Sanderson Sisters, Saruman, Profion, Durza, Barbossa, Captain Silver, Master Org, Jareth.

Cora's Alliance: Cora, The Red Queen, Jadis, Lord Voldemort, Bavmorda, Mesogog, Davy Jones, Necrolai, Kal.

Cersei Lannister's Alliance: Cersei Lannister, Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Littlefinger, President Snow, Lord Cutler Beckett, The Sheriff of Nottingham, Evil Genius, Morgana Pendragon.

Jim Moriarty's Alliance: Jim Moriarty, The Master, Crowley, Norman Stansfield, The Governor, Judge Doom.

Hannibal Lecter's Alliance: Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, Jack Torrance, Patrick Bateman, Zorg, Dr. Horrible, Gustavo Fring.

Freddy Krueger's Alliance: Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, Leatherface, Audrey II, Russell Edgington, Dracula.

Pinhead's Alliance: Pinhead, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Chucky, Jigsaw, Lord of Darkness, Imhotep, Ghostface, Count Orlok.

Emperor Palpatine's Alliance: Palpatine, Darth Vader, Davros, Number Six, Khan, Scorpius.

Lord Zedd's Alliance: Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Xenomorphs, Helen Cutter, MCP, Sylar.

CGI Realm:

Pitch Black's Alliance: Pitch Black, The Other Mother, Grendel, Zeebad, The Miser Brothers, Malthazar, Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, Lord Farquaad, Archibald Snatcher, The Mad Doctor, Revolver Ocelot, GLAdos, Freddy Fazbear, SMG3, The Director.

Master Xehanort's Alliance: Master Xehanort, Organization XIII, Drago Bludvist, Ganondorf, Kefka, Sephiroth, Gruntilda.

Salem's Alliance: Salem, Cinder Fall, Emerald, Mercury, Roman Torchwick, Neopolitan, Shang Tsung, Heihachi, The Sorceress, Ripto, Razorbeard.

Bowser's Alliance: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Tai Lung, Lord Shen, King K. Rool, Hopper, Rattlesnake Jake, Mother Gothel, Dr. Eggman, Hawk Moth, Captain Gutt, Dr. Blowhole.

Master Cyclonis' Alliance: Cyclonis, Syndrome, Dr. Neo Cortex, Oogie Boogie, King Candy, Yokai, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Darth Maul, Lord Garmadon, Lord Business.

Megabyte's Alliance: Megabyte, Hexadecimal, Tighten, Vector, Bowler Hat Guy, Dr. Nefarious, President Stone, Miles Dread, Victor Quartermaine, Mrs. Tweedy, AUTO, CLU, The Hood, The Toad, Boingo, Nigel, Metal Beak, Lotso, Stinky Pete, Randall Boggs, The Mysterious Stranger, Black Crow, The Sandman.

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