So assuming I do one of these, it will be akin to Disney Villains VS Non-Disney Villains, BUT I will be going with TV show villains first, then move onto film villains in the second part. Since I have standards, I won't be adding a category onto these, but I will be throwing in what I plan for something like this. If some of you guys want to help me own by bringing in some of your own plans, let me know.


The New Homunculi

Although the original Homunculi died in battle, Father, the creator of them, was still alive, and still planned to overthrow the government and start his own, however, instead of using Artificial Humans, he would use Artificially Enhanced Humans to help him achieve his goal.


Leader of the Faction

  • All For One

An alternate form of Father, often used to disguise himself

Often seen as the Co-Leader of the Homunculi, leading the charge when they're in a battle

One of the weaker Homunculi, since he messes with opponents minds more often than fighting them directly.

The Negotiator of the Homunculi, but holds his own very well in a fight

  • Pride
  • Gluttony
  • Sloth
  • Envy

The Foot Clan

A suprisingly about of mutations have occured in animals, that made them more humanoid than before, but they were all deamed as regular animals and treated as such none the less. Oroku Saki was against this poor treatment, and  formed a gang to start a world where intelligent animals of all species co-existed in harmony.


Leader of the Faction

Military Commander of the Mutants

Mechanic of the Faction, often creating machines for himself and other mutants

Mostly Serve as Basic Brutes for the Faction

Works as a spy for the faction considering his small size and charismatic personality

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