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So assuming I do one of these (which I probably won't since my last editing software I found too confusing and took up too much data), it was planned to be a battle between Anime Villains and Cartoon Villains, with animated film villains joining the party... but I've decided to just have it be whatever I want. Since I have standards, I won't be putting these on actual articles, but I will be throwing in what I plan for something like this. If some of you guys want to help me own by bringing in some of your own plans, let me know.


The Main Story:

Music for the Mood

The Age of Animation

Unlike how it is now, Earth originally was a peaceful world, as real as we think it would be. Although the exact date is unknown, on one day, one man, nay, one animated character has had enough. The world viewed him as a sociopath, a sadist, a psychopath, when he was nothing of the sort! His plan for vengeance was concocted shortly after that day, with one woman using some mysterious device on a massive bomb, and when activated, everything changed.

The world had become far more mythical, as souls were now visible, animals were far more intelligent and humanoid, technology was far more advanced, and monsters and gods existed amongst mortals. Some normal humans were changed into an unfamiliar form, or were given supernatural powers, yet quickly adapted as if it was who they were all along. Others retained formed similar to their past selves, albeit considering how, let's say colorful, the world around them was, felt vastly different.

So many things have changed in this world, and peaceful times were one of them.

For The Throne of Olympus

Music for the Mood

There has been speculation that Hades would rule over Mount Olympus on the day when all the planets align. Of course the ruler of the underworld was interested in the throne, and the day was coming soon, however the Gods of Olympus were vast and powerful, so he couldn't do the job alone. Traveling to a cherry blossom tree, he immediatly destroys it with his flames, freeing the corpse of a man in a green robe. Thus, the god of death was free, albiet under Hades' control. Thanatos wasn't willing to help out the god so easily though, so a deal was made. If Hades would rule over Olympus, then he would rule over the underworld. "Yes! It's a deal then!"

Eager to rule over the souls of the River Styx, Thanatos takes control of a large beast, and travels to Mount Olympus, with his greatest rival, the god of plants, watching over the nearby vally and ordering two other gods, Discord and Zeus, to destroy his body. The King of all gods's ego gets the better of him however, and he ends up being reduced to nothing but dust by the god's smog. Thie other two gods don't go easy on him however, as Arbutus cuts off his hand, and the god of mischief causes the beast to beast to implode, only leaving it's hand to run off, and meet back with his master.

The Master of Puppets

Traveling to southern Italy, the British alligator named Sewernose meets up with his brother "The Great" Fusilli, who has recently been renowned as the greatest puppeteer of the land. Sewernose is jealous of the massive status he gained, although Fusilli decides to hire his acting services and share future profits to make up for this. "For Fusilli, everyone play-a-part."

While another show is in progress, the actor looks around the theater, to find dozens of puppets hung on the walls and ceiling. All this did was anger the gator more, as he just assumed he bought them with vast amounts of money. With him fed up with his brothers act, Sewernose puts on a captain hook costume, and threatens to slice him and his puppets with his cutlass. In a state of panic, the puppeteer jumps off the balcony, leaving the audience confused. He tries to improvise a new act, only to fall victim to the curse of the stage, leaving him as a lifeless puppet, with his brother taking over him, his stage and his show.

The Law of the Savanna

Sick of Scar's tyrannical rule of the massive savanna, which includes his own forest, the blue fox known as Scarface took off to Pride Rock to fight the lion himself.

Upon his arrival, the canine immediately rushed towards the unprepared feline, biting him in the leg, only to be swatted away shortly after. The cowardly lion runs off to the top of his mountain to tend to his wounds, with the fox on his tail. Once at the top, Scarface seemingly has his prey cornered, only for Scar to throw hot coals into his eyes and send him careening to the bottom of Pride Rock. The tyrant looks on at the dying canine, as he says four words that might topple the lion's reign... "I... will be avenged", before succumbing to his broken bones and having his corpse devoured by Scar's coalition of hyenas.

There Will Be Blood Bending

Hearing of the four former Chinese nations are now represented by a element they control, Amon is furious and goes out to destroy all four of them so that he can claim the land of former benders for himself.

The Air Region is the first to go, as a massive bomb lands in the center, with the masked man himself arriving from his biplane to detonate it, only to be stopped by the ruler of the land, The Storm King. Who immediately pulls out a magical staff and open fires on the non-bender, and yet due to his much smaller size, Amon dodges every last blast, and opts for using his martial arts skills at close range to strike the 12 foot yeti. After getting hit into a wall from one punch from the king, another magical blast is fired directly at the masked man, yet he dodges it, the blast reflects off a glass window, and The Storm King accidentally turns himself into a stone statue, leaving him defenseless and immobile, as Amon takes to his plane again, taking the king's staff with him, as the Air Region is wiped off the map.

A new Plain to Claim

With his current farm out to pasture, the cattle rustler known as Alameda Slim is off looking for a new one. Eventually he finds the largest farm he ever laid his eyes on owned by a man simply known as The Colonel, who doesn't take kindly to strangers in his part of the west. Pulling out a gun, the cowpoke immediately open fires, only for the much larger cowboy to dodge the bullet completely, as he pulls out what seems to be his own shotgun, only for it to be an entirely new weapon.

You see, I yodel-adle-eedle-idle-odle

Somehow, the many animals break free of their pens are wreck havoc on the farm and it's owner, including having his gun being destroyed. "I don't believe it." are the only words that escape his lips as a pig pounces towards him and tears off his head, leaving his corpse to be devoured and his farm owned by Slim.

The Spark of War

Music for the first Epilogue

Returning to his master, Thanatos finds Hades fuming with rage, ordering him to find other demons or gods to help out with their take over of Olympus immediately.

What neither of the two recognize is, for every time the god of death gets harmed, a body from the underworld escapes. As such, a pirate spirit breaks free of the underworld and goes out to terrify the mortals, while a different spirit returns to his original body, and escapes from his coffin.

In the ocean, a zooplankton and a cleaner fish managed to devour some mysterious liquid, only to gain sentience from it. Now with far more than just food to hunt for, the two decide to work together and rule over the seas.

With the obliteration of the Air Region, the remaining three nations immediately immobilize for when their next foe strikes.

A day after the feast, Lady Blue finds the skull and shattered bone fragments of what remains of Scarface, and shares the news with the rest of the pack, forming a rebellion towards Scar's rule, with his father, Scar Snout, taking charge.

Contemplating his loss and the death of the old homunculi, Father thinks of a new way to destroy the hideous monsters around the world. Encountering Benedict Uno, an idea comes to mind. He technically worked alone last time, why not bring in some allies this time, so he gave the adult a handful of his powers, turning him into a Homunculi now known as Wrath.

A Testing Ground

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Sitting peacefully on the throne of Eternia, Keldor notices the wall of his palace being destroyed by, what looks like a living silhouette. Believing he could be a useful ally, he tries to convince him to join his forces. "I could use someone with you talents." Wrath is not interested in this proposition however and rebuffs the king instead, leading to him pulling out a pair of swords, immediately dashing to skewer the Homunculi. To prevent this, Wrath tries to dodge the blades as much as he can, leading to many slashes being too close for comfort, and unintentionally levitating in the air. This leads to Benedict being arrogant enough to insult Keldor yet again, but Keldor is a master of aerial combat and catches the silhouette by surprise. Despite being knocked across the throne room and into a fireplace, neither the slash nor the impact harm Benedict, but instead enrages him. "Now you've made me angry!" Flames conjure from Wrath's hands, aiming for the dumbfounded face of the king, melting the flesh off of his face. With some decent understanding of his powers, the Homunculi leaves the king of Eternia in agony and returns to his master.

Show's Over

Under the orders of her own master, Commander Vexus is told to expand the borders of Robotropolis, by seizing control of a nearby carnival. Initially disguising herself as a young girl so she could get a ticket to it's main attraction, The Big Top, The Ringmaster notices that she has stayed for to long and orders the workers to escort her out of the circus. Before anyone could take her down however, the machine reveals herself and immediately takes the offensive, zapping some of the co-workers with laser vision. A different performer take a gun with two boxing gloves, and shoots out the bug, only for her to catch both fists, and crush each of them. The Ringmaster tries to get the job done himself, however Vexus immediately takes the opportunity to send him flying across the circus. Noticing the manager of the place, the insect shoots a seemingly harmless bug into his wounded arm, and roboticizes the unfortunate man, leaving the rest of the circus crew to flee, and the ringmaster of the place to be devoured by Wirewolf.

A Cold Revolution

A civil war has started in the underdeveloped Ice State, with Nekron and several other benders starting a revolution to create a more advanced and powerful nation in it's place. The current ruler of the elemental nation, Simon Petrikov, orders numerous subjects to arrest the traitors, however one isn't willing to co-operate, that being General Esdeath, who challenges the Ice King himself for the throne. Simon unleashes an army of snow monsters to kill the general, while she creates a Calvary made entirely of ice, easily taking down the weaker beasts, but before the king himself could fall victim, he takes to the sky and aims a blast of icy magic at Esdeath, only for her to block it with a rapier and strikes the king's crown, the source of his power. With Simon knocked unconscious, the general immediately takes the opportunity and stabs him in the heart, and takes the throne for herself.

The Hunt is On

Traveling to a forest in Southern Asia, Percival C. McLeach is out looking for some famous animals to hunt, so he could get a reward. On his drive, he spots the monstrous "Killer" Tiger, and his sly assistant Akamimi hunting a recently released parrot. After nearly getting shot in the shoulder, the beast stops the hunt and aims for the hunter, while his lackey runs off, with the Australian poacher ordering his pet lizard Joanna to take care of him. Killer rushes towards McLeach, but is immediately stopped by getting shot in his hind leg, opting him to swipe the poacher with his front paws, however he danced around them and kicks, knocking the tiger into a deep pit, causing him to die from the fall. Meanwhile, Joanna and Akamimi exchange bite after swipe, one brutal blow after another, as the fight lasts just long enough for McLeach to catch up to his pet, as the fox is restrained, leaving the poacher for his final blow, until a third party member shot him down first. This new hunter, named Gaston, offers to forge a partnership with McLeach, to share future profits they make from hunting and poaching. The Australian gladly accepts.

Business so good, it's Criminal!

Hearing that profits are down, the mob boss "Fat" Tony Sykes decides to make a greater name for himself, and goes to Revocs Corporation to start a fashion business, just like his brother. Arriving at the building alongside four of his men for defense, and his daughter Natalia to teach her the ways of the criminal world, he is greeted by the CEO, Ragyo Kiryuin. The crime lord tries to swindle the woman to put him in charge of the company, "How do you know you don't like bribes if you've never taken one?" only to learn that nothing he does convinces the woman at all. With no other option, he immediately orders his men to assassinate the woman instead, leading to Ragyo getting shot a bunch... only to regenerate from it? With the criminals dumbfounded, Ragyo instantly takes the opportunity to physically rip them apart. Now in the middle of a blood bath, the crime lord tries to shoot the crazed CEO himself, using his one "Bullet of Death", only for Kiryuin to dodge the bullet completely, tying up Tony and throwing him to the other side of the room. With the crime lord unconscious, Ragyo decapitates Mr. Sykes as soon as possible, leaving his horrified daughter as the last one standing. Seeing the little girl as a prize for the bloodbath, the CEO decides to make her more useful for her cause, and uses the life fibers inside her body to mind control, or more accurately mind stitch the young one to her side, altering her memories so that Fat Tony was an enemy, and she was her real mother. It certainly wasn't pleasant, as immense pain occurred in her brain and her personality was being shaped as well. Natalia was dead, and an insane little girl was born.

A Dark Lackey

In the shadows while Mok is meeting with a new colleague named Dr. Transistor, his new friend watches news about a man called the Scarecrow (Batman: Gotham Knight), who was a ruthless killer, Mok becomes interested and tells him to his associate who will go to investigate while leaving Transistor with a project of him.

Already in the dark suburbs of the city within the sewers of this, being hidden in the lair of the psychopath Mok spies on the Scarecrow who was about to sacrifice innocent people until a rival of this called the Candle Jack arrives who apparently was another soul that He escaped from the Underworld being before one of the victims of the Scarecrow, which was looking for revenge, the fight started between them and even though the Scarecrow was against the ropes, Mok decides to help the Scarecrow by throwing a ball of light against Candle Jack to weaken him that gave him time The Scarecrow calls a beast that he had in the sewers and devours Candle Jack, after this Mok appears with the intention of hiring the Scarecrow to work for him and he decides to accept.

A Poisonous Snake in the Citadel

In a nameless citadel, Magica De Spell and her brother Poe are the rulers of that place, as they force people to worship them as if they were gods and lived in luxury, until someone named Oriale who was an old rival of Magica, Deciding to punish these silly ducks once and for all, a magic duel is unleashed, even though Magica had the advantage, Oriale decides to make Magica suffer by defeating someone she loves so much, turns Poe into a crow and takes advantage of showing his superiority disposing of their forces to Magica and Poe putting some weaker forms and making the plumage of Magica go from green to white, finally Oriale banishes the brothers from the citadel.

A Road Paved with Blood

Epilogue Music

After the loss of the Big Top, one of the Ringmaster's greatest performers looks for somewhere to hide from Robotropolis residents. Taking shelter inside a traveling circus train, only to find it occupied by a few other performers. Despite this, the performer, going by the surname "The Joker" offers to join in the fun and cause their circus to get far more famous, and is happily accepted into the next show.

Hermes who now had a different body has mysteriously reunited the gods of Olympus being these conformed by Hera, Arburtus, Eris, Hecate, Poseidon, Discord, Vulcan, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Dionysus, Skotadi and Minthe to mourn the death of Zeus, even Thus a god among all makes an appearance and decides to lead other gods, even these doubted Hera decides to support him and vergar the death of her husband.

Scar Snout and Lady Blue decide to go see Scarface's younger brother to tell him of the death of his brother, this knowing he decides to serve the cause even though another lion could not help but hear them and decides to make an appearance, even though the wolves They mistake him for Scar, he introduces himself as Claw and is willing to collaborate with the wolves ...

Another soul from the River Styx known as the Mad Monk approaches Hades only to implore his mercy to serve him, even though Hades was not interested at first, Rasputin tells him that certain people fled from River Styx, Hades becomes furious yet he calms down and grant him the wish, thus granting him a special relic but before going to hunt those rebellious souls he must show Hades if it is worth it for a mortal to help him in his plans.

After the attack of Eternia, a monster known as Venger notices the town's dying king, and takes pity on him, offering him resurrection, at the price of something else, although... "No price... is too great." Keldor died that day, and Skeletor was born.

A performer of a mysterious haunting circus arrives at Fusilli's former stage, only to find an eerily similar counterpart instead. To tie up this loose end, he suggests that Sewernose should "preform" for a famous criminal and rack up some of his large amount of cash.

In a cave at the bottom of the ocean the Great Witch of the Sea abuses two daughters about the arrival of a future enemy that will threaten the domination of the Octopians. She is very old and decides to give a fraction of her power to Ursula so that she is well prepared.

Amon and The Equalists have a meeting with him with a criminal gang known as Maggia, negotiating with the leader, Count Nefaria and his daughter Madame Mask, making them his allies in a war that Amon started, but Nefaria tells Amon that he He is delighted and his daughter tells him that he is now welcome in the Empire since a certain ruler of the Empire can help him a lot but you have to remove a creeping rat so that Amon can be officially part, Amon and his allies begin to formulate a plan.

While in the Nightmare Realm, Lord Darkar with his lackey Baron Mordo use their terrible powers to summon Nightmare Moon, Nightmaster, Eradicus, Dracula, Deacon Frost, Myotismon, DemiDevimon, Devimon and Zhan Tiri thus ends up founding the terrible Legion of the Darkness and thus make preparations for "Dark Tomorrow."

A place of unknown in the city a reptilian wanted to know all the secrets of the world was rejected to be a world leader and met with his partner who appeared a demon for his plans even so a boy named Ryo Asuka approaches them with an offer.

While in Mok's custody while after Dr. Transistor had finished upgrading his Supercomputer, he received a message from a mysterious masked man who presented himself with V.V. Argost having a juicy offer that he can decline for Mok's plans.

Shadows from the Past

Prologue Music

While Thanatos was looking for allies for Hades, he is approached by an Olympian who was banished by Hera for trying to take Zeus from him in the past, Nyx the Goddess of the Night, who wishes to help him gather gods and demons against Olympus.

A survivor who managed to flee the destruction of the Air Region meets with a Fire Nation mercenary with the intention of seeking revenge and joining the most feared elemental masters in all of China.

Father has decided to leave his disguise of Truth to take a human form approaching Vlad Masters to recruit him to recruit him by giving him part of his mystical powers and baptizing him as Greed.

In another far part of the Nightmare Realm, a green magician decides to summon a demon that, unbeknownst to the magician, was somewhat weakened when he was called only to go investigate in another realm with the intention that this magician left there.

Fit Tony Sykes who is Fat Tony's cousin Sykes finds out about the death of his cousin and his niece, so he informs his other cousin Bill Sykes who does not take the news well while Fit Tony would take over from the late Fat Tony.

Rasputin Vs Ying Ranma

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The Mad Monk decides to start demonstrating what he is capable of when he sees another rebellious soul called Ying Ranma wanting to flee from the underworld, so Rasputin decides to attack hitting Ying Ranma with the power of the reliquary, yet he totally enrages the girl which responds by knocking down Rasputin even so the monk does not give up launched a more powerful attack returning the soul to River Styx, Hades sees that and is impressed but tells Rasputin that now he must go for a god.

A rat in the Empire

Amon, Madame Mask and Count Nefaria put their plan in place, already in the Empire, the Prime Minister Honest was walking through the corridors to go see the Empress when he is intercepted by Commodus a lieutenant of the empire who cornered him, Honest demands What does this mean when Amon comes out of the shadows saying "You are a traitor of the Empire and you are accused of extortion" to which Commodus smiling faces Honest unleashing a fight between them ... but Honest is killed by Commodus who noticing that Madame Mask and Count Nefaria were about to arrive, he tells Amon that he thanks them for helping them and that the Empress was waiting for him.

Bye Brother

While Sewernose was presented to Negaduck by a suggestion of a visitor when suddenly some mysterious bats appear to him ... and to the horror of both the vampire Myotismon appears to him who was only looking for victims for the Legion's plans, to this Sewernose and Negaduck decide to team up against the vampire when he summoned an army of Bakemon and Phantomon, Negaduck confronts him with his weapons but Myotismon with a blow sends the criminal to fly then Sewernose is forced to flee until another lackey of Myotismon, this was Devimon who attacks Sewernose knocking him down and Myotismon deals the final blow to Sewernose while Negaduck decides to retreat after seeing Sewernose die.

Hera Vs Loki

Apparently Hera and Hermes on Abel's orders went to Asgard in Norway to look for other gods to strengthen the forces of Olympus, Odin receives them but Loki had arrived saying that things were better without Zeus this made Hera angry as Odin, even though The goddess was more angry making Hera unleash all her anger on the god of lies, knocking him down while Hermes watches while Odin decides to abandon Loki, letting Hera punish him by forcing Loki himself to flee but what would make him pay, after that Odin along with his other sons Thor and Baldur would be welcomed to Olympus.

Halloween is Coming

Jack O'Lantern, the king of Halloween Town, has arrived in the 2-D world and feels like bringing in some friends over, creating a portal to the world and bringing in many spirits of the spooky city, to rule over a skull shaped fortress. Meanwhile, Maleficent orders her lackeys to find new lands to rule over, one of which, named Skullmaster takes interest in the heavily guarded lair, and asks his master for a suggestion to rule over. Fortunately for him, a henchmaniac named Trickster still resides in the physical world. Jack notices the attack on his new home, and immediately engages in a duel with Skullmaster who pulls out his sword in response. The Trickster faces off against Jack's pumpkin army, and easily takes down every gourd one by one. On the other hand, Jack's trickery and powerful scythe is no match for Skullmaster's sheer brute force, brutality and years of sword fighting, leaving the Pumpkin King's weapon destroyed. The helpless Jack watches in horror and Skullmaster takes out his mighty crystal, and sucks his soul into it, giving him greater power and leaving Jack as yet another trapped soul inside the crystal.

Never Insult a Magician!

Duncan was doing vandalism as usual until he is interrupted by Mozenrath, who challenges him to prove to No Heart that he's worthy of being a member of the Sorcerer's Society. Duncan however mocks him and calls him a dumb exibitionist to which Mozenrath quickly responds by zapping him and enjoying the show while it lasted. After being offended by Mozenrath, Duncan quickly launches himself against the sorcerer, knocking him to a cliff to which he emerges clears to him of how excruciating his powers can be and knocks the juvie delinquent to a tree. After doing so, Mozenrath tells him that he will be his prisoner soon enough and Duncan screams in horror as Mozenrath imprisons him into a tiny mud ball

The Hunter becomes The Prey

While Kalshara and Brafilius were ploting to capture even more famous animals, they got attacked by Queen La and her leopards. Queen La gave them a change to surrender or they will be killed. Brafilius accept it,but her sister didn't.As The Leopard Men attacked Kalshara, they were surprised that she got transformed into a lion. Kalshara easily beat them by jumping on them and knocking them down.Angered,Queen La use her staff to transform Kalshara. As Kalshara transformed into a vulture to retreat, Brafilius catches her. Kalshara felt angry that her own brother beltrayed her.Queen La decide to use her staff to only trap her and let The Sorcerer Society to choose her fate, leaving her brother shocked.Before she left,she says:'I won't kill you!I think of a more creative punishment!''

A demon in Wonderland

Dabura is sent by Bibidi to Wonderland with the intention of following his plans, to that the demon is against the Queen of Hearts starting a battle which the demon had the great advantage of not being that the Wizard of Wonderland entered defending the demon queen who had been defeated, even though Dabura was strong the magician's skills rivaled him forcing him to leave Wonderland.


The Forces of The Underworld

A group of demons and gods used to overthrow Zeus and the other gods, and put Hades on the throne of Olympus.

Primary Members:
Secondary Members:
Thanatos' other forms:

The Gods of Olympus

The current gods, unwilling to give up Zeus' throne.


The Crew of The Flying Dutchman

Ever since he escaped the River Styx, the Dutchman has been looking to give other mortals heart attacks, to increase the crew even more.

The Crew:

The New Homunculi

Although the original Homunculi died in battle, the creator of them, was still alive, and still planned to destroy any and all monsters, however instead of using Artificial Humans, he would use Artificially Enhanced Humans to help him achieve his goal.

Primary Members:
Thrax's gang:

A gang that has ties with Father's faction, although it's kept a secret by Thrax. Went it's separate way after Nick O' Teen told Father about Thrax's death and offered to be his replacement.

The Kingdom of Monsters

Humans have always believed monsters to be sadistic, heartless, demonic forces that want nothing more than destruction. Likewise, monsters see humans as greedy, egocentric fools that care for nothing other than profit, and wish to destroy them before the Earth becomes permanently devoid of life.


The Animal Foundation

In an unspecified location, a rebellion against humanity has formed, one that intends to murder all humans, and have intelligent animals reign supreme.

Figureheads (In the 2D Realm):
Other Members (In the 2D Realm):
Figureheads (In the CGI Realm):

The Foot Clan

A surprisingly amount of mutations have occurred in animals, that made them more humanoid than before, but they were all deemed as regular animals and treated as such none the less. Oruku Saki was against this poor treatment, and formed a gang to start a world where intelligent animals of all species co-existed in harmony.

Head Members:
Other Members:

Team Rocket

A criminal organization that plans to rule over the world, although there isn't any given reason as to why.

Human/Humanoid Members:
Non-Human/Lesser Members:

The Defenders of Wonderland/The Nightmare Guild

With a large coup forming in the mist of the kingdom, The Queen of Hearts tries to rally a set of troops to keep her rule cemented. After the fall of the Queen of Hearts and The Wizard of Wonderland, Nightmare takes over the faction and renames it the Nightmare Guild.

New Council Members:
Other Members:

The Blue Meanies

These creatures intend to overthrow the supposedly sadistic Queen of Hearts, and install a new, much kinder king in Wonderland.

Primary Members:
Other Members:

The Industrial Ocean

A partnership between Joe and Plankton set out to take over the seas.


Ursula's School (erm, as in School of Fish)

Ursula doesn't seem to happy about the industrialization of the ocean, and is set out to both end the rebellion and begin her rule.


The Fire Nation

One of the original four elemental kingdoms, The Fire Nation has mobilized to a great degree in preparation for when one of the other two kingdoms strike.


The Earth Kingdom

One of the original four elemental kingdoms, The Earth Kingdom had created impenetrable walls for protection of hordes or the other two kingdoms.


The Ice State

One of the original four elemental kingdoms, The Water Tribe experienced a revolution, as it's diplomatic government had been overthrown and replaced by a monarchy, and later a Dictatorship, with snow-benders and ice-benders.


Amon's Inner Circle

Standing against all four original elemental kingdoms, is the Warlord known as Amon, out to destroy the kingdoms and rule all of china for himself.


The Realm of Plants

A fifth elemental kingdom consisting either of plant-like creatures or creatures that have control over plants.


The Red Lotus

A faction that want to destroy the world's rulers once and for all.

The Forces of Egypt

Taking notice of hostile plants near the Nile river, The Pharaoh of Egypt immediately assumes The Devil's Garden has started to grow around his nation, and orders any sentient plants to be destroyed.