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A cohesive timeline of events of WHVWE.

Beginning of Time - One Being comes into existence, the first living creature to ever exist, they create the first two beings, Supreme Deity and Demon King. Supreme Deity creates the Elder Gods as food for One Being

hile Demon King goes into hiding.Thousand Years after Beginning of Time - Elder Gods kill the One Being after years of being OB feeding on their essence. They end up separating the creature into dimensions, only their soul remains, which gains sentience, and takes the form of a black figure with a cape.

Some time later - Demon King invades the Second Dimension, turning it into the world known as Demonrealm. The Second Dimension destroys The First Dimension, leaving nobody except a few survivors, one of them being Norman. Supreme Being creates her army out of the beings from Third Dimension, known as Goddess Clan. The Great Dimensional War begins

Hundred years after the beginning of Great Dimensional War - Demon Clan is mostly banished, but all the dimensions from first to the fourth dimension are destroyed, leaving only the dreaded Fifth Dimension, where the demons and other survivors of Demon War escape into. Sixth Dimension, also known as Heaven, is created, as a new home for the Goddess Clan, as well as the portal of ascension for higher beings of other dimensions following the sixth one.

Some more time later - Elder Gods create the Seventh Dimension, also known as Netherrealm. However, after Netherrealm is taken over by a fallen member of Goddess Clan, Lucifer, and later the fallen Elder God Shinnok. However, Head Angel, the leader of Goddess Clan and ruler of Heaven, uses the Seed of Life of one of Demon King's dead generals, Adam, to create the Eighth Realm, Earthrealm. Raiden is assigned as the guardian of this realm.

Few years later - Elder Gods, after hearing that Demon King has returned, create Outworld as the Ninth Dimension, however, it is made from the remnants of the destroyed dimensions, so it ends up being very corrupted as a result.

Thousands of years later - First Earth Gods are born, one of them being Gaia, who falls in love with an Elder God named Uranos. Their child ends up becoming a half-elder god Kronos, which goes on a rampage in Earth. Kronos has to be sealed away by his own children, the Gods of Olympus, being the first legitimate non-Elder God and non-demon threat to Elder Gods to come out of the dimensions. It is somewhere around this time Pillars of Time are also created.

4,000 years BC - Moloch escapes Netherrealm to land on Earth, causing terror on the first civilizations, he accidentally becomes a God to Mesopotamian people instead.

3,400 years BC - Demon King creates a new Demonrealm, Makai, as the Ninth Dimension.

2,900 years BC - Seth kills Osiris, and chops his body into pieces.

2,300 years BC - Prometheus steals the Divine Fire and gives it to humans, Zeus puts a stop to it, earning the anger of humanity in the process. The last piece of the fire becomes Malmoth.

2,256 years BC - Local atlantean hero Arkantos is told by Raiden to go into the future, and prevent a cruel fate awaiting his people.

2,255 years BC - Atlantis is destroyed as a revenge by The Gods, only few chosen ones survive.

2,250 years BC - Poseidon gives Malmoth 50% of his power, giving Malmoth a reason to rebel against the Gods, as he creates Hell.

2,000 years BC - Earth God Loki tricks the Demon King to take a false Crystal of Souls, which sends him to the realm known as the Black Hole.

1,800 years BC - Skullmaster destroys the Contient of Lemuria

1 AD - Pillars of Time are destroyed by an unknown force.

20-25 AD - Humanity abandons the Greek Gods, leading to Zeus becoming bitter against them. The Olympus Gods move from Olympus to Heaven, completing their ascension. Only Athena remains to watch over Earth.

1,000 AD - Kingdom of Britannia is founded.

1,250 AD - Kingdom of Mid-Europa is founded.

1,267 AD - Seven Deadly Sins are formed.

1,456 AD - Humans abandon the Norse Gods. As a revenge, Odin destroys the magic tree of Yggdrasil, ending the Great Age of Magic.

1,727 AD - Charles LeChuck is born

1,762 AD - LeChuck, after years of terrorizing the Caribbean, is killed by an unknown pirate, first of his many deaths.

1,870 AD - Neo Atlantis is formed

1,890 AD - Three children from hundred years later appear in the year, Max, Keita, David.

1,900 AD - Humanity discovers Neo Atlantean technology, causing a boost in technological development.

1939 AD - SEELE is founded by Keel Lorenz and two other scientists.

1951 AD - Two Goddess Clan members get into a fight. They're sealed inside their own realm in Earthrealm to prevent them from causing destruction, known as Videoland.

1965 AD - Ragyo Kiryuin is born.

1969 AD - Gendo Ikari is born

1986 AD - First Arm Slave is developed by the japanese government, this leads to a huge step in pilot-based robotics.

1992 AD - A green man with a fin is found by the Chicago police officers, passed out and naked from the streets.

1993 AD - Guybrush Threepwood decimates ghost pirate LeChuck.

1995 AD - Secret project happens in the Antarctic commissioned by the United Nations. The end result is chaotic and mysterious, with most scientists involving with the project going missing.

1996 AD - Satsuki Kiryuin is born

1997 AD - First space colony made by humans, Antilia, is successfully shot into space. Also, Ryuko Matoi and Sousuke Sagara are born.

2000 AD - Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Sohryu are born

2004 AD - NERV is founded by Gendo Ikari.

2006 AD - First attempt to colonize Mars is attempted by humanity by sending a fleet containing more than 100 humans on board, unfortunately the rocket ends up exploding for mysterious reasons, but some people from the flight survive, and go on to create a colony in Mars known as BAHRAM.

2009 AD - While playing on his old NES, young teen Kevin Keene is absorbed by an unknown force inside his television alongside his dog Duke.

2013 AD - BAHRAM attacks Antilia, taking everyone in the space station captive, including young kid Leo Sternbuck. Earth responds by launching space station Cosmo in it's place. Also, Honnoji Academy is constructed, and Isshin Matoi is found dead in his house by his daughter Ryuko.

2014 AD - Malmoth calls Athena for a meeting, telling her that he is about to punish humanity by starting The Ragnarok. The events of Worst Heroes And Villains War Ever officially begin. During the same year, GEZZAN is founded and space station Cosmo would later be destroyed by BAHRAM.

More to be added.