So here's what could have been the rounds 10, 11 and 12 of Worst Villain Tournament Ever.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever Round 10:

King K. Rool and Tiki Tak Tribe vs. Metal Robotnik, Rouge and Scratch and Grounder

Painis Cupcake vs. Isis

Coconuts vs. GL1TCHK1D vs. Chaos

Mother Brain, Sleet and Dingo vs. King Koopa and Jap-Koopa Dungeon of Doom vs. Malcolm, I.M.Meen and Count Nefarious

Attack In The Terminal Dogma (Gauron, Marquis De Signe vs. Gendo, Kaworu, Jarvis Babbit, General Leighton)

Malmoth vs. Overlord


- Cortex and Klump mourn King K. Rool's death. However they're cheered up by the fact Koopalliance is also having trouble as proved by vision of Cyberskull

- With Mother Brain having Chaos under her control, she decides to feed the beast something to make it stronger, like Painis Cupcake

- The Master is upset with loss of men in the fight, but Kevin is sure they're a step closer to releasing the titans.

- Malmoth is a step closer to getting out of Hell, without knowing Gargarensis is WANTING IN

- Gauron has survived falling into LCL, but he is pretty much on his deathbed. Marquis takes the experiment back to himself, without noticing Rei, who wants to avenge her "father's" death.

Worst Villain Tournament Round 11: The Two Colossal Clashes

The Clash of Three Factions: Koopalliance vs. Alliance to End Koopalliance vs. Mother Brain's Team:

(Casualties: N. Gin, GL1TCHK1D, Metal Robotnik, Eggplant Wizard, SatAM Robotnik, Dingo)

The Clash in Hell's Gate: Gargarensis vs. Dungeon of Doom vs The Horsemen vs. Malmoth vs. The Undertaker and Kane vs. Monni vs. Titans)

Casualties: Taskmaster, Buzz (Resurrected), Dogati (Resurrected), Roddy Piper (Resurrected), Big Daddy V (Resurrected), Margaret Thatcher (Resurrected) Gargarensis, Akakabuto, Monni, Overlord, Gaul, Malcolm.


- After the death of Cortex, Uka Uka has to handle the last of Koopalliance themselves

- With the intense power gained from Ganon, King Koopa and Robotnik become more powerful versions of themselves

- At his dying grasp, OVA Robotnik releases the Metal Sonic, which demonstrates it's power by killing Sonic X Robotnik and OVA Robotnik

- Malmoth is sealed in Hell, but he punished the World by causing massive storms. He messages Hakuoh to destroy LeChuck for good.

- Rei appears in front of Gauron as she sneaks inside Marquis De Signe's base, Gauron taunts the little girl but gets killed by her.

Worst Villain Tournament Round 12: The Finale

Painis Cupcake vs. Chaos

Uka Uka vs. Giant Koopa and Robotnik the Mighty

Cyberskull vs. Metal Sonic

LeChuck vs. Hakuoh

Malefor and The Dark Yabu vs. Titans

The Undertaker vs. Malmoth

The Rise of Lilith (Feat. Marquis De Signe, Kaworu, LeChuck, King Koopa, The Master, Malmoth, The Evangelions, Painis Cupcake, Mother Brain, The Undertaker, Osiris)

The Finale:

- Having sacrificed to prevent the Apocalypse, The Undertaker honours Painis Cupcake

- The World has gone to shit, and mentally free Hakuoh is saddened, but he is free from Malmoth's control and he also meets Kaworu who wants to befriend him.

- AOSTH Robotnik and King Koopa decide to use Metal Sonic to get the technology of AEK for themselves

- With Marquis back in Hell, LeChuck gets his revenge.

- Malmoth is stuck inside a bolt of fire for good and Kronos is chained, but...someone promises to avenge them.


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