HcFortan HcFortan 28 May 2020

Even Worse Heroes And Villains War: Some of the series that will be used

Since it was requested, here are some of the series that are confirmed to appear in EHVVW. This is not all of them obviously.

Animated Series/Movies

- Blinky Bill
- Lapitch
- Dot and the Kangaroo
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
- Mighty Orbots
- Bluffers
- Diplodos
- Danger Mouse
- Fantomcat
- Power Team
- Sonic Boom
- Ovide and the Gang
- Captain Sabertooth
- Sherlock Hound
- Dogtanian
- Sandokan
- David the Gnome
- Around the World in 80 Days with Willy Fog
- Oscar's Orchestra
- Mozart Band
- Norman Normal
- Archie's Weird Mysteries (maybe)
- Totally Spies
- Martin the Mystery
- Asterix
- Filmation Ghostbusters
- The Real Ghostbusters (unless ckprimeval07 uses it in HvV Part 2)
- Robocop: Alpha Commando
- Captain Planet
- Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling
- Twipsy
- C…

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HcFortan HcFortan 24 May 2020

WHVVWE Round 9 Part 1 Progress Report

Might as well do this so people here know the current progress.

S = Singles Match

TT = Tag Team Match (characters from two series teaming up against a character from one series or more)

RB = Royal Battle

Prologue [×]

Battle 1 (RB) [x]

Battle 2 (S) [x]

Battle 3 (S) [x]

Battle 4 (S) [x]

Battle 5 (S) [x]

Battle 6 (TT) [x]

Battle 7 (S) [x]

Battle 8 (TT) [x]

Battle 9 (S) [x]

Battle 10 (TT) [ ]

Battle 11 (RB) [x]

Interlude 1 [ ]

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HcFortan HcFortan 2 May 2020

Lost WVTE Fighta

So here's what could have been the rounds 10, 11 and 12 of Worst Villain Tournament Ever.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever Round 10:

King K. Rool and Tiki Tak Tribe vs. Metal Robotnik, Rouge and Scratch and Grounder

Painis Cupcake vs. Isis

Coconuts vs. GL1TCHK1D vs. Chaos

Mother Brain, Sleet and Dingo vs. King Koopa and Jap-Koopa Dungeon of Doom vs. Malcolm, I.M.Meen and Count Nefarious

Attack In The Terminal Dogma (Gauron, Marquis De Signe vs. Gendo, Kaworu, Jarvis Babbit, General Leighton)

Malmoth vs. Overlord


- Cortex and Klump mourn King K. Rool's death. However they're cheered up by the fact Koopalliance is also having trouble as proved by vision of Cyberskull

- With Mother Brain having Chaos under her control, she decides to feed the be…

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