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This is the idea of a spin-off that occurs within the HcFortan WHvVWE Multiverse, I have decided to create this blog to leave ideas of what Sandbox will be until I have a response from someone who wants to help me with this war, I notice that this is a senguda line within WHvVWE which do not affect the main line of HcFortan unless he wants a crossing of Dark Ruler of The Sandbox dimension with the rest of his Multiverse, and the content that is shared can be in constant change depending on my opinion. friend HcFortan and the user who wants to help me, for now I will only share the origins of Sandbox.

Origins of Dark Ruler of The Sandbox Dimension

The Creation

We know the history of One Being when I created the whole Multiverse and the multiple deities and everything that came after ... but even long before that there is already a detail ...

The Evil, a huge dark mass that existed at the same time as the One Being was seemingly forming and became aware of itself when a being of infinite evil fell like this, far more powerful than other dangers in the multiverse. That is why Kronika, the very representation of Time together with the very representation of Space, the Polygon Man, who were other creations of the One Being, were not going to allow a dark mass to take over the Multiverse, so even the Evil seemed to be powerful this tome in the form of a great dragon made of darkness. This unleashed a great battle for the fate of the Multiverse in which Kronika was wounded by the dark mass apparently covered with an evil energy that infects the essence of evil this will affect the future, Space and Time together used their power to send Evil to the depths of the multiverse far from everything would happen later ...

But time passed, Kronika had two children ... but one of them was the seed that Evil sowed in her a calamity for the Multiverse in the future ...

The Space did not put what he did next but when Shinnok was a threat the first to fall were his mother and sister since the Evil Elder God had plans but his rooms were so big that Kronika and Cetrion got rid of both ... It is not known what he did to him but they would already belong to the Multiverse ... a revenge that Evil obtained thanks to cursing Time with a bad seed full of darkness.

The Formation of Another Dimension

The depths of the multiverse was believed to be an infinite void where there was absolutely nothing, just a good cosmic void until Evil arrived ... this began to take shape creating a new body, perhaps looking like a djinn, when reaching this void The evil being called Odosha, he was very bored, only somewhat resentful of being rejected by the entire Multiverse but he said to himself, "Creation, Time and Space pushed me aside as if nothing had happened ... well if the Multiverse he put me aside ... I will make my own Universe ... ", only the scream of a beast was heard .... and a red energy that covered everything thus giving the birth of Dark Ruler of The Sandbox Dimension where a dark space was formed little by little ... and something similar to a big bag but being a crimson red burst appeared forming a Dark Universe.

With this, plans began to form with the asteroid collision ... times go by but for now we will sit in ...

The Dark Land

After Planet Earth was formed, in the beginning everything was darkness and the only race that dominated the planet were the descent of Evil, the irrational and inhuman demons that were known as the First Ones who were in the world even though they were not known. they supported themselves, to that the Sun that was so intense in that the one from the came out a beast of fire and metal that made the light on the earth called, Ormagoden, they were so bright that it illuminated the world and its hateful creatures, this caused a I hate demons who lived in darkness. It is not really known how Ormagoden was born but it was a sign of hope to a world that only awaited chaos, Ormagoden forced the demons to flee from their but these first beings would swear to return above all the first "Demon King", only the one who He belonged to the dark land among the First called Daimaoh or the Green Ghost, a demon who made the title but at this beginning he was no match for Ormagoden, forcing his own to flee.

Despite so much darkness, until a ray of hope arrived, Cetrion, it is not known how she appeared, but now she had changed a lot by stepping on this world, redeeming herself, forgetting who she was in the past, her memories disappeared, and the demons only called her Aetulia , this beautiful and venevolent new deity released such a beautiful song as a sign of hope for the world, yet this beautiful song calmed the demons and even Odosha heard this beautiful sound that made her remember the pain she felt when Kronika and Polygon Man they denied it. him all the rest of the Multiverse, confining him to a sandbox where he could no longer get out. Then the now evil Djinn who acted before his thousands of sons or daughters was going to act but capture Aetulia but Daimaoh for his part became rebellious and dark, and being the first king he captured Aetulia who despite being a deity was captured for Daimaoh, even then Djinn wanted Aetulia only for himself and he had a greater power, but he did not know that when he created this entire Universe ... his power was limited little by little ... reducing his power this made Daimaoh banish the father of all the demons to a red stone created by himself being his prison.

Eventually Daimaoh proclaimed himself the Great Evil of the Dark Land, he used the song of Aetulia to call Ormagoden and so Daimaoh gathered his legions of demons to destroy Ormagoden which exploded like the sun even so the remains of Ormagoden spread the world forming the earth the pieces of metal gave life to the earth, his blood was so much that I made the first demons, and the light next to the blood hit Daimaoh falling with his death but also the crimson stone that had Odosha sealed was lost among Ormagoden's blood that turned into water and Aetulia was not known to have come from her.

From the oceans of blood came a new generation of demons since Daimaoh was not yet fallen, despite the fact that with the death of Ormagoden the world had changed and left that dark paradise to be ... and from Aetulia with his death the Titans came from his blood. but this mixed with that of Ormagoden, emerging other species including angels, even among them one who was called the son of Aetulia, his name was Saturn, a potential threat to Daimaoh.

Even so, Daimaoh managed to corrupt Saturn to serve him as well as the rest of the titans, but a son of Saturn, Zeus opposed the titans and demons, gathering several gods of different types all deserving of the purity and beauty of Aetulia along with the first humans known as the Pillar Men, fought fiercely against the evil army of Daimaoh, in the end the Titans were sent to the ends of the dark land by Zeus, the Hell of Odosha, also Daimaoh and his demons were sent, so peace reigned and things continued their course.

In evil there is no End

Despite being in hell, Daimaoh consumed Saturn devouring his body and soul, to gain more power by reigning over demons and titans, the Son of Evil is not yet defeated, he discovered that hell was not an eternal prison for demons , but Zeus was a problem ... so he corrupted Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Ares, Eris, Abel, Apollo, Artemis and Loki made all Olympus except Athena who was killed but incarnate in the future while Zeus was sealed by the other gods who were under the influence of Daimaoh on Mount Olympus.

An Elder God steps on the Dark Ruler of Sandbox

The Elder Gods who still thought that the Sandbox was still an infinite void deep in the multiverse, sent one of their own for their rebellion and mischief against others especially a headache for the Jade Emperor or the Ancient Enma, this Elder God was called Sun Wukong, he was sent here thinking that he was a prisoner, he was still surprised by the one in the world which was despite being rude, mischievous and dangerous among his own, he noticed that currently the world is in the darkness of the world. Demon Clan Jamanga ... just seeing that humans need help together with the first Madan Warriors finally locked up Daimaoh and his forces to the Moon forever where he would never escape ... but the monkey king was somewhat careless and immature So he did not get into problems with humans or other species since he only wanted to face strong opponents, besides being an Elder God, he had no rival, not even the Olympians, even the mystical monkey compared them to humans.

A mastermind confined by mistake?

Before the beginnings of WHvVWE, in the main line Malmoth hears what he calls "Dark Ruler of Sandbox", so he calls a Yeti very loyal to him to investigate sending him to find out if it really was an infinite void only to forget about the years.

The Dragon King is Coming

Daimaoh at some point in the early days of the dark land, being King of all demons hears something that is more in his universe despite the fact that it was sealed, made contact with a dying dragon on the brink of death and overthrown by Shao Kahn this It was Onaga how well Shao Kahn threw him into the Sandbox thinking it was an infinite void ... only for Daimaoh to manifest in the form of a huge shadow dragon to receive him even not only since he previously recruited a mysterious green demon from space called King Piccolo, Onaga understands his humiliation and defeat but decides to help with a sorcerer in his service who, due to his cowardice, fled from Wunkong, although he less appreciated that he was hutil now, together with Piccolo they used their magic saving Onaga but inserting 7 spheres into his body of negative energy you expect from the manifestation of Daimaoh forms mainly by Piccolo which were put in the body of Onaga transforming him now the Dragon God, he could not leave for now but he would be sent to go after Sun Wunkong and defeat him ... but Onaga was unaware of his future opponent.

Another devil sneaks into the party

Shinnok and Quan Chi, after overthrowing Satan, took away part of his essence, sending him to the depths of the Multiverse without knowing that he would become another Lucifer who would fall to the Land of Sandbox that would start as a human child named Ryo Asuka and with the passing of time he would become best friends with Akira Fudo.

The Son of Argus is Forever Lost

Taven the son of Argus was sent to what almost everyone calls the Void of Eternal Oblivion to the deepest of the multiverse by General Ogun one of Shao Kahn's men, upon reaching Sandbox he loses all his memories even who he was ... It is only called by a peasant from the dark land Quest...

Then Quest finds Conan the Barbarian to help him survive in the Dark Land.

Another Sandbox Hero

Eddie Riggs, a direct descendant of humans who fought demons, stands up even though his father and his uncle are two very scary faces.

A Bad Boy

Eddie is not alone, he has a brother named Duncan Riggs, who apparently has a rivalry with his brother to the roughest and strongest as he was before with his father and uncle, Duncan will seek to get a buckle that his father told him and that Eddie irresponsibly used, trained cruelly by the Undertaker himself, Duncan will follow his family's legacy and wipe out bad seed from the family ... his brother Eddie Riggs

A Tyranny is born in the world

A group of villains founded the New World Order and are the supreme masters of the world as the demons that once ruled the earth.

The boss starts a Rebellion

A president starts before the tyrants he retaliated even not the best founds the World Heroes League.

A rebel in the race of demons

The son of Sparta, a demon who falls in love with Eva, a simple human, gave birth to Dante a demon hunter, which is another ray of light in his way among so much evil despite the fact that Wunkong defeats the great evil.

A conspirator

Dr. Hell, a member of the New World Order, seeks to stage a coup.

And what happened to the rest of the universe?

A space demon had more luck than Daimaoh, creating his own Galactic Empire ruled with an iron fist.

Before the reign of Hordak, a dark planet called Despondos was born another son of Evil, Horde Prime who with the passing of time created the evil horde but an imperfect clone called Hordak being less precious by Horde still only made Hordak's recent awareness grow and In the shadows he learned the dark side of the force by a new ally along with his first commanding officer who would help him put an end to it before the war begins ... the end of Horde Prime and a new era will be born ... the It was from the Dark Emperor ...

A pet gets lost

A kitten separated from his owner but this little animal does not know that he is descendant of the demons ...

An ancient beast

In the depths of the sea a huge beast that was one of the many species that was born from the blood of Ormagoden although it was a simple iguana was one of many that was blessed by evolution to become something bigger since many small reptiles are They returned similar to the Dinosaurs only that these ... never were extinct ...

Best Friends

Two cannibals meet a criminal pirate and a soldier who associate by becoming good friends.

A man who lost his heart to mystical arts

A young aspiring wizard boy found a mystical book, he changed it little by little as the days went by, losing all goodness that he had, turning it into No Heart.


The Pillar Men created stone masks with a part that they found from Ormagoden ... it was still dangerous because vampires would be born from this, even these could also be born from the evil influence of demons, a part in Europe but another in America, a certain man took these mask becoming a vampire another became a king.

The Lycans would still have a common enemy....

A familiar face is the greatest yet

Grandmaster Meio, it is only name by which he will be known The Master, to prepare his dimension for his own Ragnarok. The Master calls on The Taskmaster to begin drowning the Sandbox in pain and struggle. He will not be alone as a certain Yeti and his allies from his new Dungeon of Doom will seek certain dark waits from Onaga to awaken the Shadow Dragons and Dragonlord to cause the Dragomachygeddon.

The Origins of the Great Tuffles Race in the Dark Universe

In the dark universe, another planet developed being inhabited by a species similar to human beings but more advanced called Tuffles, an intelligent race that brought great advances to the planet and lived only to evolve ...

But this origin is connected with another, before the Monkey King was exiled in one day while playing with the young son of the Jade Emperor and Xiwangmu, he did not notice that he was far from the palace very, very far, the boy who was with Wunkong, because now the confines of the Multiverse were near and where the Elder God Monkey did something very silly being that he had the audacity to scratch their heads so that dandruff and the occasional hair fell into the Infinite Void, the worst thing is without caring even that almost Take care of the boy who was just a child, he almost fell.

Eventually the monkey king caught him to return to the palace because if something happened to the son of the Jade Emperor they could throw him there even ... since the boy cares he will become a great proctetor god and a pride for his parents ... As for Wukong, his exile was still waiting for him in the palace with all the Elder Gods fed up with his insolence and caring for the son of one of them ... but we already know that that will happen later.

For now, let's focus on the fact that Wukong's capes and some hair fell into the void that is Dark Ruler of The Sandbox Dimension, they did not reach the Dark Land but yes ... to another planet called Sadala ... the magical hair of the monkey king was They turned a species of apes that evolved into humans but had a tail, these were the great Saiyans, they were not like the Elder God who accidentally created them, they proved to be barbarians and inherited the power of Wukong, they were only mortal but when they saw the moon they were They became huge apes ... even those who called themselves the upper class were almost demi-gods in fact one called Yamoshi endangered the entire planet in danger even though Sadala was a neighboring planet of the planet Tuffle ... since Sadala It turned out to be not a planet but a planet moon of such an advanced species.

Yamoshi was already very old by then and he still had the same thought as the monkey king, the other Saiyans did not, there was a revolt in Sadala and the strong were the ones who won, a new king of the Saiyans rose, he was known as the King Vegeta and the Saiyans together when noticing the planet Tuffles, it cost them nothing to go there thanks to the power they inherited from the monkey king, it was cruel and dangerous barbarians, they still showed good intentions towards King Tuffle, a just ruler of the planet, the King Vegeta had other real interests.

Thus the first war was born on another planet, even so the right hand of King Tuffle was an important change to this war that had the Tuffles against the ropes, even that the Saiyans when they saw the moon became colossal monsters, but the Tuffles What they did not have in muscle they had intelligence, they released metaform robots to their greatest creations that put the war in their favor.

With this, the primitive Saiyans and their king were exterminated by the advanced military power of the Tuffles, no alien monkey survived, so the Tuffles were the dominant race thanks to their powerful Transformers ... but King Tuffle was wounded in the battle. for King Vegeta being in a deprorable state that is where the great scientist and right hand of the king, Dr. Myuu, the mastermind of the transformers and the hero of his race, comes in.

For this reason, years later Myuu created the GL1TCHK1D Project to create to save the king ... using his cells but after that war the planet advanced, the Tuffles from the hand of Myuu had to evolve through science, many became mutant machines part of the beginnings of Project GL1TCHK1D living as robots being led by Myuu and protected by the Transformers, while GL1TCHK1D the main work that inspired everything would be a definitive creation of Myuu for the supremacy Tuffle as well as others like the one that would be the new generation of perfect Tuffles surpassing to its predecessors, and the planet by then was renamed M-2.

After that Myuu was visited by Hordak who, unlike King Vegeta, gave Myuu an offer that was accepted but hidden from GL1TCHK1D since it was not finished yet but his brothers would join the Galactic Empire, while Myuu would go to Earth as recognition. and the Empire would assist M-2 in whatever it needs.

Origins of the Akatsuki Conquerors

Another of the races born from the blood of Ormagoden were the serpents or Serpentines that venerated the dark god that blood of the fire beast mixed with that of Cetrion was born, this was the Great Devourer or also called Set, being a huge serpent that began Being small, his poison could corrupt the most noble soul, he was a great threat after the Jamanga Demon Clan and the Titans were exiled to hell by Zeus and then demons who returned from this to the moon by Wukong.

For them the Serpentines worshiped the great Set, their dominions were growing throughout the Asian continent being called the Great Devourer, then Egypt being known by Apophis or Set being venerated by Ram-Amon and Imhotep, and even Russia was affected by the Serpentine invasion, even so in Russia together other kingdoms of Europe and Asia made an alliance to find the Serpentine army of Set joining their best warriors, ninjas and magicians which managed to exile Set successfully to the Moon along with the demons that Wukong already that the monkey king even though he did not care about humans, if he inspired many to rise up against evil.

Later many Serpentines were imprisoned while others were hidden from humans by Egypt, being now led by Ram-Amon but until Wrath-Amon with the support of Pythor they rebelled taking the Black Ring to contact Set from the moon.

With this the Serpentines were going to plan their revenge, Wrath-Amon contacted an immortal king in Russia, known as Koschei, this lich did not agree with kingdoms of the world apart, he was an old friend of Set since he was the one who opened their way to Russia As long as he took the country in the name of Set, even Koschei wanted to take the side and Wrath-Amon suggested that they should gather forces.

On the other hand, in Japan, Pythor got another follower of the cult of Set from the village hidden in the leaf, for his reason he was a hybrid between human and serpentine named Orochimaru who was currently a member of the current Akatsuki, Pythor saw a lot of potential in him and the resources that the Akatsuki had but Pain their leader was not interested in allying with the Serpentines, but Orochimaru on the other hand if he was interested.

Eventually Koschei, Wrath-Amon, Pythor and Orochimaru conspired against the Akatsuki but they were very close among the ninjas and had plans of conquest but Koschei was immortal and was not known at that time as a martale, apart from contracting with a dragon that was expelled by The Dreammaker in the past, Zordrak and Orochimaru summoned an ancient samurai demon from hell Talpa, and that is why the villains joined forces enough to eliminate the Akatsuki, not knowing what they did with them, victorious Koschei stands before their forces taking the Akatsuki faction renaming them the Akatsuki Conquerors and begin their plans to take over various lands of the world for the liking of Wrath-Amon, Pythor and Orochimaru.

The Eternia of the Dark Universe

Another of the Dark Universe planets such as Eternia, where magic dominated both good and bad, and the origin of all its magical power was concentrated in the Grayskull castle, its kingdom was ruled by the king and campion of Eternia, by the King Grayskull and his wife Veena.

In Eternia and its neighboring planet Etheria where they had their own champion, they were in relative even the Horde Prime of Despondos became an enemy of King Graskull and the first She-Ra, although the conclete was eternal, the forces of both worlds and The swords of both champions defeat the forces of the Evil Horde of Horde Prime but a younger one that was just beginning its greatness of power.

But another of the species in Eternia were the Gar, a tribe that noble race of philosophers and craftsmen who came from Anwat-Gar. These were friends of the King Grayskull however, after the celebrations, the Gar Adi of the Council of Elders led a coup that assassinated Grayskull after it was prophesied that his future progeny would bring about destruction.

All this was caused by a terrible demon called Demo-Man an evil being that Horde Prime summoned to cause misfortune in Eternia while he planned things against Etheria, Demo-Man corrupted Adi by possessing him and causing that evil.

Years passed the Gar were frowned upon by the Eternians for what Adi did in the past even though a young Prince Miros sought to create peace between them ... every step when he fell in love with a Gar sorceress named Saryn, even his love was Forbidden the spark flourished between them ... even Miros promised that peace to Saryn and his race was impossible since Miros' father forbade it forcing his son to forget his beloved ...

When Miros became king he had to hunt with another Eternian woman by order of the heavy hand of his father forgetting Saryn, even so Miros and older decided to visit the town of the Gar where he was almost lynched if not for Saryn, these They had to see each other in secret since Saryn was carrying a baby Gar with her, the son of Miros who was called Keldor ...

While Sorceress of Castle Grayskull banished Demo-Man to a pocket dimension on Miros' orders when this happened.

It is not known what happened next, but Keldor lived with a father and stepmother, he was raised in the Palace of Etenia and soon after, Keldor's half-brother, Randor, would be born.

Even so when older Keldor was arrogant and pretentious wanting the throne of Eternia and the sword of power for him, since Demo-Man in the shadows from where he was sealed was rebelling him as Miros let Saryn into oblivion and let him die at the hands of the Shadow Beasts, this made Keldor go into a rage, sowing in him even that Miros tried to explain to his son that he who trained in the arts of magic killed Miros and the mother of his half-brother Randor in anger but Randor did not run the same fate and defeat Keldor and then exciliate him from the kingdom forever.

During his exile Keldor was being persuaded by Demo-Man to come back yet he was about to raise him, Keldor used all his magic to make contact with someone one where the evil was almost calm, Keldor made contact with a powerful being who was a great Master of the dark arts and fighter, Meio who was surprised by Keldor's potential, he convinces Keldor to learn the dark arts by becoming his teacher.

Months later Keldor had reunited the Evil Warriors and thanks to Meio he got rid of Demo-Man's torment, he decides to go to overthrow his brother but he still had the advantage, the Heroic Warriors were winning, also Keldor was going to throw an acid at Randor but his brother evades him by being Keldor disfigured from the face.

In the end all this was a proof that Meio weighed Keldor and failed, he implores his master for mercy, Meio decides from where he was contacted to use his magic book and creates a staff for Keldor ... but when he sensed Demo- Man, Meio using all the power of darkness cast a spell on Keldor not only summoned Demo-Man releasing him from his seal but fused with Keldor turning him into one now calling him Skeletor, Meio gave him his staff, welcoming him as a member From The Dungeon of Doom, now his mission was to take Eternia in his name, this Skeletor thus accepts becoming the new terror of Eternia ... even though the current champion of Eternia, He-Man would be his greatest rival.

Origins of an Animal Society

The animals in the Sandbox dimension developed at a level of reason similar to that of humans ... all thanks to a mysterious anthropomorphic elephant that was only guided by a deity by the name of Aequil, an unknown being in which it is not registered or registered. He has seen before in the Sandbox dimension, but he brought to this world an animal more developed than the others which was baptized by Aequil as Iago Mogul this elephant had a great intelligence compared to the tribe of primaries led by Governor Grodd even so It is only known that the current president of the animals the Old Tiger knew the highest authority over all animals, Iago Mogul for his part became an important political figure becoming part of the Old Tiger council ... even though he saw potential in his son Shere Khan as future leader ... even if something would change in society ...