This series is basically a series of Live Action heroes fighting against villains. this was an inspiration of Disney Heroes vs Villains, Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains, Free for All Heroes vs Villains and Heroes vs Villains


After Queen Jadis the White Witch's death by Aslan, her soul was roamed in Hell ruled by Crowley who recovered her soul and enough of her power, Jadis told him of gathering many villains from around the world to usher in a new age of Darkness and freeing the Armies of Hell from the darkest pit of Hell were many more powerful Devils are inprisioned. Jadis only need Crowley to help her with the plan which luckily enough Crowley is interested in the plan, so back to the mortal realm and Jadis reclaimed her icy kingdom and orders Crowley to attack Aslan and the Pevensy children and let them know She has returned. Crowley really love this idea and starts working on the plan.

Would anyone like this?

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