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Just thought it be an interesting idea for anyone who would like to use these characters for war.

The INGSOC (Short for English Socialism) Party is a Utopian totalitarian super-state government of Oceania from 1984. They are lead by Big Brother who wished to take over the world. There are other totalitarian governments or Utopian criminals who do decide to join. Their main goal is to be worshiped as Gods

Unless anyone would like to pick a much better name for this alliance let me know.

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Communist Party

Even though Communism is one of those things I can't stand, I just won't ignore that there are villains who are communist. This is basically the alliance of Communist or that they represent Communism, for anyone who makes their own wars probably would like to use the Villains whom are communist.

These are the Villains who promotes the philosophy of Communism. Their ultimate goal is to make everyone "Equal" and destroy capitalism.

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Pitch Black's Future Alliance

An idea I have for a long time, here are some choices I picked for Pitch Black's Alliance for any wars. especially Non-Disney vs Marvel Villains Part 2 and Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains Part 2. any wars Saverio Gamba has made and any crossover wars.

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Studio Ghibli characters in any wars

I have notice that not many war videos have ever featured Studio Ghibli characters (Except for DvNV Part 3 with Lady Eboshi) but there should be many Ghibli villains in most wars and have the Ghibli heroes in HvsV wars but there is a question. Which side would Studio Ghibli characters be in? Disney or Non-Disney?

Here's the videos

  1. All the Disney Studio Ghibli Films - Disneycember - YouTube
  2. SANCTUARY - Collab with BleedGirl - YouTube
  3. Non-Disney Animated Films - YouTube
  4. Totoro did appear in Toy Story as a toy latest (960×720) (
  5. There's even a petition to get Disney to Buy Studio Ghibli Petition · The Walt Disney Company: Walt Disney Studios And Disney: Please Buy Studio Ghibli ·

So which side will Studio Ghibli characters be…

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My favorite, like a bit and least favorite crossover wars

Today I will list all of my favorite wars, wars I like a bit and my least favorite

  1. Disney vs Non-Disney Villains War
  2. Disney Heroes vs Villains
  3. Non-Disney Villains Tournament
  4. Heroes vs Villains
  5. Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains (So far it's good even though I'm a co creator but I'm clade it's made)
  6. Movie Villains War
  7. Disney Villains War Reboot

wars I like a bit, the ones not among my favorites but I do enjoy them

  1. Disney vs Marvel Villains (I enjoyed it)
  2. Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains
  3. Non-Disney vs DC Villains
  4. Non-Disney vs Marvel Villains
  5. Disney vs DC Villains
  6. Disney Villains War
  7. Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever (Despite the fact I don't know any of the characters)
  8. Villains Battles
  9. Free for All Heroes vs Villains

Now my least favorites the one's I'm not a f…

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