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BTT9000Returns BTT9000Returns 28 April

The Royal Council in CN&NDAHvsV

Here’s who will be in the Royal Council in Cartoon Network And Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains.

King Rufus, Queen Eleanor, Rosalind, Peter and Alex (Long Live The Royals)

Lady and Lord Nickelbottoms (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack)

Yippee, Yappee, Yahooey, The King (Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey)

Quincy Endicott (Over The Garden Wall)

Hero (OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes)

Princess Bubblegum, The Earl of Lemongrab and The Duke of Nuts (Adventure Time)

King Arthur, Merlin, Sir Lionel and The Knights of the Round Table (Quest For Camelot)

King Papa, Princess Irene and King Papa’s Guards (The Princess And The Goblin)

Princess Rosa and The King (The Wonderful World of Puss In Boots)

King Little, Princess Glory, Gabby, King Bombo and Prince David(Gulliver’s T…

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BTT9000Returns BTT9000Returns 17 April

KO’s Monologue for the Season Finale To CN&NDAHvsV

“Alot’s happened to me and the others these past several weeks. I faced off against two villains not from Boxmore and they took me away from all who I love. They also caused plenty of destruction and suffering in their wake too; battles were started, villainous empires grew, homes were destroyed, families were separated, lands were invaded, traitors planned anew and it felt like my world would endure a new age of Strike’s wrath. But that isn’t to say it was all downhill from here. I discovered a new world and meet plenty of characters beyond my own imagination, new and unlikely allies joined us, I took on new foes, we fought to reclaim our once-peaceful homes, and I learned a lot about not just myself, but the world itself and my own. But …

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BTT9000Returns BTT9000Returns 12 April

KO and Felix’s Alliance vs Hector and Rocky’s Alliance

In the first part of the last episode of the first Cartoon Network And Non-Disney Animation Heroes Vs Villains. KO, Scooby, The Eds and friends will team up with Felix The Cat, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and head onward on their journey to the Murkworks Power Plant to stop Mok, Botch, Black Hat and the other villains from summoning the Demon King and his Legion of Darkness to rain Hell on the Cartoon Network and Non-Disney worlds.

Meanwhile at a pub somewhere, Hector Con Carne and his alliance are frustrated and in need of some allies to help them take out KO and the other heroes. They eventually find needed help when they see Rocky, Mugsy, Bluto, Darla Dimple, Max, Holli Would, and Farmer Jones with Rocky proposing that he co-leads an ambus…

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BTT9000Returns BTT9000Returns 4 April

Terror Time Again in CN&NDAHvsV

Inspired by the Hell On Earth scene from CKPrimeval07’s Heroes Vs. Villains, I will have a scene where Botch, The Triple Digit Twins and Eris drop several nightmare bombs in areas where the Heroes and Villains, giving them all a horrifying example of the power Mok and Black Hat will present to them when they eventually unveil both their and Strike’s master plan. Many innocent people will be massacred by the likes of (but not limited to) zombies, robot zombies (from Robot Carnival), Lord Commander and Black Wolf’s Armies, Hexxus, Medusa and the Windmill Vandals.

Music for the scene:

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BTT9000Returns BTT9000Returns 2 April

Cartoon Network’s Equivalents to the Disney Characters

Using Disney Heroes vs Villains, Heroes vs Villains, Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains and the Kingdom Hearts franchise as inspirations, I decided to make the Cartoon Network world’s own equivalents to those of the Disney universe.

Sora/Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy: KO, the Eds, Scooby and Shaggy (Top Toon Trio containing prodigy child)

Merlin: T.O.M (Wise one and friend to Top Toon Trio)

Yen Sid: Mr. Gar (Prodigy child’s mentor)

Jiminy Cricket: I Am Weasel (Helper of Top Toon Trio)

Zeus: ? (King of Gods)

Winnie The Pooh characters: Camp Lazlo characters (Characters from a land of innocence and wonder)

Maleficent: Black Hat (Leader of Villains)

Hades: Aku (Lord of the Dead)

Pete: Red Guy (Comedic Villain)

Chernabog: The Evil Entity (Scooby Doo: Myste…

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