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Here’s how the “Invasion on Slumberland” scene will go. At Slumberland, a world full of dreams, imagination and surreal fantasy, it’s ruler King Morpheus warns his people that there is a war going on within the Non-Disney and Cartoon Network worlds and he wants both his people and the kingdom’s protectors, the Slumberland Alliance, to prepare for the oncoming battles ahead. It’s members consist of the young dreamer-turned-prince Little Nemo, his pet squirrel Icarus, the King’s daughter Princess Camille, Nemo’s mentor Professor Genius, clown outlaw Flip, a boy named Milo and his friends Tock the wise watchdog and the bumbling, aristocratic Humbug, a dorky changing named Ralph The All-Purpose Animal and his mute magician sidekick Mumford, Tom Piper, Mary Contrary, Jack, Jill, Humpty Dumpty from the town of Toyland and it’s newest protectors, Wirt and Greg, their pet frog Jason Funderbunker and bird companion Beatrice. And amongst the citizens of Slumberland are a boy named Oblio, who wears a pointy hat because he was born without a pointy head, and his pet dog Arrow. Morpheus goes on with his speech until he notices creepy toys crawling up his robe. Things start getting bad when Father, Hector Con Carne, his Army and new cohorts Red Guy, Toilenator and Le Quack break into the palace and start wreaking havoc upon the kingdom’s protectors and citizens. The effeminate demon, Him appears as a giant scorpion monster horrifying the citizens of Slumberland and approaching King Morpheus with the intent of tearing him apart and eating him. Morpheus uses his royal scepter which blasts at the monstrosity reducing Him to his normal form. Him turns the tables on him by stirring up and setting a thing of demonic ooze upon King Morpheus, devouring him and making him disappear from sight. Everyone is shocked by this, especially Princess Camille who mourns for her father. The Red Guy gloats in her face how he and the other villains are bringing the kingdom under new management which provoke Camille to sock him in the face. Le Quack pulls a lever on Ralph and Mumford making them fall through a trap door. Everyone is in shock and despair as Hector Con Carne, Him and Father claim Slumberland as their own, certain that no one will stop them. Luckily, they overlooked that some of the protectors and inhabitants have escaped to find help (those being Wirt, Greg, Jason, Beatrice, Oblio and Arrow).

Music for the battle: Hunter Of The Dark (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)