Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki

Here’s my version of the Animal Cruelty Squad team which will be in Cartoon Network & Non-Disney Animation Heroes vs Villains.


  • Dr. Greed, Platini, The Manager, The Unknown Corporate Manager and Dr. Greed’s Snake (The Fearless Four)
  • The Duck Collector and Death Bear (Regular Show)
  • Huntor, Peltra, Skinner and Tanner (Dexter’s Laboratory)
  • Eustace, Ma Bagge and Di Lung (Courage The Cowardly Dog)
  • General Specific, Private Public and General Specific’s Troops (Sheep In The Big City)
  • Trapper and Yapper (Yogi’s Great Escape)
  • Elmer Fudd, Egghead and The Bull (Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies)
  • Aunt Figg, Lickboot, Ferdinard, Dr Applecheeck and the Straycatchers (Tom a and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Darla Dimple and Max (Cats Don’t Dance)
  • Ronnie and Hannie (Millionaire Dogs)
  • Ham Egg and His Poacher Buddies (Jungle Emperor Leo)
  • The Lumberjack (Legend of The Forest (OVA))
  • Farmer Jones and the Angry Farmers (Animal Farm)
  • Steele (Balto)
  • Kentauros (Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat In Space)


The Major Members

The Henchmen

The Hunting Animals