A year has passed since Strike’s invasion of their world, and it was also on that day when 4 young heroes came together and ultimately defeated him. And since then, everyone felt that their city was cleansed of his evil forever. And I thought that it would be as well. Until I discovered that they carry the one key which would avenge him! Oh yes! They may have won that round, but his loss was only a snafu compared to what I’m conducting in his place.

At a laboratory far away from the City, a crew of mutants are informed by their boss, that they’re heading off to a factory owned by one of his old friends so he can collaborate with him on something sinister.

Meanwhile, at a factory known as Murkworks Enterprises, a scientist named Synominous Botch prepares his minions, consisting of vultures and some pterosaurs for their oncoming invasion. Their target? Cartoon Network City.

This leads to the first fight in my series; KO (OK KO Let’s Be Heroes) Vs Rudy (Twice Upon A Time) and the Pterosaurs (The Land Before Time 7: The Stone of Cold Fire)

Another day has come to the Lakewood Plaza, KO and friends are doing their usual job at the market until they’re visited some winged strangers and they’re not a friendly lot, and they’re after two patricular things.

Having succeeded with their raid on the Plaza, with KO and Strike’s Glove brought before Botch, and just in time for his friend and old business partner by the name of Mok to appear. Mok tells Botch that it’s time to put their new plan to dominate the Cartoon Network world into action, but first they’ll need help in order to do it, afterwards presenting to him clips of various villains who he thinks could be useful for this occasion.

Recovering from the unfortold invasion, two of KO's friends, Enid and Rad, vow to find KO and rescue him even if they're up against never before fought foes.

And from there begins Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non Disney Villains.

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