Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki

In the first part of the last episode of the first Cartoon Network And Non-Disney Animation Heroes Vs Villains. KO, Scooby, The Eds and friends will team up with Felix The Cat, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and head onward on their journey to the Murkworks Power Plant to stop Mok, Botch, Black Hat and the other villains from summoning the Demon King and his Legion of Darkness to rain Hell on the Cartoon Network and Non-Disney worlds.

Meanwhile at a pub somewhere, Hector Con Carne and his alliance are frustrated and in need of some allies to help them take out KO and the other heroes. They eventually find needed help when they see Rocky, Mugsy, Bluto, Darla Dimple, Max, Holli Would, and Farmer Jones with Rocky proposing that he co-leads an ambush with him on KO, Felix The Cat and their friends. Hector demands to take all the credit for this since this chance to get back at him is his idea, but the Toilenator convinces him to share the co-leading after reminding him of the song they sang earlier in the series. The talking Brain-attached-to-a-bear accepts and they all head  out to prevent the heroes from making any advances.

The battle which follows will be inspired by the Showdown of Mickey, Donald and Goofy versus Pete’s Alliance in Disney Heroes Vs Villains and will take place in a city in the Non-Disney part of the 2D world.

Music for the prologue before the battle: Night of the Krampus by Midnight Syndicate

Music for the battle itself: Turn The Tables On Plankton from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (Console Game)