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Musical Numbers for CN&NDAHvsV

I will make Cartoon Network & Non-Disney Animation Heroes Versus Villains a jukebox musical like how the latter parts of Disney Heroes Versus Villains was. Here are the songs which will be presented in the crossover battle series.

  • Vene, Veno, Vena (Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear)
    • Played when Yogi croons a love ballad in the stylings of James Darren for Cindy as they and Boo Boo cruise around Leaky Lake
  • Whistle Your Way Back Home (Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear)
    • Sung by Yogi, Boo Boo, Cindy, Lazlo, Raj, Clam, Retro and Pandy, scaring off the goblins and saving Wirt, Greg, Oblio and Arrow, with the latter group of characters following those who saved them
  • Triumph (Rock and Rule)
    • Played when Boo Boo and some other captured toons are brainwashed through Mok’s…
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Editor Needed For My Project

Miro Floydike and I are looking for a co-editor to help us out with the soon to be production of Cartoon Network And Non-Disney Animation Heroes vs Villains. So I decided to make this propositional post, wondering if any of you posses the video editing and downloading skills to step in and be part of my dream project. It’ll be a treat once we get the special someone to work alongside us in this ambitious crossover war series.

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The Invasion on Slumberland (CN&NDAHvsV)

Here’s how the “Invasion on Slumberland” scene will go. At Slumberland, a world full of dreams, imagination and surreal fantasy, it’s ruler King Morpheus warns his people that there is a war going on within the Non-Disney and Cartoon Network worlds and he wants both his people and the kingdom’s protectors, the Slumberland Alliance, to prepare for the oncoming battles ahead. It’s members consist of the young dreamer-turned-prince Little Nemo, his pet squirrel Icarus, the King’s daughter Princess Camille, Nemo’s mentor Professor Genius, clown outlaw Flip, a boy named Milo and his friends Tock the wise watchdog and the bumbling, aristocratic Humbug, a dorky changing named Ralph The All-Purpose Animal and his mute magician sidekick Mumford, To…

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The Royal Council in CN&NDAHvsV

Here’s who will be in the Royal Council in Cartoon Network And Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains.

King Rufus, Queen Eleanor, Rosalind, Peter and Alex (Long Live The Royals)

Lady and Lord Nickelbottoms (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack)

Yippee, Yappee, Yahooey, The King (Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey)

Quincy Endicott (Over The Garden Wall)

Hero (OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes)

Princess Bubblegum, The Earl of Lemongrab and The Duke of Nuts (Adventure Time)

King Arthur, Merlin, Sir Lionel and The Knights of the Round Table (Quest For Camelot)

King Papa, Princess Irene and King Papa’s Guards (The Princess And The Goblin)

Princess Rosa and The King (The Wonderful World of Puss In Boots)

King Little, Princess Glory, Gabby, King Bombo and Prince David(Gulliver’s T…

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KO’s Monologue for the Season Finale To CN&NDAHvsV

“Alot’s happened to me and the others these past several weeks. I faced off against two villains not from Boxmore and they took me away from all who I love. They also caused plenty of destruction and suffering in their wake too; battles were started, villainous empires grew, homes were destroyed, families were separated, lands were invaded, traitors planned anew and it felt like my world would endure a new age of Strike’s wrath. But that isn’t to say it was all downhill from here. I discovered a new world and meet plenty of characters beyond my own imagination, new and unlikely allies joined us, I took on new foes, we fought to reclaim our once-peaceful homes, and I learned a lot about not just myself, but the world itself and my own. But …

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