The Uruk-Hai, sometimes known as the "Fighting Uruk-Hai", are a brutal cross-breed between Orcs and men created by Saruman in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Larger, stronger, and more intelligent than orcs, they serve as Saruman's elite fighting force in Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains.

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Encouragement from Blackwolf

Uruk-Hai Animated

The Uruk-Hai in The Animated Universe

The Ralph Bakshi's version of the Uruk-Hai is used for the sake of the tournament. They are briefly featured in Blackwolf's greatest encounagent speech, before they would invade a small village, inhabitated by elves and animals.

The Battle at Nekron's Castle

Later, the Uruk-Hai are summoned by Saruman to defend Nekron from it's intruders. Though, they lose Robin Hood, they manage to corner the heroiness, Eilonwy. Despite their efforts. the Uruk-Hai are eaily defeated by the One-Ring's possessor, Taran. Taking advantage of the situation, Taran plugs a hole in Nekron's water store, washing up the entire army of Saruman. Whether a survival of Saruman's army remains active or not remains unknown.

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