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Ursula is the Sea Witch of Atlantica, occasionally its monarch, and is a major fighter in all 3 wars against opposing factions.

She is the main villain of the Disney film The Little Mermaid, and later appeared as a villain in the spin-off televison show.


Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains


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Gaining and Losing the Trident

After years of scheming, Ursula at last siezes the Trident of King Triton, granting its wielder supreme rulership over the world's oceans. Not long after recieving her prize, however, the covetous sorceress, Messina, ambushes Ursula. Using the Trident's power to grow to immense size, Ursula summons a storm to deal with her enemy, but the chaos pulls an old shipwreck from the ocean floor. Seeing the opportunity, Messina transforms into a waterspout and sends the ship's jagged prow hurtling into Ursula's stomach, killing her. However, the Trident is lost after the battle, and Messina leaves empty-handed.


A New Attempt at Power

Finding the Trident and taking it for her own, Ursula's estranged sister Morgana restores her deceased relative to life. Not wanting Ursula to discover she has taken the Trident for herself, Morgana departs, leaving Ursula to take human form and venture onto dry land. Discovering Frollo's faction, Ursula makes plans to take the French judge's substantial power base for her own. Appearing before Frollo and introducing herself as "Vanessa", Ursula uses her magic to make Frollo fall madly in love with her.

A noblewoman named Lady Tremaine discovers Ursula's plot. Before Tremaine can blow her cover, however, Ursula silences her by granting her a powerful magic wand and sponsoring her induction into Frollo's faction. Soon after, Ursula discovers Morgana has the Trident, and swears to make her sister pay for deceiving her.As his love for Vanessa grows, Frollo becomes more distracted and aimless, casting off his responsiblities as a leader. Governor Ratcliffe, in particular, becomes concerned about Frollo's changes, but can never prove anything is amiss about Vanessa. Eventually, Frollo announces his intentions to marry Vanessa, to his generals' great chagrin. Before the knot can be tied, however, Morgana arrives and reveals Ursula's trickery, releasing Frollo from her spell. In a rage about losing this chance at power, Ursula tackles her sister and begins to battle her.

Giant Ursula

Supremacy at Last

The battle between Ursula and Morgana lasts for several months, with both sisters proving evenly matched, even with Morgana's use of the Trident. After the fall of Paris to Ruber's forces, Messina returns to the sea to try once more to steal the Trident, finding the sisters engaged in an epic clash. Messina proves to be the distraction Ursula needs to gain the upper hand, snatching the Trident after Messina knocks it out of Morgana's hands. Freezing her sister in a block of ice, Ursula turns her attention to Messina, who destroys the sea witch's pet eels, Flotsam and Jetsam. Taking no chances, Ursula fries Messina with an energy bolt, at last destroying her rival. With all her enemies dead, Ursula declares herself queen of the oceans.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Ruling the Ocean

Ursula's reign begins relatively peacefully, but not until the arrival of Merman, one of Skeletor's henchmen. After the amphibious creature blasts her with his own trident, Ursula grows extremely irritated. She fires enough energy projectiles at him to destroy her cavernous lair. Nonetheless, the defense is successful, and Merman is eliminated. The lair, however, is beyond repair, and Ursula relocates in Atlantica itself. So to keep her lair protected, Ursula allies herself with Marina Del Ray and theEvil Manta. Once Joe the Fish attempts an Atlantican insurrection, Ursula tasks Marina with eliminating him. The mermaid's penchant for insults actually wins the day, nipping the revolution in the bud.

The Battle of Atlantica

Ursula's rule comes to an abrupt end with the arrival of Skeletor in Atlantica. The sorcerer's warriors overwhelm the Atlantican defenses, forcing Ursula herself into the fray. She effortlessly knocks out most of Skeletor's lieutenants by triggering a rockslide, but then encounters Skeletor himself. Skeletor triggers a small earthquake, stunning Ursula briefly. The sea-witch counters, heaving a massive boulder at Skeletor. But Skeletor defends himself masterfully. In her rage, Ursula incapacitates Skeletor's best fighter, Evil Lyn. The sorcerer is momentarily unprepared as Ursula readies a shot from her trident. But Merman, having been resurrected by Skeletor, wounds Ursula's arm with a giant war fish. Distracted, Ursula is helpless as Skeletor destroys her trident. Admitting defeat, Ursula leaves Atlantica to the sorcerers.

A New Alliance

Her resources jeopardized, Ursula casts her lot with Maleficent; the faerie accepts the alliance with delight. Ursula gets her first taste of combat when the demonic Discord frees himself. Unlike many of the other villains, Ursula laughs off the threat Discord poses. Discord gives her the nasty treatment of an electric shock; he later escapes. Despite this failure, Maleficent does grant Ursula a favor: the resurrection of her beloved pets, Flotsam and Jetsam.

Losing the Lamp

During one of Maleficent's party's celebrating the demise of Ruber, Ursula remains diligent and alert to threats, unlike many of Maleficent's other enforcers. This awareness proves to Ursula's advantage; she catches Azula in the act of trying to steal Jafar's lamp. Though Ursula taunts Azula, the princess attacks with vitriol; the resulting explosion leaves Flotsam and Jetsam coughing, but Ursula standing proudly. Ursula fires her own blast of magic at Azula, catching the princess off guard. It does not kill her, though, and Azula responds appropriately. Summoning all her energy, she dodges the next few attacks from Ursula and shoots Ursula with lightning once the sea-witch has expended her energy. Azula snatches the lamp and escapes, much to Ursula's dismay.

The Battle of the Forbidden Mountain

Skeletor's forces return, this time preparing to attack the Forbidden Mountain. This time, however, Ursula is ready for them with the rest of Maleficent's forces. Evil Lyn attacks first, siccing Whiplash and Clawful onto the sea witch. Ursula uses her magic to smash the two into each other, defeating both. When Skeletor summons a massive monster, Ursula and Abis Mal join forces to kill it, with Abis Mal wounding it and Ursula delivering the final coup de gras. The two are not alone in their victory; with the help of Hades, Maleficent defeats Skeletor's

forces in one final battle.

Taking Matters Into Her Own Tentacles

With Maleficent and Hades forging an alliance, Ursula joins with the rest of their forces on Mount Olympus. As Doctor Facilier arrives with the terrible news of Mok Swagger's rise to power, Loki's treachery, and Maleficent's apparent death, Hades looses the will to fight. Ursula, enraged at Hades refusal to intervene, takes over, claiming that is "is time that she take matters into her own tentacles!"

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains - Part Three

Disney Villains War

Disney Villains War Backstory

At the age of the gods, the great god of the sea Poseidon wished to retire from his struggle and divided the sea into three for his three children. All the children got a piece that was equally big and equally developed as in a hope he would not get them jealous. Poseidon then handed his trident to his only son, a magic necklace to his oldest daughter and to his youngest one a pet shark that would always protect her. With the deed done, Poseidon returned to Atlantis were he gave up his god powers and lived a normal human life until the city was destroyed during the war with the Great Evil.

Ursula and Morgana however were jealous at the fact that their brother Triton was now the one elected by Zeus to fill in the gap their father had left. He did wield the trident of Poseidon and he ruled over Poseidons greatest underwater city. With his wife Athena his rule was just and prosperous. This was complete different with his sisters. They ruled viciously and power hungry. Morgana even managed to destroy her own city in a freak accident that made Triton decide to recall his father's decision and take over the pieces that his sisters ruled.

Ursula was beyond angry when Triton removed her from her own throne and instead asked if she was willing to stay as an advisor. She hated him with every gut inside her. So she began to device a plan to dispose Triton from the throne and ascend to godhood herself. By this time Triton and Morgana were already not seeing each other eye to eye anymore and Morgana moved to the north pole where she lived embittered and full of hate of her brother and sister that she thought conspired against her.

Ursula thought of a plan to attack Triton where he was most vulnerable. His own family. Triton and Athena had many kids in which Ursula saw enough potential in to trick them and endanger their family. Though she did this first in a playful way it slowly became more wicked and dangerous, but Triton didn't grow worried even though his wife warned him of what his sister did. When Ursula went with little Ariel to the surface and threw her into a net, Athena jumped after her daughter and managed to save her. She however was captured and Triton, lost by sadness and anger banished Ursula to the fringes of the sea.

There Ursula once more saw Morgana. Instead of a happy reunion of siblings, Morgana attacked Ursula who managed to evade being killed by enchanting her pet shark Undertow and escaped the fight though hearing her sister claiming revenge on her. Ursula managed however to make a new home on the fringes and made several insidious dealings with the under water folk while at the same time causing problems for Triton and his children from time to time.

It was however not until the Great War began that Ursula came to rise to power. Triton had to frequently leave the sea in order to help the gods that demanded his help to them. He became even more worried when Atlantis was destroyed and any hope his father would come back during this cataclsym was lost. Ursula utilized the chaos by showing up to the people underwater and protecting them under false pretense. In turn they came to rely more on her then on Triton. The final blow however came when The Great Evil and his forces assaulted Olympus and Triton died at his hands. With no ruler of the sea anymore the claim for power was uncontested.

At first the power was handed to Triton's daughters but Ursula made short work of that. Creating several problems that she solved again the daughters were made like fools and Zeus himself removed them from their father's seat. He appointed Ursula and handed her the trident thus indirectly cursing the entire sea from there. History records that Ursula's rule was just but the truth was that she was mad with power and tortured her own people into serving her. Triton's own daughters were all executed by her with the exception of Ariel that Ursula kept around as a grim reminder to the past.

Ariel was continously tortured but kept young and alive by Ursula herself. Many other creatures were drawn into the sea and the humans that tried to contest the sea for themselves were destroyed in giant storms. But Ursula's rule was destined to come to an end. In the north her sister schemed her return and on land kings and dictators gave rich awards to those that could claim the sea for man. Ursula herself however thought her fate would be different from what everyone else thought.

Pirate Hunting

When the first DVW begins, Ursula is confronted by Captain Hook, knows that she will make his pirate career much more difficult with the oceans still under her control. Hook shoots her in the arm with a cannon, but does not count on the trident's immense power. Growing to a giant size, Ursula tears Hook's ship apart and takes him captive, a sign to all other surface denizens of her authority.


Hearing how Maleficent has gone into seclusion after the loss of her beloved pet raven, Diablo, Ursula sees the perfect opertunity to sieze Maleficent's lands for her own. Still wary of Maleficent's power, Ursula, with secret advising from a disguised Queen Narissa, seeks out a forest-dwelling Witch to do the dirty work of taking out Maleficent. Ursula's caution proves correct, as the Witch is easily slain by Maleficent and her minions.


Before Ursula can strike again against the surface world, she is beaten to the punch by Prince John of England, who orders his most capable admiral, Ratcliffe, to slay the sea witch. Leading his flagship against Ursula, Ratcliffe is battered by a storm conjured by his adversary, losing several men. On the verge of losing his entire ship, Ratcliffe turns it just enough to ram Ursula in the stomach with the broken prow, finally killing her. The seas are once again in human hands; Captain Hook is freed from his torment. The trident, lost after Ursula's death, is claimed by her sister, Morgana.

Disney Villains War 2

CG Ursula


In the second war, Ursula was revived by the one who she tried to kill before, Maleficent. This was done on the evil faerie's part because she needed reinforcements to take down the forces of Organization XIII, led by Xemnas. Captain Hook, feeling wary of the Sea Witch because of their previous battle, urged Maleficent to reconsider, but Ursula was only happy to join Maleficent's cause if only to stab her in the back sometime later.

CG Vanessa

CG Giant Ursula

Vs Larxene

The faerie thus sent Ursula to attack Larxene, but she was slain in the battle by a lightning bolt to the heart.

Later on, Ansem the Seeker resurrected Ursula as part of a plan from Master Xehanort to send new seekers of darkness into all 3 realms and conquer them for the Great Evil's power. Ursula was thus sent to kill Larxene once more and use her soul as a powering device to send her back to the Animated Universe, to which she succeeded all too well. Once back home, Ursula allied herself with Marina Del Rey to supposedly take down potential threats to Atlantica.

Her faction

But little did Marina realize that Ursula was plotting behind her back to regain the trident of power and use it to conquer Atlantica once more, having the Sorceress steal it from the Evil Manta so that she could steal it back.

Vs Maleficent

Hearing that Ursula had returned to life, Maleficent travelled to Atlantica to renew their alliance. To the sorceress' shock, Ursula rejected her, saying that she had found a new master and he had given her power far greater than any Maleficent could offer her. Infuriated, Maleficent transformed into her dragon form to make Ursula pay for her insolence. Summoning a cloud of mist, Ursula managed to evade Maleficent's flames, which Ursula gathered together and turned back on the dragon. With several more magical blasts, Ursula transformed Maleficent into a withered sea creature. Although beaten, Maleficent managed to return to her true form, swearing that Ursula would live to regret crossing her.

Battle of Antlatica

Eventually, Emperor Sharga of the Sharkanians led an assault on Atlantica to take it over, summoning a hideous slime monster and the Evil Manta with him. Although Saleen and Marina Del Rey tried their best to repel the invaders, Atlantica was reduced to a wreck, leading Ursula to make her debut to destroy the monster and kick Sharga out of the kingdom in exchange for the throne. Marina was angered by Ursula's treachery and tried to stop her, but the Sea Witch used a magic spell to turn Marina into a King Triton-model Sea Polyp, thereby allowing her to retake the throne of Atlantica and rule the ocean in Master Xehanort's favor.

Ruling the seas

Beneath the seas, Ursula returned to her throne and, with the Trident in hand, ensured that her rule was unchallenged.

Ursula in the universe Live action

Disney Villains War 3

Teaming with Archmage

Meanwhile the Archmage's met up with Ursula since they would need her help in their schemes.

Vs Gill

Having kidnapped Ariel for the next step in Xehanort's plan, Ursula was confronted by a mysterious mutant, Gill. Ursula placed a magical ball into a tornado she conjured which sent Gill flying back. She continued to send the tornado after Gill, sending him flying all around. But Gill recovered and start spitting goop all over the place, wrecking Ursula's lair. He then threw some mud at her, Flotsam and Jetsam. He then revealed that contact with the mud would turn them into mutants. Ursula was turned into a crab as Gill departed and the Archmages arrived.

Bad news

Xehanort stated his disappointment in Ursula that she had been defeated by Gill. The Archmage also made clear how unsatisfied he was with Xehanort's allies and demanded that they work towards revenge. But Xehanort revealed that everything was working towards his advantage. The Archmage then angrily stated that he had not been a part of Xehanort's plan at all so far. Xehanort then stated that he would be in time but now they needed to set Ursula on her course. Xehanort killed Ariel siphoning her life force to turn Ursula into Vanessa.

Seducing Horned King

Hearing a musical voice, the Horned king fell into a trap as he was seduced by Vanessa.

Vs an old rival

Having traced the scent of an old enemy, Gill went to the castle of the Horned King. He then battled with his old enemy Ursula, now going by Vanessa as the Horned King's spouse. Vanessa threw a pin at Gill, irritating him but he quickly struck back by spitting a glob of goo at her. As he continued to pelt her, Mozenrath arrived and taunted Vanessa just as Gill started spitting goo at him, knocking him into a wall. Angered, Mozenrath levitated the rock he was standing on and blasted Gill with a magical beam. As Gill was left stunned, Vanessa fired a blast of lightning, knocking Gill into a nearby fish bowl. Vanessa and Mozenrath then celebrated their victory.

Breaking a possible alliance

As Jafar pieced together that he was being asked to show a token that he had no ill intentions, Vanessa suggested he give Jasmine to them as their slave. As the Horned King agreed, Jafar was about to agree when Jasmine, angered that they were discussing her fate, splashed wine into the Horned King's face. As Jafar and Iago laughed, the enraged Horned King ordered them out of his sight.

Ursula crab.jpg

Disney Villains War Reboot

Vs Captain Hook

After acquiring the trident from her worst enemy, King Triton, Ursula begins her campaign to rule over the seas. However, this comes into conflict with Prince John's rule, who sends his new admiral, Captain Hook, to deal with the sea-witch. The pirate managed to injure her, drawing her out of her hideout. She then transforms into a giant with the powers of the trident. Using the powers of the trident, Ursula summons a large whirwind that destroys the Jolly Roger's hold. Captain Hook attempts to escape, only to be captured in her tentacles. However, he escapes in the nick of time, finding the rest of his crewmen into an escape pod. When Ursula threatens her rivals with a demonstration of the trident's powers, Hook and his crewmwn escape from her grip, leaving her to take charge over the seas.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Attuma

After Attuma conquers Atlantis and defeats all of its strongest champions, Ursula seizes her chance to take power. Appearing before Attuma and his soldiers, she reveals her magical abilities. Though Attuma sends all of his soldiers against her, Ursula is able to blast them all aside with petty magical spells. Attuma tries to run away, but Ursula blasts him down with a powerful spell that suffices to kill him. With no one left to challenge her, Ursula seizes control of the seas.

Under Maleficent

Ursula does not get to enjoy her domination of the seas for long, as Jafar arrives to recruit her into an alliance. Though Ursula is resistant to join, she eventually does so when she learns that Jafar is an emissary of the far more powerful Maleficent. One day, Ursula witnesses the emergence of the dangerous supervillain, Venom. She reports this development to Maleficent, who instructs her to eliminate the threat. Ursula meets the villain and fights with him, lunging at the supervillain. Unfortunately for Ursula, Venom recovers quickly and hits Ursula with a boulder. Ursula lifts the rock and tosses it away. She follows with a blast of magic that disintegrates part of the Venom symbiote's arm, leading the alien half of the supervillain to abandon its human host.

Vs Baron Strucker and Quiting The Team

Unfortunately for Ursula's alliance, Maleficent and her enforcer, Pete, soon go missing. The remaining members of the faction - Ursula, Captain Hook, and Hades - soon must fight Baron Strucker and the Grim Reaper, two Nazis intent upon taking the Forbidden Mountain for themselves. Ursula uses her magic to disarm Strucker and his HYDRA troopers, but she ends up shocked and injured by an attack from one of Strucker's robots. Not wanting to risk further injury in a now leaderless alliance, Ursula escapes into the sea, deserting her allies.

Vs Abomination

Ursula returns to Atlantica, where she gathers and magically empowers an army of Octopens. Her preparations do not go unspoiled for long, as the monstrous Abomination appears. Ursula sends her men after the beast, but he manages to defeat them. Ursula dirties her own hands, blasting Abomination all the way across the ocean with one powerful magic attack. Suddenly, King Triton appears to apprehend Ursula. Thinking fast, she transforms the king into a polyp and seizes his trident, taking control of the seas.


Ursula's reign is pitiably short. Doctor Octopus and Electro, having heard of the power of the trident, travel to Atlantica in order to steal it. The three come to a verbal spat, with Ursula threatening Doc Ock with her trident. Electro responds, cutting Ursula's arm with a blast of electricity. She sends Flotsam and Jetsam after the supervillain, but Electro reduces them to dust. Enraged, Ursula increases her size. In her more powerful form, Ursula severely injures Doctor Octopus. However, one good blast from Electro fries Ursula's innards, killing the sea witch.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 3

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Ranamon

Ranamon is send on a mission to defeat the sea witch. Once Ranamon arrives Ursula has the Trident, Ranamon digivolves But is that enough to defeat the sea witch new power's?


With Chernabog's power Ursula, finally could get out of the River Styx and finds Hades angry seeing that Morgana was defeated by a Digimon. Feeling that Ursula has more potential than Morgana, Hades makes a deal with Ursula in which he restores the Sea Witch's life in return for the occasional favor.

Vs Rayquaza

Dabura and Hades are thinking on what to test the new revived Ursula, Hades decides to send her to a new world and giving to her the Trident to eliminate a threat to Hades and Dabura's plan.Ursula is send to eliminate a powerful and legendary Pokemon called Rayquaza, Hades wants to see her potential if she can defeat the Pokemon. Ursula now has the Trident once again in her hands, but is she able to eliminate Rayquaza in his giant form?

Vs Ganondorf

Vs Rowdy Boys

Mojo and Him decide to put the Underworld in charge by their kids, the Rowdy Ruff Boys since they defeated the Powerpuff's giving them a chance to see if they can safeguard the Underworld with his premonition that Hades is still alive. The Rowdy Ruff trio arrive at the Underworld and start causing trouble with the souls, just as their fun might end by a certain Sea Witch.

Teaming with Jafar

Jafar arrives at the Underworld, somehow the explosion opened a portal back to his own world. For his surprise he encounters Ursula, who now is been taking care of the River Styx while Hades is gone. As Jafar speaks of getting revenge upon Mercurymon, Ursula overhears and remembers that Ranamon works for Mercurymon as a new alliance is born.

Vs Babidi and Majin Buu

Now Morgana and Ursula have been fighting for the Trident, seeing that what they are doing will not help, Morgana see's that Babidi survived his fight along with Buu and makes a deal with Ursula: the one who kills Majin Buu's creator has the Trident. Ursula and Morgana rushes to were Babidi is to kill him, while Babidi has his demon one of the Sea Witches is breaking his deal.

Battle with Devimon's Forces

Frollo launches a full scale siege on Devimon's Fortress desiring the death of all the digital monsters. But at the same time Mercurymon has prepared himself for this moment and with the powers of Chernabog starts calling all kinds of demons as he brings an un death army to defeat his opponents, but as both forces clash new forces arrive to take down Mercurymon for his actions.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Punishing Morgana

In Ursula's Lair, Morgana goes for help. But after such a big failure, Ursula banishes her sister for been so overconfident and losing most part of the 7 sea's.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

A Deadly Match

Ursula's plans of taking over Atlantica and their leader, King Triton, began to unfold, when the pirate, LeChuck interfers in her waters. Hearing that LeChuck wants a bride for himself, Ursula transforms herself into a beautifull laid, with the name, Elaine, so that she will earn LeChuck's affection. She succeeds, as the pirate convinces the laid to marry him, unknown to the pirate her real identity. As soon as LeChuck puts a ring at his future bride, Ursula reveals herself by taking her real form, much to the shock of LeChuck and his pirates. Ursula then drains LeChuck's voodoo power, turning him into a zombie. She then attacks at the pirates, knocking them out. However, she soon met her end when Demitri Maximoff arrives to aid LeChuck. In a matter of seconds, Demitri electrefies the sea-witch, killing her.

Vs King Dedede

Seeing his large amount of monsters as a possible threat, Ursula takes it into her own tentacles to go after the King himself. That's not to say the King isn't ready for the fight, but when the sea witch uses a certain trident, does he even stand a chance?

Spied by The Nightmare King

Ursula gloats after defeating Dedede, unknown to her though she's being watched. By a being that feels she has potential...

Adventures to Another Universe.

Hades, who enters the CGI Univese at the very start of the war, resurrects the formely deceased Ursula, from the river Styx, and brought her into the CG realm. There, the sea-witch joins forces with the God of the Underworld and his new partner, Ares. Later, Ares informs Hades and Ursula about the legendary object, called the "Pandora's Box", able to boost their powers. Hades then sends his new forces into their first mission to open the Box for themselves. However, Hades and Ursula learn that the Box was guarded by Zeus's son, Hercules. After Hades failed to demand to Hercules to leave them, opening the Box, Hades orders his allies to kill the demi-god. While Ares was dealing with the Phoenix, which was summoned by Hercules, by transforming himself into a giant beast, Hades and Ursula challenge Hercules into a deadly fight. Just as Hercules was charging at Ursula, the sea-witch casts a spell that severely damaged him. Hades then did the finishing blow by plummeting his enemy from the ground below into his apparent demise. Ursula then reverts Ares into his normal form, and together they open "Pandora's Box", unveiling to them weapons, capable to kill the Olympian Gods. For Ursula's case, the "Pandora's Box" gives her a special trident. But the joy of he trio would soon be interrupted by the arrival of Zeus, who had learned about Hercules's fight, too late to discover that he is dead. Hades's forces then flee from Zeus, taking with them the "Pandora's Box"

Final Standings

Hades uses the last remaint powers of the "Pandora's Box", as he brought to the surface a bunch of Titans, who they would wipe out easily the Olympian Gods.

Pokemon Heroes Vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Misty

As they get close on finding Ash's mom, Misty and Ash are confronted by Ursula, the Sea Witch, who demands one of them to fight her. Ash continues on while Misty stays to battle Ursula, and it'll take the strength about probably one of her Water Pokémon to take her down.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War


In recent years, Maleficent, her soul damned to the Underworld after her death, managed to recover enough of her power to access the palace of Hades, the god of the dead. Having gotten Hades' attention, Maleficent told him that she had been planning a scheme to gather the forces of darkness throughout the world to usher in a new age of evil.The evil vizier of Agrabah, Jafar, an ally of Maleficent, travelled to the undersea kingdom of Atlantica to recruit the sea witch Ursula to Maleficent's side. Ursula agreed, so long as Jafar helped her to overthrow King Triton, ruler of the seas, and bring his Trident to her.

In Horned King's faction

At his citadel in Wales, the Horned King assembled Ursula, Bill Sykes, and Lady Tremaine, telling them of his plot to use the Black Cauldron to awaken an army of the dead to take control of the world.

Vs Genie

Approaching Ursula and her sister Morgana in Atlantica, Jafar told the two sea witches that he had a task for them as payment for his attack on Triton. He had discovered that the Genie was searching the world for heroes to aid Aladdin and Hercules, and asked Ursula to capture him so that Jafar would have access to the Genie's cosmic power. Finding their quarry, Morgana sent her pet manta rays Cloak and Dagger after him, but Genie used his magic to wrap the rays around a rock. Ursula then stepped into the battle, using her own magic to scorch the Genie's face before revealing Jafar had given her a powerful magic crystal that could bind Genie within it. Performing the necessary spell, Ursula succeeded in capturing Genie.

Angry of Morgana

Returning from their battle with the Genie, Ursula and Morgana found that they had lost the crystal containing their captive. Furious, they turned on each other, each blaming the other for losing their prize.

Battle with prisoners

Before they could investigate, the Horned King's minions and allies stormed in, having been alerted to the escape attempt by Sa'Luk. The group tried to flee but found the King's minions cutting off all routes of escape. Things looked hopeless as the King's generals and soldiers closed in, aiming to kill the prisoners rather than risk another escape. With no other options, Taran cut the chain holding up the cage, thinking it could knock out some of the King's minions. However, as the cage broke open, the prisoner within was revealed to be none other than the Atlantean Princess Kida.As Kida's powers threatened to bring the building down, both heroes and villains fled for their lives. Just as the heroes escaped to the wasteland outside, they turned to see the citadel collapse into rubble. At last, Kida managed to get control of her powers, landing next to the heroes and explaining her situation to them.

Having Eric captured

While out flying, Ariel's seagull friend Scuttle saw Eric taken captive by Ursula and Marina, who used their magic to mesmerize the prince. Scuttle flew off to warn Ariel, not knowing that this was exactly what Ursula wanted.

Prepared for ambush

Watching Ariel coming to rescue Eric through her crystal ball, Ursula prepared to ambush the mermaid princess, amassing an army of sea creatures, including Marina del Ray's electric eels, the great white shark Glut, and the Atlantean defense construct known as the Leviathan, which Ursula had managed to take control of following Milo's departure from Atlantis.

Battle Under the Sea

Beneath the waves, Ursula and her allies were lying in wait for Ariel and the other heroes, who had followed Ariel to make sure she was safe.Ursula sent her minions to finish off Ariel's team while she hurled orbs of magic energy at the Atlantean ships, destroying several of them.Ursula cornered Ariel and prepared to kill her with Triton's Trident, but Eric arrived with Scuttle and Kida and threw a harpoon at Ursula, cutting her arm and getting her attention. Taking advantage of Ursula's distraction, an Atlantean ship fired on her, knocking her into a wall. Recovering from the blast, Ursula spotted Eric trying to swim back to the surface, sending Flotsam and Jetsam to pull him back under and drown him.More Atlantean ships converged on Ursula, led by Milo's mercenaries, but Ursula continued to pick them off with her magic.Using the Trident's magic to grow to an immense size, Ursula smacked Milo's friends away with her tentacle when they tried to help him. As Ursula prepared to finish Milo off, Kida grappled with her, throwing off her aim. Ursula overpowered Kida and tossed her to the ground, but as Ursula was about to kill the heroes, the mercenary Vinny Santorini used dynamite to destroy a cliff above Ursula, crushing her under the rocks. It appeared Ursula had been defeated, but she tossed the rocks aside and made to attack the heroes again, but Genie came to their defense, shocking Ursula with electricity and knocking her out. Genie quickly transported the heroes back to the surface before Ursula could recover again.

''Killing'' Pinocchio

In the sea, Pinocchio found Monstro, though not in the way he intended. Told by Flotsam and Jetsam of the puppet boy's arrival, Ursula commanded the great whale to devour him.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Royal Assassination

Recruited by Mok, Ursula is assigned on her first mission to capture the Monacan Prince Frederic. Assaulting him in his castle, Ursula uses her powers to transform the young prince into a small frog. Though he manages to escape into the seas below the castle, Ursula pursues him, driving the hero into a relentless pursuit. Desperate to escape Frederic leaps into the sea and hides in what appeared to be a cave. However, he soon discovers that the "cave" was, in fact, the jaws of the Scottish plesiosaur Nessie, who attackes Ursula as she pursued Frederic. Unwilling to test her strength against the beast, Ursula teleports away in a whirlwind, though the wind's passing caused a large boulder to fall and pin Nessie underneath it.

Servant of Queen Grimhilde

Later, Mok sent Ursula, along with her sister Morgana, as new additions to Queen Grimhilde's alliance, pledging her allegiance to the queen. As a sign of good will and test of strenght, Grimhilde sent Ursula and Morgana on a mission to retrieve Captain Hook's stolen bounty from the pirate Sinbad, Hook's previous adversary; the reason being the lost bounty contained a ruby sunstone vital to Grimhilde and her allies. The two sea-witches confront Sinbad on the flagship of the Syracusan navy navigated by Prince Proteus. Though the Arabic pirate manages to outwit the sisters, even blowing gunpowder to Ursula's face, Ursula outsmarts the pirate, while he is distracted fighting Morgana, seizing Sinbad in her tentacles, along with the stolen bounty, before departing with her sister. 

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains

Heard about a threat

Ursula, who sees Carla Maria as a threat, turns her pet eels Flotsam and Jetsam into a Hammerhead Shark and a Whale.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Vs Bill Chiper

Bill Chiper arrive under the sea to kill an old foe of his, but it will harder for him cause of Ursula's trident.

Joining Maleficent and Hades

Hades gives Morro his ghost army until Ursula arrives and joins Maleficent's faction.

Disguised as Vanessa

After killing Courtney, Shredder and Karai receive a visit from a human called Vanessa. Shredder fall in love with her, but Karai find something really strange in her.

Transformers vs Disney and Non Disney Villains War

Vs Animated Blitzwing

Animated Megatron tells his ally Blitzwing the location of the long lost transformer Trypticon under the sea he volunteers to go but Trypticon is guarded by the Sea Witch Ursula after breaking some ice the Sea Witch comforts him and challenges him using her Her Cauldron to summon a typhoon then using some Shuriken's to injure Blitzwing before using the Cauldron blasting him away.

Teaming with Zurg

Ursula meets up with the Evil Emperor Zurg to discuss to defeat the Variations of the Transformers as Hades revealing to be a secret ally to them.

Disney vs Transformers Villains War

Hearding about Hades

Pain and Panic explaining to the Sea Witch Ursula about what has happened to Hades and explains to them that he'll escape the River Styx and wants revenge on Megatron and the Decepticons.

Teaming with Maleficent and Jafar

Back at the Forbidden Mountain Ursula and Hades team up with Maleficent and Jafar.

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Hiring a witch

The Sea Witch Ursula hires a witch to take out the fairy Maleficent out of her way.

Vs Captain Hook

With the Witch gone, Ursula is planning a counter plan against Maleficent, only to be interrupted by another of Frollo's men, Captain Hook, who was sent by the latter to dispose of the Sea Witch before it's too late.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Vs Wild Kratts

Near the ocean in the Tortuga the Wild Kratts team have decided they should rest after adventuring, but what they didn't know is that the sea witch Ursula is planning on destroying them by making a giant storm with the huge wave heading towards them and it doesn't look like the Wild Kratts team have time to fight back while Ursula goes for her original Target, Aviva Corcovado.


With Zack, Donita and Gourmand who are having a meeting of the Wild Kratts defeat and how they are doing well with out them around until Zach introduces them to the sea witch Ursula who has a way to make business grow but at what cost that Ursula may regret while showing she captured Aviva.

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs Black Manta

King Triton is knocked out by Black Manta who wants the trident to dominate Atlantis, this is observed by Flotsam and Jetsam who show him to Ursula not happy that someone like Black Manta has taken possession of the trident, so he decides to face it for the trident and the domain of Atlantis .

Teaming with her sister

Ursula allies herself with her sister Morgana who would like to lend the trident, the sea witch has some doubts about giving the trident to her sister but in any case she decides to grant him this possibility.

Teaming with Jafar

With her frozen sister Ursula, despite her having the trident again, she finds herself short of allies, at the same time Jafar shows up promising him that by joining forces they could also thaw Morgana, then the sea witch accepts the sorcerer's proposal.

Vs Dr.Doom

Ursula learns of an underwater building and fearing it may be someone with the intention of threatening her kingdom she enters inside, where she finds Doctor Doom, the sea witch wants the doctor to stay away from her ocean, but he he is not willing to give up his lair without a fight.

Vs Baron Strucker's Forces

After the clash between Doom and Ursula Jafar and her allies are reorganizing in Agrabah, but at that moment Baron Strucker arrives with his men and quite advanced technologies, but will they be enough to keep up with the magic of his opponents?

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Joining Nash

The leader of the Barians, Nash (Shark) decides to create an alliance with Ursula to counter the threats of the group of Hades. The sea witch, already allied with her sister Morgana and Joe the fish, already knew of the misfortune that happened to Dumon and Marine thanks to the eyes of Flotsam and Jetsam. The king of the Barians wastes no time and immediately declares to launch the attack.

Vs Hades's Forces

Hades, Eris and Vector decide to launch the decisive attack on Nash who, already allied with Ursula and Joè the fish, decides to teach Hades and his group a lesson for taking Dumon and Marine away. Who will win?Hades and his alliance were shocked by their defeat by Nash's group. Just then, Him and Jafar arrive, who have come to help them and apologize for not being able to do it before. Him also proposes that if he helps Hades, Eris and Vector he will get a place on Olympus in return. Hades accepts the demon's proposal and the whole alliance is ready to study a counterattack.

Talking with Nash

Seeing the Titans ascend Mount Olympus, Nash is worried about the fate of the duel and tells Ursula that he will use Dumon's and Marine's Chaos Numbers to fight Hades. Furthermore, the leader of the Barian asks the sea witch about what will happen if they are defeated. Ursula reassures Nash by telling him that if this happens, one day they will meet and return to work together.

Vs Hades and Eris

Finally the decisive battle that will decide who will rule on Olympus has arrived. Will it be Hades and Eris who have the Titans on their side to prevail or will Nash and Ursula be flanked by the chaos numbers of Dumon and Marine?

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)


After telling Shark that Hades won the war against them, Ursula's sister also informs that while they were on Olympus, Neptune, god of the seas, awoke from his sleep and to obtain absolute dominion over the seas possessed of Atlantica. Shark (once ruler of Atlantic when he was on the surface and before he became Barian emperor) doesn't tolerate his old homeland being invaded. So he orders Morgana to resurrect Ursula because they need her advice in order to defeat the god of the seas.

Villains Battles

Vs Maleficent and Hades

Following the events of the war, Hades and Maleficent plan their uprising against Chernabog, but they don't need to do it because the sea witch Ursula decided to attack them under Chernabog's orders...

Villains Battles 2

New alliance

And in the CGI world, 2 old enemies of Maleficent and an enemy of Pete and Hook are revived as they join forces to rule the CGI world.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Vs Morgana

Morgana has Defeated Ariel, Eric, and Triton and rules the sea, Her Older Sister Ursula confronts Her and wants to remain number one.

Vs Plankton

Ursula is bored and is under attacked by Plankton, was that smart idea?

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs Cala Maria

Hades sends his water Titan to Remove Ursula.

Vs Gruntilda

Gruntilda learns Ursula has regenerated,angered,she decides to face her self.

Ruler of the sea

Ursula becomes Queen of the Sea.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Teaming with Bill Chiper

On behalf of Maleficent, Bill Copher recruits two new allies that may also help him on his secret plot: summon his master.

Vs Orm

Ursula finally got the Trident, only to be challenged by Orm, who wants the Trident on his own. Whoever dies, a third party is the winner.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

TV Villains Tournament Remake

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Heroes vs Non/Disney Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War