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The Unknown Lizard Monster is a creature summoned by Jafar to take down Hercules, along with the Red Bull, the Griffin and the Minotaur. He is seen briefly, when Hercules makes his way to kill Jafar on a mountain and fights off a beast, which it is slight similiar to a lizard. The Lizard Monster is a cameo villain in the episode, "Hercules and the Arabian Nights", one of the episodes of the television show, "Hercules". Even though the lizard doesn't play a major role, neither in the television show or in the villains wars, he makes a brief appearance in Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

During the events of the Battle of Agrabah, the Genie, tasked by the orders of Jafar, brings on several monsters to kill the heroes, with the Lizard Monster being among them. Despite the Lizard's efforts, the Lizard Monster is easily knocked out by the Beast's force. Later, one of their summoned monsters, the two-headed serpent, is vanquished by the heroes, causing the rest of the monsters to wear off.

Heroes Vs Villains War