Underland is the basis of the Tim Burton's remake franchise, Alice in Wonderland. While being said that it shared the same concept, idea, setting, design, and plotline with Lewis Caroll's main setting, Wonderland, the Tim Burton's version of Wonderland is displayed with its own unique design and plotline in the process, though more twisted and more complexed. The world is inhabited by afoul beings like the Mad Hatter, the Tweedle Boys, Ninvis McTwisp, Mallymkun, and many others. In terms of control, it seems that it appears to represent a type of sovereing state of monarchy ruled either by benevolent heroes like the White Queen, or malevolent villains like the Red Queen.

That said, Underland appears in a minority in the villain tournaments, with the Red Queen's castle being represented as the world's main sight. However, Underland has a slight larger role in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, although it is displayed as one of the main worlds of the live-action universe, with the White Queen featured as the chief representative of the realm.

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