Tzekel Kan's Fate is an occuring event, introduced in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament universe. The cutscene takes place in the Osiris' Court, after the Battle of Egypt and Rameses' downfall. The scene depicts Tzekel Kan, as the shaman, is brought before Osiris and his accomplices, after his demise in the mortal world, on purpose to decide his final judgement.

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The Cutscene:

(After his death in the mortal world, Tzekel Kan's spirit emerges in the court of Osiris. There, he meets the God himself, along with many other Egyptian entities.)

Tzekel Kan: (My Lord)

Osiris: (Anubis, let the ceremony begins.)

Anubis: (Yes, master, Maat bring forwarth the Feather of Truth.)

(Maat complies, as she gives the Feather of Truth to Anubis, which in return he places it in Tzekel Kan's judgement scale. When the Feather rises up, Kan has hopes for liberation. However, Anubis takes the dark heart of Kan and places in on the other pan of the scale, that ultimatelty loses the balance of the Feather of Truth. Thot then makes his final decision.)

Thot: (I have judged Tzekel Kan's heart. It is cold and bloodthirsty, that must be contained.)

(Tzekel Kan then attempts to protest.)

Tzekel Kan: (No. Wait.)

(Anubis, however, has other plans.)

Anubis: (Yes, but Ammut has fallen and someone must take a place. I see no one with as much bloody as this human.)

(The excited Khan then looks on, as Anubis and Thot upgrade Tzekel Kan's new position, with Anubis explaining his next role.)

Anubis: (From this day forwarth, you shall be our new torturer.)

(Tzekel Kan then corresponds):

Tzekel Kan: (As the Gods command.)

End of the Cutscene

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