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The Scients of Tyler are the henchmen of the psycopath warrior, Tyler, who uses them to restore his immortality, through potions. They were scientints, working in the spaceship, Cortez and they were mostly seen, with another scientist, known as Dr. Schechter. They are minor villains in the animated movie, "Heavy Metal 2000", and background characters in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Finding an Issue

The crew of the spaceship Cortez, along with Dr. Schechter and Tyler, join forces with the galactic overrlord, Emperor Zurg. During a meeting with Zurg, Tyler demonstrates to him the affections of the immortality potions, by drinking a small potion of special abilities, after injuring his arm. Both Schetchter and Zurg were amazed by the affections of the potion.

Dealings with the Coachman

Later, the scientists travel to the Lobster Inn. to confront the Coachman and the rest of the Circus Perfomers. Dr. Schechter asks them to bring more children to the circus, while the perfomers weren't sure about the scientint's offer, Schechter brings a pack of golden coins, as a payment for their works. The Coachman and his entertainers then agree to the offer, unknown to them that Schechter didn't mention the second part of his plan. Later, the Circus Perfomers bring the children to Schechter's master, Tyler, as part of their bargain, much to the enjoyment of Tyler.

Later Issues

Later, two of their victims had escaped from Tyler, when Tyler learns this act, and decides to take his matters into his own hands.

Nearly Completing Their Goals

As the war reaches it's final events, Tyler brought all of his victims to Dr. Schechter and his scientists, to complete his quest for immortality.